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Dan Mohler - The devil wants you fearful

“…not in any way terrified by,” what? “by your adversaries,” why? Because you’re in Christ. You strive together for the faith of the gospel. And you see who you are. And fear is no longer the barometer you live by. It’s no longer the motivating factor. It’s faith. It’s love. It’s faith that works through love. You get it? Watch. “Not in,” what way? “any way.” So fear is never God. It’s never the kingdom of God. Watch. “Not in any way terrified by your adversaries, which to them [is] absolute proof and evidence of their destruction.” So look how freaked out and afraid they are. So the only thing they have to live by is fear. So they love to reproduce themselves after their own kind. They want you to become like they are. Right? Because, then you can’t bring the torment that they fear on them. You can’t bring them into their rightful place. You actually don’t realize what you do. You give them esteem when they are nothing. You see what I mean? It doesn’t mean that they don’t have power. It doesn’t mean that he’s the devil without teeth, I’ve heard pastors say… or he’s the lion without teeth. No, he has teeth and if you’re fearing him, his teeth are big and sharp and he’s hurt a lot of folks. He doesn’t gum you. But he doesn’t need to bite you.1


1. Dan Mohler audio recording 2010 Kingdom Living School W2S8 [70:55]