Dan Mohler - Snake in the grass

It’s rare that you find that Satan pops out of the grass. Satan pops out of the grass because he’s located fear and he’s trying to freak you out and wipe you out and get you on a goose chase. He’s a snake in the grass. It’s very rare that he pops out like that. There’s times that he does. This lady is a Christian. She’s afraid. She’s starting to feel fear and she’s praying to God motivated by total fear of these experiences and while she’s doing it the flashlight on her table, because this is how he is because he knows how we react to this stuff, the flashlight lifts up as if somebody’s carrying it walks across the kitchen with nobody carrying it, the flashlight, with nobody there and sits on the counter. And now she’s, “Oh, my God!” And she calls me on the phone and I had to pull her right back to truth - not pay any attention to the flashlight. That does not impress me. That is a fallen spirit wanting you to honor him. He’s fallen. He’s lost. He’s void. He’s empty of identity. And he’s trying to get you to be impressed with who he is because he is such a loser.1  

1. Dan Mohler audio recording 2010 Kingdom Living School W2S8 [50:50]