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Personal note on "faith": I don't get to choose all the circumstances that I will live through and I don't get to choose all of the feelings I will experience in this life but I do get to decide on the perspective I will live from. So I choose to live from the perspective:

...that God is always and forever good. ( Him there is no darkness at all...) ...that He loves me with an extravagant love... ...that He paid an extreme price to get me back... ...that that He made a way for me to be with Him and He delights in my company... ...that He wants me to come to Him instead of run from Him if I go wrong... ...that one drop of His Son's perfect blood applied to my life is overwhelmingly enough to remove every remnant of sin from me... ...that I am redeemed to be a son... ...that I am free now to live from Him instead of living to Him... ...that I am free now to love you without the ulterior motive of needing something from you.

Satan will try to pull or push me from this perspective. My job is to stand in these truths - stand in that perspective - rooted and grounded in His love - fully convinced always of His love. And as I spend time communing with Him this perspective will become more and more cemented as my reality.