Notetaker's Note

Sometimes it can sound like Dan is denying the divinity of Jesus. But because of his teachings, particularly on John 1:1, Philippians 2:6-7 and Colossians 2:9 I don't believe that Dan is saying that Jesus is not God. He is just emphasizing, what has been under appreciated in our day, that Jesus was fully human.  

So when Dan says, "He came as a man." I believe Dan is just putting an emphasis on Jesus being fully human. And because He is fully human, we can follow Him.

And when Dan says things like, "He didn't come as God." or "If He came as God..." I believe Dan means this in the sense of what He laid aside (Phil. 2) - in other words, that Jesus is God, but didn't come AS God - in the form or reputation of God.

Examples of comments showing "Jesus is God" type thinking on Dan's part :

HCSKL 2010 Day 20 @1:41:15 - "... and the Word was God."... Who is he talking about? The Word made flesh.

HCSKL 2010 Day 14 @1:22:00 - Don't let the Godhead confuse you... They are God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit but they are one.

HCSKL 2010 Day 14 @5:35 - Jesus is the fullness of the Godhead bodily. (Teaching on Col. 2:9)

HCSKL 2010 Day 25 @0:40 - Jesus was a man. He was God but He came as a Man in the flesh and took on the likeness of sinful flesh..

HCSKL 2010 Day 3 @ 49:20 - "He [Jesus] is the 'tada' of God Almighty - God in the flesh."

HCSKL 2010 Day 5 @ 13:50 - "There is only one who can mediate between God and man, the Man - capital “M” - He’s Man. He’s God."
HCSKL 2010 Day 25 @0:40 - "Jesus was a man. He was God but He came as a man in the flesh and took on the likeness of sinful flesh and gave His body..."
HCSKL 2010 Day 24 @ 1:25:45 - "He didn't come expecting you to bow down and serve Him and honor Him as God."
HCSKL 2010 Day 36 @18:45 - "We have access to God because a man is there. And yet He is God. That's amazing."
HCSKL 2011 Day 40 @ 16:00 - "...taking on the mind of God, who laid down His life and made Himself of no reputation [clearly referring to Jesus].
HCSKL 2011 Day 33 @ 30:00 - "One of the biggest mistakes we've made on the earth and in churches is we still... all we see Him as is God but He came as a man."
HCSKL 2011 Day 19 @ 34:40 - "The life of Jesus is God’s will revealed. He's God in the flesh. He’s the word of God with a body."
HCSKL 2011 Day 19 @ 1:40:00 - Raising Lazarus - "Life is standing there and death is reigning. And they are His people, made in His image. And nothing looks alike right now. And He groans inside."
Dan Mohler - Praise Community Church (November 2014):
@10:18 - "It's an amazing reality that God put on flesh and died on a cross to pay the price for what flesh failed.
@36:30 - "And here is this Jesus, who is God, who has become flesh for some reason... Now He is being butchered and battered..."
Dan Mohler - Friday Night - Awake Church (9/2017):
@6:40 - "He's inside a woman for about 9 months and He is God the whole time... from the beginning..."
Power and Love Conference May 2018 Dan Mohler
@15:00 - "Is He Lord? Yes. Is He God? Yes. Is He Name above every name? Yes. But He is a Man. He has a body. And the blood of a Man is in the Holy Place."
Building Champions Men's Conference - Session 3 - 2018:
@1:41:00 - Demonstrating talking with Jesus: "You are God and You came in the flesh."