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Dan Mohler - Born Again - Kingdom of God - Nicodemus

Romans 5 is so powerful in the sense that it explains so much. Ok? It explains the love of God that came to rescue us when we were fallen. You have to understand that we were created in God’s image in the beginning and yet man fell - and his name was Adam and his wife was Eve. And it says here [at Romans 5:12] that we were all born into Adam, “So because one man sinned, all men sinned.” In other words we were born into that sin, into that nature, into the fall of man, every one of us, every one of us. Ok? So there’s a dilemma there. But God in His great love for us, while we were yet sinners and born into sin, He sent His Son to die for us. Ok? Because, what’s he saying? “That’s not your created value and I’m calling you back to original value. I want to get you out of Adam and into me.” Come on, so we’re born again. “Unless one is born again he cannot” what? “see the kingdom of God,” - which means if he is born again he will see the kingdom of God. And that’s really the function of the King right here on the earth - the King’s domain - the way God’s flowing and moving and what’s in heaven, on the earth. We could go into that but we don’t need to, I don’t believe, right now. But here’s the deal, when Jesus made that comment to Nicodemus in John 3, Nicodemus said, “We know that you’re a teacher sent by God because nobody can do the things you do unless God is with him.” For one thing he didn’t say, “Nobody can say the things you say.” It’s not just about your preaching it’s about your doing. Did you hear all of these testimonies tonight? Whoa. All of the sudden we go, “Whoa, man that’s not possible - arms, legs, liver - that’s God. God is with those people. God heard those prayers.” All these testimonies that you guys shared, this is God, right? So nobody can do the things you do unless God is with you… …70:20 See Nicodemus said, he said, “Nobody could do the things you do unless God was with him.” And who knows Jesus could have said a lot? “Well yeah, I was the Lamb slain before the…” He said, He turned right to Nicodemus and said, “Unless a man is born again, he’ll not see the kingdom of God.” What was He saying? He was saying, “Nicodemus you’re experiencing the kingdom. And if you get born again you can experience just what I am doing. You can do it too. And through me it’s going to be possible.” Come on, think how cool Jesus is. Nicodemus comes, he is inquiring, “Nobody can do these things unless…” and He turns and says, “Unless a man is born again…” He took it off Himself and made an all inclusive statement and said, “All you’re experiencing Nicodemus is the flow of the kingdom though me because I have right relationship with God and there’s no sin issue. But I’m the Lamb that was slain and I’m taking away sin. And if you get born again you can walk in the kingdom too. And the things I’m doing, you can do too because you can have right relationship with God also.” Come on, that’s so rich. So He became flesh. He took on the likeness of sinful flesh and was made to be sin. So He literally - it wouldn’t be unscriptural to say - He took our place in Adam and in the fall to get us back into Him. He became what we were so we could become what He is a son of God - only He’s the Son - name above every name - but we’re what? - sons and daughters. Is that blasphemous? No. Were we created as sons and daughters? Is He Father? Does that mean that what’s in the Father is in us? Does that actually put us on the same family plain, inheritance, genetics? Whoa… That is not blasphemy, that’s my created value and I’m a child of the King! [From the audio recording entitled "LCF - 7-31-2008" at the 67:45 mark formerly maintained on the Neck Ministry web site.]

[11:05] - I shared this on Thursday night in a service. I am going to touch it right now - express it in a little deeper way... Go to John 3 please... John 3 - Are you all there? A lot of people preach and talk about God forgiving sin. And we don't have any trouble relating the crucifixion of Jesus to the forgiveness of sin. That's simple for the church. We all understand that... No matter what background you came from we all accept that - that Jesus died for the forgiveness of sin. 
When you enter in healing, it tends to be a stumbling block in the church. And there are a lot of different views, a lot of different backgrounds, a lot of different experiences. And I want to show you - it's just unmistakeable to me - there are a lot of places [in scripture] that we can go and confirm this - where it's a dual covenant - where if you are forgiven, you are healed - if you're healed, you're forgiven. That goes together...
[12:55] - But here is a place where it is so undeniably connected and related. I didn't expound on it on Thursday and make this connection when I preached it out. I just preached it out and made the connection - it's so obvious there.[?] But I want you to see healing here  every bit as much as you see forgiveness. OK? So that is why I'm sharing it. So keep that in mind... 
Nicodemus was a man who came by night... He was a Pharisee - a ruler among the Jews.  said in v.2 of John 3, "We know that you are a teacher come from God, for no one can do these signs that you do unless God is with Him." 
Jesus is so awesome. He's our teacher. He's a seed that is about to fall to the ground. And if He does that, He'll spring up and bear much fruit. Jesus is all about you becoming like Him. Ok? He didn't come to steal the show, He came to make many brethren and make many sons of God. He came to reproduce Himself in you. That's in scripture. He said to His disciples, "As the Father sent Me, I send you." [14:20]
I know that when people come to people and say, "Nobody could do these things unless God is with them" a lot of people would answer at that point and say, "Yeah, God is really with me every day. In fact, I pray all of the time. In fact, I fast a lot too. And I read my Bible all the time." We would just acknowledge that God is with us and that He's doing good things. But guess what Jesus said? Jesus is so cool. He didn't even say a word about what Nicodemus said. He said, "Most assuredly I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God." Do you know what He was saying? He was saying, "What you are seeing through Me, you are called to see through you but unless you get born again it ain't going to happen. But if you do, it will."
...He [Jesus] didn't want the emphasis on the things that He was doing. He wanted the emphasis on the fact that you can get born again and become of the same anointing - the same Spirit - the same calling that He was standing in right now on the earth - a man anointed by God. So His answer was, "Well unless a man is born again, he can't see the kingdom of God." Well just flip it around and see what He really said. That means that if you are born again, you can see the kingdom of God. What does that mean? You can see God's kingdom moving on the earth and do these signs. They'll flow through your life too. That's what He's saying... [16:15]
[Teaching continues with v.3-6 leading into discussion of water baptism.]
From an audio recording entitled "Lifted Up" formerly maintained on the Neck Ministries web site.

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