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Session 5 (2017)

Dan Mohler

The Gospel - Transformation through Relationship

3:00 - Transformation through relationship - Received letter of thanks in the mail recently - Husband and wife were experiencing change through relationship with God. Letter said - my husband and I are getting to know God like we didn't even know was possible. We're having relationship with him and having times with him in our lives and in our prayers that is transforming us in every way of our life.

3:15 - The gospel isn't just about what God can do for me - It's about transformation back to His image - And it just blesses me because for so long we've made Christianity - without realizing it - it wasn’t intentional - we slipped into God taking care of us and God just blessing us and meeting our physical needs and getting us through, instead of just becoming like Him and being empowered by who He is and who He is flowing through our lives.

3:40 - Transformation happens through relationship - As you get to know Him - A lot of sermons out there pertain to your blessings and your benefit instead of your transformation through your relationship with God. And we say we ought to serve the Lord. Well, I want to know him. I don't want to just serve Him.  I preach that if you don't get to know Him and have a strong relationship with Him, you'll get reduced to serving Him. You'll try to do things in His name or for His name instead of do things in him and by His Spirit.

➡ 4:15 - So this is where my heart always is so be patient with me. I don’t have many sessions with you and I kind of camp around the same areas sometimes because I feel like it's really, really important.

4:30 - Everything He wants to do in you and through you flows out of that relationship - Some of us want to just get out there and raise the dead but I’m thinking, I really want to know Him. Knowing him changes every area of my life - changes my disposition - my expressions. It causes me to sow truer seed have more impact in every area of my life. Jesus said, “This is eternal life to know Him - the only true God” - John 17:3. He didn't say eternal life is just limited to you getting your spirit recreated - light coming in you for your seal of redemption on that day - and a trumpet blowing and your name in the book of life. He said eternal life is knowing Him.

5:10 - This new life is more than just a theological position that I take - It's His life in me and expressed through me - So positionally, I have eternal life, it sounds like, when my spirit is recreated. Light comes into me. Darkness goes out. I'm no longer a tare. I become wheat. When that dragnet is thrown in and those fish are in the net, I'm a keeper fish. I'm not a throwback. I've measured up in Jesus so I'm legal size limit. You have to understand that that happened when you got saved.

5:40 - And yes, your name goes into the book of life and I'm excited about that. Don't anybody ever hear that I'm making light of that. That's just not the goal. The goal is not that I go to heaven someday. That's what I have heard my whole life - that the goal of Christianity is making sure YOU go to heaven someday.

5:55 - But it sounds like Jesus’ goal is  that heaven is on the earth and revealed on the earth and revealed through His people. He told you not to look here or there, the kingdom of God is in you - Luke 17:21.  Go preach saying the kingdom of God is at hand - Mt. 10:7 - in you. And it's all about Christ in you, the hope of glory - Col 1:27.

6:15 - So we're not waiting to go to heaven. Heavens in us. And our lives get transformed. So we just don't want to get stuck being positional.

6:25 - Identity is not found through calling or gifting or ministry - Instead know Him - You’re not finding your identity through your callings - through ministry - through the things you're gifted in - through what the people note in your life and say, “Wow, you're so perceptive." And all of a sudden you've drawn all your spiritual momentum through your gift instead of knowing him.

6:40 - You can function powerfully in a gift but at the same time miss becoming the person you were designed to be - Like you can have a productive gift and be bothered by people and be judgmental and not actually be doing very well but you could have a really good gift and actually not be doing well in life.

7:00 - There is a real change of life - The key is that you're doing well everywhere - that you're walking in the light as he's in the light - 1 John 1:7. It says in 1 John 2:6 - if any man abide in Him He ought to walk even as he walked. This is exciting to me. Jesus is inviting us into his life by putting his life in us.

7:25 - And it's far from positional. It's not just positional. I’m not just seated in heavenly places in Christ. I'm seated in heavenly places with Christ.  It's not a position. It's It's a reality.

7:35 - Phoning four people who didn’t expect it. They were overwhelmed at the timing and encouragement of the calls. They were amazed at the details revealed. That kind of stuff comes through being with Him.

8:50 - Intimacy brings change - How's that happening? It's just relationship. It's intimacy. I want that in my life. I yield my life to that. I see how important it. I just believe he loves me. He's my Father. I don't believe I'm hard of hearing. I believe he'll speak to me. I believe he loves people. I believe he loves me.

9:05 - Know that He loves you individually - See His first love - To enter into this intimacy - This sounds so basic guys. But listen, this is huge. And I've learned this isn't the reality in a lot of believers. They aren't absolutely convinced that he just absolutely loves you - like the individual. But you HAVE to be convinced (that He loves you individually).

9:25 - How you know that He loves you - He sent His Son - How can you be convinced? He sent His Son. There's no other evidence. He sent His Son. “I love you. You are more than what you understand. You’re worth paying the highest price. "Look, I've held nothing back. I hold you in very high value. You are more than what you realize and I'm paying to redeem you and obtain you and move inside of you and live through you. Love you!” Period.

Deceptions that Keep You from the Intimacy that Transforms

9:55 - Objections to His love for you are lies - You can't fight with this thing and think, “Well God's mad at me right now - since I've been sick. God's displeased. God has to be disappointed. It’s a wonder he puts up with me.” They are all absolute lies. He's never any of those things. You say, “How can’t he be?” New Covenant - New Testament - the God that I see in the New Covenant - New Testament is none of those things. You can't even find those things.

10:20 - The “He takes no pleasure” deception - You even say, “Well there is a place where he says He takes no pleasure” - Heb. 10:38. “Takes no pleasure” is not “displeased.” “Takes no pleasure” means he can't take pleasure and fulfillment in watching your fruition - fulfilling what He designed for you - if you draw back. It doesn't say He’s displeased. But we are geared to hear it as displeasure.

10:50 - Illustration - A child who draws back -  If you have a child and you know there's so much more than what they're choosing -  and you see them doing something that you know is below what they've been created for and what they're empowered to and what they understand - or they're moving into something and and they're close to getting there and you're like, "Wow they're really close"... and all of a sudden you just see them draw back into something that you know is just taking them nowhere. Do you think God is disgusted? “You’ve got to be kidding me.” No. What would that be? That would be a self-centered thing.

11:30 - We get disappointed with our kids - That’s “normal” - If you're that way with your child, you've got to look at that. You’ll realize that you've got expectations on your child. Your child owes you something in your own mind. You have the right to be really disappointed and let down and broken hearted over your child.

11:40 - We don't talk about this stuff because we think it's so “normal” But it's not normal it's dysfunctional. It's not scriptural to be all broken hearted and disappointed over your child. It’s scriptural to love them and encourage them. You might not be able to take pleasure in the choices they're making but why would you make it all about you? Why would you make their decisions about your emotional makeup? Why wouldn't you let love cover a multitude of sins?

12:10 - God’s not disappointed in you because love doesn’t seek its own - In other words, do you think God can be disappointed in you in the New Covenant / New Testament we have - (seeing us) through the blood Jesus? The reason I believe God can't be disappointed with you is because he doesn't seek his own. Love doesn't seek it own. Love is selfless. It takes no account of the wrong done.

12:25 - He sees you for who He created you to be - That doesn't mean that you're not accountable for the wrong. It doesn't mean you don't take an ownership and repent and change. What it's saying is He will never see you apart from your highest created, called value. And He will father you and desire to walk you into that place (of your created value) no matter where you're at - no matter what you have chosen. He doesn't change that. It's without repentance. God doesn't start the morning off saying, “I can't believe they did that.” If anything grace will speak your heart and say, “You're so much more.”

13:05 - We are used to disappointment from others - But God doesn’t look at us like others do - We're used to, “I can't believe you did that.” Aren’t  we used to disappointment from others? Don't we feel like there are people real close to our lives - that are watching us - that are expecting of us - and we're maybe set up to fail them and let them down? And sometimes we struggle because we wonder if they're hurt by us - mad at us - pleased with us - proud of us - or not proud of us? And all that stuff has mattered a lot in all of our lives. You can't tell me that's not true. And it's hurt a lot of us - because we think that God sees us that way too - but that's not God.  

13:40 - He loved you and sent His Son when you were at your worst - Just get this deep into your heart: while you were yet a sinner, He sent his Son. He didn't say, “Oh wow, they're turning a little towards me. There's a little more glimmer and a little more hope. You know what? Maybe I'll send him now, because I think... yeah, I think I'm feeling a little closer to the fact that they might love me.” While you were yet a sinner... On your darkest day... He knew who you were and never changed his mind.

14:10 - Deceptions keep you from intimacy - From the relationship that transforms - Why am I camping here so long? Why do I talk about this stuff over and over? Because I have too many people talk to me that say things that God never is and they believe He is towards them. And it keeps you from the intimacy that I'm always teaching.  It keeps you from the relationship that's transforming. It's a trap. It's a strategy honestly. It's a scheme and a strategy from hell to keep you from the place you were created for - being in Him.

Transformation through Relationship (cont.)

14:40 - You can’t change in your own strength alone - If you could you would have already changed - Your life is not going to change apart from intimacy and relationship with Jesus . It's not going to change except by the grace of God. If we could change ourselves we'd all been different long ago. You wouldn’t be in this school if you didn't want to grow and increase. Right? If we could all change ourselves we'd be different - a long time ago. I'm looking at sincere faces. If we could all be more like Him in our own ability it would have already happened.

15:20 - Approach by faith - Faith leads to new reality - So if it's by grace, then we have to approach him by faith. But here's the cool thing about faith - faith becomes your knowing. (His grace touches your faith and makes the truth you are believing your reality.) I don't have to wake up every day and try to believe in God. He is God. He's the Lord. He's in me. He's my Father. He loves me. He sees me in righteousness. I can boldly approach him - Hebrews 4 - I can go to the throne of grace boldly and never leave that.

15:40 - It’s a new reality of knowing Him - People say, “I visit the throne room.” I say, “I'd rather you not leave.” Just live in a place where you're in continual communion - intimacy with God - in your heart and in your knowing. That doesn't mean that I'm talking to God 24/7. It means that I'm aware of him at any moment.  He's never far off. And it has nothing to do with a feeling. It's a knowing.

16:10 - The NT scriptures often say, “Knowing this…” - “We have come to know and believe the love God has for us…” - 1 John 4:16. That's a good place. Why? Because in that place, you'll live unveiled. Nothing can keep you from him.

16:30 - Everything God wants to do in and through your life flows out of knowing Him so the enemy wants to cut that off - The strategy of the enemy is to keep you from Him. Because getting near Him and being with Him and being in Him... If eternal life is knowing Him, then knowing Him is powerful because everything that it means to be alive in the eternal one comes through knowing Him.

16:45 - Transformation happens through relationship - So we're not talking about gifting right now. We’re talking about you and him becoming one and being empowered through that relationship. It's transforming. The gospel is transforming. So getting into relationship with God and knowing Him this way is where your life is changed.

Settle on His Love for YOU

17:00 - I don't know if we realize how simple this is. Simply approaching Him and being his child - being loved by God. You’ve got to let it be the most simple thing because it's settled. Christ was crucified.

17:25 - Let His love be settled in your heart - I can’t tell you how much that's in my heart - settled in my heart. That’s done. I never try to believe God loves me. Are you kidding me? Christ was crucified. The Spirit of God lives inside of me.

17:40 - You can know that He loves you personally because He’s drawing you - Watch this. Do you have a hunger and a desire for the Lord? No man comes to God unless he's what? (God draws Him - John 6:44) Do you have a desire for God? Is he drawing you? Has God's grace wooed your heart? Has he made you second guess at some point in your life? Has he caused you to think a little deeper on the things that God? Is grace just going, “Hey… Psst, hey… Hey”? Isn’t that awesome? Now why would God be nudging people to come near him if he didn't want them? So now's the time to just go, “Yay, Jesus loves me.”

18:22 - Daisy illustration - He loves me - I got really stuck on this point in the last school I did - in the early years of teaching. I used to say, “Somebody just needs to bring me a white daisy. Just pull the thing everyday. Get a white daisy and start pulling the petals. “He loves me. He loves me. He loves me.” And don't be afraid of the last two petals because there's no "He loves me not". He just loves me. Just pluck them, worship Him, receive His love and go to work.

18:50 - Receive His love - Become His love - He loves me. Why do I camp on that? Because the goal is me becoming love. But nobody can love unless they see his first love. So if you're just trying to become like him without really knowing him... Knowing him is what transforms you.

Contact Points of Faith - Tools for Intimacy

19:10 - Sacrament of communion -  Communion is a tool (of relating - a contact point of faith). I'll be quite honest. I'm not sure the last time I did this at home alone on my own. But there was a season I did it every day. There was a season I did it often and then there was a season I did it every day. I can't tell you the last time I did a communion - actually had a thought of communion on my own alone. Why? I feel like I'm in an every day, daily communion awareness of God. I'm always in that place. It's grown on me. It's in me.

19:50 - And sometimes these little tools He gives us - these little contact points of faith - they trigger your heart - they trigger your words - they get you thinking. They’re little contact points of faith. That's what I see them as. Like water baptism to me is the same way - the anointing with oil... What are they all? They’re contact points of faith.

20:10 - Anointing with oil - And the anointing of oil - sometimes we think it's the oil - the spices - we mark the labels as to what's in the oil. Be careful with that stuff. Stop putting power in the oil. The oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit. When you anoint with oil it's to cause you to realize the Spirit of God is upon my life. And He's Holy Spirit and He's amazing. It's not magic in the bottle.

20:30 - I'm convinced you could use Crisco if you don't mind the smell on your forehead. I'm just telling you, it's what you think about - it's what you remember when you're doing it. You are realizing that, Holy Spirit you're in this. Holy Spirit you love us and you're on this.

20:50 - Water baptism - It's a sign. It's a symbol of death, burial, resurrection. It's a contact point of faith, for you and me to recognize a place where we die so that we live. It’s so powerful.

21:00 - Sacrament of communion - And it's the same with this (communion elements). I see it as a contact point of faith. Some people believe this literally becomes the body and the blood of Jesus. Randy Clark laughs and says, “I wish I had that faith.” I'm not putting that faith down and I'm not trying to agree or disagree. Here's what I know: Jesus said - “as often as you - as often as you.” Who is he talking to? He's talking to you and to me. “As often as you do it, do it in remembrance of me and remember my death until I come” - 1 Cor. 11:25.

21:30 - Sacrament of communion as a covenant - So what do these elements do? They keep you very covenant minded. They keep you very aware of what he paid - what he accomplished - where you don't just fall asleep in religion - just start doing Christian things without (heart). It also gets you to think about your response.

21:50 - Covenant - definition - Here is the best definition I know of covenant:  All that is yours is mine and all that is mine is yours. What's that do? That makes two (into) one. So now you got one plus one. All that is mine is yours and [from the other person’s perspective] all that is mine is yours. Now you've got one plus one and it doesn't equal two, it's a stronger one. That's the idea of covenant.

22:15 - Covenant - Background - Way back in history they would have covenants. The stronger tribe would actually have a covenant with a weaker tribe because they had something to offer them that they didn't possess or have, and it made them even stronger. And the weaker side of the covenant got really blessed because they stepped into covenant with this stronger tribe. But they thought it was worth being in covenant because they were more blessed and more fulfilled through the covenant.

22:40 - God’s covenant with Abram - Do you remember the story of God and Abram entering into covenant? How He walked through the meat? The meat was split and a smoking pot and the torch passed in between the halves of the meat. (See Gen. 15) But it's really neat because if you look up the old cultural way they did covenant God was actually making himself the lesser party by doing what He did and walking how He did. And what He was saying when they walked through that split carcass of meat was that the gods or God do so and more to me if I don't keep my word concerning this covenant. And the Shekinah, Himself went through the split meat. He was saying, “This thing is binding. This is my vow and promise to you. This is a thing I'm keeping.”

23:40 - The covenant with Abram foreshadowed Jesus on the cross - And I also believed he was symbolizing Jesus becoming a man and getting beat on the cross between two thieves. How much weaker do you make yourself? How much more humble can you be than being who He is and becoming who He was there on the cross, to get us to where we're created and called (back to the image of God)?

24:08 - Think with me - Jesus humbled Himself - There's something we can see here - that God would put himself in a body. Think with me... That God would put himself in body - go through the birth canal of a young woman and be totally dependent on her trusting that God would meet Him, empower Him, give Him wisdom, anoint Him - that He would fulfill all He wanted him to do and all the scriptures that were written - and actually be the Lamb that was slain so that He can redeem the truth He knows about us from the beginning. That's a pretty loving, amazing and it ain't a gesture, action. You've got to let this stuff sink in. or it's just an Easter story. No, this is the stuff we live from. We wake up and realize every day, “I have created value.”

Be a Good Steward of Your Own Heart

25:00 - You are the steward of your heart - Be encouraged - Proverbs says that you’re the steward of your own heart - Prov. 4:23. David encouraged himself in the Lord - 1 Sam. 30:6. Not everything around you is always encouraging.

25:10 - Accountability relationships - There are other scriptures in the New Testament that talk to you about being in accountability (relationships).  I've preached this all the time. I'm my best accountability partner. If you want to call me and make sure I'm okay, I would welcome that. I'll just tell you that I am fine. And if I wasn't, I would say, “Well listen man, it’s amazing the timing of your call. Can you pray with me about this?

25:25 - Follow your conscience - Otherwise you shipwreck your faith - But here's the deal. I've learned that I'm the steward of my own heart so why not be my best accountability partner and why not keep my conscience crystal clear by following it -never compromising it? If you violate your conscience guess what you do to your faith? Shipwreck it - 1 Tim. 1:19.

25:45 - He wrote that to two fellows that shipwrecked their faith for the lack of a clear conscience. He's not talking about unbelievers, he's talking about Christians. You get your conscience violated and all of the  sudden you shipwreck your faith. And then you don't live by faith. But it's impossible to please God and fulfill what you’re created to be, without faith. And you won't have intimacy with God if your conscience is violated. You'll actually think you're not worthy. You'll grey out (not care any more) and you'll draw back.

26:12 - Keep your conscience clear - You just can't go there. You want to be your own best friend in that way. You want to treat your conscience like the most tender organ in your life. Your conscience is a big deal. It's part of a relationship and communion with God - keeping your conscience clear. If my conscience doesn't condemn me I have confidence before God - 1 John 3:21. I have confidence before God - knowing whatever I ask I shall receive - 1 John 5:14. Before that, it says that if my conscience condemns me, He's greater than that. If my heart condemns me, He is greater than my heart. If my heart doesn't condemn me, I'm connecting the two - my heart and my conscience go hand in hand. My conscience works off my heart.

Don't Give in to Condemnation

26:55 - Don’t give up when you feel condemned - So he says if if my heart condemns me, God is greater than my heart. That says to me, “Listen, He's the Lord.” So if my heart condemns me, is it time to just say, “Oh well... what the heck”? You know what I mean? The "give up" mentality. If my heart condemns me, God's greater than my heart. I’ve got to know that I have an answer even if I find my heart condemns me.

27:35 - Even if we mess up - Don’t give up - Who's ever done it in your life - you're sincere and all of the sudden you realize, “Oh man that just wasn't cool. Wow, I'm really messed up.” So rather than get condemned, He's greater than that.

28:15 - Wow, thank you for the light in my life and the truth that you've been imparting that shows me what that really is. Wow, your fathering me. Thanks for letting my conscience stay tender and bring that to my understanding Holy Spirit. Thank you for just illuminating me in everything. I so appreciate you. What a protector. What a Father.

28:35 - If you don’t know Him and trust the way He sees you, you’ll run from Him instead of to Him - You see there's not an ounce or a moment of condemnation in that - just relationship. But if you don't trust the way he sees you and who He is as a Father, you won't have that kind of response.

28:48 - You’ll stew on it. You'll call a friend and tell him that you feel bad. You'll focus on your feelings. They'll try to pray you through your feelings and you'll stay fixed on the fact that you did it. Analytical mindset will kick in and you'll say, “I should know better. I've been saved now for two years and I've had this teaching now and I've taught others. What in the world?” And the next thing you know you've got yourself a mess and all you did was slip into one little moment of weakness and the truth was there to rescue you (conviction). But instead of responding and following through in truth you went over in your own (way of responding).

29:20 - This stuff's important to talk about because we want to move in the kingdom and we want to see the kingdom of God. We want to walk in power. And I'm telling you, these little components - these little things we’re teaching - identity stuff - identity schools - are very important because people have got to settle on...

29:40 - Know that condemnation is not from God - Condemnation is never, ever, ever (of) God. God is never condemnation. How do you know that? He did NOT send his Son into the world to condemn you - John 3:17. Did not. That tells me right there that condemnation can never be (from) God. Roman 8:1 - There is now therefore no condemnation. John 12:47 - I didn't come to condemn (judge) the world but I came to save it - I didn't come to judge the world - you can find the word “condemnation” there - I didn't come to judge the world but I came that it might be saved but you’ll have my word that will judge you in that day. So I just gave you three scriptures that guarantee you and show you that God is not on the end of condemnation ever. That means that it's never on his list. It's never from Him.

31:04 - Dealing with seasons of condemnation as a Christian - Who here, has ever walked in a season of condemnation, even after you were saved? -  To where condemnation seemed reality and you received it and it seemed legit to you because of way your mind works? OK. Now watch. That's the majority. Why do we talk about this stuff? Because if you have an ounce of condemnation, it'll grey you out. You won't have boldness to go be with Him.

31:30 - Don’t avoid relationship because of condemnation - Cast down the lie - Sometimes people do other Christian things to try to make up for the relationship. They'll just attend church more - get there earlier - try to love somebody - they’ll pray for somebody. But instead of just facing their conscience and saying, “Wait a minute. I'm not condemned. God is stronger than the weaknesses that I bump into. And my heart is to change. And I have no desire in my heart to be a hypocrite or to say one thing and do another. I didn't wake up today with the intention to miss God and apply the gospel in a way to sin and get away with it. That's bizarre. I just walked in weakness. God's love is greater than weakness. And I’m not making an excuse for my weakness. While I was yet a sinner, He sent His Son. I’m not setting a table for sin. But this condemnation has got to stop. He loves me. I’m not condemned. So then you say, Father thank you for loving me and teaching me.

32:20 - Rejoice that God is bringing weakness to your attention - He wants you with Him - No impediments - Here's what I want to get across to people: Be so excited that you see it (the sin) as weakness and see it for what it really is. That ought to be a rejoicing point (that you see it as weakness now).

32:29 - He’s bringing light to the problem - You are seeing and growing now - There was a time before, where we didn't see this stuff or we just thought, “Oh well.” We didn't have another answer. There was a time when it didn't faze you and your conscience didn’t even even take notice. And then you grew and got more sensitive in things and  got closer to the heart of God and got to know Him more. And all of a sudden that thing that you would have done a year ago and didn't even blink - whoa you see it for what it really is. Why? Because you're growing and maturing and you're walking in the light. That's amazing. Now what's taking you there? A pure heart, because the pure in heart see God.  So God forbid that you get there and go, “Whoa” and then get condemned now that your heart's in the best place ever.

33:15 - You need to believe even when you feel condemned - That's going to protect you. Watch. The just live by faith. So here's my point. You’ve got to believe this stuff. Don't come to a school like this and sit here for 16 sessions and not believe this stuff. You got to leave here and say, “Yep, He loves me and I'm actually very special to Him.” He doesn't (actually) play favorites. He doesn't have favorites. Even though I feel like I'm His favorite.

See Your Value - The Way that God Sees You

33:50 - The value of every man - Same price paid for all - Here's how you know the value of every man. Is every man worth the same price? So you go to Walmart - you've got all kinds of price checks. When you look at humanity, everybody's worth the blood. Why? Everybody has the same value. Why are there different prices on the store shelves? Different products. But watch. Image of God. Kingdom of God. That's our destiny. We all cost the same.

34:20 - You may have a smaller sphere of influence than I do right now. I might have something that you don't have. You might have something that I don't have. That doesn't make us different. We're the same. We can have one spirit, one heart, one mind, one faith because we all wake up for the same reason - to be like him. We all wake up to shine.

34:40 - We’re equally valued - So we all cost the same price. It cost God the same for every head, to pay for them to shine. So is there anybody in this room with less or more value? There's no way. But we've lived life that way. We try to find value through each other - try to find value through our job or our lineage - our family line or there's a lot of things that try to give prestige to people. It’s such a trap. You already have value. We’re all valued the same.

35:00 - You already have value. We’re all valued the same. Let every mountain be made low and every valley be filled in - Luke 3:5. So are there any high places and low places? Boom. Same plain - righteousness.

35:30 - We all need the blood - Who didn't need the blood of Jesus to become right in the sight of God? The word didn’t say that I needed a pint of Jesus's blood and someone else needed a quart. What he said was we're washed by His blood - through his blood. He didn't say, “Man I had to shed a little extra for that girl to get her out of that mess. She cost me dearly. No we (all) cost him dearly because we were living a lie. We were living what we were never created to be.

Get to Know God - Don't bother with Sin & the Devil

37:00 - Talk to God - Get to know Him - Talk to Holy Spirit - Now listen, if you're in a season, where it would be really good for you to grow in intimacy and relationship and get the knowing of who God is in your life and towards your life as a Father - Jesus as your Savior, the one that saved you - Holy Spirit as your Friend and Helper.... He's the one that leads you into all truth. He shows you things to come. He's pretty amazing - Holy Spirit. He’s a good friend. Talk to him.

37:30 - Talk to him. I talk to him. People get religious. They say, “You're only supposed to talk to God. And  when you pray it's in Jesus’ name.” Man I talk to the Father. I talk to Jesus. I've talked to Holy Ghost. I have relationship with the Godhead. I talk to everybody - meaning them three.

37:45 - Don’t talk to the devil - There's one person I don't talk to. It's the devil. I promise you I don't ever talk to the devil. He's a cut off withering branch. People say, “If he reminds you of your past, you remind him of his future.” I don't need to. He's already freaking out shaking in his boots about his future. I don't need to remind him. He already knows.

38:05 - The enemy fears Him - They walked up to Jesus, who was now  in a human body, and went, “Whoa, it’s you! What, are you here to torment us before our time?” They know they have no chance. They can't come up with a plan. They're not scheming right now for some big overthrow of heaven and to throw God off the throne. They're freaked out by God and the anointing. They’re dark. He’s light. Light is greater. Cut off withering branch coming to nothing… leading there...  

38:45 - Don’t give him the affirmation he craves - Don’t give the devil attention - Please don't give him attention. People get (evil) spirit conscious. They talk about spirits, “Devil this and devil that…” Oh, he loves that. Watch. When you have no identity, you're searching out people that are willing to give you one. When you have no destiny, you're looking for temporal jobs. When you have no long term vision, you’ll take temporary work.

39:15 - Don’t even think about sin or the devil - Are you guys with me I've preached this for years. There's two things I'd never think about - sin and the devil. Why? Because the Bible tells that to me. It says I'm reckoned dead to sin and alive unto God - Rom. 6:11.

It's not a Method - You're in Love

39:45 - Don’t think about sin - It’s not about striving not to sin - It’s about being a son - I don't ever wake up and try not to sin. Watch this. I never try harder. I never... My life's not like that. I wake up right in him. I wake up being His. I wake up accepted in the Beloved. I’m not waking up trying to get it right today. That means I'm insecure in my own walking's and I'm weighing my life based on past performance and in a sincere heart, but from a wrong angle, I'm trying to do better. And I set myself up to fail - to judge myself when I can’t achieve how I set out to live.

40:27 - Avoid mechanical methods - It's about relationship - So I don't wake up and read books that are titled “How to Live the Christian Life.” That's mechanical. Its works. You're going to get into trouble. I don't believe God's inspiring those kind of thoughts. You're waking up enjoying being in him.

41:05 - Motivational speaker - Principles for victorious Christian living -  I sat on a plane with a guy years ago. He was kind of a motivational speaker. Said he was a Christian - had Christian teachings - got invited onto campuses, colleges etc. He was an athletic guy. He was a coach at one time. So he was a known guy - people knew him, respected him. He probably walked his character right. He asked me what I was traveling for and I just told him I was at a church. I didn't tell him who I was. I didn't say I'm Dan, the YouTube sensation.

42:10 - He said, ”Man I need you to do something for me because I ask this question to all kinds of preachers, pastors and ministers and they can never answer. And it breaks my heart. It's tragic to me.” He said, “Name five things to do to live a victorious Christian life - five principles.“

42:30 - And I said, “I couldn't possibly even think of answering your question. I don't live that way." He said, “See. See isn't that a shame. You're traveling and preaching the gospel and you don't even know how to teach people how to live a victorious life.” And I went, “Actually sir, you're on thin ice. You're presuming on my heart, judging me and you don't even know what I preach.”

42:50 - He said, "No, it's a sad truth that preachers are out there and they can't even give an answer." And then he listed the five things. And I said, “Sir, all I hear is works and that scares me and I've never preached that. Ever.” And He got really, really mad at me.

43:36 - He said, “Be honest, there's nothing that makes you feel better and higher and more accomplished - when you stand in front of people preaching.” And I'm like... I am so the opposite of everything he's trying to preach to me right now. I said, “Oh my goodness. Sir in all due respect, I've just preached the very opposite the whole week.” I said, “No. I'm I'm best when I'm alone in a room in His presence with the door closed and you're not looking. That's where I preach from, sir. And that's what's transformed my life. I don't preach because it makes me feel like anybody. I preach because people ask me to. I feel like somebody because he's in me and taught me who I am. It's truth. And it's made me free.” And he he let me have it. And I got quiet. I said, "Sir there are people listening right now. We're supposedly Christians. It's really not a good example. So I'm not going to say anything back to you. If you can’t settle down, I’m just done."

45:02 - When we landed he did shake my hand. And I hugged him and he let me out. And we went on our way.

45:10 - Success doesn’t come through how you minister - But through revealing Him -  Isn't that something how you can feel successful because of ministry. He’s letting a lot of things determine how he's doing with God by how his ministry is going but he has no God to express because that's not what he's growing in. I don't know about you but I believe I'm here to express God, not to do great ministry. I believe I'm here to emanate him. I let my light so shine.

45:45 - Your life should be consistent with who He is - Gentle in reproving - The Bible says that the servant of the Lord should be gentle with all, patient, gentle with all, able to teach and not freak out. So that perhaps God would grant repentance - if that person is really so deceived - that they'd be set free from the snare of the devil whom they've been held captive by to do his will - 2 Tim. 2:24-26. So if we really believe that about somebody, why are we angry? We should be full of mercy and compassion and want God to deliver. And we should do everything to impart something that's merciful and grace filled.

Entering into Communion

46:40 - The sacrament of communion as a tool for intimacy - These communion elements are a symbol. As we do this we're going to do it in remembrance of him. We're going to remember him and think about what he did.

46:50 - Just picture this: you're alone and you want to use the sacrament of communion as a tool - that you want to use to begin to provoke communion - to get your heart stirred toward God and give you words. Sometimes people get alone with God and before they grow past themselves - you know what I mean by that? - self-conscious - a little bothered by things that haven't measured up  - or they just have judgments against themselves...

47:10 - Don’t let self-consciousness hinder intimacy - Actually some people are  their own worst enemy. They're more critical towards themselves than anybody would ever be. Like they find things wrong with themselves that aren't wrong. Sometimes people get trapped doing that. Please don't do that to yourself. I don't know how many times I went to pray for people over the years of ministry and I said, “Wow, I see that God is saying that you're your own worst enemy. You find problems about yourself.”

47:35 - Come on. We don't need to do that. If you're critical like that, and you have unresolved issues in your conscience, when you go get alone with God, you'll get stymied. You'll feel blocked. And then you’ll ask for prayer, “Something's blocking me in prayer.” Nothing can block you in prayer.

47:50 - Nothing can keep you from Him - If you go in a room to meet with God, nothing can keep you from Him. He wants you in there. He told you to draw near to Him and He'll draw near you. There is no devil in hell that can bind your lips to where you can't talk to Him when you’re alone with Him. It’s usually a self-consciousness and you get more conscious of yourself and your words go blank instead of just being conscious of His love. The sacrament of communion is a great tool to break that lie.

48:15 - Who has ever gotten alone with God and felt like, wow, now that I'm here where do I go with this? You want to be with Him but you felt at a loss for words and yet you went in there to kind of grow in some things...

48:30 - Soaking prayer - Actively commune with Him - Some of you might have a soaker mentality. I do that at times. I'll put on some soft piano music and lay back. But my heart's always active. I'm not just there, like in the massage parlor of God. But my heart's always active. You meditate on your bed. You muse and you mutter and you commune with Him. I love you so much. Thank you for giving me revelation. I just love you. Thanks for what you've done in my life and heart. Continue to give me more and more revelation, understanding the ability to express, God. Now you have me in this place where I teach expression. Let it be vital to people and life changing to where it hits their heart and makes a difference. And you talk like that. It’s just where my life is in communion with Him. You can't hear me out loud, it's just in my heart.

49:30 - An inactive heart towards Him doesn’t lead to change - Activate your heart towards Him - But I'm never just (zoned out). I'm not like that. You can be. I'm not saying it's wrong. If you get something out of it... I know people that tell me that they soak for hours and hours and they're frustrated because they say their emotions aren't changing, their dispositions are not changing, their patience levels are not changing. And I'm like I don't know that you should just go in there and just lay on the floor quiet for hours. You probably ought to activate your heart even if you are quiet.

50:08 - Soak with an active heart - Like this - just in your heart: I just thank you that you're the one that imparts more and more revelation of patience through love. Let me continue to see the value of people. I so rightly want to touch them. And I know in my own strength I'll never measure up. But you made me for this. And this is your will and desire. Holy Spirit, you have everything in you that will empower me. There's nothing lacking. And you've giving me the kingdom. You’re showing me everything that is from Jesus and from the Father. You declare it to me. I thank you. You're making me more and more like you concerning dealings with people - my responses to people. God, just hearing them clearly and hearing them with no strings (attached) in my life - no screens on my eyes. God thank you for what you're doing.

50:50 - And you are just communing whatever area where you're growing and aware of growing and wanting to grow. Just commune it while the music's playing and you're in that peaceful place. You don't have to say a word.

51:00 - You don’t have to pray out loud all the time - Don't believe you always have to pray out loud. I have people tell me that you've always got to pray loud. I don't agree with that. I pray out loud a lot. But there's no law on this stuff. So one is not greater than the other. I'm not telling you to do this kind of prayer this much. This is not a legalistic, mechanical thing. If your heart is pure and you’re communing with Him, He’s hearing, whether you're talking or meditating.

51:30 - He hears your heart - Yeah I know that's true because He knows the hearts of men. Remember in the Bible, Jesus was hearing the thoughts of men. I was just in a service two weeks ago and it was funny. There were a couple of different people. I told them what I heard them thinking. It freaks people out.

52:10 - Don’t get caught up in debriefing - As you go through the day you may look back and self evaluate - how you have handled certain situations: I don't know if I'm handling this as good as I could have. And you go over it six times, judging yourself on how you could have done it better.

52:25 - There are preachers like that. They preach then they go listen to themselves to see what they could have said differently. If you can look at anything long enough, you can come up with things - find negatives. That’s not solid. That’s insecure. You are going to do yourself harm. Don’t do that.

52:45 - Regroup in the middle of the day using communion - So who's ever had that thought in the middle of the day and you're trying to get through it and you think you could have handled the situation better. That’s a good time to get alone and receive communion. Keep a communion packet handy. It can help you pull together.

53:25 - Man I want to be such an example all the time. And I don’t want to be pressed by that. I don't want that to be a driving thing. I just want to be a legit thing, where it's just a flow. Grab that communion packet. I'm so glad for your grace. I need to just relax and stop weighing performance and stop getting overwhelmed with all of this teaching. You know the truth is: You love me and gave your life for me and are inside of me. And I have everything necessary to shine. You just get regrouped. Just get back to square one, simplicity, childlike faith.

Healing & Forgiveness

53:57 - Healing - Through the body and the blood - This (cup and bread) can mean a lot of things. I understand that this is the cup that heals. That's not my strong focus right now even though that's always part of communion. You recognize that He gave his body and his blood. Why healing through His body and his blood? Because there's the forgiveness of sins. The reason that we can believe for healing is because of the remission of sins. So if sin is removed, then anything that came through the fall of man - anything from the Adamic side of things needs to be removed. It's all part of the atonement.

54:45 - Remission of sins is why we pray for the sick not because they're in pain. Don’t pray for the sick because they're sick. Have faith to pray for the sick because of the forgiveness of sins - because God sees them through righteousness -  through Jesus Christ. He makes them clean. He can reach them through the blood.

54:55 - Don't pray from need - I think we pray for the sick because they're sick and we have sympathy. The reason we even have the hope to pray for the sick is because of the forgiveness of sins. The forgiveness of sins is what makes us even realize we can pray for healing. What would make us think we could pray for healing and be confident that we could minister healing if we couldn't stand in righteousness?

55:40 - Pray from covenant - It puts us right back into covenant. So what did Jesus do when He got up out of the grave in John 20? He said, “As the Father sent me, I send you.” And He breathed on them and said, “Receive Holy Spirit.” Why? He just came from the Father where he put his blood on the mercy seat. So now they (the disciples) just got back to day one in the garden where God breathed into Adam and made him a living being. They just came alive. They just got born again. They had a covenant again. As if sin never happened. And then He sends them out to go heal the sick.

56:15 - In Luke 24 he said these things were written and had to come to pass etc. etc.. so that repentance and the remission of sins would be preached to every nation - Luke 24:47.

56:25 - The whole world can be healed because the whole world can be forgiven - And if you do sin, not when, but if you do (1 John 2:1-2), be encouraged - don't fall apart - you have an advocate - Jesus the righteous. And his righteous plea is the propitiation - the mercy over your sins and not just yours but the sins of the whole world. Make it clear the whole world still needs to repent. But this is why an unbeliever can get healed on the streets. Because there's mercy triumphing over judgment - forgiveness of sins.

56:54 - Connection between forgiveness of sins and healing - He bore your sin and my sin in His body on a tree - 1 Pet. 2:24. See what was first? What did He do? Your sin and my sin in his body on a tree that we, having died to sin might live in righteousness - that means to be found right in the sight of God - continually - and by His stripes we’re healed. Why? Forgiveness of sins.

57:22 - Pray because of the promise - Not because of the problem - It would behoove us to be more covenant minded than needs driven. Most of the time we pray because there is a problem not a promise. We see the problem and look for the promise. The promise is what needs to inspire us. When you see a problem, don't just be problem driven. Wow God, I see what they're going through. I'm so glad your love is unstoppable. I'm so glad that you did what you did. And because of the forgiveness of sins, You see them through mercy. I just thank You.

57:55 - Many healed of things that they brought on themselves - Who has ever seen somebody bring something upon themselves? It would be really important to understand the forgiveness of sins and mercy there. Do you know how many people in my personal life I've got testimonies from - healed of STDs, hepatitis and other things that they brought upon themselves. In the last year I can't tell you how many people I've seen with cuts and scars... I saw a boy with big slices on his wrist go away. I saw four people with suicide scars on their wrists were completely healed last year. Why? Forgiveness of sins. God doesn't see them for where they've been. He sees them for what they're called to. So why is where they've been judging them if he never will? By His stripes they are healed. It's covenant thought. It's not a needs driven thought.

59:10 - Participant’s question - [Inaudible]

59:15 - Jesus healed even when no one was born again - God was willing to see us as forgiven - When Jesus came nobody was saved. He hadn’t even shed His blood yet and still everybody He touched was healed. Why? Because He is mercy from heaven and mercy triumphs over judgement. So how was God willing to see men when Jesus came? Just the fact that the lamb was here - slain before the foundation of the world - God was saying, “Hey I'm willing to see you apart from your sins. That's why He's here.” And everybody He touched was healed and he didn't even shed his blood yet.

59:45 - God keeps His promise alive - Until His Promise fully arrives - So in that scenario, He's more than Jehovah Rapha. He was Jehovah Rapha in John 5 at the pool of Bethesda. He was just keeping that - I'm the God who heals you - alive. But the only one that got healed was the first one that got in. He was healed of whatever. And every once in a while the water stirred. Jesus comes - and now He's the stirred water.

1:00:10 - I'm the God that healeth thee - Jehovah Rapha of the Old Covenant. The pool of Bethesda is just Jehovah Rapha standing in front of the people. I still heal. But who's really getting healed. There were many, many people on those porches.

1:00:30 - Jesus came and tell us - Heal the sick - So now Jesus is here and we lay hands on the sick and they recover etc. Why? He's not Jehovah Rapha. He's forgiven sin through the blood of Jesus Christ, the mediator between God and man. Mercy triumphs over judgment. And not just our sins but the sins of the whole world. So that's why we go and  heal the sick. Whatever city you're in, heal the sick there - Luke 10:8-9. That's pretty impressive. What city? Whatever city. What sick? THE sick. And that's something we're all growing in. That's something we need to continue to grow in.

1:00:55 - Don’t draw back - Even if you are not seeing results - I just had a conversation with a man today. And he just said, “Honestly I'm probably a little down. I'm not seeing the fruit that the scriptures are saying I should have.” Who's ever felt that way? You stepped out. You prayed but you haven't seen the results you hoped for? I can tell you that's been my thing. I say it this way - I've seen a lot and not seen near enough. But I've seen too much to change my mind now.

1:01:30 - Keep moving forward - So you keep moving forward. The sign of you're believing, when you're not seeing the fruit, is that you don't draw back. If you get analytical, you'll draw back. But if you keep on moving forward to believe, it's to the saving of the soul. So just the fact that you are praying for the sick... You say, “Yeah but I mustn't have faith because the sick aren't being healed.” The fact that you're stepping out is your cry and your expression, “Hey, I do believe.”

1:01:55 - Don’t draw back - Even when you have continuing sickness - If you have sickness and you haven't seen it change and you've been prayed for in this school, or by people, or you've been praying and it still didn’t change. Wow, what a great reason to pray for the sick. Why? Just as a tool? Like, “Hey God, I'll pray for them and then You'll heal me? No, no, no. I’m not talking about a trade or something. I'm talking about you stepping out, praying for the sick while you're going through a sickness that hasn't changed. What's the statement you're making? “Listen I'm not believing that God doesn't heal because of this continuing sickness in my body. I believe He does heal because of the life of Jesus Christ. And no matter what's going on in my body, I'm praying for them because He's a healer and I'm not going to let my situation decide what I believe because Jesus already settled that. That's just solid. And you'll never let your own life get in the way you’ll always live by His life.

Intimacy with God

1:02:45 - Ok so I still didn't get to this little thing here (sacrament of communion). I would encourage you to do this alone. You can do it in little groups but doing it alone, as well, is very powerful. There's something about you being alone with the Lord...

1:03:00 - I laugh and probably sound a little flaky about it. I say there are one of two things going on - either it's all a myth and we're just the silliest people on the earth and we ought to get a hobby or He's real. And you're going to get to know that more and more by being alone with Him.

1:03:20 - Opening the bedroom door - I used to close my bedroom door so I had to open it to go back in because I'd open it up and I'd play act out our relationship - I'd sneak in and I’d go, “Hey it's me.” And I shut the door and I'd smile, “Hey, it's me.” And I'd get all giddy in his presence and after a few days of that He would overwhelm me. I would just stand there and just begin to weep and He would meet me right there.

1:03:40 - God wants intimacy with us - Get alone with Him - Isn't that funny? Theologically, He's always in me. He never leaves me, never forsakes me. But yet I go into the room and say, “Hey, I'm here” as if He was in there waiting. Because He is. Why? Because He wants to be alone. He wants intimacy.

01:04:02 - He says, “Don't just pray on the street corner. Don't just pray when everybody's in corporate prayer.” You have your reward already. Whatever you get in that moment is all you're getting but when you pray - get yourself away - breakaway - get in that secret place - where nobody sees you or knows - but the One who's in secret - Oh, He'll be there. It’s really important.

01:04:25 - I would sneak up my steps and sneak into my room, “I’m here.”

01:04:28 - Communion while driving - I could have a secret place anywhere now. I've just grown into that. I've just grown into a place where I can just be in my truck - and it’s quiet and I’m driving and I've got something on my mind. It's not a real spiritual thing. Maybe, I'm just thinking about my week. And all of the sudden I’ll just say, “I love you Jesus.” And boom. That awareness of Him - that knowing of Him - it's just right there.

1:05:00 - Grow into intimate relationship - Intimacy is not imparted - People say, “See I don't have that. I need that. You need to lay hands on me.” Stop. I’m not laying hands on anybody for that. That's something you grow into. That's something you get to know. That's something that childlike faith will take you to - that knowing - to where all of the sudden there is just an awareness of Him - where you're just like, He's in the car and He's in me. Yeah!

01:05:20 - It's so important. And it came through this in a big way - my alone time with Him and (the sacrament of) communion for a season. I'm being honest. I can't remember the last time I've done communion elements apart from a church service - just on my own. I feel like I’m in communion.

01:05:39 - Communion through reading His word - This is where Holy Spirit started to do to me. I read my Bible and feed... You know this already, but when you read your Bible, please don't read your Bible to qualify, to memorize scripture, to know what your Bible says. Read your Bible and know Him. Ask Holy Spirit to reveal Himself and reveal the Father through His word. So that when you read the Bible you know God through His word. I didn't know that when I'd read the Bible that I'd find God there and then I'd find myself in Him.

1:06:15 - I found myself in Him - Through His word - What happened when I was reading was He came alive to me. When I got established in Him, I found myself in Him. And I didn't know that was going to happen. But that's what happened.

01:06:31 - Communing through the sacrament of communion - But this bread - I would hold it up in the mornings before I went to the office and it got a little... The reason that stopped was that it got so big in me - I'm not kidding you it was about 45 minutes and I'm still holding the bread. And guess what I was doing for those 45 minutes? Musing, meditating on God. Thanking him for everything he's accomplished through this body - every reason that He gave His flesh.

1:07:10 - What He accomplished through His flesh is a big deal - Do you know what 1 John 4:1 says? It says to test the spirits - that it’s legit - that it’s the Spirit of God. He says any spirit that's not of God won't acknowledge that Jesus came in the flesh. And I'm thinking isn’t that amazing that that's the barometer? That the thing that gives the spirit away - of where it's from - is that it won't acknowledge Jesus came in His flesh. Why not say that He's not Lord? Or that He's not the Son of God? But that He came in the flesh. Why? The enemy never wants us to realize the impact of what He accomplished through His flesh for our sake. So he doesn't want to acknowledge Jesus came in the flesh because that's the biggest deal towards us - everything He accomplished through his flesh.

1:08:10 - God cursed sin - Not His Son - Understand that Jesus wasn't cursed by God on the cross. He was made to be sin. God didn’t curse His Son. He made Him to be sin. He cursed sin in the flesh. So his Son appeared cursed. But when He rose, His blood is pure and spotless. He's the blood of a spotless Lamb not the blood of a cursed son. He was made to be sin. He never sinned. He was made to be sin. He died holy and spotless as a Man.

1:08:50 - Jesus didn’t sin but was made to be sin - He was raised according to the Spirit of holiness. So he died as us (substituting for us). He was made to be sin. Jesus never sinned. He was made to be a curse so that we could receive the blessing. He was made to be a curse. He appeared cursed, like the Pharisee said.

1:09:20 - The Pharisees couldn’t comprehend what Jesus was all about - The Pharisees were so off que, “He saved others, let him save himself.” He wasn't here to save Himself. They just could never get that could they? Because every man is for himself. It's always about saving yourself in their world, right? Make sure that in our world it's not about saving yourself. It's about loving not our own life unto death. He's not here to save himself. “Let him come down from the cross if he's the son of God.” No, that's the reason He's going to stay on the cross, because He's the son of God. It was so backwards from the wisdom they were walking in. Just remember the wisdom of men is foolishness to God. And if you think you're wise in this age become a fool so you can be wise. In other words consider to know nothing.

01:10:00 - Parallels of the cross - He was separated from God so that you could be forever joined to God - So the scriptures say that He was separated from God while he was on the cross - that there was a turning away - that there was a “Father, why have you forsaken me? - that He was seemingly in a state that man was in - apart from God through sin, because sin came upon him. He's been with the Father from the beginning and all of a sudden, “Why have you forsaken me?” It sounds like He felt separated. Where's the benefit? Where's the parallel? He did that so that you're forever joined. Nothing can take you away from Him now. He was separated. You are forever joined.

01:10:40 - Parallels of the cross - You’ll never die - He died. You're never will. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord - 2 Cor. 5:8. He died. You ever will. You're going to live forever. He faced death. We're not those that are going to face a second death. That's not a good thing.

01:10:55 - Hell - Some people teach through scripture that the second death is hell and an actual place of hell. Some people teach through scripture that you just become nonexistent as if you never were. You’re done and your lights go out. I don't think either one is good. I'm not here to theologically debate which one is right. I was created to be His and I'm going to be His and so are you.

Distractions from Purpose

1:11:25 - Don’t get distracted into theological disputes rather than pursue your purpose - It’s not good to get into theological wars over stuff that doesn't change our everyday purpose. There are a lot of theological wars out there. People get distracted - fighting over theology instead of loving one another in the moment. So be careful.

1:11:35 - End times debates - When I first got saved back in the 1990’s, pre-tribulation / post-tribulation / mid-tribulation, The Revelation - people spent their whole life and ministry teaching Revelations and end times. That was huge for a season. I don't see it as prevalent today as it was back then. There was a season where that’s all that people were focusing on. What's going to go down in the end times?

01:12:25 - Don’t let theological debates distract you from why you are here - So here's here's my point. You can get so caught up in those debates - just talking about your facts and their facts. You just hash back and forth and the whole time you're just debating over doctrine and you're letting it pull you away from everyday purpose. No matter who's right in the end, what do you think is going to happen? Jesus is going to come and one group is going to say, “I told you so.” Look, you must not fail to become love. You can't miss everyday purpose. You can't get caught up in (extraneous stuff)...

01:13:20 - Purpose is bigger than theological debates -  Like a pastor down south said to me, “I can't believe how boldly you talked about water baptism and shared your views and your theology.” I said, “I never even think about theology. I don't have any training buddy. I've just been with the Lord and it’s how I see scripture. So I just poured out my heart. Why?” He said, “Oh my gosh, I can't believe they didn't shout you down and pull you off the platform.” I said. “They seemed like they were pretty into it.” He said, “That’s what was amazing me.” I said, “I thought everybody was flowing and I didn't even perceive anything was upsetting.” He said, “Well you don't understand what we believe down here in this area.” And then he started telling me. “There's only one God.” And I said, “Well, I agree with that.” He said, “Yeah but there is no person of Jesus. There is no person of Holy Spirit - like he's all God. He just makes Himself Jesus and Holy Spirit. He's just One. He's whatever he needs to be in the moment. It's all the same person - it's God.

01:14:10 - And I said, “Listen whether you believe that or I believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, it doesn’t change a thing. We can both wake up to love and be in His image. And the thing we’re disagreeing on is a misdemeanor to me. It doesn't change a thing about purpose. So why are you getting caught up in whether I believe there's just one God - one being - or if there's an actual Person - Jesus his Son and a Person called Holy Spirit. What's it matter? If they all do the same thing that we all agree they do - if it's coming from three different that are one or one that breaks up into whatever He needs to be in the moment - whatever you're basing that on based on… to me it's a misdemeanor. It's not even a felony to me.”

1:15:00 - Felonies and misdemeanors against the faith - There are some felonies - like Jesus isn’t Lord - you don't have to come to God through the Son - you're OK by grace no matter what you do, where you go, "Just go live it up. God knows we mess up." There are some felonies out there. But there are a lot of misdemeanors. What I mean by that is there are things that don't change everyday purpose. So don't get caught up in the disagreement, get caught up in everyday purpose. I told him, “You can believe that and I believe this and no harm will be done for the rest of our Christian lives. We can sow seed and reap harvests and our harvests will all look like Jesus. And this belief doesn't change a thing about how we minister, preach or love.”

Grace that is Greater - Through Intimacy

1:16:00 - Grace is greater - [Back to parallels of the cross.] He was separated. We’re forever joined. His body was beaten and bruised and battered. Why? So that by His stripes we can be healed. I can receive. I would pray stuff like this, Father I just yield myself to you. I thank you that You changed my mind. Grace is bigger than I think I've ever realized. I talk like this God in communion because then especially when I worked in a warehouse hot and I lifted a lot...

1:16:25 - Communion that brings grace - Eliminates complaining - Lord, I know it's going to be close to 100 degrees in there. Guys will be complaining. Thank you that You taught me how not to complain. Man, I used to complain right along. I used to do all those same things and feel worn out and didn’t even want to go to work, knowing it would wear me out.

1:16:40 - And I would go, before work and I would receive communion. And I would thank God that his grace was greater than a 100 degree warehouse - than lifting and 12 to 15 tons with my body.  God I am just privileged to have that job and shine as a light. You are the one that empowers me. And I thank you that you've taken complaining out of my lips and you're stepping me into a higher realm of grace that I believe is available and allowing me to experience something that's kingdom - that’s Spirit-filled - that's amazing.

1:17:00 - Guys would get frustrated with me at work. They’d get mad. At the end of the shift, “How come you're never tired? How’d you get that much work done? You don’t even look dirty. How come you aren't sweating?” I wasn't trying to - like all day, “Please God, don't let me get hot.” I communed. I was walking in a grace.   

1:17:25 - Hot warehouse story - Lollipop story - Have you ever noticed that when it’s really hot, everybody talks about it. So I'm at work one day I'm cruising down the aisle. It was hot. It was a hundred degrees. Workers were complaining to the union, “Shut the building down. This is unfit.” Somebody measured the indoor temperature in the warehouse at 106 degrees.

1:17:55 - The company was pleading that we stay to get the orders done. They said that they were going to be looking into some kind of air conditioning units but it was such a big place that it would probably cost a fortune. So they iced up drinks and sat them in the middle of all the aisles so guys could freely drink - for free - out of an icy water bin. It was pretty nice but everybody was complaining.

1:18:15 - So I'm coming down the aisle and I'm working and I'm just singing. I'm doing this stuff every day. Thank you for work. Thank you - what a tool to bring home finances - what a mission field - what a good place to shine. God I'm so glad you took complaining out of my life. Keep empowering me Jesus.

1:18:34 - So I'm in there. And I couldn’t have told you that it was 106 degrees. I wasn’t specifically praying about that. I was just in covenant and I wasn't complaining.

1:18:51 - And I cruised up to this girl. She's a Christian girl. She's working there. I pull up and I said, “Hey girl!” and I'm getting my stuff. And she shakes her head and looks miserable. And she said, “How am I doing? What do you think? Hot!” And I said, “Listen, I'm learning something.” And I was just learning this so I was pretty zealous and you have to be careful.

1:19:25 - Over zealous - Stress story - I mean I told this guy at work one day - I asked him why he had this condition. He said, “It's stress.” And I touched him wrong (responded overzealously). It was wasn't good. I said, “Stress? Why do you have stress? What's going on that you have stress? You handle it in  faith right? I mean you're looking through God, right?” And I was young. I was six months old in the Lord and fired up because my life was changed.

1:19:45 - He goes, “Oh, knock it off. Don't tell me that you don't get stress. Stress is a part life. Stress is bills. Stress is traffic.” I had made a comment and it was stressful to him. And I thought no wonder he has that condition if it is stress induced.

1:20:17 - Hot warehouse story - Lollipop story (cont.) - I said to the girl, “I'm learning something that doesn't even make sense almost. It's like it's going to sound too good to be true but it's real. I've been experiencing it. The guys are getting mad at me at the time clock.” She says, “What?” And I started telling her how grace pulls you out of natural things - how grace will empower you in situations - to overcome. And she just cut me off. She says, “Dan, I don’t even know what to do with you sometimes. You know, you don't realize... you come across so high minded and so proud sometimes. You just need to come back into the world like the rest of us.” And I'm thinking, no! Jesus paid a lot to get me out of that thing. I looked at her and I thought, “Wow I don't think we're ready to handle this kind of teaching or thought. I'll just enjoy it myself.” So I said, “Look, I'm sorry.” My eyes welled up with tears because I didn't want to see her hurt or frustrated. My feelings weren’t hurt. Are you kidding me? I'm going to go on to work and feel ok. My feelings weren't hurt. That's ridiculous.

1:21:25 - Later on, I was working and she comes pulling up behind me. She's real calm. She's real humble. She's being precious and says, “Hey, I just want to say I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.” And I said, “Honey, that has nothing to do with my feelings. You couldn't hurt my feelings.” She said, “See! See! There you go again! See... as if you don't have feelings... I saw the tears in your eyes!” I said, “Honey, the tears in my eyes have nothing to do with you hurting my feelings. Let me tell you what those tears were. We’re two kids playing in this big playground. And I just found two amazing tasting lollipops. And I was already licking mine, trying to hand yours to you. You told me you didn't like the flavor. That's why I was crying.” And she just looked. That was powerful.

01:22:20 - Stay open to what God may speak - Be really careful that you don't get cynical and analytical so rational and reasoning that you miss the power of grace and truth in your life. Don't get heady get hearty. I've run into a few troubles over the years, in the beginning, now not so much, but in the early years, people, before they really knew me and understood and saw my life and the consistency...

01:22:49 - Consistency is a good thing - You know what helps me now I think: consistency. I'm the same. I've been the same since twenty-two years ago. I’m the same. Like I might be a little more convinced. I've learned how to calm it down to express it better. And Jesus helped me with grace to teach but I'm excited in the Lord.  Life hasn't eaten my lunch, ever.

01:23:10 - People know where I'm going to be coming from when they run into me. That's why they all call my house, because they all know where I'm coming from. People that didn't talk to me for ten years call my house expecting to find Jesus in me. That’s a good testimony for all of us.

01:23:32 - Consistency gives you a voice in people’s lives - Consistency will give you a voice in people's lives. Your co-workers will start seeing some consistency... You say, “Dan I blew it for the last four months.” So let the next 6 months be so amazing that they forget the previous 4 months.

1:23:45 - Just walk in truth. People will say, “Hey man, what's up with you. You seem different. I remember you used to grumble. You just seem different. And then you have a voice in their lives. “Let me tell you my heart…” It's not because you're preaching with a bullhorn. They're asking.

The Sacrament of Communion - A Tool for Intimacy

1:24:05 - He became unrecognizable so that we could get back our created appearance - So long story short. There are a lot of reasons for this body. He was beaten and battered and beat beyond description so I could get my identity back. His body got beaten until He was unrecognisable Isaiah 52:14. Why? To get the image and glory of God back on me.

1:24:26 - When Adam sinned the image of God in man died - When Adam sinned, everything he was created to be died. God said, “The day you eat of the tree, will be the day you surely die" - Gen. 2:17. We all know that he didn't fall over dead. What died? His created value - His image - everything he was expressing. Created value didn’t die as far as God was concerned. God sees him the same and pays a price to redeem the truth. But Adam went from being what he was (the image of God - love) to just a shadow - a form - almost back to just clay.

1:24:50 - Jesus breathes that image right back into believers - And then Jesus rises from the dead and breathes back into His disciples - just as God had breathed into Adam in Gen. 2:7 and breathes it (the image of God) right back into them through His blood.

1:25:00 - So when you hold up this body, you realize, You know what - you got beaten beyond description. You willingly took the blows. You loved not your own life to death so that I could learn to love not my own life to death.

1:25:10 - You said nobody took your life, you freely gave it. You inspire me today, to not complain. You inspire me today, to not think for myself but to think for others. You inspire me today, not just to pray for my boss to change but to let the boss be touched by the change in me. Jesus, You're amazing - what a Teacher.  I'm honored to follow You.

1:25:25 - That's what my covenant looks like - my communion when I'm at home. And I take a long time to put that in my mouth when I'm alone. It was taking me up to 45 minutes, and I still had it and I was still talking like that. And I would finally pop it in and now I had the cup... So unless you get up at 5:00 you can’t make it to your eight o'clock office time.

1:25:57 - So after a while it (the truth of what He did for us) started to settle in me. But I'm telling you the more you put yourself in the position to activate your heart in Him and believe like a child - He's right here with you...

1:26:05 - Objection: It doesn’t seem real - Walk by faith - Not by how it feels - Here's the biggest thing I hear people snare themselves with: “Well, when I do that, it just doesn't feel real.” That's all right. You’re living by faith. You do it by faith. Let your faith take you to reality. Just continue in it until the knowing is built in your heart. Please, if you're backing out because it doesn't feel real - “Well, I used to talk to God like that…” Don't have “used to’s” in your life like that. That means that you’ve backed up.

1:26:30 - Communion is a tool to springboard you into intimacy - I'm telling you this (communion) is a good springboard and a good tool. In the last school that I did, the Lord talked to me about initiating communion. We did it at the start of every week, if I remember. And the reason was - He said to have them use it for a springboard and a tool into intimacy. That's what I heard in the Lord when I did the last school. I'm telling you, that truth hasn't changed. God sees this as a tool to springboard you into communion and intimacy.

1:27:12 - Wow, that you would actually come in the flesh and be the Captain of my salvation, fulfill everything Adam failed in, be tempted at all points yet without sin, and be totally righteous, even in your flesh... Thank you that you've empowered me to stand righteous in my flesh before God, that sin have no dominion over me. I'm engraced [sic] and empowered by you Lord God today and I am not afraid to fail.  I'm excited to shine. God you made it possible through your body. Jesus, You're amazing. You can go on and on and think stuff like this and get it all (be inspired) from this (piece of bread).

1:27:55 - Receiving the Body - So why don't we do that right now in a real short fashion. Just, you acknowledge something that you might say is important for you to believe, something you want to strengthen believing, something you're excited about learning and believing more until that knowing comes... You utilize your next 30 seconds or so and you just thank the Father for the body of Jesus. Thank Jesus for coming. And take this bread. And out of your heart you begin to commune with God and just tell Him why you're thankful and what this is going to mean to you.

1:28:25 - Some of you might even feel like you want to respond to Him and say, You gave your body. Man, I'm giving mine. Thanks for receiving me. Go ahead. Right now.

1:28:45 - Thank you for coming. All that is Yours is mine and all that is mine is Yours. You weren't afraid of the people. You had no self-consciousness. You had such an identity in the Father and through the Father. You’ve imparted all of that to me through truth. Thank you that I can be strong. Thank you that I never have to grow weary in well doing. Thank you that I can make it to the end. I can carry my cross to the finish line and never be changed by life because your life's in me. I appreciate you. Thanks for this covenant. Isn't that awesome. Come on guys. Take it by faith right now.

1:29:25 - Just say, Yeah we're one. Father you will always love me. That's never a question. That thing is settled today and stamped in my heart. You always love me. You're always for me. Oh, you might want to adjust me. You might want to father me. You might want to correct me. You might want to redirect me but I know You love me. So father me because I'm confident that You're so good towards me. I'm not afraid of you. I reverence you because you're amazing. Thanks for being approachable. I am not going to fail to approach You. Isn’t that awesome. Just start living like this all the time.

1:30:25 - Blood given for the removal of sin - Body given for the effects of sin in the body - Let's take the cup. So the blood was shed for the acts of sin committed to be forgiven. The body was given to remove the effects and the penalty of those sins committed (from the body). Humanity suffered a penalty through sin. The blood paid to remove the act of sin. The body was given to remove the penalty of that sin. Do you see why it's a body and a blood thing? So we don't just take the cup. That's why healing is so much a part of our lives - believing for it and continuing to stand and not be discouraged. He didn't just shed his blood, he gave his body. The Bible connects the two. The blood forgives the act of sin committed. The body removes the penalty incurred.

1:31:20 - In John 6:53 we eat the flesh and drink the blood or we don't have life. Don't just drink the cup. Let’s eat the flesh too. But we've got to understand this cup. Here's what this cup does. It allows you to stand righteous without any sense of guilt, condemnation or shame. You’re unveiled.

1:31:40 - Communion as wedding vows - I went up to New Life for Girls and I said “Hey, we're going to have a wedding ceremony. God told me he wants to make sure that you realize that He has joined Himself to you. And I want you to respond and join yourself back to Him and say I do.” Symbolically taking a ring and putting it on their finger. It was just amazing.

1:32:20 - Communion as wedding vows - Especially for esteem issues - And you can do that too - especially if identity has been a struggle - if you've had a hard time just continually staying consistent. Like I've had people come to me and say you know as much as you preach and I believe it, I still feel insecure sometimes. I still have esteem issues. Sometimes I just don't see myself like that. I said, “You're basing how you see yourself on other things. You've got to look back to the cross. You can't see yourself as insignificant if Christ died for you and rose from the dead.

1:32:50 - You’re a house fit for a King - If Holy Spirit wants to live inside of you and you believe He does, you must be a house fit for a King. You probably ought to just accept that. He could live anywhere. Could he put a big castle in the sky? But he didn't. He chose to live in you. I'm telling you you’re prime real estate.

1:33:30 - Purchasing the house - He’s walking through the earth with a real estate agent. “I want that guy right there. Can I buy him?” “Why would you want to live there?” “Because I know what he will look like when I moved in.” “Yeah, but look at him now.” “That’s the problem. I don’t see that. I know what he’ll look like when I move in.”  “Well you know he's flesh and blood. It will cost you flesh and blood.” “I'm already ready to pay. It's worth it to me. You have no idea what he'll be when I’m inside him.” And He pays the price to move back in. You’ve got to think that way.

1:34:05 - You can pray from the place of these pictures of what He did - So you are holding up the cup and you can pray from all of those places. You can let the blood mean all those things that made you right with God - righteousness - running your race - it's all connected to the blood because if this wasn't shed we wouldn't even have a right. We wouldn't even know we had a right. We might hope we had a right. Now we know we have a right.

1:34:30 - Express your heart to Him - So whatever angle you come from - it might be different some mornings. God might want to build something in you (emphasize, reinforce something in you). Never get religious with these contact points of faith. Stay full of heart. Don't get in a language and repeat the same thing. Please don't write down a prayer and quote it every day. I don't believe that's a good thing. Learn to express your heart and grow your heart based on the truth you’re feeding it. And express your heart in the moment and learn to let Holy Spirit build those things in your heart.

Turn Confession Sheets into Communion

1:35:00 - Confession sheets - Not a fan of how we use them - I'm not against them but I'm not a fan of you just reading a confession sheet over and over, every day. I'm a fan of confession sheets because they put the truth in front of you. How we use them in practice - I'm not a fan at all.

01:35:10 - Confession sheets as a method to get a result - People just repeat, “By His stripes I am healed. By His stripes I am healed. I have the mind of Christ. I have the mind of Christ.” And you say each one of those verses three or four times and you read the whole list. You're like a Christian robot.

01:35:30 - Confessions sheets as an entry into intimacy - Here's what you do. “By His stripes I'm healed” is the confession on the confession sheet. Father, I just thank you that You sent your Son and paid every price for the redemption of my life. And I thank you Jesus, that by your stripes I'm healed, because when You shed that blood You removed everything that kept me from You. And when your body got beat, You took every penalty incurred by humanity through sin and You took it off of me and that's why I stand whole. Turn everything into communion with God or you'll become a Christian, mechanical, robot and you'll know everything to say and you'll you'll live from principle instead of knowing Him.

01:36:10 - Not against confession sheets - Against how we use them - I'm not against confession sheets. But I'm not in agreement with how they're taught - to just read - to just confess, confess, confess. We just get a promise from a book and read the promise for 10 or 12 times. No, no, no, take the truth that the promise is conveying, enjoy that you have a promise and have faith because of the word.

1:36:30 - Turn confession sheets into communion - Commune the truths that you are believing - Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word - Rom. 10:17. But then, turn that faith into communion. For example: “I’ve got the mind to Christ” - Father, I thank you that You've revealed to me the very mind of Christ in humility. He made himself of no reputation - Phil. 2:7. Have this same mind in you that was also in Him. He didn't need to be recognized or acknowledged by men for who he really was. He humbled Himself and He became obedient to the point of death. God, I give You my life. And you're alone with Him. This is what prayer looks like. And all the sudden you're just kneeling. I give myself to you God. And I just say I'm Yours. I yield myself. I love not my own life unto death. Holy Spirit You’re teaching me continually how to walk and not need things from men and not have hidden expectations - chips on my shoulder that I didn't know were there... God I thank you that I'm clean in this way and I can follow you King Jesus. You're amazing. Thank you, you are such an example in my life. Do you get what I am saying?

01:37:30 - You get all of that out of that one scripture. Just saying, “I have the mind of Christ. I have the mind to Christ.” That will not help you think like Jesus. But taking the time to put understanding and relating to it will help you to think like Jesus. Wow Father, I thank you for the gift of humility. I thank you that You've taught me that I never have to live for me - that nobody owes me a thing. Lord, I'm standing here in this bedroom with the door closed. No one is hearing this. No one has to. I am declaring that no one owes me anything. I believe it. Seal it in my heart. Make it so alive that nothing would ever catch me off guard. I don't want strings, hidden agendas, hidden motives. I don't want to live like a mere man now that You are inside of me. I want to follow You and I'm sincere. I know You know my heart. You've searched it well. So thanks for empowering me to be more and more like You. No one owes me a thing.

1:38:40 - You can pray and think this way - I’ve prayed that stuff so much that it’s just a part of me. And I've learned that a lot of Christians don't even know that they can think that way, let alone pray in it. They don't even think that way. That's why we teach like this. Because it really helps to empower you - that you can think this way.

1:39:00 - That sure beats trying to not be offended -feeling the feelings of offense and biting your lip harder, wondering why you're failing. No. You’ve got to put things off in prayer and put things on in prayer. That's enough.

The Sacrament of Communion (Cont.)

➡ 1:39:25 - Receiving the Blood - Let’s take this cup. Thank Jesus. My heart today, wasn't so much the act of taking communion. It was teaching the principles behind communion so that you can leave here with something to approach and pursue. I wanted to teach these as symbols and tools and give you some examples of where you can to go with it.

1:39:45 - Lord Jesus, You shed your blood. And we're so grateful. Once and for all we're settling in our heart, we're right in your sight. And You can never see us different. You look at us through the blood. That doesn't empowers to sin and get away with it. That doesn't mean we're lackadaisical in our conscience. That's not like, “Oh well, God knows my heart.” No, no, no, this sobers us -  that you would dare say that we have this kind of destiny - this kind of potential - this kind of created value - that you would shed your blood to make us right in your sight - so that You could live in us and empower us and redeem us into what You saw from the beginning - that's what we want to be. And we thank You that this cup and what it represents makes it possible. This covenant is binding, unbreakable -  it'll never break it's between You and your Son through His blood. And we join fellowship with You and enter into a covenant that's unstoppable and unbreakable. You're amazing thank you for your love. Thank you for righteousness - the forgiveness of sins. And as we see this, we just get our heart moved to say... You gave us all that you are. You didn't even preach to us. You lived a life before us. You came in the flesh and lived what You preached. We desire the same. We give it all back to You - the best we understand and say have your way in us Holy Spirit and keep forming Christ in us, the hope of glory. Go ahead guys.

1:41:25 - Did that help you and give you an idea what communion can look like? Yeah? Take your time with it. Don't ever get religious about things. I'm not against confession sheets. You heard me say that, right? Just don't get religious with them. Don't get mechanical.

Get Established in the Foundations - Cycling

01:41:40 - Get established in the truth - The reason I camp in the beginning of a Kingdom school like this so much is because this foundation (of intimacy, righteousness, identity, purpose) needs to be your reality. This is where we live from. This is the place where we need to live from.

01:42:05 - Cycling - The ups and downs of Christian life? - Who has ever been through a time in their lives where they didn’t feel like their relationship with God was all that great? You aren’t even really sure what happened and you catch yourself and go, “Wow, how did I get here?” And you try to get yourself back.

1:42:25 - You don’t need to have ups and downs - Do you believe it's possible to never live that way? Do you believe it's possible to just let the day the righteous grow brighter and brighter and ascend (grow up)  into the Lord - faith to faith and glory to glory? Or do you think we have to have highs and lows?

1:42:45 - I don't believe we have to have highs and lows. You don't want to have a belief that empowers (that kind of up and down) reality. You want to have a belief that takes you where he paid for. So if I continue in these truths (of intimacy, righteousness, identity, purpose, etc.) and these truths become my knowing, I'm on my way. Because your conscience will always be working. Holy Spirit’s voice will be crystal clear and righteousness is always be empowering you. So you're seeking ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything necessary to do what he called and created you do is always going to be added to you. That’s a kingdom mentality.

Prepare your Heart to Receive when God Speaks

1:43:20 - Relationship and transformation first - Gifting follows - Okay, so I camped in these places. That's why I said, “Be patient with me.” You know a lot of times people want to get right into the subject of gifting (healing, prophecy, etc.). I think, in the Kingdom Living School we did in 2011... it was like 10 weeks before we talked about healing the sick or any gifting.

1:43:50 - Prior Schools of Kingdom Living - We talked about so much that had to do with grace - how grace works - receiving the love of God - meditating and the word - healthy prayer - purely motivated prayer stuff. We talked about communion, water baptism. I don't think we talked about miracles, giftings or healings until the 10th week of a 13 weeks school and it was on purpose.

1:44:15 - Teaching on sexuality - Not that I strategized it on purpose. Now that I look back on it, it was on purpose. I didn't have a syllabus. I just showed up every day. Now, in the the first school, the 2010 school, there was a session upstairs ten weeks into the school, where I got into sexuality and taught sexuality with the door closed like I never have in my life in a public group. No holds barred, full blown. I’ve never had permission and never to this day, in a group setting like this, have I taught what I taught them.

1:44:45 - When I taught them, I was freaking out when I was teaching them because the Lord, years ago, had told me that I can't teach it (what was taught on sexuality). And I asked Him, “Why? It's revelation. It's life changing." He said, “Because of where the heart of my people are. They'll do more damage with it than good to one another. And they'll hold each other to it, instead of become it. And He said marriages will get into trouble if you teach it where their hearts are.” I cried and cried.

1:45:15 - But I'm in the tenth week of that school, a school like this, talking about the things and all of the sudden I get onto sexuality out of the blue. And the motor keeps running and it isn’t shutting down. Now my mind's flip flopping on me. And I said to God, “Lord we've never gone here" - and it's not stopping. It’s coming.

1:45:30 - Dan’s experience of teaching  - You don't understand what happens when I preach. I am not thinking all this stuff up. Stuff just comes. It’s a grace. So scriptures and everything - they just come. I'm just a messenger on this platform right now. And it's related through my own life, of course, through my experiences and my life.

1:45:54 - [Extended discussion about the experience of being lead to teach on the topic of sexuality in the 2010 HCSKL. Thinking as the message was coming out. Speaking to the Lord while the message was coming out. Turning off cameras and recordings. That group was ready for the message.]

1:47:55 - God won’t speak what our hearts can’t handle - Isn’t that amazing? There are some things that God wants to say but because His love is so healthy and so amazing, He won't say them because of how we'll hear or how we'll respond. Paul said there are things I want to write to you but you can’t bear them right now. But in that one (topic of sexuality), their hearts weren't ready.

1:48:25 - The first time Dan tried to preach that revelation on sexuality - The first time I wanted to preach that, I was in service and I was excited I went to let her rip and the Lord hushed me like I've only probably been hushed one other time. And it shook me inside. So I just went on to preach something else. When I got home I laid on my bed and said, “Why'd you hush me so harshly? I realized it was serious. And he told me because of where the heart of the people was. It would have done more damage than good.

1:49:00 - You want to be ready for Him to speak - Be teachable - Now I don't know about you but if it's possible I don't want to be in that category. I want Him to be able to talk openly with me and say anything he needs to so I can become everything he paid for. I want to be teachable. If I'm dead to myself, then let me be dead to myself. If I denied myself, then I denied myself.

Healthy, Yielded Perspective

1:49:20 - Deny yourself - Surrender your rights - Think about that. If any man come after me, let him first deny himself - Mt. 16:24. So if you deny yourself, we can't have rights. The only right you obtain is the right to be like him. It's never about you again. You’ve got to really get real with that.

1:49:30 - Jesus wasn’t a doormat - He was love - “Yeah, but brother you're taking it too far. I mean you can’t let people just walk all over you.” Well, did Jesus let people walk all over him? I'm confused by that. But was it a doormat thing or was it love? And does it all work out in the end? Is that all part of the powerful gospel and kingdom of God? Do you think there were some people that persecuted him - that killed him that after He raised from the dead, ended up getting saved and changed and are in heaven - that Jesus reaped a harvest just by loving?

1:50:00 - Love that brings an unlikely harvest home - I bet we’ll be shocked about that (who is in heaven even after they persecuted Jesus). We probably don't even see the half of that. I know Malchus is there. Peter chopped his ear. Jesus fixed his ear and rebuked Peter.

1:50:08 - Malchus’ ear - The irresistible beauty and power of love - Jesus never said a word to Malchus. He didn't pick up his ear and say, "Hey you're on the wrong side pal. What are you doing over there with them guys? You should be hanging out with me. You ought to come over here - cross the line then maybe God will restore a few things in your life."

1:50:20 - Come to God for who He is - Not for what He can do for you - That's not how He evangelized Marcus. Why? Because then you bring Malchus to God for what God can do for him instead of the beauty of who God is. Isn't that how we evangelize most the time? Bring people to God for what God can do for them - to help in their present situation?

1:50:39 - Discouraged Christians - That's why they can come to church and get discouraged. That's why they get disheartened and backslide. That's why they can get mad at God - because somehow they get the idea that God still owes them something more. I don't ever want to send that impression to anyone. Look, the devil himself believes you need God. He doesn't believe you love God. He just believes you need God. There's a difference.

1:51:00 - Healthy perspective towards God - Believing the best - If you love God you believe the best about Him no matter what it seems. If your mother dies, you're not mad at God. You're seeking more understanding. You're keeping your heart in place. Your daddy died... Your child dies... Of course it's crazy emotional but there is a place to get a grip through truth and keep on running well, so that we all crossed the finish line and all rejoice together and find that your child's there too. That's what faith says.

1:51:25 - Unhealthy perspective towards God - Loving less your own life - But if you don't have a healthy view, you’ll let life speak louder than truth and that will dictate your relationship with God. That's why Jesus said, Unless you love less... this intimate list in your life - mother, father, wife, houses, children, land and yes your own life, you will by no means be my disciple - Luke 14:26. That means that you will by no means learn and walk out, in a disciplined manner, what I created you to do - unless you love less everything on that list. Do you see what it means to love not your whole life unto death - Rev. 12:11?

1:52:00 - Have a perspective that is bigger than losing loved ones - That's how a missionary can you lose his family for the gospel and still be a missionary. Because he didn't lose his family. The cross saved them. The blood of Jesus saved them and their families are well. The most he can lose is temporal time - physical time.  There's a natural place to grieve. But you don't grieve as if you have no hope because our hope is bigger than now. Come on, this is healthy motive in Christianity.

1:52:35 - Have a perspective that is bigger than self - We're not here for what God can do for us. We're here for him to make us more like Him. And we love not our own life unto death. We've denied ourself. We don't have rights guys. You don't want to give yourself a reason for being anything less than what he called you to be. You can't say, “Yeah but,” “well if,” “but you don't understand,” “but it's been hard.” I don't even want that language in my life. I don't even want to think that way. I don’t want to give myself permission to think that way.

Feeling Sorry for Yourself

1:53:00 - Feeling sorry for yourself - Arises from self-centered perspective - You know what that leads to? Sooner or later you'll start feeling sorry for yourself and that's a lonely place. Don’t be condemned by this - see what’s possible - but to my knowledge I felt sorry for myself for about a five to seven minute window in my life one time when I had a family thing going on. I was starting to feel like I was the only one that cared.

1:53:30 - This was the big thought that came: “Wow, when I didn't love Jesus no one wanted anything to do with me. They all walked out of the room when I walked in. Now all I want is Jesus and all I want is to live right and love them and they all walk out of the room when I walk in. So what'd I gain?”

1:53;50 - See it's never about what did you gain. You don't do this to gain anything. You do this to be like Him - to fulfill why you're here.

1:54:02 - And I ran to my bedroom and I was crying about some things. And there was some real stuff that was surfacing - very unfair going on. And I laid on my floor and I cried. And I said, “God have mercy.” And I was asking for mercy on me. And I was falling apart.

1:54:20 - You’ll never see me that way again. This thing is too militant in me. I’m laying there for five minutes crying like that. And the Lord came upon me. I'm laying on my face and He said - sounded like a drill sergeant - like a TV movie, basic training sergeant. He said, “What are you doing there - laying and asking for mercy. Stand to your feet! You’re a man of faith!”  I lept to my feet. I think I saluted and I was right back to my senses.

1:55:05 - The hell of self-sorrow - That was the most crazy, loneliest, weirdest, messed up place I've ever been - feeling sorry for myself for five minutes. It was horrible. I can't imagine people that live there for a day, let alone a week and maybe a year - maybe 10. What a hell - where it is all about you and how you feel. And the highest level of grace you can receive is that somebody seems to care about what you're feeling but there's no help through truth.

Put off the Old - Put on the New

01:55:55 - We didn’t have time to get to Colossians 3 but you can read it on your own. It’s really good.

01:56:15 - Bible color code explanation

1:57:00 - Put off the old man - Put on the new (love) - So read Colossians 3. And in the middle of the chapter (v.5-11) it will explain what we were before Christ - how we all lived and walked and what we thought was normal. And then in verse 10 he'll tell you no, you're putting on something different. And in v.12 he'll define what that is. But you'll hear this phrase over and over again in the middle of that chapter: put off / put on.

01:57:30 - Watch. He can't mean this literally or you'd get into works and feel like you're failing. He's not telling you to stop being angry - just stop being angry. He's telling you to put it off. Putting off anger is different than you just trying not to be angry because if you're trying not to be angry, you'll be very angry conscious and as soon as you feel like something is bothering you again you’ll feel like you're failing anyway.

1:57:50 - Not talking about "anger management" - In fact, though the world uses the term “anger management”. That's hypocrisy for a Christian. It means I'm angry but I'm just keeping it under wraps, not expressing it and letting it out. For example, if Pastor Don perceives something that I haven't dealt with in my heart. I'm a little fuzzy with my fellowship with God. And he says something to me and I heard it wrong. He didn't even say it wrong. I just heard it wrong and now I'm a little irritated with Pastor Don. But I know I'm a Christian... It’s religion... I know I'm supposed to be OK. When I see him, “Hey man I love you Pastor Don. Bless you man. You're awesome. And you say, Hey I'm still controlling my anger. I still disagree with him. I still think he's a jerk sometimes. I think he speaks out of turn sometimes in my life. He's trying to tell me what to do. And I don't think he  takes time to understands or listen. And just because I'm not expressing anger to him, I think I'm doing what the Bible says - I'm putting off anger. It's not about anger management. No, you get rid of anger.

1:58:55 - Put off anger through being with Him - How do you do that - get rid of anger? In prayer. You go to the bedroom and if you have anything in your life that's popping up like this, you put it off... Father I thank you that you never made anyone to owe me anything. Father I don't live for my own rights. How could I be angry. Lord God, in any place that anger would try to rise up, it means somebody crossed a line that I still have drawn. I erase those lines through prayer right now. And I just put off the right to be angry and I declare in your presence, You never made me for me, You made me for you. And God I thank you that all that you are is burning bright on the inside of me.

01:59:20 - I go as far as... In fact Father, I see that my life is a tree - the planting of the Lord. Thank you God that it's a tree of righteousness. It's a tree in Psalms 1:3 by the river of living water. There's fruit on me - in season - out of season - it's here. It's ripe for the picking. I've got love and patience and tenderness and loving kindness and mercy all over me God. Men come and feed and eat and are satisfied. God thank you for abundant life in You.

01:59:45 - Put off everything that’s not His image - That's just a sample of how I've prayed over the years with these kinds of scriptures. So you put on and you put off. What do you put off? Everything that's not Him that we've all experienced and called normal. The whole list this is here. You put it off. Get in prayer. It's a good trigger to communion.

02:00:10 - Put on everything that’s His image - What do you put on? Everything that is His image - tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering, bearing with one another, forgiving one another. You’re not trying to forgive, you’re forgiving one another. If anyone has a complaint don't file it, as Christ forgave you, you forgive and above all put on love.

2:00:25 - See yourself as He sees you - Do you see what he's telling you to do? He's telling you to see yourself for who you really become and who you were always created to be and to separate yourself from what you were apart from him. That list we just read - that flesh - was what we were apart from him. Now you're in him. Put off / put on - in a place of prayer. And Holy Spirit will make it happen.

Be With Him

2:00:45 - Summary comments - Be with Him - So enjoy your time with Him. I hope you got something out of this. I just camped in the same theme of communion and knowing Him. To me personally, it's the most vital thing in the Christian life. And I feel like it's what's been missing the most and God is really doing something to change that. I believe He's found a lot of people that are seeking to be with Him, not to do things in His name but to be with Him.

2:01:20 - He’s calling you to be with Him - Being with Him sends you out for unlimited kingdom living - Watch this. He called them to Himself whom He Himself wanted and He ordained them - Mark 3:13-14. Are you here in this school? Are you seeking him? Why? He drew you. Nobody comes unless He draws. So that's you. He’s talking to you. Watch. He ordained them. He appointed them that they might be with Him. And that He might send them out to teach and preach and do mighty things in His name. What was first? Before being sent out? Be with Him. Does that mean you have to be with him for a year before you're sent out? No. As you're with him you're already being sent out. Being with him is sending you out.

2:01:50 - Don’t go without being with Him - But don't think that being sent out is kingdom living without being with Him. In other words, don't try to do Kingdom living without being with Him. Being with him is being sent out. So be with him.

Stand to your feet. I'll just pray something over you guys.

2:02:30 - Closing prayer - ...God I just pray that in these remaining sessions that it would just be so, so, so clear, helpful, empowering, life changing and fruitful. God, I don't say that in a hype way. I mean it. I know that you meet hunger. You said if we seek you we’ll find You. If we draw near, You will draw near. And Lord, I'm just thanking you that You are giving us life change through truth. So let truth stand and stand firm in the heart of every one of these people. There are some things that we talked about that are non-negotiable. You love us. We have value. We’re called. Our lives are full of purpose. There are some non-negotiable things. So let us cross those lines of no return and continue to run with confidence, not arrogance, but confidence, boldness before you because of your great love. I bless these people. I pray for peace in their homes through peace in their souls. And I thank you God for right representation (that they will rightly shine you), by your grace. In Jesus’ name. Amen