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Day 5

Get Understanding - How Truth Becomes Your Reality

➡ 1:25 - How truth becomes your reality - Please be patient this week. It may seem that I am spending a lot of time on basic truths. But I want to paint a picture so that these truths become our reality and break it down as to how that happens. I think that is what we are missing often times. We know the what the Bible says. But how does it really become mine? And how do I really become free to where I am actually seeing through truth - seeing life through His eyes. That’s why we are at this school.

2:15 - I think sometimes we live off of miracles and manifestations and they give us a rush and we just ride along on those things. I like those things and I am going after them.

2:40 - Stories from the weekend. Hip. Baptisms. Prison inmate heard the gospel and got wrecked.

5:50 - When you hear truth don’t fall into self-condemnation - When you hear someone pour out their heart with passion and you know that it is real and it is not your reality, don’t let what they are saying weigh where you are not. That’s a big mistake. That’s not a kingdom mentality. Sometimes we will hear a message and say stuff like this, “Oh boy, I sure have got a long way to go.” That is subtle condemnation. Weighing yourself for what you are not, instead of growing from where you are. You’re not troubleshooting. You are growing from truth. So you have to be very careful - the clearer the message - the more convicting. It’s opening a door for you to rise to and pass through. It’s not about where you are not. It’s about where you are heading and going.

7:00 - Even Paul said, I haven’t apprehended - attained - Phil. 3:12. He wasn’t beating himself up for where he wasn't. He was pressing forward to where he was going.

7:20 - Not to show you where you aren't but where you are heading - People in the counsel of their mind even wonder, “I wonder if I am even saved?” That’s not the purpose of truth. It’s not to show you where you are not, but to show you where you are called and heading.

8:40 - Negative is not from God - If you think one negative thing about your life, it is so not God. Because it will keep you from walking in righteousness. It will keep you from having an unveiled face. It will keep you from growing in the very thing you are crying out to grow in. It will keep you from intimacy. You will do what Adam and Eve did. You’ll tend to hide a little bit even though you are wanting to be found.

➡ 10:00 -Today - I'm going to go so basic today. I'm not going to preach scriptures today so much as to explain some principles of how to pursue revelation.

10:40 - We need renewal of the mind - Many of the proverbs are 180 degrees opposite of the way we have been thinking our whole life. That’s what tweaks your mind. Be renewed in the spirit of your mind - Eph. 4:23. So if it is the wisdom of God and no man ever had wisdom like Solomon and he took the time to write it down, we probably ought to read it. When I read this stuff it brings light. Now, this will just be a basic principles when I read it.

12:20 - Get understanding - Proverbs 4:7 - Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. - In all your getting get understanding. There are a lot of things we are trying to get - blessing, etc.  Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge. Understanding is a big deal. Sometimes we reduce the Bible to principles. They are truths that we accept. We know that they are right. We know that that is the way it is but it’s not the way it is in us or with us. Getting understanding is the simple key to that (truth) becoming yours.

13:35 - Personal and intimate understanding of truth - It’s kind of like this thought. - Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. - John 8:31-32. What makes you free? The truth. That is the same thing as in all of your getting get understanding - the understanding of truth - when you see it personally and intimately.

14:15 - Don’t run and hide - Even if you are aware of an issue or weakness in your life, it doesn’t change that you are worth the blood - that you are precious to God and He’s not mad at you. He doesn’t want you to take the initiative to just change that and lose your identity over that. You’re already aware of that. There is a place for you to work that out WITH Him. But if you just try to work that out so that you CAN be with Him, that’s backwards. You are not going to change apart from Him. Your life is not going to change apart from receiving His love, staying in His presence and keeping those fig leaves off of you. And even if you feel a little naked and exposed in His light, just be glad that He loves you unfailingly and He sees the best in you and just go ahead and stand there naked if you have to. He’s your Father. It’s like a little kid and a father - they don’t think anything... a little kid will strip off his clothes and run around in a crowd.

15:15 - Preaching on loss of innocence at a Methodist church.

16:15 - So these are keys - get understanding - continue in the word.

Walk by Faith - Not Feelings

16:25 - Living by senses v. living by faith in truth - Don’t get frustrated with faith either. “Why does everything have to be by faith?” Be glad that it is by faith. God is teaching you to live free from sensuality - the things you feel and see. God is real. He is greater than the natural reality. So faith takes you to a place where nothing moves you but Him. So faith is your friend. Faith is a good thing. You don’t want to be limited to live by how you feel. You’ll be a wreck. If you don’t understand faith, you’ll think that if you are not feeling good, you aren’t doing good. No, sometimes not feeling good is just a deception - a familiar spirit whispering to you and you taking it to heart and having a little feeling attached to it. Then you think that’s who you are. And now you need prayer. No, just separate yourself from that because it is not who you are. But it takes faith to do that.

17:45 - Discouragement - Feeling discouraged - sounds silly now. “What you are doing isn’t accomplishing anything because people don’t really want God. They just want what He can do for them.” I used to hear that all the time. I knew it was a counterproductive thought. When I began to believe that in certain situations in my life, it came.

19:20 - The kingdom in seed form - No, believe the best. The kingdom is seed form. No matter how they are responding truth is their best friend. And if I fail to put truth in them, there is no crop to come.

Prejudging & Projecting

19:30 - Prejudging people cuts them off from the truth that you can sow - So the highest deception is to label somebody as if they are not sincere or they will never change. Even if that is true, if I put truth in them and I sincerely love them, something can get deposited that Holy Spirit can work with and bring a shift in their life. But if I judge them, I will fail to release faith in my heart, really in my spirit, so that a seed can go into their life and God can work with that seed.

20:10 - So because I used to be vulnerable to think that people are not sincere, never change etc, that is the last time that I remember being discouraged. But I didn’t know why I was discouraged. You know how things sneak up on you?

20:35 - Kneeling at altar - “Why would you be discouraged? When I am the God of all hope?” And I saw what it was. He opened it up and showed me. I was believing that the people were taking God for granted, selfish and just wanted what He could do for them - that we didn’t really want to live this Christian life. As a pastor, I was believing that and that is not a good day. And what you really believe comes out of your mouth. And you will start preaching out of what you believe about the people - a hidden message in what you are saying to them. But it’s because you have already labeled somebody. And it’s projection. It would be sin for me to do that from the pulpit.

22:30 - Projection - for me to feel like there are problems in this room and not talk to you on an individual, personal basis to find out if that’s true but to assume that’s true and preach on that from the pulpit to try to get you to get it. And there is no anointing on that. It’s a trap for the preacher because he feels like he is giving the people what they need instead of what God is saying. There are lots of preachers doing that every time they preach.

23:00 - God laying on me - “I am so proud of you.” What are you doing? I felt like I would never function again. In a time of false accusations - gossip. All I could do was love people through it. People got whacked and repented and it all worked out beautifully.

25:30 - Projecting on people instead of speaking the heart of God to the people - There is something about not being offended and hurt - you will always spill pure water. If you are offended and hurt that water is tainted, strange fire, twisted motives, now you are on the platform to be right and to prove you are right. There is all kinds of crazy stuff that goes on in ministers. That’s what the Lord showed me that morning. “You didn’t let anything influence your motive of preaching last night and all those things that affronted you had nothing to do with what you spoke. You just preached my heart to the people. And there was no connection. I am so proud of you.” Then He told me that countless people are preaching through hurts and pains and projecting from the pulpit. Instead of hearing God and speaking the heart of God to the people.

27:00 - [Hypothetical example.]

27:30 - It’s very important to be free from projections and yourself.

Overcoming a Self-condemning Mindset

27:40 - Don’t see yourself as dirt but as gold - You can’t dig for gold without coming into contact with dirt. God’s not afraid of the dirt because He knows that the gold is there. He’s not bothered by the dirt. He’s after the gold. We get so fixed on the dirt that we forget that there is gold. We get so dirt conscious. We are trying it to clean up. So much so that our identities go into crisis and then we have a hard time facing Him face to face because we are aware of dirt. The only reason He sent His Son is because He is aware of gold. The Son removes the dirt. Jesus is amazing, He will make you white as snow. So is dirt the issue or is gold the issue?

29:00 - Stay out of a self-condemning mindset - You have to be very careful that you are not your own worst enemy now that the gospel has come. If you are being hard on yourself - if you are just faultfinding on yourself - if you are like, “Oh, you dummy.” That is total, complete deception. It will never take you to the revelation that you are in this class for.

29:35 - Desperate heartcry met by grace - A lot of times your heart cry is desperate because you have weighed yourself so much less than the truth that we are preaching. And it makes you feel desperate. You are never called to feel desperate. You are already His. He already loves you. He already knows who you are. He settled that before the foundation of the world. He already knows the truth about you and saw fit to send His Son and crucify Him.

The Gospel - Grace & Transformation

30:20 -
Grace v. fear of giving permission to sin - Some people are afraid to preach this way because they feel like it will give people permission to remain the same. You guys aren’t in this class to remain the same. You won’t see this truth as permission to sin. None of us woke up looking for permission to live in unrighteousness and cover it with some kind of gospel.

30:55 - Isn’t Jesus the wisdom of God? Yes, He is. And outside of Him there is no wisdom. He has become for us the wisdom of God. We are going to look at that in a minute.

31:30 - What about cheap grace? - If you just incorporate God into YOUR life and if you are in this thing just as a life insurance policy… You have to be careful how you preach the gospel. I preach clear righteousness and grace and God’s love and at the same time call us to extreme truth.

32:10 - Preaching this past weekend. “I’m more confused now. Are you telling me that I can’t swear?" The people who had been leading her to Christ told her that He loves you where you are. It doesn't matter what you do. That’s not what we are preaching. She was interpreting what she heard as - God loves me as I am so I am going to stay same. She was demanding the right to live in the flesh.

33:00 - Some are not in the gospel for change - There are people out there who have come into the gospel, not to be transformed by His nature. Some of that is on leadership. We haven’t preached the gospel clearly. We have come to Him for what He can do for us instead of how He can make us more like Him.

33:20 - We have not preached transformation - We have just peached come to go to heaven. God loves you as you are. And all you’ve got to do is pray this prayer to go to heaven. He knows all of your mistakes and He just loves you. There is a truth there, but His whole desire is to transform you back to His image.

33:30 - Pure motive of wanting to take on His nature - The students in this class - you guys want to look through His eyes and live through His heart. You want to look at humanity exactly as like He sees them. That’s why you are here. But there are people who don’t have that motive. The pure in heart shall see God. So if you have any other motive… Remember how I said, you are not going to live above your motives. So if you are just incorporating Him into your life, you have no conviction for a life transformed - just God for you, not God through you.

34:00 - Cheap grace - So all of the sudden there is a cheap grace expression in all of that. For example - People coming together and living in fornication - “Well God knows. God loves me. He knows we have desires. He gave us desires and affections. He made us certain ways. So we know that we shouldn’t. We know that we should get married. But when we fall into that, we just know that He loves us and He will forgive us. He knows that we are weak in that area. He knows our heart.”

Counseling with Right Motives

34:45 - Expose the lie - Plant the truth - Value, honor - You don’t even want to tell me that stuff. Because I love you too much not to give you truth. I’ll go hard after your value and your honor and put something in you to show you who you really are. And you are selling so cheap and learning to live self-centered. I’ll expose all of that stuff. You’ll either leave mad or broken and changed. I’ve seen the changed response way more than the mad. Do you know why? Because I don’t have a need to be right in your life. I absolutely love you.

35:30 - Correcting from love - Not just to set you straight - If I just have a need to set you straight there is not a lot of grace on that. That motive is not right. That is just flesh talking to flesh. Man, the honor - for Him to put His heart into us - to see you for what you are worth so that when I touch you, even if I have to be direct and sharp, I am always going to touch you right then. Even if you don’t want to hear what I am saying. Even if I am trembling in what I have to say. I know where it is coming from. And I know in my conscience that I love you. And grace will be on it.

36:20 - Touching people outside of love.

36:30 - Counseling with right motive - When this gospel becomes your reality, you can see others for who they really are. And when you touch them, your whole purpose is to rescue that and bring that out. You may have to get harsh because life is hanging in the balance. This is serious. Sometime people are sugar coating things and sometimes you have to jerk them back to reality. Some you save with compassion but some you are snatching out of the fire - Jude 1:23. Not just trying to set them straight.

37:40 - Setting people straight - Don't even speak - There is a big difference between trying to set somebody straight and snatching them out of the fire. If you are feeling frustrated by somebody’s life, don’t even talk to them about the situation. Get a grip on your heart. Because you are not the one to talk to them. It’s because you are hurting. You are being bothered by them. You are not the voice to tell them what needs to change because you are already influenced in not a good way.

➡ 38:25 - These are little things that keep your thinking sharp - keep you clear in your motive and keep us effective in our relationships and our counsel.

38:40 - Stories from the past weekend - people trying to grab it all - can’t take notes - my notes don’t even make sense. Preached the whole gospel in an hour. Man driving by the church, felt like coming in - root of bitterness. You don’t have it anymore. He was just changed. That’s the power of God’s word - the Spirit of God working in people.

43:30 - Getting established in the love of God allows God to use you - Imparting Love - The clearer I walk in truth, the purer my motives, the clearer my heart in ministering that truth, the greater anointing of revelation and all that carries to produce the very thing that is alive in me. If I didn’t have that reality alive in me, I’m not sure that there is anybody being pulled into truth. Here is what I am saying. As your life gets formed in this thing called the love of God. God can divinely connect, direct. He has little bus stops for people to get picked up.

44:45 - You’ll be amazed. You’ll be pumping gas and a person will just start talking. And the next thing you know… they are imparted to.

Treasure the Truth

45:10 - Proverbs 2 - v.1 - My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee; -

Trusting God’s word over how I feel - So you are going to honor the word above how you feel. There comes a point in your life when you have to, by sheer honor, you have to take what God is saying and the message sent through Jesus Christ and wrap that around your identity no matter how you feel and what your mind is saying and what your life is saying. You have to say that He loves me or He would have never sent Jesus. My life has tremendous value to God. No matter how you are tempted to weigh yourself and see yourself short, God’s not saying that about you. And there comes a place where faith has to accept that and say, “You know, I am treasuring what you are saying about me above everything else that is trying to speak against that. Because all those things are deception. They may be natural realities but they have nothing to do with my spiritual journey or the journey of truth that I am on. They will just keep me from getting there because I will keep weighing myself short. So if God says He loves you through Jesus Christ, you have to settle that. When does a man just stop and say, “You know what? You have to love me… or you wouldn’t have sent your Son.”

46:45 - I see people fight the love of God with all of these reasons why He can’t love them. Lady on message machine last night. “I don’t even know if God would even hear me.”

47:20 - Satan wants to keep you separated from truth - Satan is trying to keep you from truth because truth makes you free. He is so afraid of the gospel and who you are because of the gospel. Satan was played like a pawn to open the door of salvation. Satan is trying to keep you from seeing what he knows. That’s his mission.

48:00 - Receive His word - You have to receive His words. Not your thoughts and feelings. A lot of times these are counterproductive things - not in agreement with truth - until you pursue truth and the Holy Spirit touches that.

48:35 - Treasure His word - You treasure my commands within you. Honoring the word - This is my answer for life. There’s no other answer. I started to find that His wisdom is here and Christ is His wisdom. I treasured it. I took my Bible with me everywhere I went and read all the time.

49:30 - Boss concerned for me - It’s going to make you narrow minded. Christians afraid for me - healing, communion. Believing coworkers prayed that God would give understanding.Yes!

Overcoming Negative Perspective & False Humility

52:00 - We were trained in a negative perspective - Learn to treasure His commandment within you. Because you have been programmed your whole life - even after you were saved - to think negative, demeaning, condemning, put down… A lot of people even after they are saved, look in the mirror and don’t feel good about themselves. And every reason that they have for that is apart from the gospel.

52:25 - It’s not about what is wrong with you but what’s been made right - You ought to feel so good about yourself even if there are things in your life that aren’t worked out yet. Because Christ has come to reveal the truth about you - the destiny about you - he purpose of God about you. You are so in this thing and not out. It’s not about what’s wrong with you. It’s about what’s right with you. And what God sees about you.

52:55 - If you don’t start there, you won’t finish.

53:05 - Don’t get hung up on what you've been - Get your eyes on who He created you to be - I tell people all the time… The only thing wrong with me is He loves me. I am so worth His love. Why? Because He loves who He made me to be, not who I’ve been. And that is what He is working to mold and shape in me - (who He created me to be). So if I get hung up on who I have been, I’ll never agree with God on who I am created to be.

53:40 - Sin didn’t quench God’s love towards us - One of the biggest deals is WHILE WE WERE YET SINNERS, He sent the Son. So the weakness you are locating in your life probably does not bother God unless you make it such an issue that you can't get to Him or receive from Him or hear from Him. Sin wasn’t even the issue. Sin couldn’t stop Him from sending the Son. When sin abounded, grace abounded much more - Rom. 5:20.

54:10 - Cheap grace not an issue here - Your hearts aren’t looking for some easy, greasy grace thing that we were talking about earlier. That’s not even a concern for you guys. That’s why I can talk this plain.

54:30 - It’s not about sin - Get in agreement with what God is saying about you - But it’s not about sin. It’s about your redemption and righteousness. It’s about you being sons and daughters. It’s about you allowing God to work in you effectually through the new and living way. It’s about you thinking totally different about yourself and getting in agreement with what God is saying because Christ came.

54:50 - And the fact that Christ came reveals the language of God. When you look at Christ, you see the heart of God - the motive of God towards your life. Jesus Christ given defines your value - period. You start there, you stay there and you get formed in Christ.

55:30 - Doesn’t this all go back to the perversion of humility?  Let me make it simple actually.

Humility receives. Pride resists. Pride says, “Oh, you shouldn’t have.”

56:00 - Hypothetical example - Extravagant gift given to bless. “Oh, you shouldn’t have.” And he never opens it. That’s not humility. No, you recognize why they gave you the gift - what they see in your life and what they are trying to say. And with humility you open it and go, “Wow. Thank you.” And you put it on.

57:25 - False humility - There is a false sense of humility. Sometimes in the church we think to talk ourselves low is to lift God up. God’s heart is to lift us up and seat us in heavenly places with Christ and make us one - Eph. 2:6. God’s heart is to fill us with the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead - Rom. 8:11. God’s heart is that we are predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son - Rom. 8:29. And whom He predestined He called...justified...glorified - Rom. 8:30. If God is for us who can possibly be against us - Rom. 8:31. Only your own mind.

58:30 - v.2 - So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding; - Christ is the wisdom of God. We are going to look at what wisdom is in a minute.

58:55 - v.3-5 - Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding; If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures; Then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God. -

Approach with faith - Cry out in faith - Not because of a problem - Here is a promise. You don’t want that to be a desperate cry as if you are a loser - that you so need His discernment. Because then you are just troubleshooting. You are coming from the place that I am not. And that’s what a lot of people are trapped praying in. “God, when will you just open my eyes?” You have so labeled yourself as nothing, as having nothing. Are you kidding me? You have the gospel. You have to build on what has been made right not pray because of what’s wrong. Because then it reduces your prayers to a desperate cry. Not understanding that your greatest blessing is discernment and understanding. Father, it’s your good pleasure to give me the kingdom. I am crying out to you and lifting my voice. I must see what you see. You’ve qualified me through Christ. You’ve accepted me through the Son. I am yours. I thank you for revealing all things to me and opening up my heart to see what you see. I thank you that you reveal the life of Christ. And Holy Spirit you show me all of these things and make them real to my heart. That’s what it means to cry out for this. Not, “God! You’ve got to give me understanding because I am such a dummy - blind and deceived.” That’s how people pray. And their prayer has nothing to do with faith. Their prayer is nothing but a desperate cry because they are so crushed in their own soul - so judged - so labeled - so less than. And they are nothing but troubleshooting. And the problem is inspiring them to pray instead of God’s goodness and grace and the message of the Christ.

1:01:55 - Pray from a positive mindset - True humility, no matter how it feels, says, You know something about me that I feel like I have yet to see. You have released a gesture of something towards my life that I believe you are unveiling. God I am so willing to be loved by you. I am so ready to see all that you see about me. Be honest but not derogatory. Please don’t put yourself down, ever.

1:02:30 - Don’t put yourself down - “You dummy.” You are worth the blood. You are not a dummy trying to get help. You are created in the image of God. And He is teaching you and giving you understanding. Please don't put yourself down. Jesus doesn’t say that about you ever.

1:03:40 - Jesus saw great worth in you -  If Jesus thought that way about you based on your actions, He would have never come. But the fact that He did come shows that He sees you through a way high grace than we have ever looked through.

1:03:50 - He has seen the worth and value in our lives to such a degree that He became a man to give himself for us so that He could become one with us. So He knows your potential, your destiny, your created value in such a way that it compelled Him - love compelled Him - to die for us so that we could live. Because He knows the truth about us. And if you were a dummy He wouldn’t have done that.

1:04:30 - Cycle of self-defeatism - If you continue to say you are a dummy, you’ll continue to do dumb things. And then you will say, “See, that’s what I am.” Then the actions keep affirming the identity. And it’s a vicious cycle.

1:05:10 - Be glad when your heart cares.

1:05:20 - Cycle of sinner-mentality - Are you a sinner or did you step into an act of sin? We think that because we have the ability to sin that we are sinners. And then we continue to release the power to sin.

1:05:40 - Be a son and produces the fruit of a son - You are not a sinner. You are sons and daughters. The greater you build that in your heart through communion with God, the more you will bear the fruit of a son and a daughter. And you bear the fruit of a son because you are a son. Not because you are trying to be a son.

1:06:30 - You’ve passed the test. Because you have passed through the blood. You’re an A+. The truth about you is in the Christ.

1:06:50 - Believing less brings lesser fruit - If you believe you are less, you’ll bear lesser fruit. You’ll be trying to get back to being a son. But the truth is you have never not been a son.

107:20 - Break

Wisdom - Meditating on the Life of Jesus

107:35 - Proverbs 2 v.1 - My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee; So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding; -

Understanding / wisdom - Meditating on the life of Jesus - Treasure my commands within you. The Wisdom of God is Jesus’ life lived on the earth. Apply your heart to understanding - The way we do that is we look at Jesus’ life lived and then we understand the love of God through Jesus’ life. We understand His attitude, His motivation. We understand the heart of the Father when we look at Jesus’ life. And all of the sudden we have something to follow. It’s not just scripture, the word became flesh and dwelt among us.

➡ 108:35 - So we are going to go there…

1:08:45 - v.3-5 - Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding; If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures; Then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God. - You see the value of wisdom.

1:09:00 - v.6 - For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding. -

Don’t be trapped in false humility but receive wisdom - Who gives wisdom? The Lord. You have to see… Don’t be trapped in false humility. True humility sees that you are a target for the wisdom of God. He wants you to have His wisdom. Everybody in this room qualifies for the wisdom of God. And yes, He will give it.

Self-condemning Mindset

1:09:25 - Approach by faith, not despair - Do you see why we talked about not crying out through the negatives of your life? Not crying out in despair? But crying out from the place of - you are valuable to Him and yes, He wants to work every good thing in you and you are worthy of the blood and thank you for the illumination of my heart, etc.

1:09:45 - Even when you mess up, approach in faith - Even when you are found in weakness or commit a sin, you are aware of it immediately. If you would slip into anything that is not God, your conscience is aware of it. Why? Because light has been sown into your spirit. You have truth in your heart. There is understanding in your life that has separated light and dark. The gospel has done something, not just to illuminate where you have missed it, but in the way your heart responds.

1:10:10 - Be thankful that the gospel has changed you - There were times in our lives where those things (missing the mark) were not seen. They were just normal. Some of the ways we thought and processed were just the way we always thought. But since we were saved, some of those things got tweaked and changed. So when you realize that the way you are thinking is not the way God thinks or the way you are seeing is not the way He sees, the response is not, “Oh my God, there I go again. When am I ever going to get this straight?”

1:11:05 - Self-condemning mindset doesn’t lead to life - Please don’t do that to yourself. It’s so counterproductive. This mindset is prevalent. This is a common strategy of the mind. If you continue in that and call that wisdom or knowledge… It’s the way that seems right but it leads to destruction - Prov. 14:12. That means it will never produce life. So the life you are crying out for will never be revealed because of the track you are on. It’s a dead end street. In time it just makes you more frustrated and more desperate, to the point where some people lose hope and mark themselves as never changing.

➡ 1:12:35 - Removing the glitches from our thinking - We can preach all of these truths but if we don’t get these little glitches out of our mindset and we don’t expose this stuff by the Spirit of God…

1:13:25 - Abound in thankfulness - The answer to a self-condemning mindset - The answer is always abounding in thankfulness. If you find that your life is not abounding in thankfulness then you are losing sight of what He has already done.

1:13:45 - So when you see that (negative, self-condemning) mindset rise up and you are aware of what it is, there is a place for thankfulness. Father, there was a time in my life when that would have been so normal. And I thank you that it’s not normal. But it’s not you and it’s not even who I am. I thank you God that you are working a good thing in me because I see that you put light in my life to reveal these things and you have changed my heart to care. And God I thank you for the work you are doing in me. Holy Spirit, I yield to you right now and I thank you that you are increasing my wisdom, my understanding even in areas of discipline - self-control. It’s all by grace. Whatever I have is of you. But I am so not disqualified. You have qualified me and I am receiving your love. God, thanks for making me wiser, sharper.

1:14:25 - Prayer flows out of what's real to you - You can’t write those prayers and puppet them. They have to become your reality. The reason they flow out of me like that is because it’s me - it’s who I am - I’ve lived it. It flows out because it is real. It’s not a learned prayer. It’s not liturgy. There is life in it. It’s not the way that seems right to a man. It’s the way that is right in God and leads to life.

1:15:30 - Abound in thankfulness - If you are not abounding in thankfulness even in the midst of the awareness of your own weaknesses… Why are we thankful? Because there is always hope for the future and change and the grace working in me effectually. Every time I see something for what it is, I am thankful that the gospel has made that possible. Because if the gospel wasn’t in my life I would still be in the dark. So it’s not about going, “Oh, crud.” It’s about, God, thank you for working truth and light and revelation into me to change my life. You’re making me a very wise person. You can be praying that way right in the face of the expression of human weakness. Our tendency is to beat ourselves down. When the gospel is wanting to lift you up.

Treasure the Truth (cont.)

1:16:45 - v.6 above - Do you see why we treasure the word? The word became flesh. When we see Jesus we see the Father.

1:17:15 - Find true humility in the last chapters of Job - If you want to find true humility go to the last couple of chapters in Job. We say a lot of things, a lot of times but what is God really saying? Beginning chapters of Job - what happened. Middle chapters - wrong theology. Everything that happens is God. False teaching is intended to steal, kill and destroy. If we don’t interpret what God is saying through the word clearly we will miss the whole point. The middle chapters of Job are the expression of the mind and emotions without true understanding - 30 some chapters. And you will find a lot of that same language in church circles today. At the end God pulled the plug on it all and said, “None of you have any idea of what you are talking about. The first time I read those end chapters I shuddered. Stand before me and answer me as a man. Where were you…?

1:19:15 - Now that Christ has come, I can look at that and say, “I know where I was. I was in your heart. I was in your destiny. I was in you. I didn’t know nothing then. And I don’t know anything except through you. Everything else is a lie.

Redemption - Back in the Garden before Sin

1:19:50 - The gospel brings you back into the garden before sin. The tree (of the knowledge of good and evil) is still there. And so is the voice (satan). Just follow Jesus. This is so simple.

1:20:05 - Redemption from the fall - The Lord has spoken. In the garden He spoke. Another voice came. They followed the other voice and fell from that place. Jesus brings us back as if nothing ever went wrong. That’s what you have to see. That’s not preached that much. We still think a lot is wrong. No, we are redeemed.

1:20:35 - Sin was taken away - He removed sin. The remission… Remission means the removal of. He took out the trash. It’s not sitting at the house any more.We equate our ability to sin with the identity of sin. NO! Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world - John 1:29. So it’s not about sin.

1:21:25 - Jesus - A Man representing man - So you are back in the garden. When Jesus put His blood on the mercy seat it is there on behalf of all men. A man put a man’s blood… on behalf of men. He is flesh and bone. He is still a man but He is King of kings and Lord of lords and He is the Son of God. But He said, Touch me, for a spirit does not have flesh and bone as I - Luke 24:39. He said that, after He rose from the dead, because He wants you to see that He is still a man representing man. 1 Timothy 2:5 - There is only one who can mediate between God and man, the Man - capital “M” - He’s man. He’s God. But God defeated the devil through a man - not God - a Man anointed by God. If He came as God he would not need to be anointed. If He came as God He couldn’t have been tempted at all points because you can’t tempt God. He laid down His glory - made Himself of no reputation - came in the likeness of flesh. [Notetaker’s note] And God used flesh to fulfill what was failed (the failure of Adam at the fall). And now we all come through Him and we all have an A+.

1:23:10 - John 20:21 - Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you. -

Peace with God through Jesus - When He stood in the presence of His disciples after He was raised from the dead, He said. “Peace to you.” Why? Because the war is over. You have peace with God through Jesus.

1:23:25 - Don’t limit what God wants to do through you - Unlimited - Then He said, “As the Father sent me, I send you.” You find me a limitation in that. Only in your mind. You are your own worst enemy, when you don’t say yes to the gospel. You can’t even blame it on the devil.

1:23:45 - His voice v. stranger’s voice - The devil, he just lies and you can grab the lies. Eve - the devil made me do it. No, you listened to his voice. My sheep hear and obey my voice - John 10:4. This is why your identity is so huge. You have to know that you are his. Why? Because He took away sin. When you are His you hear His voice and a stranger’s voice is exposed as strange because you are His - John 10:5. When you struggle being His, the stranger’s voice sounds rational. And you start believing it. What He says makes sense. And it leads you to death.

1:24:55 - You are back in the Garden - You are in the garden as if you had never eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And God is rebuilding our innocence and reestablishing and growing us up into Him more and more if we will just see that. We haven’t arrived. We are arriving. Don’t fix on where you are not. Thank God for where you are and where you are going.

1:25:30 - v.22 - And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost: -

The breath of God reinfused into man - Why? Because that’s what was lost when Adam sinned. That’s what caused Him to live (at creation). That breath. And man became a living being. And the day you eat from the tree is the day that you die. And when he ate from the tree... (breath leaving).

1:25:55 - Jesus redeemed us. The power of His blood is so amazing that when He went to heaven and put His blood on the mercy seat and shot back down (to earth), the Bible says, in the same day in the evening.

1:26:05 - v.17 - Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God. -

Earlier that same dayBlood for redemption - Go tell my brethren - my family - I’m going to my God and to your God. I am going to my Father and to your Father. What is He doing? He is going to take His blood. Don’t cling to me Mary, this thing is not totally wrapped yet. The sacrifice is done but this thing is not a wrap yet. Don’t detain me. There is something I must do yet. I need to go to your Father. And I need to represent you there with my blood. And He did that and then on the same day in the evening… there He is. And then He says, “Peace be to you.” Why? Because in that moment, He did the Hebrews 9 - High Priest role. He walked into the holy, heavenly sanctuary, not made by human hands as a High Priest forever - not with the blood of bulls and goats but with His own blood. The blood shed in pure love for humanity that was made in His image. And He took that blood and applied it to the mercy seat, just like the high priest would in Moses’ day. And then He shot back down and breathed that same breath that God breathed into Adam - He breathed it back into man. Why? Because it’s as if man never sinned.

1:28:35 - This message is not commonly taught - Nobody ever taught me that growing up in church. They always taught me to walk a straighter line - come to the altar because I have a need to repent. And every week you feel like you need to be saved. You are sin-conscious and it drives you to more sin. And the more you sin, the more conscious you are of sin. And after a while this is just a strange message and you can’t even know God and it’s amazing He wants me in His heaven because I am such a sinner.

1:29:25 - Making God’s love a mystery in the church - worship songs - “Lord I am amazed by you.” Please don’t sing that because you are confounded that He can love you. You understand why He can love you.

1:30:35 - His love is not a mystery - You are created in His image - Because you are created in His image. And He knows the truth about you. Songs that make God’s love a mystery - “why would you ever love me.” His love never fails. So no matter where we have been and how we have misunderstood, how we have followed the lie, He knows who we really are. Forgive them Father, they don’t know what they are doing. But if we can illuminate them we can redeem their original value because they are family.

1:31:15 - Receive that love, become that love - It’s so important for you to see that and become that so that you can live that towards everybody in your life. You don’t forgive people so that you are forgiven. That’s legalistic. You forgive people because you are forgiven.

➡ 1:31:25 - See clearly, remove glitches - When your identity has glitches and crisis in it, you can’t see people clearly for who they are. The more I see His mercy in my life, the more mercy becomes the spontaneous, natural result towards your life from mine.

1:31:55 - Redemption of man - freedom from sin - So He is breathing breath back into His guys. And Holy Spirit is not hovering around them in a cloud. But He is inside the man. Why? Because the blood speaks better things than the blood of Abel. The blood of Abel marked something. The blood of Jesus liberated something - man from the power of sin. He cursed sin in the flesh and sin shall have no dominion over us unless you allow it to in your conscience through false humility.

1:32:35 - So when you look at that picture, sin has lost it’s voice and it’s power because the blood speaks.

1:32:55 - How does that (triumph of the blood over sin) become real in your life to where it affects your life?

Commune the truth with God - By taking that by faith to a place of prayer and camping there - dwelling there - don’t be in a hurry. Just enjoy it. If you’d hear how I talk to the Lord, you would think that I got saved this morning because it gets alive in you.

1:33:25 - Don't negatively compare to others - The biggest mistake you can make is to look at the joy or revelation in somebody and then strive because it’s not your reality. No, you rejoice that that reality is available. And that your heart is awakened and that you are on that track. Don’t compare yourselves among yourselves. Don’t look at where somebody is to judge where you are not. Look at where somebody is to rejoice and to cheer you on to where you are going.

1:34:20 - Restarting man - Jesus is standing there with His disciples and He starts this thing all over again. (Like a second creation.) As if there had been no eating from the tree. ***But it is different now. Because now if you would find yourself eating from the tree there is blood speaking, nothing changes. And your heart gets purified and humbled by that reality as you continue to receive His love. ***

1:34:40 - Cutting yourself off from that kind of love with self-condemnation - When you judge yourself, condemn yourself, get guilty and ashamed you are cutting yourself off from ever seeing that kind of love. And all you are doing is responding in the wisdom you have been touched with your whole life and it becomes legalistic and you get what you deserve. And all of the sudden we are living out of an old mentality and failing to receive a love that’s there speaking from the blood.

1:35:15 - So the tree is there and the voice is still speaking. But you are standing before God innocent as if you have never eaten from the tree.

Differences from the Garden

1:35:30 - What makes this new covenant, this new and living way different from the beginning?

Adam’s sin predicament was different - When Adam ate from the tree he was done because there was no blood shed. There was no provision - there was no lamb slain. And a lot of time went by in which God taught us what it was like to live apart from grace and mercy and love.

1:35:55 - Our situation - The “I knew better” mindset keeps us from entering in - But Christ has come. So even if you find yourself eating from that tree… Here is what Christians say… Christians say this to me all the time and it just shows how afraid satan is of the gospel. It shows the way he is trying to work. It’s the same mindsets all over the country. People say, “Yeah but, you don’t understand. I knew better or I should have known better because I’m a Christian. Yeah but I did that as a Christian.” And now they are holding themselves accountable and judging themselves even though they are crying out for mercy. They are telling me why they can’t receive mercy because they should have known better. “I was a Christian when I did it. And I heard sermons on that stuff. So I am wondering if I am for real. I must be a hypocrite. I already knew better.” Well, if you already knew better and your life was already illuminated and you saw clear, things would probably be different. So for you to judge yourself and come up with a reason why you shouldn’t receive this package of grace is total deception. That’s taking life back into your own hands. And now you are withholding yourself from what is available through His mercy and love. And it is keeping you from getting a revelation of what is there to transform your life.

1:37:45 - It’s good news - Graham Cooke - ~”The love of God and this gospel borders on fairy tale.” It is so opposite of what we grew up with. It seems like a fairy tale that is too good to be true.

1:37:55 - Satan works to keep you from receiving it - And satan works in the human mind to keep you from receiving something that is so real because if that ever comes into your heart it changes everything. It changes the way you think, see yourself, see God and see others. And because he helped in that price being paid through the crucifixion of Jesus and was played like a pawn, he is working overtime to try to keep us from ever understanding this thing.

1:38:35 - If we stumble - abound in thanksgiving - So even if you eat from that tree, that’s where thankfulness comes in. Oh my goodness. I just plucked that thing. That is the tree that produces nothing. And now I see it for what it is God. Or let’s just say you knew it was not God. And all of the sudden you find yourself (in that fix). God, you are the strength of my life. There’s something trying to drive me. I won’t be driven because you are my God. You love me. You forgive me. Thank you Lord that there is a place in my life that you are filling - full and complete. That is so not you. God, have mercy on me. Thank you for the strength to never touch that again. I don’t want that. That is not who I am. And you separate that from yourself.

Build on What God is Doing

1:39:35 - Build on what God is doing - Todd relapsing. Something shifted in his heart. Build on the change and what God is doing. Man I am so glad that the gospel is purifying your heart.

1:41:50 - Counseling - building on what God is doing. Don’t crush them. It’s all part of walking in love.

1:42:45 - God is for you - God is reproducing Himself in us. If you don’t first see how God dealt with you through the cross - how God loved you and saw past all of that stuff - even when you fail after you came to Christ. That didn’t surprise God. He wants to work you through that and up and out of that. The way that you respond to those things is huge. You can’t let it be easy grace (cheap grace), like we talked about earlier and not be sincere in your heart and just try to ride this gospel for blessing and to take you to heaven. That’s just deception.

1:43:45 - Revelation of motives - I don’t even want revelation of people’s motives. That’s a scary place. That’s not your place. Misreading motives. If you looked at the fruit of Todd’s life after he came to Christ it looked like nothing had changed. But his heart had been changed. (Don’t give up on what God is doing.) Don’t pull out a seed that God has planted and is intending to grow.

Be Patient - Don't Give Up on What God is Doing

1:44:45 - Don’t pull the plug on what God may be growing - Planting beans - didn’t come up. Thinking about what might be wrong with the seed. Popped it out. About ready to spring up. “My people do it all the time.” We weigh outwardly, and we pull out the thing that is germinating by grace. Something that was just about ready to spring forth and bear fruit.

1:46:35 - God’s expressiveness.

1:47:15 - There are things that we uproot that are intended to grow.

1:47:35 - Uprooting seeds through negativity - “Boy Dan, this sure would be a good time to do all of that stuff you talk about.” Thinking negative. Expectation and then seemingly negative results. What’s not going right in this situation. I started proclaiming life and truth over that situation. If you stay in negativity long enough you will pop out the seed that  was growing.

1:49:25- So what I saw in Todd was a little tiny tap root. He cared for the first time in his life about what he was doing. A little tiny tap root coming out of his heart. So you keep watering it. You keep putting the sunlight on it. You don’t tell it why it’s not fit for the sunlight.


1:50:45 - Back to Proverbs 2 - v.7 - He layeth up sound wisdom for the righteous: he is a buckler to them that walk uprightly. -

Accept the gift of righteousness - There is nothing that you can do about being upright except know that you have been made upright through Jesus Christ. Accept that, believe that and you’ll begin to bear the fruit of that. Don’t let anything take off your righteousness or you are just deceived. You are the only one who has the ability to undress from your righteousness. God will never take that off of you. Satan doesn’t have the right. You are the only one who can slip out of your robe. Why would you go back to naked and ashamed when you look so good in Him.

1:51:35 - Not “Oh, you shouldn’t have” but rather “Wow, thanks!” - Righteousness is a gift from God. Open it up. Don’t leave it under the tree. Open it up and don’t say, “Oh, you shouldn’t have.” Open it up and say, “Wow, Thank you. It fits perfectly. It’s just my color. I love this. I look so good in you. I think we were made to be together. I think we’ll live together for a long time.” Put on your righteousness.

1:52:25 - Romans 5:17 - For if by one man's offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ. -

Grace - If you receive the abundance of grace - God’s ability and power to work on your behalf, even when you didn’t deserve it. It’s God's supernatural power, what it takes, to transform your life into His image. It’s God working in you to will and do for His good pleasure. It’s that amazing blessing from God -  that builds and works in your life that effectually transforms your life - that empowers you to do what you could never do on your own.

1:53:15 - Receive grace and righteousness - Those that receive - not false humility - the abundance of grace and the free gift of righteousness will reign as a king in this life. What a promise.

1:53:45 - Identity - Participant comment on identity - Always coming into agreement with what the word of God says about you.

1:53:55 - Changing our agreement - Our whole lives we were trained to agree another way. We were in the camp of the lie. And now we are transferred into the camp of the truth. He called us out of darkness into His light - into the kingdom of the Son of His love - Col. 1:13. He is the Lord we probably ought to say OK. I’ll bet He’s right. If He is saying all of these things about us by sending His Son to redeem us from the lie, this must be the truth. The gospel is the truth about Him and us. It’s the greatest love story there ever will be. So when you see those truths, it brings you into agreement with His word. And our only answer is "yes".

1:55:40 - If we are not sinners but sons why does Jesus say “Go and sin no more?” What does that actually mean? We are not denying that we sin.

Responding in weakness - I’ve already shared a lot on how we respond in weakness. The light shows us that that is not God. God, I know that you didn’t make me for this. This is not who you are in me. God, I so thank you for the light in me that is separating these things and showing me a truth that is separating me from this. So we are not just accepting sin. We are not ignoring it.

1:56:35 - Go and sin no more - What is He actually doing? He is separating your identity from sin. He is saying you are not a sinner. You can hear that in a legalistic way and if you do you are damned and doomed. No, what He is saying is, you are more than the life you’ve lived. I’ve healed you because you are not a sinner. I’ve showed you mercy because you are not a sinner. Go and sin no more because you were not created for sin, you’re created for my pleasure.

1:57:10 - It’s not a conditional thing.

1:57:15 - Pastor with terrible headaches. Issues with wife. Strife leads to headaches. Every time there is strife I get rocked with headache because of the sin. Pastor thinks that headaches come because of sin.

1:57:35 - Reap what He sowed - The law of the Spirit of life has set me free from the law of sin and death. You don’t reap what you’ve sown. You reap what He has sown. You don’t get a headache because you sinned. Repentance makes it as if you never sinned.

1:57:55 - Low identity cycle - But here is the paradox. If you get ashamed, guilt, condemned and can’t find a place of repentance and mark yourself for the sin you committed then you will start to walk in the judgement of that sin. And you will repeat that sin because you will bear fruit according to the identity of that tree.

1:58:10 -  Build identity to begin to outweigh the pull of sin - With Todd, I wasn’t giving permission for him to sin, I was building an identity to a point where sin was no more - where he saw himself as more than what he was giving himself to - where there revelation of the truth in Christ got bigger than the natural compulsion and reality that was ruling his life.

Faith for Healing

1:58:30 - Faith for healing outweighing the resume of sickness - That’s the way that faith works for healing. Your natural revelation of cancer v. the revelation of Christ and what He accomplished through the cross and the Spirit of God in you. That’s why we are growing up into Him in all things. These identity crises keep us from seeing the truth about that. So the natural reality of cancer and all that it has done and hurt - all of the resume of cancer is coming to press against the resume of the gospel in your life. And all of the sudden the natural reality of cancer and the effects tends to be higher than our spiritual revelation and reality of His finished work and authority over that thing. And a lot of times that is the only thing that it is that determines whether there is authority and power released.

1:59:15 - Jesus had no identity issues - Jesus didn’t have that problem. The revelation of who He was was above everything. He didn’t think anything about stopping a funeral procession. Why? Because He is the author and giver of life and death had no dominion or power where He was concerned. He didn’t have to stir himself up - quote scripture or try to get a breakthrough. And He is the Christ in us.

1:59:45 - Faith outweighing natural concern - Hypothetical example - Bit by a rattlesnake. The natural knowledge we have gained in life produces a natural concern, natural fear. The gospel puts everything back in it’s rightful order and perspective - dominion over the works of Your hands. If you get bit by a rattlesnake now is not the time to try to come to that knowledge or take a stand of faith. By faith just go to the emergency room and thank God that He’s getting you through this. But is there a place when the snake bites you that you don’t even think twice about being bit because of the revelation of the covenant you are walking in has so subdued the natural knowledge of the vulnerability to that rattlesnake? Is it possible to be bit and not even think twice about it and actually chuckle in your heart and say, “I’m so glad for the gospel.” I’m almost sure that is how I would respond. I would be shocked to respond any other way. If you get bit and have fears of any kind, now is not the time to TRY to have faith. We are not TRYING to have faith.

Growing in Faith

2:01:10 - So how do you get there - to the place of faith?

Knowing Him - Communion and revelation with God - knowing Him - understanding the finished work of Christ - that rises up. We will break some of this stuff down (at a later point).

2:01:25 - This gospel is your only answer. He redeemed me. You have redeemed me. I thank you Holy Spirit that you show me what that means. I thank you Lord that I am in the world. I am so not of the world. You came and rescued me from sin. You gave your life to bring me back to what you created me to be. Nothing has dominion over me but your love and your power. I pray that way. I talk that way. I think that way. And you can't even find fear in that place.

2:02:00 - Fear loses its foothold - You lose fear in that place. The gospel teaches you how not to fear.

202:10 - Tick story (continued) - Had just read an article about Lyme disease. Bull’s eye. You have just been hit. What to do immediately. Stay in faith. Thank God the treatments are available. Trying to find faith. A week after that article. Chuckle. Father, I so thank you for the gospel. Flick it into the hedges and go on with life.

2:04:15 - Projecting on others - You need to be careful not to tell me to use natural wisdom. And I need to be careful not to tell you to just take a stand. We push this stuff on each other. You are not pressed and judged by where you are not.

2:04:35 - Getting the treatments in faith.

2:05:05 - Getting the treatments but not in faith. There is a voice of condemnation in that that is screaming where you are not and where you ought to be. If that is not your reality then I bet there is so much mercy and grace for you. And God is not going to thump you with a mallet.

2:05:45 - Rattlesnake experience - Why are you crying? Reality of being a man of God. Bike laid in ferns. Under the bike there was a snake. Never rattled. Unnatural not to rattle. Messing with them. No fear. Not handling snakes to prove my anointing. I am so not afraid. No vulnerability. If he had struck, would have just gone on. Not doing it to prove anything. Paul shook it off and continued talking. He didn’t have a prayer meeting.

Fear & Vulnerability

2:09:45 - Praying from fear - vulnerability - A lot of times we pray because we are afraid. We feel vulnerable. We pray because of the natural knowledge and it rises above the revelation of where we have grown. So we have to pray a certain way. But what if it’s not even about prayer? It’s not wrong to pray. But make sure it’s not just because you feel vulnerable. What if you say, Thank you for the gospel that keeps me. I’m in the world but not of it. This is so cool.

2:10:35 - Vulnerability to cancer - preservatives that you have eaten. Natural knowledge engendering a sense of vulnerability. And you are at the altar - no symptoms, just knowledge, asking for prayer. And we call it faith. And you are vulnerable because of natural knowledge. And you are asking for prayer because you are vulnerable. Why don’t we read the article and go, Wow, I am so glad that I am no longer of the world. You said you weren't going to take me out of the world but that you were going to keep me from the evil one. I thank you that my life is so preserved in Christ. And I thank you that I am clean and whole and well in your sight because of you Jesus.

2:12:05 - Whatever you do, do by faith. If it is not of faith it’s sin.

Growing in Faith (cont.)

2:12:10 - Growing in faith - Did you grow into that place of faith? Yes. Remember the kidney stone thing? That stuff builds in you. I threw those pills in the garbage can. I would never tell you to do that. I just saw that.

2:13:10 - Clear sight of identity -The more I am seeing who I am in Him because of His love for me through the cross, ➡ (that’s what we will pick up tomorrow - the wisdom of God and Christ) but the more I do that without being hindered and sliding back with false identity, condemnation, consciousness of sin, one step forward two step back mentality - if I talk to a lot of Christians that’s what they do. And all of the sudden we teach ourselves that this is kind of normal - everybody’s experience. It’s not even healthy because that is where discouragement creeps in. And after a while you say, “Man, I am just never going to get this.” And you live with a low level of condemnation and discouragement. And yet your heart loves God.

2:14:05 - Faith becomes reality through communion - So the more opened face, unveiled understanding that Christ redeemed you back to the beginning to before the fall - you are in the world and not of the world and all of those things are your reality through faith, through prayer. Grace comes and puts that assurance in you.

2:14:25 - In other words, it’s impossible for me to read my Bible and in the face of the natural knowledge of a rattlesnake say, “Ok, I’m going to be strong.” That’s not what we are talking about. We are talking about Him convincing us. Him becoming our wisdom.

2:14:45 - Free from fear and worry by grace through faith - Jesus said, Do not fear. So is there a place possible to live totally free from and estranged from and apart from fear? Not react in fear? Jesus said, Do not worry.

2:15:10 - How is that possible apart from just biting your lip and trying not to worry? We’ve all learned that that doesn’t work. That’s all part of the process of worry. You just wear out your lip. How don’t you worry? You understand that God is more than these things. He writes a whole chapter on worry and not worrying. Aren’t you of so much more value. There is a place for you to receive that testimony.

2:16:05 - Grace brings assurance of the truth you are expressing faith in - What you are releasing faith in - what you are aligning with - what you are saying yes to concerning truth - grace empowers you to walk that. All of the sudden you just know it. You just know it. Nobody has anything unless it is given by God. John 3:27 - John answered and said, A man can receive nothing, except it be given him from heaven. - And all of the glory goes to God. We are products of grace. Paul said, I am what I am by the grace of God. - 1 Corinthians 15:10  That’s how you receive grace. You are saved by grace through faith. No faith, no grace. Romans 12:3 - To the measure of faith. Faith is a big deal.

2:17:35 - Prayer for knowledge and understanding. He wants us to have it. It’s His good pleasure to give us the kingdom.