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Dan Mohler - The Good Fight of Faith

To fight the good fight of faith means to stand in the position you’re placed through Christ and all the finished work of Christ is who you are all the time - period. “The faith” doesn’t mean fight the devil. I challenge you. Look everywhere in the New Testament - “the faith,” “contending for the faith,” “walking in the faith” never has to do with the battle or with the enemy. It always has to do with you standing in identity through Christ Jesus and not losing sight of who you are in the face of every trial.1

1. Good fight of faith - standing in identity - not losing who you are in the face of trial - (:29)
2. Good fight of faith - hold to identity - in face of chaos - Dan Mohler (2:15)
3. Good fight of faith - evidence of faith - perfect circumstances - overcome - (1:55)
4. Good fight of faith - Satan wants to steal your confidence before God - quote
5. Established in identity - then just living out who we are - not what we do but who we are - (:30)
6. Established in identity - reject anything less than what He proclaims about me - (:37)

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