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Dan Mohler - Satan wants to steal confidence

We’re justified - just as if I’ve never sinned. To “fight the good fight of faith” primarily and to wear your “armor” is to keep that testimony alive in your heart and in front of you, where your identity is through the Christ, not what you’re going through. What Satan wants to steal is your confidence before God - your identity, your ability to stand right before His presence. To “fight the good fight of faith” in most cases when you study “the faith” and to maintain “the faith” it means to hold fast the righteous judgment of God towards your life and let that be the strength of your life, the motivation of your life. Because if I live under righteousness I’ll bear my fruit unto holiness. If I present my members unto righteousness - right? - then I’ll bear my fruit unto holiness.1

1. Dan Mohler in audio recording entitled LCF - 7-31-2008 [80:45]