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Dan Mohler - Prepare Now

…if the car smashes and I’m trying to apply the sermon that Pastor Dave preached to me I’m late. I’ve become that sermon in my intimacy with Jesus so when the metal crashes [truck wreck story] the gospel defends. One of the reasons we seem to lose so many battles we wait till the war is on the horizon to start to fight. No, you prepare for battle now. And when the war arises the gospel will defend you.1

1. Prepare now - through intimate relationship - strength in battle - Dan Mohler (:24)
2. Prepare now - wise man builds upon the rock - become established before the storm - (4:21)
3. Prepare now - wise man builds upon the rock - hear and become - hear and yield - (1:27)
4. Prepare now - window of opportunity for relationship: union and communion with God - quote

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