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Dan Mohler - Prepare for the Storm

That doesn’t change - that should never be subject to change - the expression of character and disposition… See people say in the church, “Well, God is doing this [adversity] to build certain things in me - and doing this and that - and testing my character.” Man, that’s something that’s formed here; it’s through looking at Christ and following Christ. And when we get thrown into the fire, what we’ve grown into and what we know… Now’s not a time to arrive. When you’re thrown in the fire is not the time to arrive. We already covered that in Matthew 7 last week. Matthew 7 - we hear and do and the storm comes. There’s a window. There is some kind of grace revealed there, that if you walk out the word and stay in communion with Him and you say yes to Him, that at some point the storm is coming to crush what is being built. But if it’s built on the rock it can’t move because you’ve become what you’ve heard.  If you wait till the storm comes, you’re late. Well, you ask any builder… yeah, we’ve got one right here. If you’re trying to build a house in a storm it’s probably hard. If you don’t have a roof on and the hurricane, and just the edge of the hurricane that’s going up the coast is hitting, and you’re out there trying to even just frame the roof, put the roof on, get the roof on, it’s challenging - thirty-five mile an hour, forty mile an hour winds. That’s not the Christian life. …We’re trying to build in the storm.  No, we’re always building and when the storm comes something is established that the storm has no effect on. You get it? Come on, that’s relationship, that’s communion and union with God or you’re trying to live a doctrine and hope it gets you through life. [56:25 … 57:20] Man, storms are coming. People don’t like it when you preach that. Jesus preached that. Storms are coming. If you’re over yourself you’re over that. It’s not about the storm. It’s about the great privilege to walk by the Spirit. It’s about the great privilege of looking through the eye of Truth. It’s about the great privilege of having the strength of heaven on the inside of you living from the perspective of God in the face of everything. - Dan Mohler1

1. Dan Mohler at 2010 Kingdom Living School W6S22A [54:10]