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Purpose of Fasting - Bringing into Order

The whole purpose of true Bible fasting is to crush and bring in order the indulgence of the flesh. Ok? So if you’re just doing it to find favor with God, you’ll just do it as a work. It’ll be a work unto you and the whole time you’re fasting you’ll be dreading not eating. And you’ll be just making it to a point and going, “Oh God, I’m so glad it's Friday and I’m coming off my fast.” That’s not fasting at all, when you do that. And we’re going to talk about it and I’m going to bring it into right perspective. Because if you’re just fasting, abstaining from food, and suffering your whole way through going, “Oh my God,” trying to avoid every picture of food, every billboard of food, every smell of food, you’re not in that grace of fasting. There’s a perspective that will keep you from all of that, that will actually change everything. You’re not just trying to not eat for a week. That will accomplish very, very, very little. It will just make you hungry.1  


1. Dan Mohler audio recording 2010 Kingdom Living School W12S43A [17:00].

Please Note: Fasting should only be undertaken with the advice and consent of a medical doctor.