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Fasting - Voice of the Flesh Rises

“Walk in the Spirit and you shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.” [Galatians 5:16] So the flesh is trying to raise up a voice in your life to where its voice is louder than your heart-cry for God - where it’s louder than your heart-cry for surrender - for love - for mercy. The voice of the flesh tries to rise up where that voice is louder than the voice that says forgive. And all of the sudden the voice of the flesh has audience with your soul and tells you why you shouldn’t forgive. And all of the sudden you’re agreeing with it and going, “Yeah!” Right, “Yeah!” And there’s a “way that seems right” then. Right? But you walk in the Spirit. You “walk in the Spirit.”  You’re in tune with the mind of God. You’re walking by grace. You understand your life is a privilege. You’re not frustrated, you’re thankful. You’re not wanting for nothing. “The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.” That’s just a good place to live!1  


1. Dan Mohler audio recording 2010 Kingdom Living School W12S43B [33:05]

Please Note: Fasting should only be undertaken with the advice and consent of a medical doctor.