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Fasting - Should never end in self-condemnation

When you pursue fasting and you’re being taught like this and you get inspired to step out and fast, just know that you can’t fail and do wrong. How’s that? You can’t fail. If you break your fast earlier than you wanted to, if you break down in a moment of weakness, I’m not giving your flesh permission I’m teaching grace right now. The fact that you’re even thinking in this direction and pursuing and growing is a big deal. Now do you want to discipline yourself? Do you want to press through the feelings, the weakness? Yeah, go for it but not at the cost being condemned if you don’t make it to where you were [expecting]. And it’s hard to teach because it sounds like you’re provoking weakness but you have to be very careful that you’re not just self disciplined in the sense of where it’s works at the cost of condemnation. Because if you do anything that takes away from you if you fail and condemns you, you’ve crossed the line, you’ve stepped out of grace. God’s not disappointed when you break your fast. He’s excited that you’re even thinking this way and pursing to know and grow Him more. You have to see the goodness of God in all that.1


1. Dan Mohler audio recording 2010 Kingdom Living School W12S43B [6:55]

Please Note: Fasting should only be undertaken with the advice and consent of a medical doctor.