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Fasting - Fasted Life

I said, “Lord, I’ve been doing this [fasting] for three days and I haven’t even really… you know you just told me to, I just did it… I mean we always have fellowship, communion…It didn’t seem like a fast, I mean, what was this about?” He said, “Dan, I wanted to get your attention so that you begin to live a fasted life where you pursue temperance and not just events of fasting, but you live in self-control.” That’s what He spoke to me. The Lord spoke that to me - where you live in self-control.

That means what Paul is writing about is real, that there tends to be a lack of self-control in our lives even though we love the Lord. Our flesh still has a voice that’s beyond measure - that’s more than it should. You want your flesh voice to come into agreement with your… you want the two to become one. Don’t think they can’t become one. Don’t think that you’re bound and damned to be obstinate and against the gospel in your life. We’re created in His image to be one with Him. You can surrender and die to yourself.

The event of fasting, I believe, takes you to the awareness of a fasted life. It doesn’t even have to be that way. You can just surrender and just shewp [sound effect]… Do you know what I’m saying? But what the Lord showed me was that He was calling me to a life of self-control. He didn’t want any access of the enemy to my life through a lack of temperance, a lack of self-control - desires, needs and wants - that were out of balance, if you will, or out of control, I should use that word.1

1. Dan Mohler audio recording 2010 Kingdom Living School W12S44A [19:55]

Please Note: Fasting should only be undertaken with the advice and consent of a medical doctor.