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Fasting - Clearer Perspective

In fasting you suppress the flesh and you raise up the spirit. Ok? If you’re fasting to find favor, if you’re fasting just to get an answer to prayer… like some people say, “Man, I’ve been fasting and fasting and God still didn’t heal them.” It breaks my heart that we have that mentality; that we even teach that mentality in the church. God is not healing your loved one because you fasted for two weeks. He’s healing your loved one because He sent Jesus Christ, crucified Him and raised Him from the dead. You follow me? Fasting two weeks when your loved one is sick is so that you can get a clearer perspective of the sickness versus the finished work of Christ and rise in the things of the spirit so you can see the situation through Christ and minister the proper authority necessary. It’s for you. You’re fasting so that you get a clearer view. So you get a breakthrough in your own understanding of the situation because when you look at your loved one the sentiments are rampant. When you look at your loved one the empathy and emotions are rampant. When you look at your loved one the flesh is screaming. Fears are screaming. Anxieties are screaming. Just self desire to see them whole and all of that stuff are just, “AAAHH!” Fasting puts you in a proper perspective to where you can see it properly and it pushes all those human things that we think are normal and mostly are very unhealthy.1


1. Dan Mohler audio recording 2010 Kingdom Living School W12S43A [39:05]

Please Note: Fasting should only be undertaken with the advice and consent of a medical doctor.