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Dan Mohler - The Kingdom is Here

“Heal them and tell them the kingdom is here.” “Wait, Dan, you can’t heal anybody.” He told me to. Why? Because Him and I are one and when I touch He touches. And you better know that He is in you. So let’s get over all this lame talk, “Well, I can’t heal anybody. Well you know, I can’t heal anybody.” God almighty said, “Go heal the sick.” Why? Because He is expecting you to see [that] you’re sons and daughters. And the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead now lives in you through the blood of Jesus. You can get so falsely humble you can stop the kingdom. You can get in a place where you sell yourself shorter than the blood proclaims you.1 

“I can’t heal anybody! It’s you that heals.” “Would you go heal the sick?” “God, I can’t heal.” “Heal the sick.” What’s he trying to say? He’s trying to say that you and Him are one through the blood of His Son and the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you. And as the Father sent Jesus, He said in John 20, “I send you.”…So what He’s saying is, “When you go, I go and where I am there my servant will be also.” Do you get it? Oh that’s so exciting. So He tells us to go heal the sick and yet we know that we can’t. But we know He can and He’s in us. So when you pray for the sick you are actually strong in identity. And you’re saying I believe that Christ, the hope of glory, is in me and I’m touching the sick because He wants to touch the sick. You get it? So it’s the sign of a healthy, strong identity that’s out of themselves and in the Christ.2  

Get this. The kingdom of God is where? Within you. Don’t look here. Don’t look there. The kingdom of God is where? [within you] Now we’re to go preach … Where is the kingdom? We’re to go preach saying, “The kingdom of God is here.” Hello! Who are we? The body of [Christ]. Whose term is that, ours or did God give us that? Did we make that up or is that in the Bible? Who are we? The body of what? What is Christ? Jesus’ last name? Is it like Joseph and Mary Christ on the mailbox? Hello! Christ - it means the anointed one - the anointed one with the ability to anoint is what Christ means. And we’re the embodiment of God’s anointing. We’re the embodiment of God’s power. We’re the embodiment of God’s Messiah. We’re the embodiment of Christ and Savior. We’re God’s choice to embody His kingdom. And “Go preach saying, ‘It’s here.’” That’s why we say, “Can I see your hand?” and pray. Why? Because the kingdom in us flows through us to go into people. That’s why we lay hands on the sick and don’t cry out to God out there because God’s in here.3 

Can you picture Jesus praying and nothing happening? Then you ought to get that picture for your life because He’s in you. … Can you picture Jesus praying and nothing happening? You are the body of Christ. The kingdom is in you. Can you picture that? Can you picture Jesus touching a little child in a womb and saying, “You live and you come forth,” and that child not living and coming forth? But what’s His motivation when He prays? [Love] Bingo. Is there any fear in it? Is there any driveness from past loss? Is there total security and identity in it - and total understanding of the will of the Father? And guess what happens every time in that place. [Healing] And we’ve written it off because we’ve been hurt so bad. And yet the Bible says He’s in us and we’re one. And we’re the fullness of Him that fills all in all.4

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