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Dan Mohler - Prayer of Faith

“I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed you will say…” So faith is revealed in you saying - understanding with authority, not just crying out because you have a need. But faith is revealed in you addressing a mountain because you see it for what it is, you know who you are, you see the big plan and picture and will of God and you address it.1

It’s the love of God for the individual and the finished work of Christ that makes things new. It’s His love for that person. It’s not because we prayed right. It’s because we believed right. It’s the prayer of faith that saves the sick. Believing right changes the situation.2

…He showed me I just leaped out in knowledge and zeal and just prayed the principles of the Bible that I read and preach. And just attacked it as if it's what I'm saying and doing that helps her.  It’s God’s love for her that heals her. It’s the finished work of Christ. It’s not even your prayer. You can’t even mess up your prayer. It’s not even your prayer. It’s what you believe - what you believe - not what you pray.3

It’s not your works. It’s His already finished work… We put our faith in our ability to pray - what we’re praying - how we’re praying and it’s what we believe about what He’s already done and His love for us…. How many of you have [gone] to pray for the sick and what you got more conscious of is what you were about to say and if it sounded spiritual or right? Be honest. Anybody who prays for the sick knows what I’m talking about. It’s a lie. It’s not even what you pray. It’s what you believe.4


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6. Prayer of faith - it's not a works thing - it's the Kingdom of God in you - quote

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