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Dan Mohler - It's not a works thing

“Listen, Jesus is Lord right now. There doesn’t have to be any music. There doesn’t have to be any atmosphere. The atmosphere is in us. It’s in me. I promise. It’s just green light, ready to roll.” Come on. You don’t have to pray in tongues and build yourself up. You don’t have to quote scripture. If you’re doing that stuff it’s because you’re walking apart from the revelation of His love and who you are in Him. Come on, don’t get self-conscious and think I’m not quite real up to pray for the sick. Are you kidding me? You don’t heal the sick. The kingdom in you heals the sick. Just stay in touch that He’s in you and loves you and it’s His good pleasure to give you the kingdom. If you get tricked into works you’re going to back off and do very little in the kingdom of God. You’re going to talk yourself out of the potential of who He is in you a lot. You’re going to walk by opportunity after opportunity because you’ll see yourself apart from Him in you. You’ll just see you. And you’ll think you have to earn this and “Man, I didn’t even read my Bible this morning.” All the sudden it’s a works thing creeping in on you. Next thing you know if you ever do get used by God in the sense of healing you’ll think it’s because of what you are doing instead of who he is. It’s a trap. He heals because He’s Lord and He lives in me and He loves to. Can’t talk me out of it. I’m having too much fun.1

1. Dan Mohler audio recording: Dan Mohler - Awesome Truth - 2009-09-03 [17:50]