Dan Mohler Quotes on the Finished Work of Christ

He saved that which was lost


He said, “I’m not ashamed of the gospel,” because it’s what? - “the power of God to salvation.” “Salvation” doesn’t mean go to heaven. It means saved, healed, delivered, protected, preserved, made whole and kept safe and sound. It does mean the forgiveness of your sins that brought death. But it also means the salvation of the Lord and restoration and redemption in the life that now is. Actually “salvation” and “saved” have more of a connotation to the life you’re living than to the one that’s to come. But we think in America, “Hey, are you saved?” “Yeah, I’m saved. Are you saved?” We think we’re saying, “Did you pray that prayer we all pray?” Man, you can pray that prayer and stay mean. You can pray that prayer and cheat on your spouse. You can pray that pray and get offended and hurt like any other man that never prayed that prayer. But when you understand you’re giving your life to Him, it’s always been about “repent” - change the way you think because there’s another kingdom here, a new one. It’s called the Kingdom of God that wants to live inside of you. And all of the sudden you realize that Jesus isn’t just the savior of your sins, He’s the model for your life. He came and lived what we were created for. He showed us what life looks like in the Father and then He gave us the great invite and said, “Follow me.” He didn’t say, “Sing to me and pray to me when things are tight.” He said, “Follow me.” - Dan Mohler1


That which was lost

Jesus did not die on the cross because you were sinners. He had to die because you sinned. He died to save that which was lost. And what was lost was your created value and your destiny. What was lost is who you were intended to be in the first place. So He became what we were so we could become what He is. - Dan Mohler2


Removed my sin

He has redeemed

Everything about the Kingdom of God is held together by this one thing, that God sees you as if you’ve never sinned. So if God sees you as if you’ve never sinned, why would you ever see yourself for what you’ve done wrong. How about starting where He finished and run well. How about putting on righteousness and bearing your fruit unto holiness. You’re not a person trying to get it right, you’ve been made right. And now the Spirit of God is upon you and you begin to walk this thing out that’s come alive in your heart. See, “the Kingdom of God is not meat or drink, it’s righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.” When you have right standing with God, you have peace with God. When you have peace with God you have amazing joy. It’s “good tidings of great joy.” We’re not trying to be happy people. The gospel is here. God loves us, made us in His image and redeemed what He created us to be and there’s no stopping us now unless we fail to see and receive. - Dan Mohler3


Beaten beyond description

He shed His blood. He was beat beyond description. The Bible says that He was marred more than any of the sons of man. That means when they were done beating Jesus, He looked worse than any man has ever left man look. When they were done beating Jesus you couldn’t possibly tell who He was. There’s no way. Why? Why was it so sadistic? Why did it have to be so brutal? Why did they have to beat Him again and again and again? Why couldn’t they just give Him the forty minus one and legally, spiritually cover it? Why did they keep beating Him with them rods and whacking Him across the head and why did they disfigure Him? Because when sin got done with man in the garden, he didn’t look anything like he was created to be. So Jesus came and lost His appearance and became what we were - disfigured - so that we could have the right to get our appearance back and have our identity restored. Now you talk about love - yeah. That to me, that’s love at its finest. “I know who they really are. I’ll come and take what’s necessary upon me to pay the price for that thing to get off of them. I’ll become what they are so that they can become what I am - a son.” - Dan Mohler4


He moved back in

His House

He created you to inhabit you. And when sin evicted Him from His home, He did what was necessary to remove it to get back in. He must really want to live inside of folks. - Dan Mohler5


Breathed on them

“He breathed on them and said, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit.’” I used to think about that and I’d think, “Why did you breathe on them and [say] receive the Holy Spirit - why didn’t you just pray for them? - why didn’t you just say - Your words are so powerful - You said, ‘Let there be light and there was light’ - why didn’t you just say, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit’?” - because He communicates so well. He talks. He’s a teacher. “Receive Holy Spirit.” And all of the sudden I realized, oh my goodness, He’s the redeemer. He took man back to the beginning as if there was no sin. How did God bring man forth in the first place? He breathed into man and man became a living soul. The day you eat the tree is the day you surely die. Christ comes and takes our place and dies and now we can live. So here’s what He does, He takes man back to the first day that ever was as if sin never happened. [Breathes on them] And man becomes a living being. - Dan Mohler6


Filled with the fullness of God

Here’s why it’s important for you to know the love of Christ, “that you may be filled,” whew, what a dividend, “that you may be filled with some of the fullness of God,” [no,] “all of the fullness of God.” You look up the word “fullness” - you know what it means? It means a house with no empty rooms. It means a town with no empty houses. It means a ship completely full of cargo with no other space - it’s occupied. It means that you have a “no vacancy” sign flashing over you - “not for sale” - complete - paid in full - fulfilled - lacking no good thing. All of the sudden I don’t need you to say a nice thing about me so I feel good about me. Why? Because I am fulfilled in His love. All the sudden I don’t need you to encourage me so that I remain encouraged. I’m so encouraged it’s ridiculous. - Dan Mohler7  


Holy Spirit in you

And look what the Father will do, “He will give you another…” The word “another” is “allos” in the Greek. It means “the same kind as”, “just like.” In other words, here’s what Jesus is saying, “I’m going to leave you guys but take heart, don’t be disheartened. You ought to be excited because if I didn’t go the Helper wouldn’t come.” “Yeah, but we like you here.” “No, no, no, you don’t understand. See, if I’m just here it’s just me and you’d all have to run and cling to me. But if He comes, He’ll live inside of you and multiply me in you, as many as would believe.” Come on. That’s why it wouldn’t be profitable because then the Holy Spirit wouldn’t come because then we’d just have to go to where Jesus is. But because He was crucified, raised from the dead and at the right hand of God now, He comes to where we are and lives inside of us. And we all walk with Him. It’s so powerful. Now watch - another Helper - so here’s what Jesus is literally saying, He’s saying, “Listen, I’m going to go. But I’m praying to the Father and He’s going to send another Helper. He’ll do in my absence what I would do if I was here.” Now see if we really understood the Bible we would’ve never, never picked up on these things we grew up with, “Well, that was in the disciples days.” “Well, that was when Jesus…” “Well, the days of healing are over.” “and miracles…” No, He said, “I’m sending you One that’s going to do in my absence what I would do if I’m here. He’s another. He’s just like me.” So why would anything change if God doesn’t change. And He’s coming to live inside of us and with us. That’s why we lay our hands on the sick, because we’re very involved in this equation - right? And it’s not just that. It’s what we talked about the whole school. It’s not just the fun stuff, well it is fun to me, this part - the love, forgiveness, mercy and peacemaking. It’s fun because that’s when you’re really free because the animosity, the hurt, the pain, the unforgiveness is miserable and bondage. Come on. So the Spirit of God upon us entitles us to live the God life - from God’s heart. That’s really good. So, “I will pray to the Father and He will give you another Helper that He may abide with you,” on occasion? Forever - He will never leave you, never forsake you. “Holy Spirit is coming and He is not leaving.” - Dan Mohler8


He gave me the Model to follow

Jesus came as a man - (See Notetaker's Note - Jesus came as a Man)

He’s the second Adam. First Adam blew it big time - failed to fulfill what he was destined for and designed for. The second Adam came and fulfilled everything the first Adam was granted and given and called to.   He fulfilled what Adam failed. You follow it? It’s simple. The last Adam therefore modeled the life that you and I were created for. We’ve made Him a ticket to heaven. His earthly ministry - Jesus in the flesh - we’ve made Him here [up high] and said, “Well that was Jesus,” and made us here [down low].  When He came in the flesh and was anointed by God He laid down His reputation - He emptied Himself. Why would God have to anoint Him if He came as God? “How God anointed Jesus…” Acts 10:38 Why would God have to anoint Him if He came as God? If He came as God He’s already anointed. He came as a man - anointed by God. He got baptized just like you and I are called to. He didn’t ask us to do one thing that He didn’t already do. He said, “Follow me.” He even went and John the Baptist had a hard time knowing it was Jesus in the flesh - the Son of God in the flesh. And he said, “You want me to baptize you? It’s you that needs to baptize me.” He said, “Permit it John - so all righteousness could be fulfilled.” He baptizes Him and Holy Spirit comes upon Him. Well if He’s God… See He’s modeling the way. He says, “The things I do, you’ll do.” In John 20 He says, “As the Father sent me, I send you.” He calls us the “body of Christ.” That’s the embodiment of Christ - of who He is. That’s His terms. We didn’t make that up. It’s here [in the Bible]. He’s come to live inside of us. It’s Christ in us - Colossians 1 - the hope of glory. - Dan Mohler9

Jesus came and modeled a life we’re created to live. He’s the second Adam. The whole gospel is about - first Adam - second Adam. What the first Adam failed the second Adam fulfilled. We were born into the first Adam and his fall. The second Adam - we’re born again. It’s a real simple way to see the gospel. Ok? So everything that Jesus did and walked and lived by the Spirit, anointed by God - do you understand that He was born through a woman. At a certain time He was water baptized. The Spirit of God came upon Him just like us. We get water baptized. The Spirit of God comes upon us. Because He came as a man. One of the biggest mistakes we’ve made on the earth and in churches is we still always see Him as is God. But He came as a man. He even made sure He called Himself the “son of man” constantly. He told us to follow Him. If He came as God it would be impossible to follow Him. If He came as a man, anointed by God, we could follow Him. Come on. This thing is simple. He said, “The things I do, you’ll do also.” Why? Because the same Spirit of God that was in Him, has come upon us. The Bible teaches that. - Dan Mohler10

Jesus is the truth about me

Jesus on the earth in the flesh - Jesus modeling a life that we’re created to live, He said follow me… He didn’t say follow me if I couldn’t. He modeled a life that I’m created to live and gave me the same Spirit that lives in Him or that raised Him from the dead to live in me. Right? So Jesus on the earth doesn’t want to stand out. He’s showing you what you’re created for. He’s showing you what Adam was made to walk in and live and be. Right? And He’s the last Adam. And He fulfilled what Adam failed and now He put His Spirit back inside of all of us and said, “Follow me. The things I do, you’ll do if you believe.” See it all goes back to believing. And more. And that’s why our identity is so huge because self-consciousness, fear, vulnerability, frustration - all these things that get moved out of us as we keep our eyes on Him and keep growing. We’re growing up into Him in all things. - Dan Mohler11

He’s the redemption of all things. Come on. He brings you back to original value. So what did my life look like in Christ or even in Adam before sin - what did my life look like apart from sin and in a total place of innocence - one with Him? It probably looked exactly like Jesus on the earth. His nature - I’m not just talking about miracles and power. I’m talking about disposition, heart, nature, love. - Dan Mohler12


If you don’t see it in His life

If you can’t see it in Jesus’ life then make sure you don’t see it in yours. Is that fair? Because it is perfect theology. He’s the word made flesh. So God didn’t just preach a sermon to you, He put flesh on the sermon and dwelt among us and lived it and said, “Follow me.” So He didn’t just come in word only He came in power. So He lived the life that we were created for and said, “Follow me, guys.” If your life and your belief system doesn’t agree with Jesus’ life then just change it and come into agreement and let grace make it happen. - Dan Mohler13  


He re-charged me

Authority and power


God made man to have dominion over the earth and gave him authority and told him to subdue the earth. Ok? That’s still in place. When man surrendered and gave up the life line, the love line, he became subdued instead of subduing. Christ comes and subdues, wins everything back and gives us the Kingdom. And we’re still blaming God for stuff. And God’s given us the Kingdom. He’s given us the power of His name, the authority of the name of Jesus, the truth of the finished work and He called us to live by faith. If we decree a thing, it will come to pass. If we gather touching anything agreeing with faith, not doubting in our heart, believing according to the will of God, it shall be done. Whatever things - all things - whatever you ask in prayer believing - it shall be done. There’s a place to grow in authority - selfless - fearless - full of courage - without being in presumption and pride and subdue the earth. That’s the restoration of Christ. He put the Kingdom back in our hands. He put you back in the position of reigning. - Dan Mohler14  


“All authority” - how much? - “has been given unto me, in heaven and on earth. Go therefore.” What did He just do? He just included you in the “all authority” and said, “What’s mine is yours and yours is mine.” You’re an heir to God and a joint heir with Christ. - Dan Mohler15


We’ve got this theology on the earth that says, “Well, everything that happens is the will of God. God’s in control.” No, the earth He gave to the children of men and He told us to subdue it in the power of His name through the power of His shed blood. If God was in total control, the power of life and death would not be in your tongue. If God was in total control there would be no law of sowing and reaping. If God was in total control these things wouldn’t be. There’d be nobody destroyed for the lack of knowledge; it would be for the sovereign choice of God. Which means get the knowledge, stop destruction. Come on, we better read this book, because we’re cliché-ing the kingdom away. And we’re putting everything that happens on God, when my Bible says, “Pray, believe, receive all things by faith.” If you have faith it doesn’t say you cry out to God.  You turn to the mountain and speak and the mountain will move. There’s an authority through the name of Jesus that’s not presumption, it’s not arrogance, it’s not pride. It’s God’s idea. It’s the way He set it up from the beginning. It’s His choice, not our bright idea. So there’s not an ounce of presumption in it. It’s the will of God to walk in the authority of the kingdom through Jesus’ name. He said, “I give you authority over all the power of the enemy to tread upon serpents, scorpions…” over all the power of the enemy, “and nothing by any means shall harm you.” We prove that we don’t understand that and don’t believe that when we turn inward and live by fear. And I’m not being mean right now, I’m being real. Jesus said, “Don’t worry.” People worry, worry, worry. And we reveal that we don’t have a very clear revelation of the finished work of Christ and what it means. What that means when you just fear and worry is that your identity is being shaped and molded by life and its circumstances, not the gospel. - Dan Mohler16  


The heart of God on earth

We’re always talking about “heaven on earth” and “on earth as it is in heaven” and all we’re thinking is miracles and power and the leper cleansed and the paralyzed walking. What about your heart being one with God? Come on. There’s no discouragement in heaven. There’s no resentment in heaven. There’s no jealousy and gossip and bitterness in heaven. “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Why is that always the power? Maybe it has more to do with the heart of God than the power of God because all the power of God should flow through the heart of God. - Dan Mohler17

1.  Saved - not prayer to go to heaven - refers to this life and the next - (1:21)
2.  Jesus came to save that which was lost - He became what we were so that we could become sons - (:19)
3.  God sees me as if I had never sinned - see yourself that way - start where He finished - Dan Mohler (1:06)
4.  Beaten beyond recognition - became what we were so that we could become what He is - (1:22)
5.  His house - sin evicted - He created you to inhabit you - He did what was necessary to get back in - (:16)
6.  He breathed on them - Adam lost the image - Christ redeems - just as if never sinned - (1:49)
7.  Filled with the fullness of God - no vacancy - not for sale - Eph. 3:19 - (1:03)
8.  Holy Spirit in you - another Counselor - with you forever - John 14:16 - (2:34) 
9.  Came as a man - otherwise we couldn't follow - 2nd Adam - baptized - anointed - Dan Mohler 2:32)
10. Came as a man - otherwise we couldn't follow - anointed - 2nd Adam - (1:12)
11. Jesus' life lived shows what we were created to be - growing - Dan Mohler (1:22)
12. What we should look like apart from sin - disposition - nature - love - (:27)
13. If not in His life get it out of yours - Word made flesh - (:41)*
14. Authority & power - put man back in the position of reigning - name of Jesus - Dan Mohler (1:05)*
15. Authority & power - all authority - heaven & earth - go - you are included - (:20)*
16. Authority & power - subdue the earth - His name & shed blood - "God allowed it" - (1:56)*
17. Kingdom - on earth as it is in heaven - more to do with the heart of God than the power of God - (:35)*