Dan Mohler - War Against the Kingdom

... stopping God by stopping man ...

It all goes back to the beginning. You were made in God’s image - for a purpose. You were made in God’s image for a reason - to reveal the glory of God - that you could manifest who God is through your life because He said so - because He made us that way. What happened in the beginning, in Genesis, in that picture? Spiritually speaking, the enemy of God came to what was made in the similitude of God, deceived, Adam followed Eve and all that was lost. And they became captured and subservient to that very lie. Jesus came and bought us back. … But it’s right back to the beginning now. But it’s that same war. … You have to understand that … he [Adam] was given the authority to subdue the earth. Understood? When he ate the tree he gave that up. He died concerning the connectivity with God. “The day you eat the tree is the day you die” - boom died. Now watch. So God made man in His image and now he (the man that’s in His image) follows Satan.  Satan wants that authority. He wants that dominion. He said in Luke to Jesus, “Bow and worship me and I’ll give you the glory - all these kingdoms and their glory for they’ve all been handed over to me. I’ll give them to whoever I wish. Bow and worship me and I’ll give you this stuff because it’s all mine.” You have to understand that when Adam ate the tree these demonic realms right here [Eph. 6:12] they set up kingdoms all over the earth and regions to defend against the kingdom of God. Do you understand? They’re real - to defend against the kingdom of God - not to pick on you… They are not here to pick on you. That’s the trap we fall into when we get into trials. We feel like, “Who’s picking on me - Why are you picking on me?” They’re not picking on you. They’re trying to quench and crush the kingdom and get you discouraged because you’re the only one who has the authority to carry it. They are not fighting you. They are trying to kill and stop the kingdom. Look, they cannot get to God. They are not going to form an army and walk into heaven. They will get thumped. The Bible says they hear God’s name and they’re trembling, they’re done. They are not just going to get a plan and rally their troops and try to sneak attack and take out Michael and Gabriel and now maybe they can make a mad push for the throne. We’ve watched to many movies. Look - they’re not going to stop God. But by now, and I got this in a vision a long time ago, by now they are convinced that they can stop God in us because they’ve been doing it for a long time. They’ve watched people sell out and take life personal and get mad at each other and [be] disloyal. They’ve watched it. They whisper into Eve and they watch Eve eat the tree and then they watch Adam follow her instead of God. And they have been watching man nurture and feed the flesh ever since that. They’ve watched countless people be in all the right places, sing all the right things, say all the right stuff and then do unthinkable thing and have a sellout price. They’ve watched it for generations. And they are convinced by this point that they can’t stop God but they can stop God in you and me.1

1. Enemy wants dominion - stop man - only ones authorized to carry Kingdom - sell out - Dan Mohler (5:17)
2. Enemy counts on man selling out - keep them selfish - divided - frustrated - confused - (1:50)
3. Enemy wants to reign from soul (mind & emotions) of Christians - lie, twist & taint - (3:56)
4. Enemy wants to reign from soul (mind & emotions) of Christians - keep them in the flesh - (1:48)
5. Enemy wants to reign from soul (mind & emotions) of Christians - fear - bitterness - worry - (:36)
6. Enemy wants to keep them blind & hardened - looking like him - fear - hopeless - self -  (2:30)
7. Enemy wants to keep them blind - discouraged - drained - struggling - (:59)

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