Dan Mohler - Satan attacks the belief system

If every promise is to the believer and you were the enemy, what would you try to scramble? The belief system of every person.1

Here’s the deal: no faith, no grace. So, if everything hinges on the belief system of the believer and “these signs follow those who believe” and “the gospel is the power of God unto salvation for those that believe,” I bet “believe” is a big deal. OK. So to be established in your heart on what truth is - believing. Right? So if you were the enemy, wouldn’t you mess with the belief system of people the best you could and try to get into their heads to captivate their hearts? Because, if you don’t know what you believe you can’t release a steady faith to receive a steady flow of grace to become what you have.2 


1. Objections - OT - in general - strategy of the enemy - confuse the belief system - (1:46)
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3. Wrong thinking producing wrong believing leading to wrong speech, actions, condemnation - (1:13)
4. Schemes of the devil - wrong thinking - wrong believing - wrong speaking - (1:17)


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