Dan Mohler - Perversions of our view of God

Dan Mohler on perversions of our view of God:

There’s this tendency in the body of Christ to subpoena God in our mind and hold Him on trial and actually find fault with Him as if He’s done something wrong. And our wisdom allows us to find fault with a faultless God - even to the point of being angry or discouraged or despairing because somehow we put it all on God. And we can’t comprehend why and how, if He is so loving… And all of the sudden He’s on trial in the court of your mind. And He’s being prosecuted. And when you’re doing that you’re actually becoming a god unto yourself and letting yourself rise above God - the very thing Satan said he would do. Because remember He’s the potter. We’re the clay. And I bet the clay will never find a case against the potter. So that’s an automatic sign to get humble and chill. I speak straight out. People have lost loved ones - children and all kinds of things and I speak straight out in this without the risk of being insensitive. It is ludicrous to be mad at God now that He has sent His Son. Because He’s crying out, “I love you.” And if it’s not the truth about me I would have never sent my Son - if I was just letting people die or ordaining people to die or running some desk of administration allowing these things. I sent my Son to set things straight. So know who you are. Rise up in that truth. And live with authority and power now that it’s finished. And we’re still debating and blaming God.1

“If God loved me why did He let so many people do me wrong?” That has nothing to do with God that has to do with people. Why are you letting people define God and define you? You’re looking [in] the wrong place. And the devil has deceived us. And we think that every bad thing gets blamed on God. And the devil loves when you believe that. Because when the good news comes your heart is hard and there’s nothing good about it. Now you’re mad at God and He sent His Son. Now you’re mad at God and while you were guilty He took the rap to get you innocent. Now you are mad at God. And all of the sudden you covet life at the cost of Him and He’s the one that gave you life. [It] doesn’t make sense guys. In the fall of man, in the foolishness of pride, we’ve been deceived. How can you be mad at God? Because you rationalize it, “Well I lost a child. I lost my spouse. I got divorced. I lost my job. I lost everything.” God didn’t do any of that.  All God did was make man in His image. And when man chose apart from truth, and fell into something he was never created to be, God took the Lamb already slain before the foundation of the world, put Him on a cross to get you out of the mess and back into truth. That’s all God did was pay the price to make it all right again. And we think that everything that happens is God. There’s a thief on the earth. There’s lies on the earth. There’s people reaping what they’ve sown. There’s power of death and life in your tongue. And sometimes you spoke yourself right into the mess and you want to turn and blame it on God. That’s deception. He is amazing. He is a Father. While we were yet sinners He sent the Son. He is not playing charades with us. He’s not standing us up to slap us down. That is deception.2

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