Dan Mohler - False Identity - Vulnerability

Dan Mohler on vulnerability:

“My people are vulnerable to the world they live in. I’ve created them to subdue not be subdued.” Vulnerability is fear. We’re taking other men’s experiences even people we’ve respected’s resumes and we’re applying them as our destiny instead of following Christ through this thing. And I’m not saying don’t eat wise. And I’m not saying… I’m saying temperance is a simple rule. But man, we’ve got so much natural knowledge that some of us Christians are afraid to live in the world. We’re afraid. You’re afraid that everything that touches your mouth and everything that goes into your body. You’re afraid of the quality of the air. You’re afraid of the background and history of the water. And the only reason is, is because of everybody else’s resume and the loss. And it’s vulnerability. What you’re saying is, “I’m next in line and I’m subject to the world I’m living in.” But the deception is you’re created to subdue. I’m not saying live foolish. I’m not saying live stupid. I’m not saying, “Go drink a bottle of cyanide to prove that you understand.” I’m not saying to go eat a five pound bag of chips and say, “Hey, it has no power over me.”1

I'm not the product of natural knowledge. I'm a product of truth.

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2. Vulnerability - natural knowledge - not of the world - (3:14)
3. Vulnerability - fear - natural knowledge - not next in line - (2:18)

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