Dan Mohler - False Identity - My Past / My Horror Story

Dan Mohler on horror stories:

We accept being hurt and broken. And we think we need to be sensitive to everybody’s pain. No, I’d like to chop that thing up and say, listen, we’ve all been through hell guys. We will accomplish nothing if we share our horror stories. And we will accomplish nothing when we find who’s been through the most hell. We can just give them the award - you’ve passed through more hell. Then what? Ok, so let’s hear everybody’s horror story. Then what? You say, “Dan, you are being real insensitive right now. You’re making me very uncomfortable.” No, it’s because we don’t trust the truth and the finished work of Christ and our true identity in Him. We think we have to be sensitive to everything we’ve been through. Now a new believer you talk to a little different. But I’m telling you that in a congregation like this you can hear what I’m saying. Look I understand you might have been touched wrong. Wonder if I was touched wrong? Maybe I actually know what I’m talking about. See, we think nobody’s been through what we’ve been through because we so relate to the pain and trauma and then it becomes our identity and you draw from people ministering to that. And you draw identity from that. And it’s lying to you. It’s robbing you. It’s not even who you are. It’s the attempt of sin to contaminate you and keep you from hearing the gospel and the good news and seeing the beauty of who God is and who you are. And all of the sudden you just need help because of yesterday, help because of yesterday. No, today is come. Today is the day. Now is the time. Salvation is here. And behold He is standing at the door and knocking saying, “Would you just open up and let me in?” You say, “Well, why did God let me go through that? Why did…?” He didn’t. We’re in a war. There’s a war. Sin is trying to ravage us so that your heart gets so ravaged, so tainted, so confused, that when you here the good news there’s nothing good about it because you’ve taken life personal.1

I'm not the product of my past. What does it matter now that Christ has come? 

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