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Dan Mohler quote on ministry:

It’s fun when God does cool things through you. But if you’re letting that determine [that] you’re ok - that’s deception. Look I’m elated - when I leave the subway and those kind of things happen it’s fun to be alive. “God, that was just fun.” Ok? So don’t misunderstand that part. You can enjoy that. But it’s not - oh - now I’m in touch with the fact that I am a son because God moved through me. No, God moves through you because you are already a son. That’s the healthy way - or you are only going to jump from ministry experience to ministry experience - testimony to testimony - it’s just that same thing like coming to the altar. It’s the same thing. You’ll learn to ride your gift and flow in your gift and get your spiritual identity through your gift instead of your sonship. And ministry will determine who you are instead of His finished work. Come on it’s just a real healthy word. I don’t even need to spend a whole lot of time there but that’s true. Some people feel like, “Boy, if I could just get a clear word of knowledge, I could just…” And you strive for that because there’s something that it will affirm. That should already be affirmed. It’s not whether you prophesy, it’s that you are receiving love and forgiveness, that your heart is sincere and pure and the pure in heart shall see God.1

I'm not rightly defined by how He uses me but who He has made me to be.

1. Ministry - identity from ministry or gifts - already a son or daughter - Dan Mohler (1:17)
2. Ministry - identity thru ministry - affirmed from God not through ministry - (1:12)
3. Ministry - only feel like doing well when God is moving through you in certain way - (:16)

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