Dan Mohler - False Identity - Guilt, Condemnation & Shame

Do you know what guilt is? A subconscious confession that you’re not forgiven. Do you know what condemnation is? A subconscious confession that your life is worthy to be judged. Do you know what shame is? A subconscious confession that it’s still who I am - what I’m ashamed of is me. And all three are anti- finished works of Christ. And they’re never, ever, ever God or subcontracted by Him.1

I'm not the product past sin. I'm the product of His righteousness.
1. Guilt, condemnation & shame - “Living to Love - A Weekend with Dan Mohler”, King’s Way Church, Birmingham, AL; March 21-23, 2014; originally viewed on YouTube but video was subsequently moved.
2. Guilt, condemnation & shame - (:25)
3. Guilt, condemnation & shame - responding to false guilt - (:37) 
4. Guilt, condemnation & shame - v(1:40) 
5. Guilt, condemnation & shame - v(20:18)

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