Dan Mohler - False Identity - Flashbacks

If the thought that you get from yesterday bothers you - you’re changed - stop making such a big issue about the thought and start rejoicing you’re changed. When you get thoughts that you wish you didn’t get, stop taking them personal and thinking they’re you and asking for ministry and prayer. Lift your heart and your hands and say, “God I so thank you that my life is transformed and I’m purified and I have become one with you and I am not the person I used to be and I am not the same desires. My desire is for you. And all the while you’ve got [buzzer sound] over here [brain] trying to tilt your brain and get into here [your heart]. Come on. You cast down every vain imagination and every thought. You bring it into obedience. You hold it captive. And you bring it into obedience according to Christ. One of the biggest traps in the church is everything we think and feel is who we are. Come on. It’s outside trying to get back in. Trying to keep your foundation shaky and get you to sell out cheap when you’ve been bought out at such a high price.1

I'm not every thought that goes through my mind. It's on the outside trying to get back in.
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