Dan Mohler - False Identity - Emotional Vulnerability

I hear Christians talking about being emotionally abused. You try to emotionally abuse me. You will get emotionally abuse trying to emotionally abuse me. How do you emotionally abuse somebody that knows who they are? It’s impossible. For you to abuse me emotionally is a joke to me. Like for me to put boundaries around my life to protect me from you is a joke to me. What am I so vulnerable of? What am I protecting? If I’m protecting He’s not my defense. Why am I so afraid of you hurting me? “Well you’ve got to put up boundaries brother so that you don’t get hurt again. Why are we hurtable? Come on. Was Jesus hurt? Is God hurt? Is He in us? Are we made for His image? Are we the body of Christ? We probably ought not to be hurt.1

I'm not the product of what others do to (hurt) me. I'm the product of what He did for me. I'm accepted, not rejected - grafted back in.
1. Others - Go ahead, try to emotionally abuse me - why are you so hurt? - protecting self - Dan Mohler (1:01)
2. Others - in need of love after the fall - fulfilled in Christ - accepted not rejected - (1:58)
3. Others - why are you so hurt? - not a victim - (1:08)

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