Dan Mohler - False Identity - Discouragement

We almost talk like discouragement is expected in people. And I would wish that you would see it as an enemy. It is not the way of God. If God was discouraged He would have no hope and He’s the God of all hope. And He sees everything all the time. Before Fox 43 news broadcast it He already saw it. Right? And is He in despair and discouraged? Discouragement is not normal. In fact the Bible would teach you if you looked in Hebrews 12:3 that discouragement comes from considering yourself - that if you’re discouraged your eyes are turned inward and you’re thinking for yourself. Well, it only makes sense. Where else would it come from? You’re looking at how things are affecting you. When your whole purpose should be how are these things affecting God and the kingdom and others and you want to live in a manner that is profitable in that direction. So, no matter how hard the hit is you are taking your response should be edifying to the whole, encouraging to the whole. When Paul’s in chains and he says, “It’s for your glory.” It’s because he hasn’t lost his disposition. He hasn’t lost his worship. He hasn’t lost his zeal and his love for God just because he’s in chains. He’s getting the opportunity to live what he’s preaching and he’s not saying, “Oh, here we go again.” His flesh might. You’re not asking for that. But when it comes his perspective is so clear that he said, “Godliness with contentment is great gain.”1

I'm not the product of every feeling I have. I'm the product of how He feels.
Discouragement - it's still all about you - looking at how things are affecting you - Dan Mohler (1:42)
Discouragement - it's still all about you - when it should be all about Him - (3:32)
Discouragement - if the way you are thinking is not building you up you're being deceived - (:28)
Discouragement - if the way you're thinking is not encouraging, life giving - not of God - (1:05)
Discouragement - if you're discouraged you're not seeing clearly - (:23)
Discouragement - only if we don't interpret the good tidings clearly - good tidings - great joy - quote

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