Dan Mohler - False Identity - Church Attendance

We’re following Jesus. He’s not just taking us to heaven. He’s teaching us what love is. Come on, Christianity is Christ-likeness. Christianity is transformation. It’s not church attendance and singing spiritual songs. It’s your life brand new. Christianity is you changed. It’s not you a part of a church. It’s you changed. You being changed wants you to be a part of a church - that’s what makes you want to be a part of a church. But Christianity is not church attendance. Christianity is transformation and is the expression of Christ. Look if you go to church and take your kids to church and don’t pursue Christ-likeness without realizing it you’re teaching your children that Christianity is church attendance because you’re less than Christ outside of church - and pursuing less… Your life is more than going to church. Sometimes if that’s all kids have, when they get older they despise going because they went for so long and they’re just tired of going because it’s just church…But a lot of times it’s the parents because they don’t understand. They are not realizing it. They are going to church and living less than Christ - spats and arguments and derogatory and demeaning and animosity and frustration in the home - calling it normal. But then we go sing, “Holy is the Lord” and go to church and we’re Christians. So all of the sudden the kids go, “I guess Christianity is just going to church and God somehow loves us because we’re a mess.” And you don’t even realize that you are actually inadvertently teaching your family religion and that Christianity is church attendance instead of Christ-likeness.1

I'm not rightly defined by just attending church but by whether I am changed.
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