Dan Mohler - False Identity - Adversity

Don’t ever let what you are going through become who you are. You let what He went through become who you are and you’ll fight the good fight of faith. What I’m going through has no reflection on me. I don’t turn introspective, “What did I do wrong? What door did I open? Where are you God? Why aren’t you…” That’s what a lot of people do. You can’t do that and fight at the same time. In fact when you do that you reveal that your identity is in crisis and there is no competency in your heart because you’re in question. I’m not in question. Sometimes the devil is just a jerk and sometimes there’s adversity and sometimes there’s just trials and sometimes stuff just happens. But I promise you He loves us unfailingly. And He’s amazing. And we win. - Dan Mohler - see reference below.1

I'm not the product of the circumstances I'm going through. I'm the product of what He went through.
1. Circumstances / Adversity - I'm not the product of what I'm going through - Dan Mohler (:45)
2. Circumstances / Adversity - life is not your teacher - (1:29)

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