Dan Mohler - Discouragement

If you have selfishness in your life, you're subject to discouragement - because it's all about YOU. When you're not selfish, you can't be discouraged because you're living for God - you're trusting God and you're living for others. And on your worst day you are still OK because you've got something to give - because your life is an outflow, not an inflow. (Is that safe? Is that good?) 

Discouragement can only be found where there is self-centeredness because it has to do with you. That's a heavy word. I know. But it's the truth. Let it set you free. Don't be condemned by it. 

Because there are people sitting here that are saying, "My God, I've been discouraged" - because you've got your eyes on how things are effecting YOU - instead of getting your eyes on how things can make a greater draw of God THROUGH you - how you can be of greater impact and blessing in the midst of these things.

But like they kept saying to Moses, following him through the wilderness, "Man, it would be better for US if we'd be back in Egypt." Food was a little tight. "Man, it would be better for us... I remember back there - at least we had leeks and onions." They were saying that it would be better for [US]. But He [God] didn't deliver them out of Egypt for THEM. He did it for His name sake. He did it so that He could have a people once again to reveal Himself through. And for God to do that, you have to surrender and say, "Yes, I'm for You. You're not for me. I'm for You." 

So, you can't be discouraged if you've denied yourself. (Boy, that's a good straight word. [There's] no way to run or hide from that.) So, if you're discouraged it's because you're seeing how things have to do with you. And it's time to get out of the way and surrender that part of your life.

From the audio recording entitled "Lifted Up" [32:50] formerly maintained on the Neck Ministries web site.