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If Jesus is going to walk the earth…  and say, “If you’re not for me you’re against me. If you don’t gather to me you scatter.” [gasp] He talks about eating His flesh and drinking His blood and all His disciples go the other way. Jesus is amazing. And He’s not a condemner, but I tell you, He’s truth. He says, “Unless you don’t love less all your stuff and houses and lands and your children and your wife and all this stuff - if you don’t love them less than me you can’t even be my disciple.”  Why? Because one of those things will become a ruling, determining factor in your life that will mold your identity. And it’ll determine you and how you respond to situations. And it makes something else Lord when He is Lord. And then you’ll live from the position of weakness instead of looking through strength and you’ll handle situations from despair and fear and worry and need instead of the kingdom. Come on, I preach it all the time, if things determine your joy apart from Him, that’s where you’re hammered guaranteed. Because Satan has found weakness and vulnerability and he’s an opportunist and he will take great advantage of that. It’s a form of idolatry. It’s something you need outside of Him. It’s all deception. There’s nothing outside of Him. It’s temporal and false and unfulfilling.1

1. - Dan Mohler audio recording entitled "Overcoming" [37:00]