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Day 8

[There was no break on this day.]

Teach from What is Real in Your Life

1:10 - Meditating in the word exercise - YESTERDAY: Talking about the meditating in the word exercise from yesterday afternoon. Pursuing Him in intimacy. You want to make sure that it doesn’t turn into works. Taking your time as you read. Becoming what you read. You could read the same thing for a year because the word is alive. His wisdom is unsearchable, immeasurable.

3:00 - There’s always more. Wow, you are revealing yourself. And when I find you, I find me there. And you keep yielding yourself. And two are becoming one. It will just keep getting bigger and bigger.

3:40 - Principle of the seed - Each seed produces after its own kind - One of the first principles in the Bible is the principle of the seed. That each seed produces after its own kind - Gen. 1:11. So when the sower sows the word, he is sowing seed. You can sow Bible knowledge and stimulate intellect and reproduce Bible knowledge. Or you can get in the word and become that word, and when you speak you are not just teaching out of your head your Bible knowledge, you are teaching out of your heart. You are teaching what you have become - what has become your reality. There is an anointing there. There is a spirit of revelation. People say that they are speaking out of what has become theirs - they are not just doing a Bible lesson. You know the word is anointed so it always has effects on people’s lives. Don’t think that God can’t go deeper than where a person is. What I am saying is, when it becomes your reality, you are sowing seeds of revelation into people. That’s why the men said - And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures? - Luke 24:32. Why? Because He is speaking out of: He is the word.

4:50 - Matthew 23:8 - But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren. - there is only one source of true teaching and that is the truth of Jesus and through Jesus. That’s a pretty powerful scripture.

5:10 - Each seed producing after its own kind - People who minister from what they have become get responses like, “Man, I could feel that going into me” or “Something was happening in me when you were talking.” That’s each seed producing after its own kind. If you are speaking out of what has become yours, then it sows the seed into somebody to start them into that place. It just becomes theirs. It’s powerful.

5:40 - You impart what you have become - Shear knowledge stirs the intellect most of the time. The word is still alive. God can take that knowledge into a deeper place. But I would encourage you to continue in this because you can give people what you become, in a real supernatural way. It’s the reproducing factor. It’s the multiplying factor.

6:05 - There is life in the word - Why else do you think there is so much life in the word - when you open yourself up and humble yourself and become teachable? Because it has come out of revelation. It’s truth. It’s a life lived - Jesus - the word - the word made flesh. There is so much life in the word. So there is life in the words that you share and convey because… If you pour out your heart to someone and it is through your life change - it’s through the love that Jesus has for you - you leave a deposit of something in the other person that is so real in you - it sows that seed into them for God to reproduce that after it’s own kind. It’s very vital. Rather than, “Sir, the Bible says…” It’s a whole other realm.

7:00 - I know this is true in my heart just from this…

7:10 - I only want you speaking out of the reality of who I am in your life - When I was three days saved and I am at work and God is speaking to me in sentences in English. Am I just thinking this or is this God? He talked to me personally. He called me by name. “Dan, I am going to give you revelations of my love and righteousness. And you are going to speak to many of my people.” This is God because I don’t have a dream to be in ministry. “However I am not going to open this door and do this so that you study your Bible to preach sermons. I don’t want you studying your Bible to preach sermons.” That doesn’t mean that it is wrong to do that. This is what He said to me. It’s a grace. “I don’t want you studying your Bible to preach sermons. I only ever want you speaking out of the reality of who I am in your life.” I didn’t totally understand it. But it clicked from then on. Because from then on, that’s all I have ever done.

9:45 - Bible breakfast - when I was saved for a week - I started to share - preached the gospel. One of the elderly brothers took me to lunch and started to cry. “There is something in your heart, it’s so fresh. I'm so hungry for what I see in your eyes.” I've gotten that response ever since I was saved.

10:10 - Speak out of what is real in your life - Know God - Only ever speak what’s become real in your life - who I am in your life. So it’s all about knowing Him. It’s not about knowing about Him. Knowing about Him can take us to knowing Him but God’s goal is knowing Him. So on His end, He wants face to face intimacy. He wants us knowing Him.

10:35 - So we are not reading our Bibles to know about Him.

11:00 - Participant’s comments on meditating through the word, pouring your heart through what the scriptures are saying and participating, entering in, using that truth as a springboard for your heart.

11:50 - Participant comment: Never again will I lack for something to say. Why? Because the truth is right there and you are responding to it from your heart. It triggers your heart to enter into truth. So you are not praying out of your head. One of the reasons that we lack words is because we live out of our heads. No, you live out of your heart and the word activates your heart.

12:10 - Pure hearts - We are sincere. We want to know God better. Are our hearts pure? Of course they are. You may have these little thoughts, “Well, your heart is not as pure as it should be.” That’s the devil and he’s a jerk anyway. The bottom line is, your heart is pure. You want God. You want to grow in God. You want to love God. the word makes a draw on the pureness of your heart. The pure in heart shall see God. When you see that you just enter in.

The War Against the Kingdom

13:40 - Participant’s Intimidating vision during prayer - Satan is an intimidator. Sometimes these visions are very real. He starts with people when they are children...

13:55 - Scary stuff as a kid - I used to see black figures in my bedroom all the time when I was a little kid. And they were fear inducing things - trying to get me freaked out and afraid and then I would go watch Alfred Hitchcock and the Twilight Zone and Tales of the Crypt and add fuel to the fire and make myself a sitting duck. Going up to third floor bedroom.

14:55 - Dark sanctuary - The day at YCF where I saw two blind eyes opened in the healing services. Leaving - left keys on platform - dark sanctuary - instantly same feeling as when I was a boy.

I am not What I may Feel

16:45 - Flashback - You are not your feeling - The big mistake that we make right there, is that we think that’s us. We think that that is in us. And we think that we need to be freed because we felt a feeling. People think they need to get that thing out of them. No, it’s not in me.

17:10 - It’s a memory - a flashback - something that used to eat my lunch and terrorize me, looking for an opportunity to get me to sell cheap and say, “This is still who I am.” It wants me to call someone and say, “I’ve still got some fear in my life.” No, I had a memory that used to freak me out and own me.

17:35 - Dark sanctuary (continued) - Here is what I did. I said, Father I thank you for the blood of Jesus... And I realized that my instinct from the past was to hit that light switch. And I refused to hit the light switch.

18:10 - Sensual living - You are not everything that you feel - We sell our identity short because of feelings, emotions and experiences. It’s called sensuality. It’s the attack point of the devil. And if you start believing that you are everything that you FEEL, you will never be free the rest of your life in your mind, yet you have been free the whole time. You’ve always been free but you haven’t seen it because you haven’t FELT it. And you are believing lies. So if I am as easy as an experience, well then I’m sold cheap. I’ll be a wreck. Satan will poke me and stick me like a pincushion all the time. Satan used to work with these things (in my life) to drive me in fear.

18:50 - Dark sanctuary (continued) - He used to drive me to my bedroom and I would dive into my bed and hide there until I had calmed down enough to pop my head out like a turtle. I was in the attic and it was scary. In the sanctuary it was the same feeling.

19:15 - Ministering to the feelings - Some would say, “Oh, that little boy is still there. He needs ministry.” You’re selling your identity through emotions and feelings. It’s sensuality. You were bought at such a high price. The Bible says that you are already free from the power of darkness.

20:45 - Finished work -  I think that we think that Jesus needs help with His finished work. It’s knowing who you are and what He’s accomplished that will take you through.

21:00 - Dark sanctuary (continued) - Praying through other issues that were going on at that time. Discernment of spirits. A spirit in the kitchen. I trust Holy Spirit. I trust discerning of spirits. If I don’t have that, (I can know that) the gospel is all I need - it’s my answer.  If Holy Spirit is not showing me something, I am not looking for something. (If He is not showing me something, I'm not going around looking for something.) We are looking for a lot of stuff (demonic spirits).

23:10 - Dark sanctuary (continued) - I get back to the platform and pick up keys. I felt that feeling of fear. It was the weirdest thing. I don’t have fear. The gospel has done something cool to me.

23:30 - Fear not - We think fear is normal. Jesus didn't think it was cool. Jesus said, “Do not fear.” That phrase occurs 365 times in the Bible. Never a day for fear. Always fear not.

24:00 - Dark sanctuary (continued) - Turned around with keys - saw two spirits - they were outside trying to oppress me. They were trying to make me fearful. They were messing with me when I was seeking God about all of this stuff in the church about going back and ministering to the kid in me, roots etc. And this thing is coming saying, “See, you are still in that place.” It was trying to send that message. I’m holding on to the gospel thanking God for the blood. As soon as I saw the spirits they disappeared. “See Dan, they are outside.” It set me free forever.

25:10 - They are outside trying to get in - If I had called someone for prayer, I would have opened myself up for the identity of a fearful man, when just a moment ago a door creaked. But I am filled with the Holy Spirit watching blind eyes open. Now a door creaks and I have fear? God’s wisdom makes these things look foolish if we really look to God’s wisdom.

25:40 - Ministering to the feeling? - You are telling me that I still have this issue and a door creaking throws me off of who I really am? And sends me on some wild goose chase so now I need you to minister to me? Because I felt a familiar spirit? He is outside. He’s not inside. I happened to be filled with the Spirit of the living God. Our identity has to go deeper than the intellect of a door creaking and connecting a dot to 9 years old. Your identity can step over that.

26:30 - Belief that makes you always vulnerable to a feeling - Or you make much of that and create a doctrine that keeps you always vulnerable to a feeling.  If you believe that’s who you are, satan will have a heyday with your soul. And you will have 20 more memories and you’ll never know if you are able to be free because what else has you captive. Because I felt a feeling and heard a door creak you are not taking me from where I was in Christ before that door opened.

27:05 - The power of believing - you have what you believe - If you don’t lock your heart into that truth, there is no truth to make you free. If you believe that you are vulnerable…

Generational Curses

27:15 - Believing generational curses gives them power - If you believe generational curses have power over you, that’s what makes them have power. It’s what you believe. You have what you believe. There is no way that you can convince me that my great, great grand dad has a voice in my life unless it would be something good. Because when you turn to righteousness you are blessed to a thousand generations - we miss that part - Exodus 20:6  

27:35 - Just because you can track a generational curse in a family doesn’t mean that you are subject to it now that you are in Christ. And it’s a fear doctrine. There is a place to separate yourself from it in your identity.

27:45 - Don’t just diagnose the problem - But there is a fear out there and we have made it a monster in the church - to the point where we’re good at diagnosing problems but we can’t help them. “Well, it’s some kind of generational curse. It has to do with your forefathers and your lineage.” And we let them go away thinking they are cursed. “Sorry, you got to live with it bud.”

28:30 - Give them the Answer - No, you teach them that they can’t be cursed. HE was made to be a curse. “Yeah but, I FEEL cursed. It SEEMS like I am cursed.” When you embrace that stuff it generates fear and vulnerability. And now you are living on the edge of fear and vulnerability.

29:00 - We are not subject to yesterday’s dictates - we’re born again - Do you know why the righteous are as bold as a lion? - Prov. 28:1. Because they see and understand the privilege of being right with God - the benefit of being in covenant with a God that never breaks covenant. It doesn’t mean they are arrogant, cocky and presumptuous. They are bold because they are not of the world any more. You are not subject to the same dictates as yesterday. You’re born again. God forbid that we sell our identity out because a door creaked and I remembered my childhood.

29:40 - No, God, I so thank you that I am not that little boy any more. There was a time when I was eaten alive with fear. God, I so thank you that you are in me and upon me. Thank you for rocking the world through my life. And you go get your keys and you go home.

30:40 - What you experienced is not who you are. That’s called selling out your identity. And that means that you are not established in truth. And you will live like this (up and down - cycling?) in your Christian life.

Demonic Trials & Authority & Fear

30:40 - How could that demonic spirit be in your home and what happened after that? -

Assignments of familiar spirits - It’s coming to get on my kids through what I don’t understand. It’s looking for an opportune time. They test your faith. They come and speak to your life based on where they used to own you. They don’t own you any more, so they are trying to lay claim to you again. It’s just familiar spirits. It’s an assignment. It’s coming to put something on my children, to throw me and my wife (into inner disarray.) “Can’t you protect us God?” These things try to slip in and take advantage of your soul (thinking, feeling, wanting) to expose what you do and don’t understand.

31:45 - Satan doesn’t believe that we believe what we claim. So he comes to test your faith all of the time - adversities and trials. God doesn’t get in the way and stop them because... actually, I wouldn’t change that experience. If I could go back and rewrite that experience… I’m so glad for these things because the gospel is in place. So if satan pokes his head in, if he comes to bring adversity, bring it on my kids, take advantage of the innocence of my kids…

32:20 - There is a place to stand - I don’t know how he was able to touch them but what God taught me was that there is a place for me to stand and believe. I didn’t understand that before the experience. I had total authority over my family under my roof, my children - and you aren’t coming through me now. I learned that and then I started to live that and believe that. I didn’t pray it all of the time but I walked in that. It was just my revelation.

32:45 - Covering authority - My kids, when they were little, they never missed school, they were never sick until they were in their late teens. Watch the power of what you believe - I used to have the belief that once they got to a certain age they were more accountable to themselves than to me covering them. That they needed to step out in their own accountability and I didn’t have the same authority to cover them. I read that in a word of faith book one time and I took it to heart. And I believed that they were accountable for their own words, actions and faith after a certain age. Now what I realized is that it is my home and I am the priest of my home and I have an authority. I can pray over an unbeliever and he can be healed. Why can’t I protect my kids through what they are not seeing or what they are yielding to when they are in my home?

34:00 - Voodoo / witchcraft - Some people have a passion for praying for the sick and have problems with their own physical being. I’ve been the total opposite and I can't explain, I’ve always had no fear and grace to see myself in covenant. In the expression of that - when I would teach - witchcraft came and tried to kill me. I said, “What do I do?” It was almost like He laughed. “What do you do? Just keep believing my word.” He brought me through three experiences. Assaults against my physical body from witchcraft. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. I wouldn’t go back and want that to change because it worked such a passion in me. It took what I said I believed, to knowing what I believed.

34:55 - Familiar spirit in house (continued) - So when I saw that thing, I got like a lion. Up to the bedrooms. I had been starting to take authority over the home and just believe that we’re not vulnerable. When I saw it, it saw me and took off up the stairs. In daughter’s room - a wall of evil, demonic presence. I could feel the anointing of God all over me. You never come into my house again in the name of Jesus. It left immediately.

36:55 - Catatonic neighbor lady with spirits in her house - That led to another experience a couple of weeks later. Catatonic lady walking down street. Are you ok? No, I have no peace. I’m crazy. Everybody says I’m crazy. Brought her in our house. I never felt so much peace. Jesus is peace. You can have that peace. Not in my house. The children run all through the house. And they scream all of the time. Nobody believes they live there. Tormenting demonic experience to make her look crazy - put her on pills and make her lose her life.

39:30 - Devil hunt - the devil wants to get you on a devil hunt.

40:00 - Opportune times - They look for opportune times. The devil left Jesus, looking for an opportune time - Luke 4:13. So he didn’t give up. He kept an eye on Him. Because he wants to stop the gospel.

40:20 - Catatonic neighbor lady (continued) - This was a long time ago and I have mixed up the details. She came back to my house every day for a few days and knocked on the door. Can I come in and sit on your couch? I’ll be ok if you will let me sit on your couch every day. I won’t touch anything or eat anything. Honey, you can have this same peace in your house. She said no way, and she told me the story - ”the children.” Let’s go. We went to her house.

41:20 - Tormenting spirits - I had always been taught that spirits inhabit people but not places. But they are oppressors and try to do anything they can to get into the soul of man. Most people live out of their soul (I think, I feel, I want). So if you can get into the soul of a person, you can imprison their heart (spirit). And that’s what they do. They are wicked. You have to see that and give them no place.

41:45 - Catatonic neighbor lady (continued) - They are wrecking this lady’s life. People think that she is psychotic. She’s on all of these pills. Losing her life because of this. Went to her house with my wife. You can have peace here. No. She kept looking up at a door. That’s where they stay. I wouldn’t go in there. We got to the door and it’s like we walked into that same wall I felt in my daughter’s room. It’s intimidation - manifestation.

43:05 - Familiar spirits - snake in the grass trying to hide - They only manifest when they are threatened. They are threatened by the anointing. They try to play snake in the grass. They don’t want you to know that they are there. But when you walk in a certain level of the anointing, they will manifest certain things. People will manifest things and sometimes they won’t even recall what they said and did. It’s important to walk in the anointing because it rustles out snakes. Otherwise they just lay cool.

43:40 - Catatonic neighbor lady (continued) - Love for the lady welled up in my heart and I started declaring… in Jesus name. Immediately they went away. Everything is going to be fine now. Tell Jesus, thank you. And tell Him you love Him. “There is peace! It’s the same peace that I feel in your house.” She died 8 years later. After that day she was different.

45:10 - Evil spirits - They are tormentors. They try to find any avenue that they can. They want to slip through the cracks. You better know who you are and know who God is and not get focused on the devil and get all freaked out. You need to stand all the more solid and crush that thing. Because if you start introspecting, you are already saying, “I am lost right now. I am confused. My identity is tattered. And I am not walking in a lot of confidence and faith.” And then that thing comes on even harder to overtake and destroy.

46:30 - Evil spirit tormenting child - What do I say? What do I do?

46:55 - There is a place to grow in authority in what He has accomplished. The more you grow in identity, the more fears move.

47:20 - Toys moving by themselves - Got phone call - toys in baby’s crib were moving all by themselves like they were alive.

47:25 - Playing on fears - That’s just satan… he has found roots of fear in the family and he says, “I’ll just play peek-a-boo right now. And I’ll just wreck them. And I'll get them on a wild, witch hunt, goosechase motivated by fear. We’ll just play out an exorcist scene here.” It’s rare that those things happen.

48:10 - Stand and stay ready to stand and fight - The point is, if something like this should ever happen to you, you step up with confidence and smash that thing. Philippian 1:27 - only let your conduct be worthy of the gospel. When your conduct is not right, your conscience gets violated. You shipwreck your faith - 1 Tim. 1:19. You suppress convictions. You muddy your confidence before God. And that goes hand in hand with some of these things because then when some of these things happen… “Am I allowing this? OMG, I’m bringing this upon my kids.” All that crazy stuff comes into people’s heads then and they are all off balance and off foundation and that leaves you in no position to fight. Because you are feeling guilty, responsible, condemned, violated, fearful, almost deserving (of whatever bad happens).

49:40 - Philippians 1:27 - Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ: that whether I come and see you, or else be absent, I may hear of your affairs, that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel; -

50:50 - The devil is a snake in the grass - It’s rare that you find that satan pops out of the grass. Satan pops out of the grass because he has located fear and he is trying to freak you out, wipe you out and get you on a wild goose chase. He’s a snake in the grass. It’s very rare that he pops out like that.

51:10 - Floating flashlight - This lady is a Christian. She is starting to feel fear. And she is praying to God motivated by total fear of these experiences. And while she is praying the flashlight on her table… because this is how satan is and he knows how we react to this stuff. The flashlight lifts up as if someone is carrying it walks across the kitchen and sits on the counter. And now she is freaked out. And she calls me on the phone.

51:30 - Evil spirits wants you in fear - I had to pull her right back to truth - not to pay any attention to the flashlight. That (floating flashlight) does not impress me. That is a fallen spirit wanting you to honor him. He’s fallen. He’s lost. He’s void. He’s empty of identity. And he is trying to get you impressed with who he is. He is such a loser.

52:00 - How does a demon know what we believe? Your words, your comments.

52:15 - When we say, “Get out of here in the name of Jesus Christ, doesn’t that work?” It’s not a method.

52:30 - They yield to authority and anointing - no fear - They yield to authority and anointing - to revelation. The Bible knowledge we have tells us what to do. But if you are saying “Get out in the name of Jesus” and there is total fear in you it’s kind of like a dog can perceive fear. These things know fear. They track. There are assignments. If satan left for a more opportune time, was he monitoring the situation? So these familiar spirits, these things that were ruling your life - those things that drove me and owned me as a kid - that I opened up my life to by watching all of that stuff - when I get born again and now they don’t own me anymore, what do you think they do? Just say, “Oh well.” No, they are tracking me. How do you think out of the blue 5 years from now that it almost feels like you are reliving an experience of some wicked thing that you did - some traumatic thing? It’s that familiar spirit, that thing that you are familiar with reliving the past, seeing if you will bite or sell out or don’t know who you are. Or put yourself through a (Christian psychology) session at the cost of truth and your identity to say, “This is me.” No, this is not me. I’m in Christ. And Christ is in me and I’m born again and I am not in fear, freaked out and afraid. Sometimes the reason we submit our identity is because we are afraid.

53:50 - Mind game to discredit people - So if this lady is afraid and now satan says, “I’ll wreck her.” I’ll get the church thinking that she is a Christian kook. So he takes the flashlight and say, “This will get her good.” Some people think that the stuff that they are seeing is “discerning of spirits.” Sometimes it’s just the devil going “boo” because of the fruit it is producing. If it’s discerning of spirits, God is not a God of confusion, He is not a God of fear and He is not spiritually opening things for you to see at the cost of your soul. If it’s not producing life and confidence and and boldness (it’s not from God). When I saw that spirit, my spirit man went RRRRRah. That wasn’t the devil going peek-a-boo. That was the devil going, “uh-oh.”

54:35 - Devils and fear - That thing knows that I am anointed. It can’t stand when I worship. It’s thinking, “I have an assignment to wreck this guy but I can’t even get near this guy.” So he is a snake in the grass and trying to get to me through my kids. And all of the sudden I see him by the Spirit of God, his head cocked to the side, “Uh-oh, you see me.” It was so afraid. It loves to drive you in its fear.

55:20 - David Hogan said, “You ought to learn to feed on it’s fear.” They are freaked out with fear. When they encountered Jesus, they freak out. They know they are doomed.

56:00 - Sometimes the devil is just trying to build on a foundation of fear.

56:20 - v.27 - that you stand fast in one spirit… -

Standing fast - We haven’t done good at standing fast in one spirit. We say, “Yeah but, I feel… I had this experience… You don’t understand what I am going through… Yeah but, the flashlight moved… I saw this thing in my room.” And all of the sudden that becomes a problem. What if that is not a problem? What if that thing would never pop up in your room because you so know who you are. So the only reason it is popping up in the room is because it realizes you don’t and it has taken the risk (of popping up) to (try to) crush you. It’s saying, “Ok, I'm coming out and getting even deeper into their mind - into their soul.”

57:30 - Satan’s perversion of gifting and calling - Satan is using the anointing that he was originally given in a perverted way. God’s gifts and callings are without repentance. So it is not like God is empowering him to mess with us. But his original gifting and calling got perverted. It’s twisted and it tries to produce twisted fruit.

58:00 - Weighing the fruit of spiritual experiences - Here is one simple rule - the experiences you are having spiritually, even the dreams that you are having… you have to weigh the fruit they are producing.

58:10 - Dreams and their messages - Some people think that just because they see a devil in their dream that it is a demonic dream. Not if you have a victory in the dream - not if you have an authority that you release in the dream. That’s actually God teaching you.

58:20 - There are times when dreams come to try to build a message in you. Try to get you fearful - vulnerable. Or your dream comes at the cost of a loved one. For 2 or 3 months before my wife had that seizure, I had the impression every time I prayed that my wife was going to die. Voice mimicked how God speaks to me. I never responded to it. I just heard it. It was trying to prepare me to accept that God was doing it (taking my wife).

59:20 - There are books like that, “How the Lord showed me that my spouse would get cancer and die and that’s why I have peace.” And we think every voice is the voice of God. And the only reason they have peace is because they believe that God told them that. But if He told them that it is a the cost of the gospel and the finished work of Christ. It’s so distorted.

Authority & Love

1:00:00 - If I am not in a house, do I have the authority to cast out a spirit from that house?

You have authority where love is perfected - Intercession - I'll tell you what you have authority where love is perfected - when your motive is pure and you are not just on a witch hunt. If all things are possible to them that believe (Mark 9:23) and nothing shall be impossible (Mt. 17:20)… It doesn’t give you a list of what’s excluded. That means love perfected is the most powerful form of intercession on the planet, because then you see the value of the people - you see things for where they are and when you pray it’s as if Christ is praying Himself because of the heart. That’s why it’s so important for us to become love and to become one with His heart and get over ourselves and get over issues. The more that we get free from all of that, the more that we can be one with Him. And we will look through His eyes. And when we pray, it’s as if He is praying Himself.

1:01:00 - Authority from heaven - Centurion - There is a centurion that doesn’t understand but that understands that He is in authority. He recognizes one thing: You are the Son of God. I believe you are a Man walking in authority from heaven. Heaven is upon your life. “Don’t even come to my house, just say the word.” Jesus said, “Woah, that’s amazing. Go, your boy is fine.”

1:01:30 - Devil not threatened by anger - Lady that would not come out of her apartment - We called a lady to come out of her apartment. Went over. Captive on her couch - 4 or 5 days. Highly devil conscious. Satanic ritual abuse. All of her focus was on what she had been through instead of what He went through. Ministering the truth of the gospel. That oppression made me mad - praying authority stuff - she won’t answer the door. The devil was so not threatened by that mad thing. The love switch hit and I went into a whole other mode. When you react in anger, you become like him - you act like him. He fears the finished work of Christ. He fears the revelation of love. He fears the anointing of God.

1:05:00 - Way too impressed with the devil - I have a lot of demonic encounters but I don’t preach on them much because people are already too impressed with this devil stuff. We need to be so impressed with Jesus that we see this devil stuff for what it is and don’t even bat an eye. Man, I could have a devil on my counter doing all kinds of tricks and that is doing nothing to me. “You are such a loser pal. You are a withering cut off branch coming to nothing. Get out.” It’s not like, “Oh, my God!” If a witch comes to church in her garb, our eyes are more on her - we get our eyes off of Jesus and fixed on her just because of our knowledge that she is a witch. And He is King of kings and Lord of lords - name above every name - and all the witch has to do in the average church is walk in dressed out and she will subvert the whole atmosphere because all of the eyes are on her. People will be in back rooms praying in tongues calling it intercession. No, “We are so glad that you came. God bless you. We appreciated you being here today. It’s awesome you came.” Hug her. And when worship starts keep your eyes on Jesus so that the Spirit of God comes and touches her deeply. Most of us would be distracted and that’s the only reason they would do something like that in the first place.

1:06:35 - Lady stuck in apartment (continued) - A group of us prayed at my house. An authority arose from a whole different heart. It was about Jesus’ love for her. I wasn’t about my ability to drive out the devil. It was about Jesus loving her with His life. And giving me the honor of ministering that truth. I was at her front door screaming all of these prayers - and nothing. Now, in my living room, praying from a different heart, in 2 minutes the telephone rang. It was her. “Are you guys praying for me? That thing broke off of me and I feel the presence of God.” She came over.

1:08:00 - Praying from a heart of love - I prayed all of the right Christian stuff at her apartment door. I was just mad (at the devil). It carried no sense of her value. All of the legal stuff doesn’t carry power when your heart in not from love. It’s not knowledge - knowledge puffs you up - it makes you feel like somebody you are not walking as. Love edifies.

1:08:55 - v.27 - that you stand fast in one spirit… - That’s our calling guys. That’s why we have a school like this. With one mind - Let’s strive together. For the faith of the gospel - What does that mean?

1:09:20 - Faith of the gospel - who He is towards us and who we have become because of Him - that’s the faith of the gospel. It’s your identity through the risen Christ.

1:09:35 - Fighting the good fight of faith - Not a war against the devil - I understand my war is not flesh and blood. Don’t get frustrated with people. The faith of the gospel tells you who you are in Christ. Jesus reveals the truth about you.

No Fear

1:10:50 - v. 28 - And in nothing terrified by your adversaries -

No fear in Christ - not even a flashlight floating or crib toy moving - Why? Because you are in Christ. You strive together for the faith of the gospel and you see who you are and fear is no longer the barometer you live by. It’s no longer the motivating factor. It’s faith. It’s love. It’s faith that works through love. Fear is never God. Fear is never the kingdom of God.

1:11:30 - v.28 - which is to them an evident token of perdition, but to you of salvation, and that of God. -

They want to reproduce their fear in you - So look how freaked out and afraid they are. The only thing they have to live by is fear. So they love to reproduce themselves after their own kind. They want you to become like they are. Because then you can't bring the torment that they fear on them. You can’t bring them into their rightful place. You give them esteem when they are nothing.

1:12:00 - The devil isn't toothless - It doesn’t mean that they don't have power. It doesn't meant that he is a lion without teeth. No he has teeth. And if you are fearing him, his teeth are big and sharp and he has hurt a lot of folks. He doesn't gum you. But he doesn’t need to bite you. (You don’t have to let him bite you.) The more you fear, the sharper his teeth. So you got to know all the more who you are and stand and drive that thing out.

1:13:00 - Don’t be like Job’s friends - introspecting and coming up with reasons why - David Hogan’s daughter - You have to be in some kind of hidden sin. Isn’t that a shame. When I need a brother to stand with me and say, “This is the devil and I am locking arms with you. Jesus loves us and we will win.” But instead of that we are introspecting like Job’s friends and coming up with all the reasons why we are going through it. Then the people going through the trial have a hurt heart towards the church. And you will cut off your own friends after a while. Satan loves to do one thing and cause all of that damage because of wrong seeing and thinking. And we better be of one mind, one spirit and get established in this faith.

1:14:00 - So the evidence of your revelation of salvation is when you live without fear - you don’t fear the enemy. That’s when you are perfected in this truth. And that is when love is perfected.

Trials & Suffering

1:14:25 - v.29 - For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake; -

The privilege of trials - That means that you will be tested and tried in these things and God won’t stop those trials. It’s actually a privilege to go through these things because everyone has an opportunity to manifest what we all say we believe. So we are not afraid of the trial. He is already crushed - already destroyed. And even if it looks like he is winning, we know in our heart he can’t. We know in our heart who we are. We know in our heart He is faithful. And we don’t even back up a step. And after the trial you know all the more.

1:15:00 - Passion because of fire - It’s not because they haven’t been through fire. “Well brother, you have never been through a test.” It’s because they have been through fire. They are not preaching a doctrine or philosophy. It’s their reality. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had to be some of the most passionate people on the planet - (transformed) in a moment. Because what they said they believed, became experience. It became their reality. Even though they believed it before they went into the fire, they sure believed what they said when they came out. They would have been some great preachers that afternoon - a gospel that passes through the fire. No burning and no smell of smoke on them.

1:16:40 - You find Him in the fire - How do you know that God shuts the mouths of the lion unless you have been in faith overnight? “Well, I read it in my Bible brother.” There are a lot of us who have read a lot in our Bibles but we react differently when circumstances come. We wonder why it is even happening in the first place.

1:17:00 - The privilege to suffer - The Bible is not a promise of comfort and circumstance-free living. No, it is given - sounds like a privilege - not only to believe in Him but to suffer for His sake. Why? Because you are setting the record straight. It’s true sanctification. It’s a true sign of deliverance. It’s God’s manifold wisdom revealed in the face of darkness through His people - the intent of God for the gospel. Ephesians 3:10

1:18:05 - v.30 - Having the same conflict which ye saw in me, and now hear to be in me. - Paul is not asking for you to pity him. Every one of these trials work a greater revelation in you - greater consistency - greater foundation of surrender and a sign and a wonder to the world and to the demonic. I don’t love my own life unto death. It’s never about my own life, it’s about His life through me. That’s where it will manifest the most.

1:18:35 - Not made to live in a bubble - Do you hear that it sounds like a privilege? You have been given this privilege to go through things. God hasn’t kept you in a little bubble - in a safe place. God has left you in the world but you are not of the world. “Father, I do not pray that you take them out of the world but I pray that you would protect them from the evil one.” John 17:15  Do you believe that God is answering Jesus’ prayer? We are not segregating. You are in heavenly places now. Just protect them from the evil one.

* * *

1:19:00 - Power over the enemy - We're one - He said earlier, I give you power over all the power of the enemy. - Luke 10:19  That’s not a haughty, heady scripture. That’s an amazing humbling scripture. He is saying all that I am and all that is in me is given to you because I created you in me. I created you to be one with me. I created you to be mine and to represent me. I withhold nothing from you. It’s not a haughty, heady scripture. It’s not a thing to wield your knowledge around and quote the scripture and tell the devil where to go. A lot of Christians have gotten in a lot of trouble doing that kind of stuff. Satan is not intimidated and threatened by your knowledge.

Fear & Vulnerability

1:20:10 - What are serpents and scorpions - Luke 10:19?

Jesus removes vulnerability - They are just metaphors - dangers - things that bite you, poison you. There is vulnerability on the earth. You always hear me preach about not being vulnerable - tick story - natural knowledge - rattlesnake story. When you understand what He is saying… It’s to take vulnerability out of your life. I give you authority over the things that you used to feel vulnerable to. Serpents and scorpions - metaphors - things men avoid because that means trouble - like avoiding a rattlesnake on the trail - you go way around.

1:21:20 - Participants comment on untraining from fear - spiders etc.

1:22:20 - Spider hunt with grand kids - The biggest we can find and put them in the yard. They make webs and then we feed them.

1:22:50 - Fears we were taught - We've been taught fears our whole lives. In the church we have been taught fear. “Be careful who rubs against you.” You can tell whether it is inspired by God or not because of what it produces. If it produces life, it’s Jesus. If it produces fear and make you vulnerable, protective, secluded, unsure, it’s not the gospel - not Jesus.

1:23:30 - Is there such a thing as a healthy fear? Like fear of getting too close to the edge of something? Fear of God is a reverence for who God is. There are natural fears but I am talking about spiritual fears and vulnerability. Vulnerability - as if your life is in jeopardy. If the devil swings the ax, there goes your head. People live that way. A lot of their prayers are stirred by the vulnerability in their lives. And then one little thing happens and it feeds that and goes, “See. See.” And your mind spins. And all of your prayers will be desperate pleas as you are thrown from the place you are supposed to be established.

1:24:35 - Don't be afraid - Know Him - It must be important for God to say do not be terrified. So if we are terrified we've got to get a grip on that. The way you get a grip on that - it’s not choosing to not be afraid, it’s knowing Him. That’s why this whole class has been knowing Him and love - who I am because of Him. If He went as far as sending His own Son and poured out upon us the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead, He must be so for us and have such an amazing plan for us and must see us in such an extraordinary way. We must be the most precious thing to Him. He did not leave us vulnerable. It is finished. He gave us the kingdom - not a piece of the kingdom - the kingdom. You don’t have some of what you need. You have what you need.

1:25:30 - But most of that is so that your perspective comes into line. If your eye is not single, there is not light - Mt. 6:22.

1:26:00 - Familiar spirits suggest and interject thoughts and feelings - There are familiar spirits. They track your life. They know where they used to own you and they come back to see (what’s going on with you.) It’s every thought that rises above the knowledge of God - 2 Cor. 10:5. It’s a vain and puffed up imagination that rises above the knowledge of God. Where do they come from? You are not dreaming it up. It’s being suggested and interjected.

1:26:20 - Example - There is a fear that used to eat your lunch. But now you are born again. And that thing laid low for a while. And all of the sudden, out of the blue (it pops up). And you think, “Aw man, I thought I was over that.” And you take it to heart if you are not careful. And you sell cheap even though you’ve been bought at the highest price. And with one little experience, you take your robe off and feel like something is wrong.

1:26:45 - So he just lays low sometimes. Let’s you feel free for 3 months. Then something from the past rises up like it used to. And you are like, “What happened to the freedom?” And you take to heart what you are experiencing, thinking that it is you and you bail out on identity and let it wrap around identity.

1:28:00 - Spiritual things are real - That doesn’t make you a kook - We are peculiar people. We are separate from the rest. It doesn’t mean that we are kooks. Spiritual things are real.

1:28:15 - Principalities - What was going on in that meeting? When meeting was over, spent time with God and asked God. Father me. There was a man standing there. “What is that?” A principality over the area assigned to keep heaven boarded up from the souls of man. The Lord showed me how to pray. And I didn’t chase after the principality. They are everywhere. They have certain strategies and assignments.

1:29:35 - A week or two later, I was in a service. Heaven was moving. And all of the sudden it felt like something weird was cutting it short. Work of knowledge that somebody was getting a violent headache - right in the midst of this move of God. Prayed, it left.

1:30:30 - Man said that as God was moving, I left my body. I went through the ceiling of the church. And I looked and here was this man. It looked like a man. What did he look like? It was the same thing that God showed me. He did some kind of summons thing and I saw spirits coming out of the roofs of churches all over York. And they all came to converge over this roof. It was right when something started to shift and got a little weird.

1:31:25 - Exploiting vulnerabilities - They are taking advantage of vulnerability. The ability to get self conscious and questioning, second guessing - not rooted and grounded in love. And they are taking advantage of the weakness of man at the cost of the strength of God in our lives. They are coming to take cheap shots wherever they can. How they discern and know where weakness are, I am not totally sure.

1:32:20 - It’s not a mystery that they want to stop the gospel and the revelation of the gospel. They don’t ever want you to see what they know. But we don’t have to always give them so much power and think it is always about praying AGAINST them. It’s about being formed in Christ.

1:32:40 - Spiritual warfare is not your identity - It’s not all about warfare but being formed in Christ. Some of the people I have seen spend a lot of time in spiritual warfare go through a lot of struggles. And they say, it’s because I do a lot of warfare. God is not calling you to warfare at the cost of your identity and your soul and your peace of mind. Don’t wrap your identity around something that is not (your identity). He’s not throwing you onto the front line so that you can be shot so he can say, “Well at least you served well brother.”

1:33:20 - When God reveals an evil spirit to you, how do you deal with it?

Be prepared ahead of time - focus on Jesus - Here is how I deal with it. What do you know me for? What do I preach on constantly? Who we are. Who we are in Christ. Getting these little cracks and quirks out of our lives. Why? Because those things have nowhere… The ruler of this world cometh. Let’s settle it. The god of this world is always coming. He cometh. He has nothing in us - John 14:30. That’s my response - preached more of a passionate who-we-are-gospel - calling us to the high call - raising a banner - raising a standard. I only prayed against that thing as God instructed me that day. I just made some declarations.

1:34:20 - When I made the declarations it was amazing. It was like lightning shooting out of my fingers every time I made a declaration. So I think what God is saying is, “Listen, these things are a reality. They are working overtime to keep Me boarded up from the souls of men and to keep people from actually seeing.”

1:34:40 - Inadvertently creating a stronghold - Here is an example of vulnerability. “Well, I love God, but there is something that is keeping me from Him. I just can’t get to Him. Well, you just don’t understand, there is just something blocking.” And you give more emphasis to what is blocking than to the access that we have to Him through Christ by faith. And all of the sudden you create the stronghold. You help establish it through your wrong discernment and perception.

1:35:00 - Become love - remove vulnerabilities - The bottom line is that nothing can keep you from Him if the just live by faith. So faith is the answer. So how do I respond as a minister? You guys see the passion in me. When I talk on identity, when I preach on becoming love, when I hit the things that we do called “offense” and gossip and all of that you guys hear how I preach but it is not bashing you. It’s heartcry. Let’s walk worthy of the gospel. So those vulnerabilities are removed so that we can say that the ruler of this world cometh but he has nothing in me - John 14:30.


1:35:40 - Intercessors often manifest the things they war against - Here is a paradox. Intercessors go in and intercede and come out against the powers of darkness and fight against the devil. They leave the room of intercession and within that day, if they are not careful, are manifesting those very attributes of darkness through things that are unrefined in their lives. And they feel like they are called to chop off the head of the enemy when they are called to be perfected in love and be perfected in Christ. They are fueling the very fire that they say they are putting out - by walking in bitterness and unforgiveness and jealousy and comparison to other intercessors and hurt by leadership. We are hurting ourselves.

1:36:40 - Interceding from love - There is a mocking laughter in the realm of the spirit when a group of intercessors thinks they are changing the world but praying from the wrong motive. They are sitting ducks. Your motive is love. Interceding for leadership.

1:37:00 - Meeting of York pastors who didn’t understand my heart and passion. 60 York pastors - each week for weeks. I thought it would be the most spiritual experience of my life. I was let down. There was no move of the Spirit. When the Spirit did try to move people got uncomfortable. Weeping for the city. Charges of emotionalism. I started to take that to heart. That was like a vendetta with me. “You guys are so religious. You are like the Pharisees.” Volunteered to teach. Leader looks past me three times. Anyone? Ok then Dan will teach. Opportunity to be bitter. Trials are the opportunity to be better formed.

1:39:55 - I share and the Lord gives me 2 words of knowledge. I shared on Philippians 2:20 - For I have no man likeminded, who will naturally care for your state. - Isn’t it amazing, after only 30 years, Timothy is the only one Paul could find that would be genuinely concerned. Let’s make sure that our hearts are all about Him and building His kingdom and never about us and what we are doing. They were hearing wrong, I could tell. “Who is this new guy? Oh, you hear the voice of God?” Gave two words of knowledge that were warnings - dangerous relationship - shady finances. I got thrown out of the pastor’s meeting for pointing out sin. I went back one more time but I wasn’t wanted there anymore.

1:42:00 - Pastor with secretary came and admitted.” I was the man and I didn’t even realize where it was going until you spoke.” He never told the board.

1:43:50 - In the last meeting I attended the Spirit of God came upon some of the pastors. The leaders got nervous. Cut the guy praying off in the middle of his prayer. “If we don’t leave now Joe will never get through the front 9.” Pastors started chuckling. And I sat there and bawled. I was hurt by the reality of where this thing was.

1:44:35 - The weeping of intercessors. God is not hurt. He is bigger than that. That weeping doesn’t produce life.

1:45:10 - I know now that I was crying because I was hurt and disappointed with the state of what we call spiritual leadership. The whole way back to the church I was balling. Balling in the nursery. When I was behaving like a child, I would always go to the nursery. It was prophetic.

1:46:40 - Getting ready to pray for the leadership. Deception because of my motive. I didn’t see the value of those men. I was hurt by those men. I was disappointed and discouraged.

1:47:00 - Don't pray because of what's wrong - Speak God's heart over the situation - Without God’s grace we would be blind. We would make a mistake so quick and stake our life on it. When you get so fixated on what is wrong that’s a trap - a sure sign of a trap. You always live through what is right. You don’t just troubleshoot. And then pray because of what is so wrong. You speak God’s heart over the situation - His destiny - His grace - His calling - the value of the situation and the people involved. You stay hooked up to Christ.

1:47:40 - Lord I lift all of these pastors before you. And He said, “Shhhhhhh! That has nothing to do with you. Dan, the only reason you are lifting your voice is because your eyes are fixed on what is wrong. And if I let you pray from that place it won't be long until something is very wrong with you.” Back down on the floor. I was so Fathered. I had been so presumptuous. But what motivates us determines outcome. Failed expectations.

1:51:00 - On the landing I started to cry so hard. I started to feel the love of God for people. He was rightly motivating me for future prayer and intercession. Jesus wept with compassion for the people. That love and that value stayed in me. So 20 minutes earlier my motive was hurt, failed expectation and what was wrong. I couldn’t even see their potential or their value. You just mark them as Pharisees and against the gospel. Jesus what are you doing to me today? Dan, I cried often when I walked the earth praying for people created in my image who have no clue. He put His heart on me.

1:53:30 - Jesus interceding - And I realized when Jesus was on the mountain all night, it wasn’t just some verbal thing. It was the rocks covered with His tears for humanity because Jesus is face to face with the fall. And He came to His own and they received Him not. They knew Him not - John 1:10-11. The truth was standing in front of them and they couldn’t see past the lie. Tears of compassion, love and mercy. Where sin abounds, grace abounds more - Rom 5:20. The more lost someone is, the more love that goes after them. Because it knows who they really are. It doesn’t cut people off.

1:54:00 - And all of the sudden I realized that this is the heart of God. I knew the love of God for people the way that it really is.

1:54:40 - Allow God to direct your heart to be in line with His heart for people - You’ll never know that if you are not willing to be corrected - if you are not willing to challenge your right to feel the way you feel when it is not productive and to be fathered by Him in the secret place - to tell me anything I need to know to bring my heart into agreement with His.

1:54:55 - Praying through the heart of God - I walked around the sanctuary. And for the first time, from the purest place, I prayed for the people, the city and leadership from the heart of God. I knew that I came face to face with love. Why? Because I was willing to release what I thought was right so that I could find this gem called righteousness. For a year and a half He put me in that place (praying for the people, city, leadership) everyday - where I cried and thought I would die. I never knew when it was going to come. And there was no way out because I didn’t reject it. People were wondering what was wrong with me. Even my own pastor sat me down, “Are you sure you are not being deceived?”

1:56:40 - Intercession during that time. Have mercy. It built a love in me for His people - not contempt. Every time that would come on me, it was the heart of God for His church.

1:58:15 - It lifted. “Your tears and prayers have run(g) the heavens and heaven is responding.” I remember the honor of what I was participating in. That “thing” that came on me for a year and a half never came on me after that at that level.

1:59:00 - Intercession - God praying His heart through you - It was supernatural. You can’t make your heart care that much apart from grace - a view that you can’t possess apart from Him. It was God, taking flesh that was made in His image and praying His heart back to Him so He could move on the earth. It’s intercession. I have never experienced anything like that since then, except I can intercede with tears. But what he worked in me during that season was the motive of love. And that is why you hear me preach as passionately as you do.

* * *

1:59:40 - Alignment with God's heart - Reserving rights - It came through me being corrected, adjusted, fathered - and having no rights in the process to hold onto anything less than truth. That’s where a lot of us stumble. We have these reserved rights inside of us where there are lines that can be crossed. Where we can be so right that it makes us right - because we so see what’s wrong. We reserve the right to have feelings, attitudes and emotions towards the situation and fail to ever see it through His eyes - that sent His Son while we were yet sinners. We hold onto little subconscious, subtle rights to be things less than the heart of God and natural wisdom permits it. And God has made that wisdom foolish.

2:01:30 - Pastor Don W.’s comments on fear and confidence and ministering in love - The opposite of fear is love. Perfect love casts out fear. Getting to a place of love in ministering. Love has to be the motivation. Confidence. Boxing matches. In the spiritual realm you can know all the stuff, pray the right prayers but if you don’t have confidence in who you are you’ll get freaked out.

2:10:10 - Jesus is not just the truth. He’s the truth about you. In other words, Jesus doesn’t just want you to see Him as Jesus. He wants you to see Him in you and you in Him. You are hidden in Christ. You are together with Him. We’re one.

2:10:25 - Pastor Don W.’s comments on confidence

2:11:25 - Pastor Don W.’s comments on spiritual warfare - You are not called to fight hell. Jesus already fought hell and won. You are called to agree with heaven. Don't focus on the problem but the answer. You’ll get exhausted chasing demons. Third fight - lost on points - should have knocked him out. Everything I needed to knock him out was in me but I was too intimidated by his appearance. David and Goliath. We lack confidence. Increase in confidence comes from increase in identity. When you look at your opponent you forget who you are.

2:17:00 - Hebrews 10:35-39 - Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward.  For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise… Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul. -

2:17:25 - Salvation of the soul - renewing of mind and emotions to get you on the page of truth.

2:17:35 - Don’t throw away your confidence because it has a great reward. Why? Because if adversity shatters your confidence, you step out of the place of perseverance and endurance.  And it is saying that there is no way to fulfill the will of God without enduring. Because we are all going through the same storms. Your brothers all over the earth are going through the same things.

2:18:10 - Drawing back - His soul has no pleasure - That doesn’t mean He dislikes us. But He can’t take pleasure in our created value and fulfill the reason He made us. When we draw back He can’t fulfill His will and destiny through our lives. And it’s the good pleasure of His will - Eph. 1:5. So He can’t take pleasure in that.

2:18:25 - Be so impressed with Jesus - Not the shenanigans of the enemy - But we are not those who draw back - We don’t see the flashlight float and get impressed because we are already so impressed with Him. It exposes the floating flashlight for what it is - a sign show - a sensual show to get you impressed, to get your attention, to get you back into your senses. Give him no place - Eph. 4:27. Don’t be unaware of his devices - 2 Cor. 2:11. We should not be impressed by what he is doing because we are so consumed by what Jesus has already done.

2:19:00 - I don’t think about the devil. Today is putting stories to that. If he gets in the way, or he shows up we deal with him. But I don’t think about him. He is a cut off withering branch - John 15:6. I’m not devil hunting, I’m seeking Jesus.

2:19:25 - I am submitting to God. When you submit to God, you are resisting the enemy.

2:19:50 - Homework - Mind of Christ for the weekend - Meditating in the word - Philippians 2 & 1 Peter 4 - two places that define the mind of Christ. God’s word is the entrance way to light. Camp out there. Surrender. Yield.

2:22:15 - I’ve heard it said that fear is just faith in the devil. Faith in the wrong thing.

2:22:25 - You want to become love. Love is the most powerful intercession on the planet. The pure in heart shall see God - Mt. 5:8.

2:22:35 - Closing prayer