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Day 50

0:05 - Can a regular Christian baptize people? - Absolutely. You can pray for the sick. You can lay hands on people to receive the baptism of Holy Spirit if you are baptized in the Holy Spirit. It's a believer priesthood. You have a green light to manifest Jesus. Be Jesus everywhere you go. Look like Him.
1:00 - TODAY - No specific plan.

Truth is Your Best Friend

1:15 - Impartation of truth. I am not against ministry. Truth is a powerful thing...
2:05 - John 8 - We can close with this. If somebody wants to testify...
2:30 - Tooth healed at baptism. Jesus is just like that.
4:00 - Truth is your best friend. Truth is the best impartation you can receive - truth alive in your heart by Holy Spirit. There's nothing like it. Nothing like getting alone...
4:25 - Communing - Sitting on table. Most impacting moment. Talking about not being in a hurry. Just wanting to know Him. Wanting Him. Having a pure heart - a pure "why" in your heart. Opening your Bible - I so want to see what you are saying that I might know you more, manifest your will. Keeping your heart in a very pure reason of why you are doing what you are doing. Don't go back to just doing Christian stuff. Read your Bible to know Him.
6:45 - John 8 - Let a scripture like this mark your heart to where this is the way it is because Jesus said it. He never said go make confessing Christians or people that attend church. He said go make disciples of all nations. Disciple - disciplined learner - whole-hearted follower. In John 8, Jesus defines what a disciple is...
7:30 - v.31 - Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; - Abiding in His word renews you in the spirit of your mind. Before we met Christ we lived in the wisdom of the world all of our days. The way that seems right to man was ruling our lives. And you have to be sure that that way is never integrated into the truth - laced through with the truth. Abide in His word - that's what makes us disciples. Look at the promise of abiding in His word...
8:40 - v.32 - And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. - It's not the altar call - the laying on of hands - it's the truth that makes you free. Good things can happen through ministry but it's not until truth dawns in you heart that you will walk in continual freedom. But once you know the truth, you are locked in. Nobody can unconvince me of the things that I have been talking about. They are my reality. I'm not TRYING to believe it. I don't wake up and TRY to live by faith. They have become my knowing.
10:20 - Truth is the life of Jesus lived.
10:35 - v.33 - They answered him, We be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free? - We are nobody's slave.
10:45 - v.34-36 - Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin. And the servant abideth not in the house for ever: but the Son abideth ever. If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. - That is enough to show you that Jesus came to set us free from a sin-consciousness and get us to where we are righteousness - sons and not sinners. The purpose of Jesus was to separate us from the bondage to sin - the identity of sin - the stain of sin - the nature of sin - that drive of sin.
11:45 - Remember the Son is the truth. Truth makes you free. Everything that you see about Him is the truth about you. Go be Jesus to the world. Be just like Him.
12:00 - You are not in this school to stir up your mind. You are here to get the heart to come alive by seeing truth. Once you see truth, truth makes you free. It's a done deal.

Anointing with Oil for Healing

13:00 - Wrap up questions? Pictures?
13:30 - When praying for the sick, should we anoint with oil? - There is a place for it. It's your privilege to use oil. It's a contact point of faith. There is no power in the bottle but there sure is a power in the representation that Holy Spirit is coming upon you when I touch you.
14:20 - Oil - is symbolic of Holy Spirit coming upon you.
14:25 - Man from Sicily - family has olive grove. Brought me a case. First fruit. Purest olive oil available. $450. Using it for anointing. I realize there is no power in the bottle but a contact point of faith.
16:45 - Participant announcement - oil available in the book store.
17:40 - Answer to question - Personally, I only use anointing oil when Jesus tells me to. Handful of times over the years. Always awesome. It's a leading of the Spirit thing for me.
18:10 - It's probably not something you want to do on the streets. Too many questions. It's mainly designed for the church that understands the person of Holy Spirit and the anointing. It represents the anointing of God that comes on a person when you pray.
18:50 - I don't ever have to anoint anybody with oil. My faith is in the finished work of Christ and Holy Spirit is in me and He flows when we pray. So let's get it on. That's where I am living from all of the time. But there are times when Holy Spirit says to anoint with oil.
19:10 - Participant testimony - anointing oil - carried with me. Fell on ice. You can use it on self.
20:00 - Faith rises - Her faith rises above what just happened. It takes her eyes off of what is wrong and fixes her eyes on what is right. Most of the time when we pray we are so driven by what is wrong, trying to get it to change into what is right. And what is right needs to be so big in our hearts.
20:40 - Somebody asked her what she was doing and she had a chance to explain.
21:00 - You should have take the bottle and said, "Where is your pain?"
21:25 - James 5:13 - Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms. - It's easy to complain. It's easy to tell everyone how much you are suffering. And then you amplify the suffering. It empowers the suffering.
21:50 - v.14 - Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: - He is writing to Christians. But you have the privilege to anoint anybody. Whatever city you are in heal the sick and tell them the kingdom is here - Luke 10:9. Oil is not mentioned in many healing passages.
22:30 - I personally believe he is writing about a shut in person. He can't get to where you are. And he is calling for the elders to come.
23:00 - Or just asking for prayer at church.
24:10 - Anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord - What are you doing? You are doing it in the name of the Lord - declaring the Spirit of the Lord to be upon him - the anointing of God upon him - the grace of God upon him.

Prayer of Faith

24:25 - v.15 - And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. -
24:30 - The elders of the church are praying over him. It's their faith. It has nothing to do with the sick person.
25:00 - Faith & the will of God to heal - If you haven't settled the will of God to heal people in every situation, where is your faith going to come from? How can you possibly have faith if you don't understand in your heart that the nature of God is saying, "yes, I want to do this"? There is no way to find faith then.
25:25 - If you don't believe it's the will of God to heal everybody, then you will go through the ordinance and anoint with oil but it's not the prayer of faith. And then if there is no result you'll go, "See, God doesn't heal everyone. But at least I did what I was supposed to do." No, you didn't. You are supposed to pray the prayer of faith. The prayer of faith is a convinced, persuaded place that says, "I understand the heart of God in this situation and I know the will of God through His Son, so be healed."
26:00 - This kind of scripture really pins us down and takes away our excuses for lack of power. We have a lot of excuses for a lack of power. If we can blame it on something, we will. We need to stop that.
26:10 - Will save the sick - will raise him up - no limitation - no other outcome. So is this thing on God? Or is it on the church having a revelation? Church. God is a yes and amen God.
26:50 - Shall be forgiven - So what is the basis for healing? The fact that God's mercy is on the earth through the blood of Jesus and all men can be forgiven and healed.
27:15 - [Scenario of someone calling for prayer encompassing the teachings above], [Examples]
29:10 - Participant testimony - anointing with oil. Aaronic blessing. Spiritual eyes opened - sees things differently.
30:45 - Water bottle over head - Memories of pouring oil over people. Water bottle over her head. She brought me a water bottle. "Don't drink it. Pour it over her head." I didn't hesitate. If you think, you get in trouble. Spirit of God came. Her backstory - Attacked with condemnation while Dan was preaching. Ran to car to leave. Torrential rain. The Lord spoke to her that she had been run out of the service. "I need you back in there." Soaked by rain. "Are you trying to say that I am washed clean?" Brings me a water bottle and I pour it over her. "The Lord says you are clean. I've washed you..." Contact points of faith. Obey right away.

The Will of God to Heal - Yes & Amen

35:10 - This will of God thing got real big in me as I was teaching. I didn't teach it during this school. But I want to show you something real quick - 2 Cor. 1. Because I don't want you struggling with the will of God to heal. That's the biggest stumbling block in the church for releasing faith. When you pray for someone and they don't get healed and their mind just goes bonkers. And our minds have the position that it has to explain everything. Don't get trapped in having to explain everything.
35:30 - If you make it simple and just say He is growing me in a revelation and I am going to know Him more because I am going to keep pressing in and touching people and more things are going to be happening... I always settle it with this - If Jesus touched somebody, what is going to happen? It's a done deal. And where does He live? In us and He gave us the green light, "Go!" Don't make it complicated.
35:55 - 2 Cor. 1 - v.15 - Paul is sharing his travel plans. - And in this confidence I was minded to come unto you before, that ye might have a second benefit; - He's talking about coming to the Corinthians and they were going to bless him - sow into him - provide for him on his way to Macedonia. Second benefit - meeting my needs.
36:55 - v.16 - And to pass by you into Macedonia, and to come again out of Macedonia unto you, and of you to be brought on my way toward Judaea. - Swing by again on the way to Judea. Now catch how he shifts gears... Why he is writing here and the wisdom of God behind it.
37:20 - v.17 - When I therefore was thus minded, did I use lightness? or the things that I purpose, do I purpose according to the flesh, that with me there should be yea yea, and nay nay? - He's saying that when you live by the flesh you are very bouncy - indecisive - shifting like the winds - it's yes and no. God doesn't shift. He felt like it was the wisdom of God to carry out this plan - visiting twice. And he did it because he didn't do it lightly. Now he begins to talk spiritually...
39:05 - v.18 - But as God is true, our word toward you was not yea and nay. - Now he's putting it on the Father. God is faithful.
39:40 - The nature of God is Yes and Amen - v.19-20 - For the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who was preached among you by us, even by me and Silvanus and Timotheus, was not yea and nay, but in him was yea. For all the promises of God in him are yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us. - Through us. The promises flow through us. We need to know our God to do great exploits - Dan. 11:32. The only reason we have a God that maybe He will and maybe He won't - let's pray and find out, is because we've judged Him according to the flesh (we see Him with the attributes of a man). We have discerned God through the flesh and with man there is a yes and a no. But to God there is a yes and amen.
40:45 - Mt. 5:37 says - Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Anything else is of the evil one. So I wonder where that doctrine came from - let's pray and see what God does - maybe He will or maybe He won't - At least we prayed. I wonder who inspired that one? "God healed some and didn't heal others. If God healed all He would have healed him too." We are judging according to the flesh but the yes and amen nature of God is still there.
41:30 - Maybe so and maybe not - We paint God as yes, no and maybe so. No covenant between yes and no. If they have covenant and multiply you get "maybe so" and "maybe not". Do you hear faith in those? He is talking about living his life by the flesh and you wouldn't know whether I am coming or going. But I live by the Spirit, God sent me and with me there is a yes. And that's how we preached the gospel to you.
42:40 - v.21 - Now he which stablisheth us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, is God; Who hath also sealed us, and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts. - Do you see the power of that scripture? You have to settle in your heart that it's the will of God to heal, restore, redeem and deliver across the board. He died once for all.
43:00 - The church argues this point because of our experiences, hurts and offenses. We haven't humbled ourselves. It's a yes and amen gospel. Yes and no was derived by the flesh. It's hard for the mind to wrap around what God is saying because of our emotions. There are things we are trying to protect that we need to stop protecting.

Healing - When Nothing Appears to Happen

44:10 - What do you do when you pray for someone and nothing appears to happen immediately? - It makes people hesitant to pray. We know that God is always doing something. What about that person?
45:00 - That's why we encourage. We take responsibility. Look we are growing in this. This is what we are living towards. It's not a point in time - a moment. It's not ever about being discouraged and losing heart. Don't grow weary in well doing. You will reap if you don't lose heart - Gal. 6:9.
45:20 - Minister the kingdom - There is a way to stand with somebody and keep them encouraged. It's not about them believing. It's about you ministering the kingdom. So who needs to be encouraged continually? The carriers of the kingdom that are ministering the kingdom. Sometimes we get our eyes too much on the people we are praying for. "I don't want to be too forthright." When we say things like that we reveal that we have no revelation. "I don't want to build up their hope because if God doesn't come..." And we are back pedaling. We're revealing that we don't know the will of God in this matter and praying is just the Christian thing to do. And I'm afraid to step out in it. We reveal that we don't know God very well.

Healing & Sympathy - Feelings Getting in the Way

46:10 - Keep sentiment out of it - Too emotionally involved - Participant comment - guard our hearts - Don't get your emotions involved with their situation.
46:30 - That's very true. The number one downfall of releasing faith - getting caught in human emotion, sentiment, empathy. We know they need healing - that it's a terrible situation. Some of the hardest situations are when you can see it with your eyes (visuals) or when it's a little child or someone really close to you.
47:10 - Unhealthy family love - Parental love can have fear, insecurity, guilt... Our love is laced with that stuff. It's not a pure love. Fear because of how we have failed here and there. How it reflects on us.
48:00 - Striving for healing - You've lost sight of love and faith.
48:30 - Pressure praying for the sick - because our minds are shaken - this isn't working. All these things pull us from the finished work of Christ and the only reason why they can be healed.

Drawing Back from Healing

48:50 - How do you snap out of not praying for people? - Stopped praying for people for a while.
49:00 - Why would you stop praying? Because you get self-conscious and you start thinking about how it made you feel. It puts you in the pressure cooker of not understanding. So you stop.
49:15 - Greatest thing you can do - Where do we get permission to stop? We are to continue in Him. If we draw back it's to sure destruction - Heb. 10:39 - and we are sure to get no results. But if we press on believing, it's to the saving of the soul. You don't want to even assume the right of drawing back. You died. You are not your own.
49:45 - He said pray for the sick. When do we assume the right to stop? Never. It's not your right or decision.
49:55 - The only reason you could do that is because you were thinking in your mind the way we would all tend to think - allowing herself to be discouraged, misunderstanding, frustrated.
50:20 - Todd praying for the sick - 90 days - no healings. Got a lot of resistance in the church. All I know is that I am supposed to do it. If I believe, it will happen. So there must be something wrong with what I see. I must not be seeing clearly. There must be something wrong with my belief. That makes it simple.
52:15 - I live that way. If He told me to lay hands on the sick and they shall recover - Mark 16:17-18 - then it has nothing to do with the faith of the sick person. It has to do with Christ in me.
52:25 - Todd (cont.) - no one healed.
52:30 - Hurting their hearts? - He's doing injustice to the gospel? No, it's the greatest thing you can do. You are showing people that you care - stepping out beyond yourself to love. You are praying for them. They've lost nothing. They weren't expecting anything - expecting to be better today. Don't tell me you broke their heart because they weren't healed. You showed them at least that somebody cared.
53:10 - Misrepresenting Jesus - We get deceived into thinking the worst. "I don't want to misrepresent Jesus." The only way that you can misrepresent Jesus is to not love somebody.
53:50 - Participant testimony - Broken toe - about a specific person's death - Dale. Didn't want to pray for anybody. Broken toe on girl. Didn't want to pray. Completely healed. That was visual. "Don't you dare draw back."
56:00 - Pray from revelation - When you are praying for someone with the potential to be disheartened and draw back are you praying from revelation or are you "trying" the gospel? If you have the potential to immediately revert to the flesh when you don't get the results you want or think in a mindset that draws you back, are you praying from revelation or are we just trying to be obedient with what we have been taught?
56:45 - Let "failure" drive you to God - Drive you into revelation - Letting "failure" drive you to more of God. [Scenario] Were we ever praying from a revelation if we can change our mind?
58:30 - Look how God responded - when you had no faith for healing - Mercy. Her manifestation of Christ is so important. If it weren't important, He would just let her stay in discouragement. He overrode her discouragement.
59:10 - Drawing back - flesh still alive - When you draw back it's a sign of the flesh. That the flesh is still alive. That it still has voice, opinions and rights. We don't have revelation but just Christian knowledge. You can't reserve the right to ever draw back. Let's look at the scripture on it...
59:30 - Salvation of the soul - There is a saving of the soul for the Christian - not the spirit but the soul - your mind and emotions. That's what got so twisted in the fall - the way we see - the way we think. That's why it's so important that you are not quick with opinions. Don't be a prideful, jabbery person that has no sense of truth - just rampantly speaking the wisdom of the world. It's pride. With Jesus be - Slow to speak, slow to anger and very quick to listen - Jas. 1:19. That's the Christian life. So God is speaking through Jesus and we are not frustrated.
1:00:35 - Alignment with God - People get frustrated with God. Makes you not teachable. Contending with God. It's your place to get a grip on your heart, get alone with God and let Him speak to you. And establish your heart in faith. And from that place you pray for others.
1:01:10 - Perspective on Loss - And if you experience loss, the healthy response - I can't possibly draw back. It inspires me all the more to move forward because I know there is a place for victory. I don't see the loss in the natural. I see the loss in the context of the eternal.
1:01:25 - You can't lose - You've got to settle in the gospel that you can't lose. But we want to win all of these natural battles. There is so much that needs to be done. But I don't even have a privilege to back off after a loss. It inspires me to move forward because there is something to lay hold of. I'm growing into a truth. If I draw back, I am done growing. I've just put a ceiling over my head. I've reduced myself to religious expression - spiritual expression with no evidence of life and power towards others.

Childlike Faith - Innocence

1:02:00 - Participant's clarification of question - I see the benefit of revelation. My question is about child-like faith. God said it so it's true. <undecipherable>
1:02:15 - You want that. Just hold onto that and grow in that.
1:02:20 - Participant's clarification of question - I don't always have that. I don't always see Him...
1:02:25 - Childlike faith is a revelation. It's a revelation of restoration to innocence. God said it. It's true. Every time you hear child or babe in the scripture - think the restoration of innocence.
1:02:40 - Sophistication - When the Father speaks we have to run it through... to judge it. A child just accepts.
1:03:15 - Todd praying for the sick - wife won't go with him - 2.5 hrs to get milk. You're not pastor Dan. Who do you think you are? I'm a believer. But there's something wrong with my believer. So I am going to keep doing it until my believer gets fixed. In airports - it's fun. There's something I'm not seeing. That's childlike faith.
1:04:45 - The church has a lot to say about childlike faith. You need to grow up. Stop praying until you get a grip - until you get more mature.
1:05 - Flack Todd endured - find balance - tone down. You are causing harm to the gospel. Todd's innocence. Makes it hard to say no to him. [scenario] - He caught a lot of flack. But now, look at his life. There is no way you can remember all ot the people he touches over a weekend.
1:07:15 - Love somebody - If the books couldn't contain all of the works that Jesus did, and we are going to do greater works, then we ought to have lives that are perfuse with encounters. The key is start somewhere. Start loving people. Don't get caught up in whether their pain is leaving or not. Love somebody. Encourage somebody. Pray. The worst that can happen is nothing. But you are not even believing that. (God is always doing something.)
1:08:00 - If He is yes and amen, when does that ever change? Why do we let our circumstances change it and then we come up with analogies and try to explain away our experiences at the cost of truth which makes us free. All this teaching.
1:08:40 - Books - many contrary to the gospel - Everybody has a need to write a book and share their revelation. I wonder how many people were told by God to write a book. Or how many need to write a book. Causing confusion. We need to all be on page.
1:09:45 - Need for unity on healing - Camps all over on many topics.
1:10:00 - Did the child-like innocence you walk in come upon you when you were saved? - It came on my heart when I got saved in the sense that God became real to me. It came when I started reading the Bible all by myself. It came alive. And I took God at His word.
1:10:30 - Back fusion - at three months in the Lord - fellow worker needs emergency back fusion - paralysis possible. New believers are empowered with the kingdom if they can see.
1:11:30 - Raise the dead - David Hogan on teaching young believers to raise your dead.
1:12:00 - Witch doctor daddy - Childlike faith - held for six hours. Saved four weeks. Died cursing God. Holy Ghost in Jesus name. Mercy wouldn't let the daddy go. American mindset. Circumstances of the witch doctor's power. David had marks on His body from this man. Friends died because of him. When he died I thought it was victory. I was mad. I forgot that he was a man needing mercy. The man was different - apologized. Your fight is not flesh and blood.
1:18:00 - What did you see? You were gone six hours. Boys prayer held him from judgement. We represent the heart of God on the earth. When do you stop praying? As long as legally possible. He said it. We do it. Witch doctor had never read the Bible and saw Jesus as described in Revelations. "My name is Jesus. I love you." Breath brought life. Former witch doctor led great change in his people. The whole town got saved.
1:21:15 - Unchildlike mindsets - We struggle with what's possible because we've had so much loss. But we've also been subject to American religion. We've been subject to human minds and pride. We've been our own worst enemy in pride and mind. But Jesus is still Lord.
1:21:50 - They were praying because the witch doctor was bent on destroying the gospel. Every one feared him. He carried power in the demonic realm. His boys were dying of diseases. The boys went to church got saved and healed. When his boys walked in the door, he felt the shift. You are no longer my sons. Threw them out. As soon as he did that the two diseases that were killing his boys came into his flesh. He went on a rampage against the church. 100,000 believers praying in defense. He died. Though that was our victory.

David Hogan Stories and More

1:24:55 - He talked straight up to Bethel. Those videos will expose pride in your life. "That guy has attitude." No, we have attitude. We have so much attitude that sometimes we can't hear the raw truth. We talk around it, hide from it, defend against it.
1:25:45 - David Hogan - They try to get us out into the jungle and kill us. Wires across the trail. You can't fear or love your life. Trust God and go.
1:26:30 - Gangrene - Knocking at the door. Pastor (David's right hand man) looks out and sees one of their worst enemies. I really need your help and I really need your God. No, I'm not coming - not falling for that. But it's not his life, so he goes. You Americans don't understand that. You have rights. Wife covered with gangrene. Prayed for her and nothing seemed to happen. Called for David Hogan. Wow, that pastor sold out. He is setting me up to save himself. This better not be a trick - you are lying to the Holy Ghost and you will die. Prayed, no apparent change. Within 3 days - totally healed. The whole village got born again.
1:31:00 - Witches - David was at a European conference and a witch with 11 girls dressed as witches came. Distracted the interpreter. Praying in a demonic tongue. "Fire!" and she just flew. "I cannot defeat your Jesus, so I will bow to Him. Holy Spirit said to me "What about your Jesus?" I realized we all carry a level of Jesus though our revelation.
1:32:15 - We all carry a level of Jesus but what level do we carry? Do we have the Jesus that is just taking us to heaven? The nice guy with the birds on the shoulder? Or do we have the One with fire in His eyes?
1:32:30 - Witches (cont.) - She got save and all 11 of her disciples. They are all doing great.
1:33:10 - The only reason she went into the service all decked out like that is because she is used to Christian fear - everybody getting their eyes on her. She had disrupted other churches. I'm on a roll. Nobody has been able to stop me with their Jesus so let's just take over the land. Went into this conference of 5,000. Wrong choice. Because here was a man who knew his Jesus.
1:34:05 - Witches (cont.) - Head intercessor of all of Europe ran up to me and said David, we have a problem. What do we do? We do what we came here for. Don't do anything. She wants you to do something. She wants you to do something - spiritual warfare. No, you are expressing your fear.
1:35:15 - Spiritual warfare - because we are freaked out and afraid. An expression of fear. Your tongues might just be fear that words can't express. Then we pray for somebody and wonder why they don't get healed.
1:36:00 - Witchcraft - arm - It's voodoo - form of witchcraft. What do I do?.
1:37:20 - Trials to test - The stuff you profess to know. "Ok hotshot, let's see what you believe." He will poke you in it. I'm not afraid of being poked.
1:37:55 - Witchcraft - arm (cont.) - What do I do? I heard the Lord chuckle. I was in pain but He seemed at peace. He seemed to imply, "I've already done everything." He said, "What do you do? Just keep believing my word." I'm a disciple and I continue in His word. I know the truth. Does my arm hurt? Yes, but I continue in His word. I know the truth and the truth makes me free. I'm not a pin cushion. I'm a son of the living God...
1:39:20 - The church had all kinds of questions for me - challenges - "How come you are going through this in the first place?" "How come God hasn't moved?" That's what I got from all my friends. Challenged from every angle - not to engender faith but to cause doubt and questions. They did realize what they were doing. Sentiment. Sympathy.
1:40:10 - Keep believing my word. Same thing you always do. It doesn't matter what the situation is - 10 witches - whatever. It doesn't matter. It matters who I am and who you are because of Me. If that ever gets built in us... if we ever see what satan knows... Jesus said, I know where I came from and I know where I am going. My conscience is clear. I am one with the Father. He's flowing effectually through me. That's what we are growing towards.
1:41:00 - Glassy seas Christianity - We grab the gospel hoping for a life of ease and to never be tried or tested. We're looking for smooth sailing. We prove by our comments that we are in this for convenience and blessing. When trouble comes, the questions fly. We preach that if you are going through a trial, you are missing something. No you are going through a trial because there is a war and satan is a jerk.
1:41:45 - When you are going through a trial and a friend does not give wise counsel how do you respond? - You can't get caught trying to defend everything. Just settle it in your heart.
1:42:30 - Speaking truth when challenged. "You can't go to the hospital because it will affect your testimony. It's just a spiritual pride thing." That hasn't even crossed my mind. This is witchcraft. I need the gospel. "At what point do you use wisdom, look at your leg and do something?" That sounds so right to the flesh. You are advising me to look at the temporal when you preach not to do that. You should be telling me to keep my eyes on Jesus. Sentiment but not at the cost of truth. Fear of death. We love our flesh.
1:45:15 - It's a learning, growing thing.
1:45:40 - Additional teaching on participant's testimony of praying for toe. Growing, humble thing. She did it even though she didn't have much faith. God was cheering her on in His will. Trying to get her more one with Him so that she could rightly represent Him in every situation.

The Will of God to Heal

1:46:30 - Participant comment - Yea, Yea and Ney, Ney.
1:47:05 - Know the will of God - Rom. 12:2 - We are to know the will of God.
1:47:25 - Some say that we can't know the will of God. Taught to never assume to know the will of God - unholy, blasphemous, presumptuous thing. God alone is sovereign. He knows and we don't.
1:47:40 - Jesus is the will of God revealed - Jesus' life. The word became flesh - the word became a human being and walked among us. The life of Jesus was the word of God revealed. The will of God is the life of Jesus lived.
1:48:20 - Jesus healed everybody. Didn't turn anybody away. Everybody who touched Him was healed. He did have any of the reasons that we come up with as to why people can't be healed. We probably ought to get our lives lined up to His life because He is the truth that makes men free.

More Stories

➡ 1:48:35 - I wanted to show you where not to turn back is located in the Bible. Let's just read it quickly.
1:49:45 - Disciplining Todd's bladder - Drinks a lot of water. Driving with a youth group. Prays for people at stops. I'll go in your seat. We've got to stop. I need to go right now. Runs straight to woman who needs prayer. Foot never healed - since 4 years old. Prayed for woman in parking lot. No more limp. Everybody is crying. Wasn't even thinking about peeing afterwards. Love over took the need to pee.
1:55:10 - Need to pee at the market place - John M. I needed to pee. I got up to go and a lady walked into the prayer booth. Ministered to her for forty-five minutes. Totally wrecked. Afterwards, I didn't even have to go. I don't know what happened.
1:56:00 - I know that I stretched Todd to the max.

1:56:20 - BREAK

1:56:25 - We are just going to wrap up and close.
1:56:45 - Mary's story - At corporate prayer time. Supposed to be praying for the city. Crying. Lord said, "She is not praying for the city." She's crying for a miracle. She was told that she would not get pregnant. Prayed for her. 6 to 8 weeks later she was pregnant. Mary provides closing worship music.
1:59:10 - As we close I want to read the closing prayer of Hebrews over us. It's my faith for you guys.
1:59:45 - Worship leaders - give people the privilege of entering into your love life. They are in love and they just open the door. And we just get to come in.
2:00:30 - Thank God for whatever He imparted to you in this school.
2:01:10 - Hebrews 13:20-21 & Closing prayer (beautiful)
2:03:30 - Bless one another.