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Day 47

0:00 - Highlights of the weekend - 8 yr. old granddaughter - princess bed - uses it to pray. Pastor friend - I want you to go in there. God meets with him. Crawling across the floor. Moaning loudly.
5:50 - Unsaved lady - Prayed that if sin brought a mark into your life - that mark must be removed. Body and blood. Lady had never come to church - 40's. Not born again. Responding to the message. Fell under the power of the Spirit. The list of her infirmities came out of my mouth. Sister freaks out. She knows of the ailments. She got off the floor sobbing. Felt peace for the first time. No pain or symptoms since 1995. She can't stop crying. Realized not saved. Got saved. Water baptized. She looked drunk. Thank you. It's all His fault. I had nothing to do with it. Mercy of God. Sister never gave up.
12:35 - That kind of thing is possible because of what we are doing right now...

Sacrament of Communion

12:40 - Sacrament of communion - explanation - covenant between God and His Son - He's a Man. Satan killed a man. Blood on mercy seat. So that the guilty can go free.
14:00 - Body - taking the rap. [Explanation] Thanksgiving for the gift of Jesus. (more...healing)
19:00 - Receiving the body.
19:20 - Blood - [Explanation] Thanksgiving for what was accomplished through the blood. (more)
21:00 - Receiving the blood.

The Great Privilege of Knowing Him

21:30 - Highlights from the weekend - God breathed life into teenagers. Talking right into their eyes. Young man coming out of drug addiction.
22:30 - Get understanding - Through communion - Nothing compares to your ability to be with Him - to know Him. Don't pursue knowledge. Pursue knowing Him. In all of your getting, get understanding - Prov. 4:7. And you get understanding by being face to face with Him. Through conveying and communing with Him personally when nobody else is around. That's when it becomes your reality.
24:10 - You'll have every opportunity not to enter into that. It's satan's worst nightmare. Excuses - "It doesn't seem real." Faith will take you through the door.
24:50 - Communing before getting out of bed. (more) Not praying about stuff... knowing Him.

Spiritual Gifts

25:40 - THIS WEEK - Questions - If there are any unresolved... Gifts, words of knowledge, prophecy. In a different light than you probably expect.
27:00 - Spiritual gifts in Dan's life - By the time I was 6 months old in the Lord, I had moved in every gift of the Spirit that's listed in scripture. I had never been taught about any of them.
27:25 - Sometimes we get the knowledge about spiritual gifts beforehand and that creates a pressure in our lives. Now we know what we should be walking in. Our knowledge is working against us.
27:50 - Gifts flow out of love - Everything flows out of knowing Him. When he says desire spiritual gifts, even before that Paul says, pursue love - 1 Cor. 14:1 - Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy. - It's right to desire spiritual gifts - all of them. What's the best gift? The one that is needed at the time.
28:20 - No limit - More than one gift - You are not limited to one gift. The world needs who Jesus is in our spirit. And don't think that He is just giving out little pieces of the pie if you are surrendered and becoming like Him. He is not limiting the flow of who He is now that He has gone to the extreme of giving all that He is so that He could put Himself in you. Become love and the river flows.
29:30 - Early gifts in Dan's life - I attributed it to Christ in me. We are one. Whatever you want to do. It's all in His love. Ministry class at 9 months old in the Lord. 13 month school. I had already done this stuff. Homework assignments to go out and move.
31:45 - Sincerely desiring to die to the flesh. Grace will make that your reality.
32:15 - Night I got saved - Love for wife - I was sure that I hated my wife. Plan for moving forward. When I got saved I saw my life is pitiful. I didn't want to live my old life. As I surrendered He helped me to know that He is real. My heart saw Him. Half hour later, thought of wife and knew that I loved her. I loved her and never heard a teaching on love. I had never loved anyone up until that point.
34:00 - You can't love without God. Human affection. God is love. You can need. I love you for me.
34:45 - Love for wife - Why was I able to love wife? Love came inside of me. And selfishness stepped aside. That has to come out of your heart. You don't ever want to live for you again.
35:00 - Be rid of selfishness - that's how you can be done with being hurt and offended. In your own strength, you can't do that. But grace can come on you and you get shaped and molded and you are His workmanship.
35:50 - Knowledge can end up biting us. If you know all of this why isn't your life like that? Know Him. Not just head knowledge.
36:30 - You are more than the gift you minister - It's not just people being healed or feeling the presence of God when you pray - that's not what makes you who you are. It's being with Him. It's knowing Him. This is what takes you through your life - through every trial. You can end up not even experiencing the gift you are ministering.
37:30 - Later this week we will talk more about the gifts and the simplicity of moving in them and the importance of moving in them.
38:05 - Be wowed by Him - Not the gifts - People look to the people moving in gifts. People are calling you for a word. I think people do that because we are searching for more God reality. And we want to be wowed by the gift instead of wowed by Him.
39:00 - He wants to flow and love.
39:20 - Word of encouragement - Her prayer, "God I can't believe you put up with me." Word to her, "God doesn't tolerate you. He loves you."
40:00 - He is so personal. He knows what's going on in your heart.
40:30 - So pursue love and desire that His love manifest through your life in the form of any way that He wants.
40:50 - Prophecy - Live prophetic - divine utterance. If you are becoming one with Him and His heart is becoming your heart, when you speak, it will be divine utterance. You'll do that and not even realize it. It doesn't have to happen in a certain way or in a certain setting. Live prophetic. Speak life and destiny and encouragement. You can live with prophetic conversation and language because of your relationship with Him. Saying everything that God would say to a person if He were standing there. Say what God is saying.
42:30 - Honoring the prophet - No man has anything unless it's been given by God - John 3:27. Honor God, not the people.
42:50 - Backslidden healing - It's all by grace - Doing drugs. Hadn't talked to God in two years. It's not a matter of working to get in better with God. It's about becoming love - seeing His heart - His heart for you and His heart for others. Prayed for woman. Preaches gospel. Totally healed. He wanted to run. God moved through that man because He loves that woman. It's not works. It's grace. Call Dan. He'll explain everything.
45:30 - What blocks the compassion of God in our lives anyway? Self-consciousness - a rut in the soul - condemnation - Why would God use me? The closer you stay to God, the more you are in tune with His compassion - the more you are looking through His eyes.
46:00 - Backslidden healing (cont.) - I knew who it was. I tracked him down and called him. I went after him. He came back to church. That healing was for the backslidden man as well.
47:10 - Participant testimony - Crack addict spoke in tongues for the first time while high. Immediately sobered up. Alcoholic, drunk as a skunk, spoke in tongues - started crying.
48:55 - Mercy - Satan can never defeat the mercy of God. Mercy is an expression of His love. When you understand the gospel clearly, that's what puts diligence in you - integrity - discipline. You don't love God first. God first loved you. Integrity is birthed in you.
50:20 - Multiplication - reproduced after His own kind.
50:50 - Eve - Woman is the completion of man. She is the avenue for the expression of love. Man chocked full of God. It's got to go somewhere. Now there is an avenue to flow and increase. That was the position God's heart was in when He made man.
52:30 - Born into Adam.

Love - Loving Others

53:05 - How do I begin to love people? I don't love any adult.
53:40 - It's all in knowing God. He who loveth not, knoweth not God - 1 John 4:8. One of the biggest challenges in your life - Knowing God intimately - not intellectually. Because satan want to interrupt, interfere, distract, disrupt. Know God intimately to where His love captivates you.
56:00 - When you realize how God sees you, you realize that's how He sees all men because He created all men in His image.
56:20 - Realization of how He feels about me.
57:00 - The night I got saved - you might think I needed serious help - but I was already getting it. Screaming - "You're real!" I didn't want to live another day for me. Crying, "My life is so pitiful. I am so selfish. I want everybody to like what I don't even like. If you love me and can forgive me and have a plan for my life, I will live for you." Captive to His love.
1:01:10 - Receive and become love - Then you live from that place and I am not trying to forgive you because it's scriptural. I'm forgiving you because I am so forgiven. If He forgave me at that level how couldn't I forgive you at any level. Mercy. Love.
1:02:30 - Loving lost sons and daughters.

Deceived by Feelings - I Don't Even Think I am Saved

1:03:00 - Be careful when you have thoughts like that - that you are not even saved. Father, I thank you that I am saved. (more)
1:04:00 - Live by faith - Not feelings - It feels like nothing is happening. It feels like I am talking to the sky. I just feels like words. It's not just a test drive. No, the just live by faith. When you say those things you have put faith back on the shelf and have said that you are going to live by how I feel. Deception. He hears all those prayers.
1:04:50 - Participant testimony - Lived under that deception for years. Had a dream. Man fell down under conviction. Wow, Jesus you do love me. I never thought I was saved.
1:06:00 - That puts you back into striving and struggling and giving up. Whatever. "If I haven't gotten it by now, I'm never going to get it." Do you hear how the mind starts working? It's all negative and stalemating you.
1:06:30 - Participant testimony - Baptism - intimate time. Just so want to be one - heart cry.
1:09:10 - Satan wants to crush your heart cry.
1:09:15 - Lady in despair - Suicide - Called last night. I accosted every lie. Sometimes you have to snatch them from the fire. Husband had committed suicide six years ago. Now it was trying to multiply in her. Get her to follow through on the thing that broke her heart. I just don't think I care any more. That's ridiculous. If you didn't care why did you call me? You called me because you have a heart cry. You knew what I would say. Don't believe you don't care. That's a lie.
1:11:15 - Some of these deceptions you've got to really go after. They are designed to steal, kill and destroy. It's a discernment thing. Hey, what are you thinking?
1:11:50 - Lady in despair - Suicide - Accosting the lies. Expose the lies. Snatching out of the fire.

Work Out Your Salvation

1:12:30 - Phil. 2:12 - What does it mean to "work out your salvation with fear and trembling?" -
1:13:10 - Read scripture in grace. Interpret in grace. Look at your life in grace.
1:13:30 - You are already right. There is not one thing wrong about you through the cross. You start there. You are not lacking anything. It's all there in Him. It's His view of you. You're my prize, my treasure, my love. That's what He's saying through the cross. The stone is rolled away! So rise with Me. Let's run off together forever.
1:14:20 - Work out your salvation - Here's what it means... Stay hooked up to that truth (above) so that you are not deceived and you run well. Stay in a reverence for God - reverence who He is - keep sight of who you are in His sight and run well. Staying in touch with the truth that made you free. Not making but made. You have been delivered from the power of darkness.
1:15:00 - Believing it is finished - Praying for young man this weekend. Spent three months with Heidi Baker this summer. Prayed for lepers and watched skin be recreated. That's awesome. We want that. But there was still something tracking his life from his former days. The Lord showed me how to pray. This has to do with the redemption of your soul. There's nothing wrong with you. There is something telling you that there is something wrong with you. You have been delivered. Went into convulsions and hit the floor. Had no consciousness of it. Lifelong stronghold. Lacking something. Went limp. Spoke life over him. "I have been delivered." Confess truth. Sincerely thankful.
1:18:55 - He was free in Christ the whole time. He didn't believe it. Kept him from intimacy - from walking in the everyday Father's love. One lie that he embraced as truth. When all along he was free. He needed truth.
1:20:00 - How can't you be free? It's just what we fail to see.
1:20:55 - Father, thanks for making me so special and making everything right. Thanks for taking the struggle off of my life. I proved a long time ago that I can't measure up. But you measured me up because you've always seen the truth about me. Thanks for being my King. Start there and stay there.

Called to Be With Him

1:21:45 - Mark 3:13 - And he goeth up into a mountain, and calleth unto him whom he would: and they came unto him. - Rom. 8:30 - Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified. - Do you know why you are here and even care about the kingdom in your heart? Because He called you. Grace is drawing you. Out of darkness.
1:22:45 - He called those who He Himself wanted. He wanted us. I am so on purpose.
1:24:00 - Don't let other stuff define you.
1:24:20 - And what did they do? They came to Him. That's what we're to do.
1:24:30 - v.14 - And he ordained twelve, that they should be with him, and that he might send them forth to preach, - Do you see what's first? Guess what He appointed you to first... To be with Him. So be with Him. You called me. You wanted me yourself... (more)
1:26:00 - Called to be with Him and from that place... that He might send them out to preach. The revelation of who He is begins to overflow from your cup. That can happen unintentionally. Your life preaches. Your words speak prophetically. What you have in Him is the expression of your life.
1:27:20 - Ordination - What ordains me? I'm with Him. And from that place, I am going to preach and somebody is going to get healed and somebody is getting loved. Why? Because appointed me to preach? To be with Him.
1:28:10 - We try to preach to feel spiritual and get a word of knowledge to fit in. We hope that someone gets healed so that we feel affirmed.
1:28:30 - If you even care to be with Him it's because He called you to be with Him. He Himself wants you.
1:28:35 - Mark 3:13 - Why do you say He called me when the verse says He called to Himself His disciples? - In that paragraph He is only talking to the twelve but then they went out and taught what He taught them. - Rom. 8:30 - Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified. - He called us to Himself. It totally means you.
1:29:15 - Our calling - Here is the deception: We think our calling is missions, children's church, etc. We limit our lives to a function instead of an identity and being with Him. Our calling is that we might be with Him. That's first.
1:29:45 - David Hogan - Don't even go if you've not been with Him. If you do you are trying to be somebody through your actions rather than your intimacy.
1:30:15 - In this place, who He is becomes yours. It's the only way that you will get over the bumps in the road.

Weariness of Pastors

1:30:30 - Weariness of pastors - Hurt ministers. Need for refreshment. Ministry is tough. That should be challenged.
1:31:10 - Cup and saucer - Ministering from the overflow - No one should drink from your cup. They should drink from the saucer. You're cup is running over so then they can never get into your cup. If they drink from your cup you will go dry.
1:31:30 - Just fulfilling the call - the service - doing ministry - with a tank that is running out.
1:32:15 - I don't minister out of my cup. I minister because my cup is overflowing.
1:34:00 - Prolific works of Jesus - books couldn't contain all of the works.
1:35:00 - Volume of phone calls - Sometimes I think I am over pursued.
1:36:00 - Never ending draw on Jesus. Jesus didn't complain and whine. Jesus was in intimacy and communion.
1:37:10 - Mountain / valley life? - Go to the mountain. Pour out until you are drained. And then crawl back up the mountain to get filled up. Throw that out.
1:38:00 - If you accept these theologies, you are accepting weakness, tiredness. Letting the flesh have a voice. We want the supernatural but we accept ways of thinking that stops His power. If you think that you have to wear out, you are just a moment away. You have what you believe in life.

Called to be With Him (cont.)

1:39:00 - v.15 - And to have power to heal sicknesses, and to cast out devils: - They were appointed to be with Him and from that place they were sent with power. From being with Him you can't help but to minister.

1:39:30 - BREAK

1:39:40 - "Drunk as a skunk" meaning. Moonshine - eating the mash.

"Falling in Love"

1:42:15 - There is great self-centeredness in human love. Did God intend that people "fall in love?" -
1:42:40 - The world can't define love. It's human emotion. But it's not without self-centeredness. The reason that you can see that it's not love is as quick as you can fall into love, you can fall out of love. It's impossible to scripturally fall out of love. You don't fall in and fall out. Love never fails.
1:42:50 - Love doesn't take account of a suffered wrong. It doesn't seek it's own.
1:43:00 - "I can't live without you." It can't be love. It's so needs driven. But some people just so need to hear that. [Scenario of "falling in love."] It's all about what you do for me. "I'd be lost without you." Do you hear the idolatry in that? It's all about what you are receiving from the relationship. You have very little to give unless you are in relationship with Him.
1:43:50 - Most of what we give is for what we can gain. You do for me. I'll do for you.
1:44:00 - 50-50 marriage - No, it's love. I love you period. 60-40 can be a problem.
1:45:00 - Different Greek words for love.

What is "Normal"? - Studying Fallen Man

1:45:15 - Normal? - Studying fallen man - Be careful. We study human life and that is "normal." We give allowance for it. But we are studying a fallen being that is not what they were created to be and calling it our normal. My quest is to walk in what He created me for. I'm not subject to that natural reality. I'm in the world but not of it.
1:46:10 - Adam fell - When Adam ate from the tree, everything changed. And we were born into Adam. Psychology. When Adam ate from the tree a lot of things went haywire.
1:47:15 - Child bearing - Curse in child bearing. Sorrow. That's not how she was made. Women having babies without pain.
1:49:30 - Your desire shall be for your husband. Under great pressure to fit in - to be desirable. Trying to fill something that is missing.

Relationships, Intimacy, Sex & Dating

1:51:00 - Listen to how a relationship works. You can find it in Genesis.
1:51:15 - Adam and Eve.
1:52:30 - At Randy Clark conference - Adam and Eve. Desire at the cost of another.
1:53:30 - Definition of manhood. You could not have made me this way. It's selfish. I was a prisoner to what I thought was manhood.
1:55:15 - Trying to make it with my future wife. What are you doing? We're Christians.
1:58:10 - 3 pastors shut me down when I tried to share this teaching. I like my sex life thank you. You are robbing yourself and your wife. They didn't want the conviction.
1:59:10 - How relationships should work - the intention of God. You grow in Jesus and get established. And out of the strength of who He is in you there is the grace to be joined to another - to the strength of God in another. The two become one. And look just like Him together. That's the intention of God.
1:59:30 - How relationships usually work. I'm 23. It's time to get a boy friend. Need. I'm not getting any younger. I'd like to have kids.
2:00:00 - Christian dating service - the world painted Christian. There's no such thing as a Christian dating service. It's ridiculous.
2:00:50 - Ladies came for prayer - Christian dating service. Offended. It had become her identity. Compromise to fulfill dreams.
2:02:10 - Knowing God is our calling. Being in fellowship with Him is our destiny. And everything makes sense from that place. Live with the honor of a life laid down for His glory. I don't have needs. I have Him.
2:03:00 - [Dating scenario - Needs vs. Loving from fullness]
2:06:00 - Satan's cover up - Satan counterfeits what is valuable. He so exploits sexuality. It must be really important - amazing, holy, beautiful and true. Would he go to the extreme that he has gone if he weren't trying to cover up something amazing? Keep them from seeing the beauty of a transformed, redeemed life and emotions - keep them from ever knowing what it means to be filled with His fullness and walk in love. That's his plan.
2:08:45 - Counselling young people on these issues. You have a relationship because you have found your identity.
2:09:35 - Singles groups - meat markets at seeker friendly churches. Wearing the identity of single adult rather than fulfilled in Christ. Wearing the identity - available and looking.
2:10:15 - Christian singles club - you go there for one reason - I'm available and searching. Same motive as the world. Jesus is the cover up.
2:11:00 - Get filled with Jesus. God can draw someone to the Jesus in you. But until He sees Jesus in you, why would He draw someone to you?
2:11:40 - Praying for spouses to come back. No. Give God something to bring them back to. It's about you getting free and knowing who you are in Him and then He has someone to bring them back to.
2:14:00 - People defend their weakness rather than pursue strength. Need vs. love.

Counsel to Young Women - Relationships, Beauty, Flattery, True Worth

2:15:25 - How should young ladies deal with flattery? How do you respond? -
2:16:00 - First, recognize where he is coming from. Flattery is a zero. That's flesh feeding flesh. It's not valuing who you are. It just wants to use you to fulfill a desire. It's checking you out to see if you meet the need. And your life is so much more than that. So see it for what it is and don't be flattered by it. That would reveal a low esteem - a need to be appreciated.
2:16:40 - Beauty, Make-Up - The yoke of the world's standard of beauty. Don't try to be what everybody else is. Be the best you. Shine.
2:17:30 - What are we trying to do? Do we want people to lust us or love us?
2:18:00 - One of millions - Counseling young women. [Conversation scenario] Don't sell cheap. You are more than that. One in a million vs. one of millions.
2:19:20 - It's too late for me now. I've crossed that line. Sees herself is stained. Restoration is available. The truth is in Christ.
2:20:30 - But there are no boys out there like that. So you are supposed to sell out to that. You are a prize to be won. Draw Christ up and out of a young man. 2 weeks later, back and crying. (Everybody cries in pastor Dan's office - Receptionist goes in to take him a message and they cry.).
2:22:00 - You do not need a man to look you up and down.
2:22:30 - Young women often teach men to lust them instead of loving them. Then they are under the pressure of keeping pace with that because that's what they have fed. Keep them excited, entertained, turned on. We are in the world and of it.
2:23:10 - They still don't know what to do... They don't have to do anything. They don't have to straighten the boy out.
2:23:20 - But what do they do in their heart? - God, have mercy on him. He obviously doesn't see who he is. And he sure doesn't see who I am. He thinks he does but open his eyes because the is a beauty he hasn't beheld. That keeps the girl sober and she will never bite that bait. She won't eat the fruit of that tree. She won't sell out.
2:24:00 - Sell out price - Judas had one - Judas - walked with Jesus - ate with Him - fellowshipped with Him. He had intimate fellowship with Jesus. But he found himself behind the scenes saying, "What will you give me to betray Him?" He sold out the revelation of Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Satan believes that even though we have a Christian confession, that we all have a sell out price.
2:24:40 - No sell out price - Listen to the lie - What will you give ME to step away from Him? You want to grow into a place where you have no sell out price. You've been bought with a price. You want a no vacancy sign on you. All the rooms are filled. I'm not for sale. Father, thank you for keeping me sharp and never deceived. I have no desire of the flesh as best I know. And if there is some desire of the flesh, thank you for crushing it now as I pray. But I am confident of your ability to keep me in truth than my ability to fall. I have no need but you. And I thank you that you have come and I am free.
2:26:10 - Closing prayer - You are setting us apart from the way that seems right to man. Consume us with truth.