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Day 45

0:00 - Deer season stories
1:15 - TODAY: Q&A

Marriage, Sex and Sex Drive

2:00 - How can we apply yesterday's truth? (The recording was turned off for this segment of teaching.) - Sexual relations and the lie of "sex drive"
2:30 - Message does more harm than good because of where hearts are - I don't talk about it in big congregations because people will hurt each other with it. That message can created strife, separation and divorce in a marriage because husband and wife are not on the same page of seeking Jesus. They don't understand how to really love each other and grow in this truth. The message does more harm than good because of where people's hearts are.
4:30 - Unbelieving spouses - Let them stay. You shine light. Marriage Ministries International - testimony of founders. He was running around on her. I'm not giving up on him. She submitted it all to God. Believing him back into truth.
7:20 - Recording turned off yesterday. To answer the question, when I get into one on one situations with young people, I pour these truths into them individually, personally. I purpose to multiply it. And it would seem that individually is not enough. But because of this dilemma of this message doing more harm than good in corporate settings, share it individually.
8:15 - Restoration of Dan's marriage - I wanted to share what I had learned. I was excited. But Holy Spirit went, "Shhhh... They will hurt one another with it because of where their hearts are." Use the truth against one another instead of for one another.
9:10 - I've shared that teaching with 3 pastors in my life and they all shut me down. "Stop, stop. You're freaking me out. I love my sex life thank you." Didn't even want to hear it.
9:35 - I share that teaching with men - not women, because of where their man might be. It's more challenging for a woman to respond to that truth well. Men are usually the ones that need that teaching.
10:30 - There was a grace on yesterday.
11:00 - Now there are truths that you can share with groups - young people - before marriage. Young women - who they are created to be.
12:15 - Speak out of the reality of your heart - Become it first and then you have the authority and anointing to pass it on. Don't just preach the doctrine. Speak out of the reality of your heart - speak out of what you are living and tasting and it's good. Then you have something good.
12:55 - So share it with people in the right settings.

Praying "In the Spirit"

13:10 - Eph. 6:18 - "Pray at all times in the Spirit" - Is Paul talking about tongues there? - All forms of prayer - intercession, supplications, committal... What he is saying is keep your soul submitted in a place of prayer - consciousness of God - fellowship and relationship with the Lord.
14:00 - Armor of God - Armor of God - It's very simply the accomplished, finished work of Christ. The whole armor of God is what He accomplished and who you are because He died and rose again. It's the finished work of Christ applied to your life.
15:00 - Keep your mind held captive in a place of communion with God. Different types of prayer.
15:30 - Walking by the flesh - Walking by the Spirit - Walking according to the flesh - not just sexual sin. Walking in your own ingenuity, ability, strength, wisdom. To walk by the flesh is to walk by your own strength. To walk by the Spirit means to walk by the grace of God that's available through finished work of Jesus Christ - to live by grace and not by works.
16:15 - Pray in the Spirit - in agreement with what God has accomplished. Any form of prayer absolutely including other tongues.
16:45 - Communing truth back to God - Communion - this represents your full communion with God. You have the honor of praying God's heart on the earth - speaking what God speaks - it's like God praying His will through us. He made man in His image to subdue the earth. So it's like God working with God in you. So He inspires you to say what He would say if He were in your position. By the Spirit of God - the Spirit of Truth - you speak it out. It's as if God is speaking. It's in His will. It's so powerful.
17:30 - If you are walking in love and seeing a situation like He sees it, when you pray about it you will pray God's heart right back to Him. It's as if God is praying Himself.
17:50 - Answer: So when you are praying in the Spirit you are praying in accordance to truth.
18:05 - It says with all prayer and supplication. All kinds of prayers. It's talking about keeping your life in Him. I'm wearing what He accomplished and I am keeping this thing (heart?) in fellowship.
18:45 - Separate pieces of armor.
19:00 - Participant comment on context of verse.
19:15 - All things pertaining to the advancement of the kingdom and the fulfillment of the will of God. Not just our needs and what we need today.
19:30 - Praying from the flesh vs. praying in the Spirit - A lot of people pray from the flesh vs. spirit - led by their needs, feelings, fears, wants. And praying in the flesh is not the same as praying in the Spirit. So we get our heart in agreement and one with God and we pray in the Spirit. The Spirit is life and peace. Praying things pertaining to God, His kingdom and others - the advancement of the truth.

Edification through Tongues

2015 - How is it that other tongues builds you up? What is actually going on? - It's hard to explain edification. We talked about Jude v.20 - building yourself up in your most holy faith praying in the Spirit - I believe that refers to tongues.
21:20 - Some people believe that just means lead by the Spirit.
21:30 - When you pray in the Spirit, you are not speaking to men but to God. That's awesome... just knowing that... it takes faith to live the Christian life.
21:55 - 1 Cor. 14 - 1 Cor. 14:1,2-reading - Prophecy brings edification to all. If tongues are interpreted they are as edifying as prophecy. If they are not interpreted, you are edified but no one else understands. But none the less, you are edifying yourself so Paul encourages praying in tongues.
23:40 - You are speaking mysteries - another realm.
24:30 - v3,4 - He separates tongues for personal use from prophecy for corporate benefit. Later he talks about tongues being interpreted.
25:25 - Edifying - It makes you Spirit-conscious. It brings you in touch with the fact that He lives in you. Hard to put into words. Deeper knowing.
26:00 - Interpretation even in private setting.
26:30 - v.14 - I am praying but Spirit is praying through me because we are one. He's in me giving utterance and I am praying it out because we are one. We're not speaking to men but speaking to God. What are we speaking? Mysteries.
27:00 - [Examples of praying in tongues - situations where you don't have much knowledge] It's probably the best prayer you can pray.
28:15 - The edification comes from knowing You are in me - we are one - You are praying through me - this is intimate.
28:40 - [When you don't have the words]
29:00 - Participant comment - something about prayer in tongues being faster, more efficient.
29:30 - Why pray in tongues - Why would I spend so much time doing something that is unfruitful for my understanding? Because there is a place of faith. You are growing in understanding that He is in you and you are together. And those mysteries start getting revealed.
30:00 - English and tongues. Helps tongues be full of heart.
30:10 - You can do other things - Participant comment - You can do other things and pray in tongues.
30:20 - You can pray in tongues a lot because you don't have to think.
30:40 - Disengagement of the detrimental mind - It actually disengages the mind when the mind can be a detriment. Not continually casting things down.
31:20 - Driving.
32:00 - In that place revelation comes faster. You are being brought into the mystery. Reading the Bible can get clearer. Edification is the awareness that God is so real and You live so big on the inside of me.
32:35 - Tongues as a weapon - We don't always know the best way to pray.
33:25 - Laughing.


34:00 - Eph. 6:18 - Can you pray in the Spirit without praying in tongues? - Yes - Romans 8:26 - I believe it can be both. Not words - not tongues, just your tears alone are intercession. God just puts it on you.
36:00 - Groaning on the steps - season of weeping. Getting ready to pray for the pastors. "Shhh... You are only praying because of what's wrong with those men. If I let you pray from that motive, it won't be long until something is wrong with you." God was working His heart into me - His love. Coming up the steps - heart broke for humanity. What is going on? "Dan, I cried often like this when I walked the earth." Crying because of the fall of man - the blindness of man - death being dominant over life in their minds. I see clearer now.
40:20 - Bible knowledge.
40:45 - Hurt - God put His heart in me for humanity. God's not hurt by humanity. He is hurting for humanity. You're not going to hurt the heart of God. If He is hurting, He's hurting for you. He's not hurting for Himself because He is love. When you are hurting for yourself, it's not love.
41:20 - Hurting for others. Hurting for yourself is normal to the fall. It's not normal to heaven.
41:40 - To answer Question - You are praying in the Spirit when you are praying in agreement with truth. He is the Spirit of Truth. So to live in truth is to live in the Spirit. To walk in love is to walk in the Spirit - to walk in the presence of God.
42:00 - If I become love, I am walking in the anointing. If I become love, I am walking in power. If I am praying through truth and seeing with a clear perspective... the only reason that I can know truth is because of the Spirit. He leads me in all truth. So to pray in the truth is to pray in the Spirit.
42:40 - Praying in the Spirit is prayer - all manner - inspired by the Spirit.
43:15 - Interceding on the mountain - In Montana visiting family. Mountain stood out to me. Public land.
44:20 - Dancing with the Lord - Don't laugh at me.
45:10 - Interceding on the mountain - Could see the whole city of Helena - Prophesying over city. Voices of intercessors 30 years ago. Crying out for the city. I joined those intercessors in prayer. There is power in laying down your life. It's a labor of love. There is something about the labor of love, carrying your cross, the sacrifice of praise. I don't remember praying in tongues at all on the mountain. Was I praying by the Spirit - YES!.
51:55 - (side story) - Stopped for directions - Lady - Next morning I climbed Mt. Helena. On top for sunrise. Impression that someone was there. Lady that gave directions was on top of mountain. I thought I heard angels. I followed the sign. I'm seeking the Lord. I thought if I came up I would find Him.
56:15 - You want God reality. God will send people to Himself in you. He's not sending them to your mind. He's sending them to your heart.
56:50 - Believing for interpretation - God will put it in the back of your mind. Tongues connects you to the Spirit of God. It brings your mind into alignment.
58:05 - Is the prophecy of 1 Cor. 14 interpretation of tongues? - Prophecy - inspired utterance. But other tongues in a corporate setting that is interpreted is on the same level as prophecy. If it's not interpreted, it's unfruitful. It ought to be interpreted.
59:25 - Believe God for understanding. Ask God to interpret - enlighten your understanding. And why not ask for this in your personal life.
1:00:20 - Tongues and interpretation where the interpretation is God talking to me. It's amazing because it is coming out of your mouth from His heart and piercing your heart.

1:01:00 - BREAK

Tongues & Man's Major Role on the Earth

1:01:55 - If God is praying through me back to Himself when I pray in tongues, why do I need to be involved? -
1:02:50 - Because he created us in His image, gave us the earth and told us to subdue it. So when you are praying in tongues you are flowing from His image, His heart, His Personhood, His wisdom. It's the most beautiful thing on the earth when you are in line with the Spirit, praying. What a loving God to bring us up onto that plane - plane of sonship. He wants us up on the plane of God.
1:03:40 - He gave the earth to men - The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD'S: but the earth hath he given to the children of men. - Ps. 115:16. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: - Gen. 1:28a. Thou hast put all things in subjection under his feet. For in that he put all in subjection under him, he left nothing that is not put under him. But now we see not yet all things put under him. - Heb. 2:8. He doesn't just want to get it done apart from you because He want the love and honor of that relationship with you - that union where He is reproducing Himself after His own kind - through someone that is yielded and surrendered and submitted and living by faith. Not judging himself - putting himself down - not judging himself as less than but saying "Yes God. Here I am Lord. Send me."
1:04:20 - He doesn't move apart from us it seems in most cases. It almost seems that if men don't pray, nothing happens. Why? Because He gave the earth to the children of men.
1:05:00 - Participant comment - Holy Spirit is right there helping me to pray. It's a partnership.
1:05:40 - That's the relational side of it. Tongues takes you into the realization that He is in me. We're together. We're one.
1:06:00 - Interpretation stories - 1st time just heard the English - didn't hear tongues. Kids in NC - Kid spoke in Spanish but heard himself in English. Dude, you said you didn't know Spanish!
1:07:40 - Holy Spirit - my Helper.
1:08:00 - Having a heart desire but praying in tongues. Not knowing what you are praying but knowing why you are praying. We have a lot of tools and weapons in the Holy Spirit.

"Election" Controversy

1:08:30 - Could you share your thoughts on the topic of "election"? - I don't have a real strong response. I believe that all who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved - Rom. 10:13. I don't believe that God calls men to repent and then doesn't give them the grace to repent.
1:09:15 - I believe every man is to be saved. Does every man respond? No. But if I start to believe that man is out or that he has no chance to change...
1:09:30 - Pharaoh - I believe that God can use man. Refusal to repent. God can use that to achieve His purpose.
1:10:20 - God playing satan like a pawn - He pulled back and let him do what satan does - steal, kill and destroy. The hour of darkness.
1:10:35 - Judas - Even Judas is a difficult topic. Son of perdition. Was he only born to betray? Suicide - truly sorry? How that pans out, I don't know.
1:11:40 - Here is a rule that I live by: I won't get too hot on a topic that doesn't change big picture purpose. I won't talk for a long time on my end times position and interpretation because it has nothing to do with Christ in me today and living effectually today. What are we accomplishing through much debate? If we aren't living out Christ? Manifesting love? Leading the world to a knowledge of Him today?
1:12:15 - I believe we are elected by God to be saved. The elect are those who have yielded - responded. We are without excuse. There is grace on every man's heart wooing him and turning him to truth. Can you resist it? Yes. I don't think He created people to be damned. I believe He created everyone to be sons or daughters.
1:12:50 - I couldn't disagree more with those who see no point in sharing the gospel.
1:13:20 - Live for purpose - Not to just be right on a topic - We have a purpose now - today. And we shouldn't miss it because of over thinking the situation.
1:13:40 - End times topics. Rightness on topics but accomplishing nothing. Let's become love now and leave a legacy.
1:14:45 - Election controversy - Encourage you to believe that everyone can be saved. Jesus said the fields are white for the harvest. So let's go harvest. If you don't believe that you'll subvert your faith in ministering to people. And you'll decide whether they are the elect or not. And that mentality might cause you to draw back. But when does the love of God draw back. When does God stop wooing and drawing. 1 Tim. 2:4 - Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. - There's not much of a way around that.
1:16:20 - Participant's comment on election - He already knew. God revealing His mercy through longevity, long suffering, forbearing.
1:17:15 - Every man has the privilege to repent.


1:17:20 - What do you think happened to Judas? Is it possible that he is in heaven? - I struggle with the whole story of Judas. Pharaoh. Repentance.
1:18:40 - I never have gotten this resolved in my heart. Disciples denying Christ.
1:19:50 - I've betrayed innocent blood. Trying to give back the money. It looks like repentance. So torn up - that he kills himself. Sin-consciousness brought death.
1:21:00 - God knows the believers of the gospel. Moses. Abraham. Lived by faith.
1:21:45 - Judas - looks like repentance - With Judas it looks like true Bible repentance.
1:21:50 - Esau had a whole different heart - didn't repent. Cried because of what he lost. A profane man. Godless. For a morsel of food, traded his birthright. You have the inheritance of a son and you are going to live like a sinner. Passing pleasures of sin.
1:24:00 - Is Judas in heaven? I honestly don't know. To me it's not an issue. It's irrelevant.
1:24:45 - Participant's comment - Speculating that someone hung Judas.
1:25:20 - Speculation and debate - it's irrelevant. Don't camp on it. Every man has a right to be saved. God doesn't bring man forth to damn him. I can't see that in the nature of God. That's all that I am trying to say. But I am unsettled on the question of Judas.
1:26:00 - I am pursuing love and I don't ever want to judge someone as a Judas. If I see Judas in a certain light, I'll be tempted to see someone else in that light. I want to see every man with the opportunity to change.
1:26:20 - Participant's comment - Predestination.
1:27:20 - God is not telling you to repent and then not giving you the grace to do that.
1:28:15 - This degenerates into never ending debate - scenario after scenario - and it accomplishes nothing. We don't have the whole answer on this topic.
1:28:50 - God is a just judge. Nobody is going to have an appeal on judgement day.
1:29:00 - Strife over doctrine - Dogmatism, strife and distraction.
1:29:30 - Scenarios - I muse on these things in my private time. I don't share them because they just generate strife. And the scenarios never end. Just like when talking about healing - the scenarios never end. People take their experience as gospel and now the gospel has to justify their experience. Be careful where you are coming from. Deliverance ministry scenarios.
1:32:15 - I'm not going to embrace a belief that says God created a man with no hope - with a purpose of damnation. Because if I believe that I start seeing God with a different nature than I understand it.
1:32:45 - Seeing others as written off. It helps be to be formed in love - not knowledge. I don't need to form a case. I need to become love.

Challenges to God's Will to Heal - Paul Leaves Trophimus

1:33:25 - How do you respond to those who ask about Paul leaving Trophimus in Miletus - 2 Tim. 4:20? Why didn't Paul just heal him? That is such a contentious question. That's people reading the Bible to find a couple of ways to challenge God's will to heal. That's more of a challenge than a question.
1:34:00 - Paul is not the standard - Jesus is the standard - Paul himself said, "...that I may know Him..." - Phil. 3:10. He says that he hasn't apprehended it - Phil. 3:13. Follow me as I follow Jesus - 1 Cor. 11:1. We're saying, "If Paul couldn't heal Trophimus, it wasn't God's will to heal him." But men are not our standard. Jesus is our standard.
1:35:00 - Interpreting the Bible through a defense mechanism - They can't embrace the teaching on healing so they turn to these challenges. They read the Bible to dismantle what they can't embrace. They interpret through that defense mechanism. Just contesting - debating. Be careful.
1:35:40 - The Blind Man - Well God made him that way. - If you believe that you ought to believe that everyone is restored because that man was healed. So if you were believing that was for the glory of God then pursue the glory of God and get people whole. Stop using that as a reason for living with an infirmity that you were born with - because the man didn't stay that way.

Judas (cont.)

1:36:10 - Participant comment - John 17:12 - Can you help me understand your answer to the Judas question in light of John 17:12?
1:36:35 - I'm telling you that I don't totally understand it. I interpret through the whole scripture not just one line.
1:37:00 - To me, the question of whether Judas is in heaven or not misses the point. I embrace the belief that every man has the opportunity to change.
1:37:30 - You might be shocked at who is in heaven and who is not. God knows the heart.
1:38:50 - Knowledge puffs up.

End Times

1:39:40 - Are you telling us not to sweat the small stuff? - That's exactly what I am telling you - The stuff that has no bearing on how you live your life today to fulfill His will. Don't camp out on that stuff and debate over it. It's empty.
1:40:15 - End times - Fear and insecurity - I don't believe that God ever intended all of these end times camps and conferences. Most of it is fear driven any way. People are uneasy and uncertain.
1:40:30 - But if you get in Him you won't be uncertain and uneasy. And when the chips fall, you'll be in the right place. You'll be about the Father's business.
1:41:10 - Interpreting Revelations - I have set Revelations on the shelf in a sense. God, I thank you that when the chips fall I'm your son. I'm going to run hard and live right now and leave a legacy. And whether I'm here when this stuff happens or whether I am already gone - it's irrelevant to me. Let's make the most of today. Let's live for your glory - period.
1:41:40 - Spiritual conversations but no legacy left behind. Talking about Christian stuff makes us feel like Christians. Prideful - you have all of the answers. It's deception.
1:42:00 - Bible studies for knowledge's sake. Useless. Let's become love and leave a mark. And when the trumpet blows, we'll be right in position.

Responding to Contention - Fill Your Heart with the Word

1:43:15 - Participant's question - experience and head knowledge - how to respond to contention - How should we respond to contention?
1:44:25 - Be intimate with Him. Fill your heart with the word. Make sure that you don't have a need to be right in their eyes. It has to be a love thing. You are not trying to debate back. You have convictions that you live by.
1:44:40 - Co-worker with stress - Why do you have stress in your life? You're a Christian. I touched him wrong.
1:45:30 - Fellow Christians at work - Communion - Motives in responding to conflict - They came out. They were weighed down by the work environment. 11 Christians. Prayer time before work. Brought in communion stuff. Last gathering we had - because I believed it was God's will to heal. They agreed to pray for Dan - that God would give you understanding - come to the knowledge of truth. I had conviction. You have to be careful that you don't overreact in the opposite direction - to prove them wrong. You cannot let where people are ever influence where you are coming from. That's challenging. Be motivated by knowing Him and loving others.
1:48:30 - You are the steward of your own heart and you know why you are doing what you are doing. I won't debate with those who don't believe in healing. I'll continue in what I am doing because I do believe. It's who I am.
1:49:40 - Fill your heart with the word. It gives you understanding. You need to be able to answer the demonic lies. They keep us from the very things that Jesus modeled and released us to do. They take scripture out of context.
1:50:20 - "Don't lay hands on suddenly" - taken out of context - for deacons, leadership. Don't ordain him too soon - to bring them into ministry. He's not saying that you can be slimed. It can only happen if you believe it can happen.
1:52:15 - Affliction comes to shift your focus - To get your focus off the good and get it onto the affliction. If you get your focus on what you are going through you are in big trouble.
1:53:15 - Fill your heart with the word -
1:53:30 - Discerning what doesn't come from God - Fear - If it comes from fear. If it produces fear as opposed to peace. "Don't lay hands on suddenly" - from fear - vulnerability - insecurity - wrong identity. Now we are in the world and of it. So you can know that the idea is wrong because of what it produces.
1:54:10 - Know a tree by it's fruit - negative, condemning, contrary, destructive... It can't be from the Lord.
1:54:30 - Fill your heart with the word - Read you Bible not to defend against / answer all of the questions. Read to know Him and then ask Holy Spirit to bring it to my remembrance in every time of need. I know that if I put it in, you can pull it out. I know that in every time of need, you love people so much - and if my heart is in agreement with you, you will bring to me the wisdom necessary - the word necessary - the scripture - whether I have read it in recently or not you will bring it because it's in me. Thank you for your love. That's a faith thing. I am not trying to remember all of this scripture. Scripture will come up and out like a sharp sword. I had put them in me in faith. He brings them forth because He loves the people I talk to.
1:56:15 - Fellow that seemed to repent but showed all of these signs of selfishness. Marital problems. Temporal pleasure.

Job - God Allowed It

1:57:30 - What about Job? - Could you nutshell Job? - We all know people going through afflictions...
1:57:50 - Nutshell teaching on Job. God didn't afflict Job. Satan did. People say, "Well, God allowed it." One of the most dangerous phrases in the Christian body. No, God gave the earth to the children of men - Ps. 115:16. And those that know their God do great exploits - Dan. 11:32. He told us to pray and use the authority of His name and speak to the mountain. And we are busy saying "God allowed it." No, maybe we don't understand and are getting abused.
1:58:30 - God highlights a heart of integrity - God only highlighted Job's heart to the devil. All He was saying was that there is someone on the earth who doesn't love his own life unto death.
1:59:10 - Satan's reply - It's because you have blessed him. Take it away and he will curse you. He only seems to love you. Men don't love you. They need you. They will turn on you when things aren't going right. Satan is saying that everybody is like me - selfish at the core.
2:00:15 - God's reply - All that he has is already in your power. Satan doesn't need a permission slip to tempt and afflict - God of this world.
2:01:00 - Job's understanding - Everything that happens is God. No knowledge of the devil. So chapter 3 through 40 are the result of a man with wrong theology going through an emotionally stressful circumstances. His friends don't understand either. And we hear that kind of language in the church today. The friends were knowing it all.
2:02:25 - Sovereignty in the story - You're not going to kill him. Mercy of God.
2:03:40 - Everyone faces storms - Storms come to the wise and the foolish. Are the wise opening the door or are you just on the earth and "many are the afflictions of the righteous" - Ps. 34:19. No matter how wise you live, you are still facing storms. It's not a problem when you are wise to face storms because you are facing the storms through the identity of that wisdom that God imparted through the cross. And the house will stand. Because of the storm your reality will be more real. It's no longer your theory but your reality. The storm is never the issue. Who He is and who you are in the midst of that storm is always the issue.
2:04:30 - Fire of God? - The fire was not from God but Job believed it was.
2:04:40 - Usual interpretation of Job - shallow.
2:05:00 - Don't let many of you be teachers. Stricter judgement. Motives. Never asked to teach, pastor, travel. I don't need.
2:06:15 - The Lord giveth and the the Lord taketh away - songs. But did the Lord take anything away?
2:07:00 - Using Job to stay the same - People use Job to defend the position of continuing to be in infirmity. Using it to stay the same. They have been prayed for a lot. Offended. But Job was totally delivered and healed.
2:08:00 - If you had right thinking, you wouldn't put yourself through ch. 3 through 40. You spare yourself from that chaos.
2:08:55 - You "incited" me against him - Ch 2 - to turn one's heart against. But Satan can't manipulate God. You made it LOOK like I did it - that I turned against him. And he still would not turn against me because he doesn't love his own life unto death. God was holding high the Christian that doesn't love his own life unto death. Integrity.
2:10:15 - Overcome - by not loving your own life unto death. Self-preservation. "You don't know what I am going through." You don't see that in Jesus' life.
2:11:45 - The story of Job is mistaught - Job's theology - God was doing it. The church's teaching - That God was doing it.
2:13:30 - Twisted theology - Wrong theology - wrong sayings today - twisted phrases - anti-truth, anti-gospel. Anti-Christs - mindsets interlaced through the church. Anti-anointing, anti-power.
2:15:20 - Storms come to the wise and the foolish.
2:15:40 - Don't take life personally. Take the gospel personally. Become the gospel and the gospel will defend your life.
2:16:40 - Permission for living by the flesh because of times of affliction - feeling sorry for self - weakness.
2:17:30 - Poor counsel within the church.
2:18:40 - Q&A again next week.
2:19:30 - Closing prayer