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Day 42

Reading the Word & Interpreting Clearly

0:00 - Mt. 17 - Jesus addresses mindsets - corrupted thinking. When He calls us a perverse generation He means we've been touched by the fall of man and the wisdom of the world has become our way. That's all He is saying.
0:35 - Way that seems right - We were all born into Adam. And we've lived by the way that seems right to man our whole lives. But that way leads to destruction or death. That's intense. Let that sober you.
2:00 - Reading the word - Humble yourself - Open yourself to be taught - I have to see what you see. Because the way that seems right is destroying us. I have to know truth. And when I read passages like this I have to see what You are saying. I don't want to read it through what I think. I want to read it through what you are saying.
2:25 - If you don't open your heart and humble yourself when you read God's word and make yourself open to Him, you could just read through your own motives and mindsets - you are going to interpret the word through the motive that you are reading it in. Surrender yourself. Make yourself totally accessible to truth.
3:00 - Holy Spirit reveal Yourself to me. Say what you are saying to my heart. Your the one who... You don't have to pray this way every time. That can get religious. You develop that perspective - that heartbeat. I don't have to pray that every time I open my Bible. My heart is already in that position.
3:25 - Established in readiness to receive - But for my heart to get into that position, there was a season where I established that position.
4:00 - This is established in me - why I am opening my Bible. I want the way that seems right so exposed and so out of my life. I want to hear it for what it is so that I don't follow it. If I were to get a little off track, He would show me. Truth is in me and it comes to my rescue. And it gives you the opportunity to change.
4:45 - Participant comment - position of your heart
5:00 - Interpretation is colored by motive - The pure in heart shall see God - Mt. 5:8. So why would I want anything else in my heart but what He wants there. If you are not pure in heart you might read the word and not see Him clearly. You are going to interpret according to your motive. And you could miss God.
5:30 - Participant comment - Reading the OT and seeing Him as a harsh God.
6:10 - Interpreting through the loss of a loved one. Becomes stronghold.
6:45 - Differing interpretations - A lot of people saying a lot of different things about a lot of topics. Who are you? I need to know. Show me.
7:20 - Reading books - Holy Spirit teaches - The Lord kept me from this. Different slants through different books. The stuff I teach, nobody taught me - not books - not preaching. David Hogan was saying things that I already knew in my heart. It was putting a seal on it. Holy Spirit is an amazing teacher. Book on intercession. Never read a fasting book.
8:45 - Fasting - Holy Spirit teaches on fasting.

Rid Your Mind of the Way that Seems Right to Man

9:55 - Fast for 3 months - Lollipop - didn't lose a pound - ate one meal and one glass of water - worked a full schedule - 106 degree warehouse. Share with coworker - You come across so proud - mad - offended. Pride was accusing me of pride. Wept.
13:45 - Called to pastor - Right after this fast the church asked me to come on staff. Asked 3 times. I'm a warehouse worker in love with Jesus. Pray about it.
15:00 - Lollipop (cont.) - I can't share with her the good news of grace.
15:15 - Grace - the good news of grace - what's available to the flesh in real situations that makes Him God. Grace is what makes Him God to us. Grace is what makes Him tangible - what makes Him experienced - what makes Him real. Grace is God's willingness to pour out who He is into our lives so that we can experience Him - see Him - be more like Him. Grace is God's empowerment. It's what He does. It's the way He breathes on us and touches us to illuminate us so that we can partake of Him and give of Him. Grace is what makes God so amazing to flesh.
15:55 - Lollipop (cont.) - So I am receiving God's grace through this fast.
16:15 - Fast - losing weight - Fast where I lost weight. All of the people who love me were concerned. Are you OK?
17:00 - Lollipop (cont.) - Sorry I made you cry. You didn't hurt me. There you go again. Little kids. 2 Lollipops. I tried to give you one. You wouldn't take it. "I don't like the flavor." You didn't even try it.
➡ 19:15 - I told that story because the way that seems right to a man leads to death. And if you don't get that kind of thinking out of your mind, God could be sitting right in front of you and we might not be seeing Him. He might be waiting - in position and we're not seeing because the way that seems right to man is eating our lunch. It's incorporated into and laced through the pure and holy gospel.
19:50 - Way that seems right to man - You've got to use wisdom - "yeah buts" and "You've got to use wisdom" stops the power of God. "Whose wisdom?" Sometimes we are just accommodating fear. We haven't believed God but are leaning on whatever we know.
21:10 - Lollipop (cont.) - We ended up having a good relationship. She began to appreciate my heart. Came to our church. But what made it so difficult in the beginning was a presumptuous mindset - the way that we are trained to think our whole life.

The Way that Seems Right - Big Part of Our Lives Growing Up

21:35 - We're born into it - Born into Adam. Taught to think a certain way our whole life. World's language. Even if you went to church - still integrated with the way that seems right to man. You still needed to be born again. Still had the nature of sin.
22:00 - Kids will need to be born again - Mother's that think they are failures because of child's tantrums. Child needs to be born again. Keep loving them and showing them Jesus and one day they will realize the difference. Their nature gets exposed.
23:50 - Don't teach religion - Two dads ask for Dan's best advice for raising children. Don't ever teach them religion - making church what Christianity is. Live Christ out before them. Going to church is not what makes you a Christian. Live Jesus.
25:50 - Kids off course - Even if your kids get off course they can look back to what is real in your life.
25:55 - Prodigal son. He didn't leave the house because the father was bad.
27:00 - Word of knowledge for mother of 2 sons - one in prison - other not doing well. You believe it's your fault. You condemn yourself. It's time to call on God for His mercy. He's a grown man making his own decisions. Stop carrying the weight of the decisions of your son and start lifting his value before the Lord in a prayer of faith.
27:45 - Taking on condemnation for the way we raise kids - God must care about that stuff. He didn't see the situation anything like she was seeing it. We think to take the rap is humble and godly. And it usually deception. Then you are only praying prayers from condemnation, guilt and shame. You are not even praying out of faith. "Make something good out of the mess that I have made." Kids make choices. The key is you want to live a life of integrity that they can look back to.
28:30 - Daughter's choices - bad decisions - but knew who I was. In the midst of those decisions - she knew.
29:40 - Don't teach your heart to be dull. Knowing something is wrong and just staying there. Doing something unprofitable and acting like it's no big deal. You are teaching yourself to have the right to have the right.
30:00 - Daughter's choices (cont.) - gift to dad. I realize my decisions are outside of the gospel but please don't take it personally because you are a man of God. There is a strength to love. Honey, I already know that and so do you. What breaks my heart is for you to have to give me that because you feel like you are dishonoring me but you are only dishonoring yourself. She's the one that we cry for.
32:10 - Do you think young children know what they are doing when they pray? - Most certainly they can. And children can be taught. You set patterns and they follow. It can be either or.
32:50 - Dan's kids growth - son 5 years old - praying in tongues.
33:50 - It can be either or. Babies see stuff.
34:10 - Kids see stuff - gentleman cried - littlest kids run to you. They are seeing Jesus in you. Babies see stuff. Granddaughter - connection with her.
36:05 - Healing of granddaughter - flu thing.
36:20 - Innocence - Open to the Spirit because of innocence.
36:30 - So can a small child be inspired by Holy Spirit to lay hands on and pray? Absolutely. Could he also do it because he is being trained? Both are true.
36:50 - Little child around leg - just held me. Picked her up. What is going on? I held her for half an hour as I preached. They were discerning something.
38:00 - Holding 3 year old girl as I was praying for the sick - mom crying. The three year old was touching people and I was teaching her. Little girl was out in the spirit. When I went to give her back she sat up, "Mommy, pastor Dan kill me and take me to heaven." I didn't kill nobody. God marked that child with something. Some kind of experience.
40:40 - Participant testimony - Fog was thick. I wasn't saved. Voice says "Stop the car." Would have been head on collision.
42:20 - We get real rigid and forget that we are saved by God's grace.

Getting Rid of the Way that Seems Right (cont.)

42:30 - Let me get back to the way that seems right to man. We were trained our whole lives by the wisdom of the world. Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? - 1 Cor. 1:20. You want to grow to the place where when someone is just speaking out of the flesh, you don't even have a grid for it. It doesn't even make sense. It's a stranger's voice. You can hear it but you can't relate.
43:20 - A mind renewed - I want that in my life. It keeps me - protects me. You are in the midst of (contrary) mindsets all the time. You're not watching every word to see if you agree - that's not what I am talking about - that can get weird. I'm talking about hearing truth vs. hearing limitation. You want your mind renewed - transformed.
44:20 - Renewed in the spirit of your mind - the inmost part - the foundational place where you function from - where you flow from - where your mind works from. Motivation - perspective.
44:50 - Fasting plays a big part in the renewing of the mind.

Corrupt Minded - Twisted Thinking

45:00 - Cling to Mt. 17 - The only example that God gives us where men prayed and the healing didn't happen. And not just any men but His disciples who had already been flowing in miracles. That one story can settle all of the questions that we ask. Because Jesus' answer is clear.
45:20 - Faithless, perverse generation - He called them a "faithless, perverse generation." - "There are things that start working in your mind that cause you to fail to see who you are because of Me." Corrupted minded, twisted thinking people. "Perverse" doesn't just mean caught up in sexual sin. Perverse means twisted.
45:55 - How did we get that way? By listening to stuff like what the serpent whispered to Eve. "God knows that you will be like God." By listening to stuff like that that seems right.
46:15 - Subtle, seductive words to Eve - It's not obviously perverse. It's subtle and seductive. It appeals to the wisdom of man. Satan's words to Eve implied the heart and intention of God. That she didn't have all that she could have. That God held back a little something. That God hadn't told her the whole truth. There was more to it. It's so crafty. And the more she listened the more it made sense.
46:55 - Adam's treason - Adam did something different. Adam followed Eve instead of God. I don't believe that Adam was standing right next to her listening to the deception. "Because you heeded the voice of your wife instead of me..." - Gen.3:17. That's what God said to Adam.
47:45 - Reproducing after it's own kind - So Satan came and reproduced his mindset in Eve. Then Eve began to think like he thinks and speak like he speaks and she turned to Adam and she reproduced that mindset to him. And Adam followed what Eve said instead of what God said. We do it to to each other all the time. Satan reproduced himself in Eve and she became the first disciple of the way that seems right. Adam followed her - heeded her voice.
49:00 - We lead each other astray - when we entertain that mindset - We listen to that voice. We do that to each other. We define God through our experience and then preach it as doctrine. And people heed that as truth.
49:30 - Preachers shifting message - Preachers will sometimes change what they preach based on their experience. They let their experience define God, instead of the word that they stood by before. They are saving face and protecting their own soul in the midst of something that they are not understanding.
50:20 - Pastor who went through difficulty. First sermon back - How to handle it when God says no.
51:00 - Period of deception - critical of church - felt like home church was religious as any other church. God wasn't moving. When I would go to church, I was never blessed but always nit picking to see how we were stopping the move of God.
52:30 - Go to Christ Community - My experience will never change the gospel - Leukemia and heart condition - Pastor - my experience will never confront the truth of what Jesus did. My experience will never change the gospel. Weeping "Boy Dan, I missed you like this on Sundays." He took me to another church to snap me out of the deception of having all the right to be grieved...
54:25 - You've heard me preach. "Boy what an unloving church." It shouldn't have been, you were there. Or did you just go to be loved.
54:35 - Critical of church (cont.) - My perspective changed from that day on. I was a blubbering mess.
55:00 - The way that seems right to a man led me into that whole line of deception - I had it all justified in my mind. I wasn't finding life and a good way to look at things. I was disqualified and pulled out of the equation of ever being an answer because of the way that I was failing to see.
55:45 - Complaining that needs to stop. Doesn't change anything. It opens the door to be destroyed by the destroyer.
55:55 - You have no reason to complain - ever. (more) It's the way that seems right to man and it's actually a sign of selfishness.
56:30 - God tolerates me - Participant's testimony - "I don't know why You put up with me." Dan - You need to hear something, "God doesn't tolerate you. He loves you."
57:35 - Way that seems right - Human experience that we project onto God - That mindset is a way that seems right to man. We've experienced being tolerated and put up with. We've taxed people - run them up to the limit. So we have learned to certain ways and certain things our whole life and we transfer that right onto God. So now all of the sudden condemnation - discouragement is acceptable. All of these things that are detriments to our Christian life and spiritual growth are all acceptable because of one wrong view. One wrong view can be very detrimental.
58:40 - We're to be sober minded.
59:30 - Represent Him rightly. Speak what He speaks. Walk in agreement with heaven.
1:00:00 - So heavenly minded that he's no earthly good. Big lie.
1:00:10 - Mt.17:20 - And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. - Why was the boy the same. Because of what was going on in the disciples' minds. You can't get around that.
1:01:00 - Revelation regarding epileptic boy - Wait a minute this happens to me. I pray and things don't happen and I am thinking "Why?" They asked why. And You answered. And you didn't say anything that I am thinking or that people are telling me. Then I knew to hook up to what He said.
1:01:20 - What you are failing to see - (Notetaker's note - you realize how He sees the situation at hand - His heart and will for the situation - and you realize that of course it can happen because of who He redeemed me to be. And that realization and seeing arises in me through KNOWING Him.) - He's saying you are failing to see who you are because of me. Let me show you again. I'm going to the cross soon and I am going to hand you the baton of the new covenant church. You guys are going to be the body of Christ and represent me. The body does what the head is saying. The body expresses what's going on in the head.
1:02:00 - He already addressed the question back in v.17 - twisted, distorted thinking - So when they asked Him why they couldn't heal the boy. Jesus had already addressed it in the prior verses but they didn't understand it. Then Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? bring him hither to me. When He said "faithless and perverse" generation it probably just sounded like He was spanking them.
1:02:15 - The church won't hear Jesus' answer - Matthew videos - Disciples not excited about the healing. They asked Him why the couldn't heal. Because of your unbelief. But you can't talk to the church like that today. The church will punch you in the mouth. So Jesus can't talk to His church.
1:03:05 - Mt. 17:17 - Why does Jesus say "faithless and perverse generation" instead of "faithless disciples"? - Because everybody is under the same mindsets. We're all under the fall. Jesus is coming to a people that are fallen. But He is talking to them because they were the ones that were praying.
1:03:00 - Effects of the fall - After the fall we didn't look anything like we were created to look - nothing. To the point where Jesus came to His own and they knew Him not - John 1:10. When He spoke they went, "huh?" They couldn't receive Him. They couldn't hear Him. Their mindsets were 180 degrees different from Jesus.

At Lazarus' Tomb - Weeping at the Twistedness of our Thinking

1:04:20 - Weeping at Lazarus' tomb - because the life and the light and the resurrection is standing there at Lazarus' tomb. He is standing there and all that they could see was death. He is doing His best to tell them that Lazarus is getting up. You ought to be OK.
1:04:40 - [Retelling of the story - emphasizing how blind they were to the truth standing right before them] All they could see was death.
1:05:40 - Bondage of the fear of death - In Hebrews it says that we were held in bondage to it our whole lives but now it has been broken through Christ - Heb. 2:15. My question is: Is it really broken? Most of the time it's not. Because we're in this for us and we've incorporated God in and we just want to be blessed - smooth sailing - and we don't want conflict.
1:06:35 - [Story continues] Mary and Martha blame Him. We do it all the time. The way that seems right to a man still rules us so much that we still blame God.
1:08:00 - [At the tomb] Jews grumbled - Couldn't He have kept this many from dying? It's still all about death.He is standing there - the resurrection and life and all they can see is death. Right then He groaned and wept - John 11:33. Preachers say that He's sympathizing with them in mourning.
1:08:45 - Jesus groaned - vexed, indignant towards and to murmur against. He's not indignant towards the people. He's indignant towards the lie and the mindset of the fall. He's standing face to face with people made in the image of God and they can't see God because of the lie. He is in the flesh - right in front of them but they can't hear or see. Having eyes, they see not. Having ears, they hear not lest they turn and I would heal them - Is. 6:10. Repent - change the way they think.
1:09:45 - Those people were created through Him.
1:10:00 - Face to face with the fall.
1:10:20 - [Story continues] - Take me to where you laid him - enough of this. Nothing in the atmosphere of twisted thinking could keep Lazarus from coming up because one Man had a revelation. All that unbelief - no one else believed. The disciples were there to die with Him - the Jews were puzzled - Mary and Martha were hurt. Lazarus still came up. They were seeing through the way that seems right - death, fear, the finality of death.

We Face the Same Test the Israelites Faced -
Let's Learn from Their Experience and Renew our Minds

1:11:20 - Participant's comment - Since the Holy Ghost hadn't yet fallen they were all carnally minded and couldn't recognize...
1:11:45 - They were under the bondage of the fear of death. We're not blaming them and saying they should have done differently. We would have all done the same. My point is: the fall of man was extremely detrimental and it brought severe blindness.
1:12:10 - Now that we have Holy Spirit, God forbid that we stay obstinate, willful, untaught, untrainable or just blind - now that truth is here. God forbid that we define God through life and feelings and emotions instead of the word.
1:12:40 - 1 Cor. 10:1-7 - Moreover, brethren, I would not that ye should be ignorant, how that all our fathers were under the cloud, and all passed through the sea; And were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea; And did all eat the same spiritual meat; And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ. But with many of them God was not well pleased: for they were overthrown in the wilderness. Now these things were our examples, to the intent we should not lust after evil things, as they also lusted. Neither be ye idolaters, as were some of them; as it is written, The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play... -
1:13:10 - Making yourself a target - v.9 talks about not tempting Christ - saying the provision is not enough - the gospel is not enough - this gospel doesn't work for me. All you are doing is telling the devil that you are in this for you. And it isn't working so keep on with the pressure because I'm about crushed. You're giving things away.
1:13:50 - "Why is God letting all of this happen to me? Why isn't God protecting me?" You're digging your own hole and burying yourself.
1:14:10 - v.5 -God wasn't well pleased - It means He can't fulfill His pleasure through you. Drawing back. He can't fulfill the good pleasure of your created value and manifest His will through you.
1:14:50 - We face the same test they faced - Let's learn and come out victorious - They all had the same grace, provision and God like we do. We all have the gift of life, the word, Holy Spirit. We have to humble ourselves before Him - under the mighty hand of God and call Him God and push everything else away through submission, surrender, deny ourselves, get rid of our rights and our issues and everything that corrupted us through our whole lives through the fall so that when we come up from this place we come up the way we were designed and victorious and full of faith.
1:15:45 - We have to get this because we all the same... It's the gospel. If you are not careful you will talk yourself out of that. "Yeah but..."
1:16:00 - Mindset of surrender - Instead how about - Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord you love me... (more) Mindset of surrender and you start seeing through the eye and wisdom of God. And everything else is so exposed in the light - seen for what it is. God forbid that we don't renew our minds.
1:16:50 - God forbid that we stay in fear and worry.
1:17:15 - Lean not on ANY of your own understanding - Trust in the Lord with all of your heart... There is only one way that you can do that - and lean not upon your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him... - Prov. 3:5-6. Not some of your ways - ALL of your ways - Don't give permission for even one way not to be His. Do you hear the power in that? Trusting in the Lord with all of your heart by not leaning on your own understanding.

Epileptic Boy - Twistedness laced in with Truth (cont.)

1:18:00 - Mt. 17 - When Jesus responds "Because of your unbelief..." He is referring to a perverse generation. He is saying you guys have been trained through the fall of man - that's why He says "generation." You've been trained by the lie. And I am the truth.
1:18:20 - Way that seems right laced through the gospel - What agreement and fellowship does the light have with the dark? Angels with devils? Lies with truth? They make muddy water. So if you have the way that seems right to man laced through the gospel, it's muddy water.
1:18:50 - Thought becomes belief - Belief becomes confession - Because of your unbelief - because of what's going on in your mind. [example of not putting a thought in submission to the truth - willfulness, ignorance] Thought becomes belief / reality. Next it comes out of his mouth - statement of faith.
1:20:00 - Devotions. The material is not wrong. It's what you do with it.
1:21:00 - We're in Basic training - It's more like basic training. We training, sweating... stretched... Forces you into a potential you didn't realize was there. No other options. After time you begin to understand what's happening. You take pride in the uniform. You are part of a team. And the sweat and grime doesn't matter any more.
1:23:00 - I'm in armor paid for by Jesus.
1:23:35 - Yes, you should have. Because you were created in His image.
1:24:00 - Participant comment about military training.
1:24:10 - Basic training - A lot of Christians go AWOL. Reveal that they are not committed and surrendered to what you signed up for.
1:25:00 - Missing text - v.21 - But this kind goes not out but by prayer and fasting. - Don't be confused by the italicized letters or the notes. Some texts omit that line. If it's in your Bible, accept it. God is able to keep His word. And He is not letting anybody mess with it. You have to trust that what is in your hand, God gave you. If you can't trust that, you can't even trust God.
1:26:00 - Authority of scripture - Cop out - men wrote the book. Cop out of human wisdom. That's just you giving yourself permission to stay a god unto yourself and continue to let your mind be god. It's usually deception and not willfulness. I love that God expects me to believe that He gave us that book because it humbles the mind. It forces me to submit and surrender all that I am, so that I can become all that He is. Because then I have no more need to be right.
1:27:00 - Why would we have so much confidence in what we think apart from Him?
1:27:20 - v.21 - However - this is not a proviso. He just gave you an unlimited promise.
1:27:35 - v.21 - this kind - Not talking about epilepsy. Why? Because He just gave you an unlimited promise and said nothing will be impossible for you. That would mean Jesus misspoke. That would confuse you. Then every time you would see resistance you would think, "Oh, that's one of those that Jesus was talking about. And then you would step back.
1:28:20 - The response was based on the question - But what's the topic - "Why couldn't we heal the boy?" not what was wrong with the boy. The answer and the promise is based on the question. Then He "howevers" the promise - "This kind of unbelief - this kind of perverted, corrupted thinking - this ability to forget and fail to see who you are because of me - won't be resolved and driven out of your life, unless you continue in prayer and fasting. You'll never be renewed in the spirit of your mind unless you continue in the Spirit of God through fasting and prayer.
1:29:10 - Mixing the renewed with the unrenewed - Your tendency is to try to mix the two - the unrenewed with the renewed - to integrate one into the other. You get a deadly mix of nothing. A little leaven leavens the whole lump - Gal. 5:9. I don't want wrong thinking in my life. And I have no need to be right. Reading the word for the right reasons.
1:30:10 - Just because you were taught a certain way doesn't mean it's Jesus. Call no man teacher, you have one - Mt. 8:23. It's the life of Jesus.

You Fail to See Who You Are - Because of Me

1:30:20 - Could you explain what you mean by the phrase "You fail to see who you are because of Me." - Because of Jesus coming. Him coming identifies us. It shows who we are. The only reason you are who you are is because He is who He is. Christ in you is the hope of glory.
1:30:40 - In other words when Jesus comes we're all created (redeemed) to be sons - He said, "Follow me." As the Father sent me, I send you. We see ourselves through the flesh - through the old way of thinking - through limitation - being far away from Him. We fail to see who we are because of Jesus.
1:31:15 - The clearer I see Jesus, I see me there.
1:31:30 - "Yeah, but that was Jesus." That's failing to see who we are because of Jesus.
1:31:45 - [Alternative explanation - disciples praying for the epileptic boy - Jesus wasn't with them - mind spins]
1:33:50 - Spinning of the mind when healing doesn't happen.
1:34:10 - Staying in a place of faith. Basis for praying.
1:35:20 - "Because of me" - You're nothing apart from Him. You're failing to see who you are because of who I am.

Epileptic Boy (cont.)

1:36:35 - However - Sounds like backpedaling. Jesus doesn't backpedal. "Guys I just gave you the most amazing promise and I am will and ready to back it up. The Father spoke it through me. But this promise won't become your reality unless you get your mind one with Him through prayer and fasting. And start looking through His eyes and living through His heart." You become it and see it. And you know my love and faith flows from that place.
1:37:30 - Self-serving gospel. Selfishness lives in the name of the Lord. Tragedy. It keeps rights and attitudes in place and make permissible frustration, anger, discouragement and despair. And these things are never challenged by truth. I want my brain so washed that discouragement can't possibly be a reality. Nothing to attach it to because He is Lord.
1:38:35 - What changed in the disciples that they couldn't heal the boy? - Something happened in the mind. A revelation slipped. Maybe it was because they didn't have a direct command like they did in Mt. 10. Or maybe because is was a visual condition and the boy was still seizing - who knows.
1:39:40 - Something has gone wrong and it won't get fixed unless you give yourselves to prayer and fasting. Let's finish this up so that we can get onto fasting...

1:39:45 - BREAK

1:40:45 - The disciples had the green light and the capacity to heal - Would Jesus have talked to His disciples like He did if His disciples didn't have a green light to heal the boy? If they didn't have the capacity to do what was necessary, would Jesus have talked to them that way? And because Jesus healed the boy we know it was the will of God to heal the boy. But when His own disciples prayed, the boy was not cured.
1:41:20 - That ought to keep us humble, stop coming up with other explanations and finally listen to what Jesus said.
1:41:50 - Here's the question from yesterday restated: "You're telling me that all of the sudden the disciples didn't have faith for the healing?"
1:42:00 - We have an advantage - The disciples got to see Jesus at work every day. They were with Him. But we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us teaching us all of the time.
1:42:45 - This kind - this kind of thinking - the way that seems right to a man. ...does not come out but by prayer and fasting. He gave us a recipe but it's not works.
1:43:15 - Works - You can get into works with anything. To earn something.

Motives for Fasting

1:44:00 - Biggest trap and concern with fasting - It's a work to get greater power to cast out devils. No, Jesus is teaching that there is a mindset in us that is detrimental to the release of power in our lives. A mindset that subtly works and creeps up in us... unbelief - little faith - because of what you are failing to see. But if you see - if you have faith - nothing will be impossible. However this little ability not to see won't come out of your life except by prayer and fasting.
1:45:30 - Mt. 6 - v.16 - Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. -
Fasting is expected - When you fast - not if you fast.
1:46:10 - Mt. 9 - v.14 - Then came to him the disciples of John, saying, Why do we and the Pharisees fast oft, but thy disciples fast not? And Jesus said unto them, Can the children of the bridechamber mourn, as long as the bridegroom is with them? but the days will come, when the bridegroom shall be taken from them, and then shall they fast. - Then they will fast.
1:46:45 - Resistance to surrender - We need to get on board with laying down our lives - basic training. You are signing away your life. Don't fight against that.

Water Baptism

1:47:00 - Surrender with regard to water baptism - Jesus said believe and be baptized and you will be saved - Mark 16:16. Why is it even a question. Get wet now. Why do we let the intellect toss the word around like a salad? Reveals that we haven't died and surrendered.
1:49:00 - There is an anti-type which now saves us water baptism - 1 Peter 3:21. It's a privilege to be water baptized. Contact point of faith. What an honor.
1:49:40 - Philip and the Eunuch - The eunuch ran to the water. What forbids me that I might be baptized? - Acts 8:36. I believe. That's the way it ought to be.
1:49:55 - Every where in they were preaching the gospel you see water baptism. It's a symbol of dying to live. Die to live. Old things pass away. Dead man buried. Resurrection. You die in His likeness. You rise in His likeness. You're a son like He is a Son. You wear righteousness like He does.
1:50:25 - Contending with God over water baptism - God why are we contending with you with our intellect? Why can't it just die?
1:50:45 - People bring up extraordinary circumstances. Technical, challenging, legalistic. That capacity to challenge keeps you blind.
1:51:25 - Participant comment - We make what we think an idol.
1:51:25 - It's huge. It's a form of pride. Petty discussions on water baptism in the church. We're contesting the word of God. If you have the ability to do that with water baptism, you have the ability to do that with the whole gospel.

Fasting (cont.)

1:52:30 - v.16 - Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. -
1:52:35 - don't be like the hypocrites - Be careful not to say one thing and hold onto something that makes us something else. Hear His voice and obey. I don't want to be challenging the word.
1:53:40 - Water baptism - More on water baptism - legalism.
1:54:20 - Questions - We need to know what it means to die. Surrendered, teachable. Questions aren't wrong it's where they come from. You already have the answers for some questions. Challenging. It's more alive than you may realize. It won't happen to you if you are breaking away to pray and if you are fasting like we are talking about.


1:55:30 - v.16 - Hypocrites - D. Hogan - Hypocrites are going to get the hell they deserve because you hurt everyone around you.
1:56:15 - Hot or Cold - Better hot or cold than lukewarm - Rev. 3:15-16. Why would it be better to be cold? At least with lukewarm they are halfway there. Reverence of God came over me. I you are hot you're hot. And if you are cold, I can light you on fire. But lukewarm is a position that is no good for anyone. You're compromised. It's the place of contentment. It's self serving and no good for anybody. It's the hypocrite. "Don't EVER PLAY THE HYPOCRITE!" Said it 3 times. I didn't know if I would survive. Home group afterwards - message delivered. Man screams and bawls, apologies to his wife. It's a get real with your own heart message..
2:01:25 - Don't make God so lovey that you lose your reverence for Him. Don't give yourself the right to avoid dealing with something in prayer.
2:01:50 - Respect and reverence for God - I want the fear of the Lord. I don't want to get casual when it cost Him His life. Thinking about beat beyond description. I don't ever want to gain back the appearance that He took off of me. I know I have a good conscience before God.
2:02:40 - Good conscience - You can't have a good conscience before God if you are ignoring things. You can't fight with your spouse and go to church and have a good conscience about it. That's why a lot of people don't get intimate with God. They are already violated in their conscience towards God. Shipwrecked. Excusing it away - "We all have our moments."
2:03:20 - Prayer and fasting resolves this stuff.
2:03:25 - Respect and reverence - Be careful not to paint such a rosy picture of God that He is so approachable... We approach Him boldly but we approach Him humbly and reverently. He's God. And He is amazing. We're to be holy as He is holy - not because we are holy through our own ingenuity and effort but because we have spent time with Him and our hearts are sincere and surrendered and we've partaken of Him. He's become who we are. You're one with Him.
2:04:00 - Lukewarm - compromised in your conscience.

Motives for Fasting (cont.)

2:04:10 - v.16 - Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. - Please don't tell people how long your fast is. That's a trap.
2:04:20 - They have their reward - The best that men stroke you in is the best that you will receive. [Conversation scenarios]
2:04:45 - Motives for fasting - It has nothing to do with how long you are fasting but why you are fasting. If your "why" isn't clear, you've fasted for nothing. Not fasting to gain power. Not fasting to find favor. You have favor. The devil has to go because Jesus is Lord. spirits are cast out by the finger of God, not the man fasting. But the man fasting is in touch with the finger of God because he's not in touch with his former mind.
2:05:45 - Here is what fasting does.
2:05:50 - Mind in tune and flesh submitted - 1 Cor. 11:27 - Paul in fastings often. Why was Paul compelled to be in fastings often? Because He's surrendered. He's going through persecution. He's living after Christ. To keep his mind in tune and his flesh submitted.
2:07:10 - Purpose of fasting- Fasting crushes the carnal nature and puts the carnal nature, the carnal mindset in submission and causes your spirit man, your spirit mind to rise up. Especially when you couple fasting to prayer.
2:07:30 - Bible fasting - drinking water and abstaining from food.
2:07:40 - Daniel's fast - only eating certain healthy foods - no delicacies - a form of discipline. Like a good diet. Keeping himself from appeasing the flesh.
2:08:20 - [Examples of fasting Jesus, Moses]
2:08:40 - Temperance - [Experiences of fasting] - Live a fasted life. He started teaching me about temperance and not over indulging.
2:09:40 - Cravings of the flesh - The flesh is a nasty, terrible thing. You can feed flesh desire.
2:09:50 - Crushing mindsets through fasting - Addictive habits can be crushed. Difficult mindsets and strongholds can be crushed by submitting to a fast.

Fasting (cont.)

2:10:15 - Eat to live - We eat to live - not live to eat. [Examples] We pamper ourselves. I love food. Not talking about nutrition. I'm talking about the will of man and the will of flesh.
2:11:20 - Hunger is an appetite. You can feed it or you can starve it. You can put it in submission and crush it.
2:11:40 - Gorging before a fast - worst thing you can do. You are enraging the thing you are trying to crush.
2:11:55 - Gorging after fast - defeats every reason that you are supposed to fast. Reveals that we are fasting to try to earn something - favor. You already have favor with God. You are right with Him.
2:12:20 - Purpose - Fasting crushes the carnal mind - the degenerate mind. It exposes it for what it is. You are putting the carnal nature at bay. When you fast your body is saying, "Come on dude! What are you doing? We're buds. We've been together forever."
2:12:45 - Habit hunger. Cheeseburger sub. I though I broke my fast. Mind playing tricks on you. "Hello, do you remember me?"
2:13:35 - Todd & fasting.
2:14:00 - Adjusting as you fast - You can fast a super long time with just water. Your body adjusts.
2:14:45 - Combination of prayer and fasting - You don't want to fast without the prayer and communion side. The fasting crushes the carnal side - the destructive side - the cushy side - the pamper me side of your life. Prayer takes you into the spiritual side. It's a combination. The combination is the only way to deal with unbelief. Amazing combination.
2:15:50 - Fasting suppresses the carnal nature of man.

Natural Blessings of Fasting

2:15:55 - Health benefits. Long fast - chance to cleanse - heal.
2:17:25 - Over eating. Out of temperance. Undisciplined. Not subdued.
2:17:50 - After a couple of days - hunger starts to leave.
2:18:00 - Effects of fasting on the body.
2:19:00 - Effort to come off a fast.
2:19:20 - Weakness. Lord, You are the strength of my life. (more)
2:19:45 - What's the difference between fasting and starvation? - Depends on the individual. True hunger returns. The hunger comes back.
2:21:20 - Purpose - Why fast? Crushes the carnal nature. You get back into the balance of eating to live instead of living to eat.
2:21:35 - I'm just giving you some of the natural blessings of fasting. We'll get into fasting more next time. I'll give you an example of fasting.

Fasting (cont.)

2:21:55 - Questions on fasting - medical conditions - What if I can't fast? - You are not condemned - those are all answered in grace. Take a step...
2:22:20 - Fasting other things - TV, Movies - that's not a fast. When you abstain from food a lot of that stuff will take it's proper place any way. It's not wrong to watch TV. But the amount and the need comes into alignment when you fast.
2:22:50 - Flesh reactions to fasting. "What are you doing?"
2:23:00 - Fasting was to be expected. Scripture.
2:23:25 - Coming off a fast - takes more discipline. Over time get yourself back in an eating habit that is not outside of temperance. Gorging - defeats the purpose. The purpose to live a fasted life.
2:24:45 - Usually I eat anything. My conscience doesn't bother me. Chips on occasion.
2:26:00 - When you break the fast, hunger is triggered. Don't yield to the hunger. It takes discipline. You want to keep the cry of the flesh submitted.
2:27:15 - Prayer is the part that hooks you up to the spiritual truth. The fasting crushes the lie, the carnal reality.
2:27:50 - Purpose - Make some forward progress in this area before the Lord. With the purpose of knowing Him more - understanding Him more through the eye of the spirit. And having the "way that seems right to man" removed from your life.
2:28:10 - Paul said, You're carnal. I can't even write to you. You are thinking like mere men. Fasting will change that.
2:28:30 - Motive of fasting - Col. 2:21+ - Does Paul contradict the need to fast in this verse about self-denial? - That's the wrong motive. He's talking about their ritual fastings. It was a work. It was something that qualified him. That's not what fasting is. What qualifies you is the finished work of Jesus.
2:29:15 - Is. 58 talks about what is and what is not a fast. Preview.
2:29:50 - Physical effects of fasting. Running. Body comes into alignment as well as the soul.
2:31:00 - Is the phrase "the flesh" talking more about the physical body or a mindset? - No, it's talking about a mindset. The body is the temple of the Lord. You want to take good care of your body. I buffet my body - 1 Cor. 9:27. I discipline my flesh. My flesh mindset - the carnal mindset of man. Take care of the body you are given. Sometimes people have a hard time receiving healing because they feel like they haven't taken care of the body they have received.
2:32:15 - Your body is given by God. The word becomes flesh. That means your life lived. So you are living from the wellspring of truth.
2:32:30 - When to break a fast - not breaking a fast when real hunger returns. Then you are doing yourself harm. That's the difference between fasting and starving. But you don't get to that point for longer than you may think.
2:32:50 - [Story from Franklin Hall's book - translation and healing.]
2:34:40 - When hunger returns, that's when you ought to come off a fast. Most people don't make it to that.
2:34:55 - [Question - ?? Difficulty of being involved with others and food prep while you are fasting...]
2:35:00 - It can be hard because you body is crying out. Getting yourself geared and conditioned for what you are doing. Locked in.
➡ 2:35:15 - NEXT WEEK - How He taught me to enter into a fast.
2:35:20 - Participant request - Can you clarify what you mean by when hunger returns.
2:35:30 - Habit hunger vs. return of hunger - A lot of hunger is habit hunger. At supper time you get hungry because you are used to feeding yourself at that time. But that will go away after a few days. And it will pop up now and then. Like that sub will float by you every once in a while. But this is a hunger that is bigger than habit hunger. It's your body saying, "OK, I'm finished now. We're good to go. Lights are green. Eat."
2:36:15 - Sitting in on meals with family. Family gathering. Fixing plates for others.
2:36:45 - Voice of the flesh - You get to a place where the flesh loses it's cry. You're not under the power of that thing. You don't want to live to eat. When the body says, "Hungry." We go, "OK." And we eat and it says, "Still hungry! That too!" It has a voice and power. Fasting puts it in it's proper place.
2:37:50 - It's not wrong to eat. Food is good. God brought a sheet down to Peter - "Don't call unclean what I have called clean." And every kind of four footed thing was on there. Bumper sticker - I love animals. They're delicious. Bill Johnson - I love animals. Right next to the mashed potatoes.