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Day 40

0:00 - Matthew 17

Receiving the Sacrament of Communion with Heart

0:20 - Participant comment - Communion and the physical body of Christ
0:45 - All that is Yours is mine and all that is mine is yours. It's a giving back of yourself. See yourself as one with Him. And everything He did and accomplished in the flesh is available to us.
1:20 - Doing communion each day - 45 minutes just on the body - It got bigger and bigger.
1:50 - Manna - sustained them - The Israelites failed to appreciate it. They loathed this worthless bread. Just like we sometimes say that the gospel is not enough. Frustration. Don't live from there.
3:40 - They complained. Don't complain like they did in the wilderness lest you be destroyed - 1 Cor. 10:10.
4:00 - Communion - look to grow in what you are doing every time you receive communion. Don't just get in a pattern. Look to grow in understanding. Increase the power of the body give - of the blood shed and how it directly relates to me. That way you don't get religious. It's all heart stuff.
4:45 - Example communion prayers - I want to become a living product of what you have done here... (more)
5:45 - We'll have 2 question days.
6:20 - Answering machine

Epileptic Boy

8:15 - Matthew 17
8:20 - v.20 - And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. - If it's a promise from Jesus, it's a promise from the Father. God is speaking. The Father speaks through the Son. Even Holy Spirit speaks only what He hears.
9:35 - Taming of the tongue. Must be possible. The more surrendered in the place of communion, the better our alignment will be with His thinking - in expression. Mature.
10:30 - Take this promise personally. He gave it to you. [Conversation with God scenarios]
11:05 - Don't get mad at God.
11:25 - The importance of communion - Where revelation takes place - Authority - Communing with God is apart from fear and anxiety and works and self-consciousness. It's actually a place where it is just God. We become one with Him. That's why identity is so important. That's where authority is. That's where the power of His name is revealed.
12:25 - v.19 - Then came the disciples to Jesus apart, and said, Why could not we cast him out? And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: - He's not throwing it back in your face. If you had had faith, they wouldn't have died. That's how we here it because that's how we talk to one another.
13:10 - We are responsible - Take the blame off of people - We represent the kingdom. We pray for people representing the kingdom. So take the blame off of people because the kingdom is in us. If you don't take the blame off of people, then you will always have a reason for healing not happening. Those reasons make sense to our minds but they are not scripturally valid.
14:00 - Too much info - Often times the more that you know about a person, the more that your faith has a chance to be stumbled. Jesus knew everything and still healed everyone.

* * *

14:15 - What is the object of our faith in healing? - Faith works through love. He loves that person.
14:35 - He loves the individual - We pray all of these things that we think will motivated God. "All of the doctors and nurses will know that it came from You." We forget the value of the person. But the reason that person will be healed is because that person is so loved. Jesus was moved with compassion for the person in that situation.
15:00 - Jesus' compassion - He comes face to face with the fall of man. This situation was not His plan. So He sets things straight. Now He tells us...As the Father sent me, I send you - John 20:21. Go in my name. Let's keep it that simple and grow into that. That's our birthright and privilege.
15:50 - Reasons men aren't healed - Christ the Healer - many insights but you don't nee the chapter - 22 Reasons Why Men Aren't Healed. That chapter will give you a mental excuse. It will rob you of faith that works through love. And there is another book out there - 30 reasons why.
17:00 - Your unbelief - What you are failing to see - Jesus said - It's because of your unbelief. We represent the kingdom. Your unbelief - not a curse word. It literally means - What you are failing to see. "You guys get your eyes on what you're doing and forget who you are because of me."
18:00 - Yeah but that was Jesus. We grew up with a real big distinction between Him and us. But when you look in the Bible... That they may be one even as we are one - John 17:21. We think of this distinction because experience has become our teacher instead of His life. That's where 30 reasons come from.
19:30 - The voice Eve heard - That kind of reasoning is the same voice that Eve heard in the garden. Twisted something that was straight, true and direct. The day you eat from the tree is the day you surely die - Gen. 2:17. Is everybody really going to be healed? The reality is that not everybody is healed... The exact same language. It's the knowledge of good and evil. The day you eat from the tree is the day you surely die. "Aww... Did God really say...?" [extended comments]

* * *

22:00 - What do you think of "free will"? - Free will is one of the most deceiving topics on the planet because you start determining what is and isn't free will. I would say, throw it away and know that God loves all men and wants to heal all men. Forget about free will. Here's why... What a lot of people say is concocted through life and emotions and feelings. And it isn't even their real heart. They are just speaking through all they know.

Raise the Dead

22:50 - Raising the dead - Question follow up - Scenario - Praying to raise someone from the dead - There is no free will. Backup to Mt. 10...
23:30 - Christians and non-Christians raising from the dead. We all deserve to die and the only reason we are living is because He's good. Non-Christians raising from the dead - phenomenal. We usually are thinking about good Christians being raised from the dead because they are so good - it's a works thing.
24:40 - Raising the dead doesn't have anything to do with free will. It has to do with God wanting all of us to live.
24:55 - David Hogan's experience - Command form. Everybody. Saved and unsaved.
25:50 - I'm just ready to go - Just tired discouraged and all they can relate to is their trial. But if Jesus touched them there is no way that they would want to go. What we are calling free will is fueled by the pain. Then free will is not free will at all.
26:35 - Are people who are raised from the dead also made physically whole? - I've never heard of anybody who was raised from the dead not being whole. I've heard of many unbelievers raised from the dead.
27:00 - Witch doctor - died cursing God - son saved for one month - son prayed for father.
28:30 - Participant testimony - raised from the dead.
29:25 - It's not about God putting on a show. It's about God loving people.
29:55 - Time-frame for Life - Is there a time-frame for length of life in scripture? - Drop the seventy years and just pursue long life. Run hard and fulfill all of the will of God. And one night when it's all fulfilled you can just go to sleep. Once 70 comes and you get cancer we permit it to kill someone because they are in their seventies. Cancer is not God.
31:00 - No predetermined length for life - The Bible says that it's appointed once for every man to die - Heb. 9:27. But it doesn't say there is an appointed time for a man to die. Big difference - appointed once and appointed time.
31:25 - Honor your father and mother and you will receive long life.
31:35 - Set your love upon Him... and with long life He will satisfy you.
31:45 - If I had a predetermined time upon the earth, how could he promise satisfying me with long life.
32:00 - God doesn't give life only to take it. It's the thief who steals, kills and destroys. Any other thought subverts our confidence when we need the kingdom the most.

Strategies of the Enemy

32:30 - Enemy confuses the belief system to stop the authority from flowing that is here. Trying to get us to not see what the enemy knows - who we are because Christ came.
33:00 - Demon possessed woman beholding the face of the Son of God - the enemy fears God. That impression is embedded in me. That evil spirit was freaked out.
34:00 - Rationalizing in God - Why would God go to all of the trouble to give people life and then turn around and take people from the earth?
35:20 - Suffering, sickness - Works of the enemy - We try to find God's purpose in it. But no one dares to mention the enemy. And he slithers away undetected.
36:20 - Defensiveness - Protecting the belief system - When you accept that death, sickness, suffering are from God then you actually defend against the gospel. You fight against the truth to protect your own heart and soul. What people make up about their pain is a support system. And if that gets violated at all, they defend it vehemently.
36:50 - Condemnation - And you can't even hear the gospel because if you did condemnation would come - "You let your wife die." "Your lack of understanding destroyed your child."
37:35 - In that trap, it's always about us. When do we ever get over us so that Jesus can manifest. It's all self-preserving.
38:00 - Non-optional seeing - You can't let any thought contrary to His life and experience creep into your thinking. We believe a lot of other things along with the hope of healing. We're reduced to hoping something changes. And we say all of the right things trying to get there. But believing a lot of other things along the way. Jesus had none of that. Non-optional, narrow - total authority. It's all that He saw.
39:35 - Jesus never gave out the explanations that we come up with. If you can't find it in Jesus' life, don't find it in your belief system.

Raise the Dead (cont.)

40:00 - How do you respond when people don't want you to pray for them to be raised from the dead? - Ask why? Where do you reserve the right to make that decision? I thought you were His. Sounds like you are still yours.
40:45 - How we should die - not from sickness, tiredness.
41:15 - Leave a legacy - What an honor it is to be on the earth. Because now is the only time that you can leave a legacy that will speak forever. Don't let your legacy be that in deception, you bowed out.
42:00 - When we behold Him every twist in our thinking during life will be immediately exposed. I don't want to be standing there all pitiful because I let life be bigger than Him.
42:30 - I think about this kind of stuff. I ask Holy Spirit to shake me free of all of that kind of potential.
43:00 - [continuing discussion surrounding the death of a 9 month old]
44:20 - We're the body of Christ. The embodiment of His power. He put the power of life and death in our tongue. Satan knows that we have that power and He loves it when we speak out doubts, excuses, etc.

Aging & Death

45:20 - Does a Christian have to die? - Paul says that we're going to receive a brand new body that has never known sin. Some people teach that a Christian doesn't have to die. But I don't have faith for that. But if that is what they have faith for - I say go for it. And it doesn't change the big picture of manifesting Jesus to the world. If you are going to make that doctrine, somebody needs to manifest that doctrine.
46:20 - Franklin Hall also wrote a book - 100 reasons why a Christian doesn't have to die. When he was 85, he died.

Tangent Issues - Don't be Distracted

46:30 - End Times stuff - Getting on tangents and missing the reason we're alive now - People make a whole life about preaching on end times type stuff and could possibly miss the reason that they have the Holy Spirit now. You can get on a tangent if you are not careful.
46:45 - Never die guy - You need a deeper revelation. You've got religious spirits in you. We don't have to die. Death for the Christian is death to himself [conversation].
47:20 - Redemption of the flesh - There is some sort of a transformation of the body that is to come. Because the body touched sin and has the capacity to repeat sin even after you are saved, there is going to be a total redemption of the flesh. Many scriptures indicated that there is something more that we are to experience.
47:55 - Tangents - I don't think about them - It's appointed once for man to die. Does the Christian have to die? I don't know. I don't even think about it. I just want to run this race well.
48:00 - What's your end times dispensation theology Dan? I don't even care to talk about it. I just know that when we run life well, I'll be in the right place.

Aging & Death (cont.)

48:20 - Participant Comment - On people telling her that she is just getting older - You can't accept that. Throw out the 70 year thing. There is something we let up on when we reach that goal. And we allow something that is not God to take us out because we have reached the age.
49:00 - Don't write people off because they have reached a certain age. Someone might come to know Christ if they live a little longer.
49:15 - But Dan, we've got to die of something - shows shallow understanding of spiritual things. You are saying we have to die of disease. What if your body just runs it's course. What if you just go to sleep and don't wake up. That's what my grandfather did - 99.5 years - not sickness.
49:40 - Participant comment on Elijah and Enoch - They are going to have to come back and die? They didn't die. - I don't know. I have no answer.
50:30 - Death of Moses.
50:40 - Don't accept the aging thing. I'm going to be a living epistle on this.
51:20 - The promise of 70 years. But then don't give up once you reach that mark. Don't let your language change.
52:00 - Participant's comment - mother always quoted that 70 year promise and died the day after 70. But there was no promise.
53:00 - We make doctrine the big issue. If we really believed that 70 year thing we would probably run a whole lot harder in our 40's and 50's and leave a better legacy. We get indoctrinated and let it take the place of truth. We debate. We let knowledge puff us up.

Tangent Issues - Don't be Distracted (cont.)

53:30 - Tangents - We get on to issues that have nothing to do with why you woke up this morning. What do I care if it's pre-trib. post-trib...? What matters is that when it all comes down I am standing in Him and filled with His Spirit and walking in love. On the last day will one camp yell to the other, "I told you so."
54:20 - End times topics - uncertainty and fear. If we would just grow close to Him, all those fears would dispell. We live so impersonal to our Father and God. That doctrine tries to fit the bill and meet the need, when it's knowing Him that changes your life.
55:00 - Side issues - Taking scripture out of context - Christians don't have to die issue. Do you believe it? Don't preach it now or else you will just create more camps. And it will defeat the purpose of why we are on the planet and why we woke up with Holy Spirit this morning. Wait until you are 130. Be a living epistle.
56:00 - Tangent issues - don't be distracted. A lot of these things are distractions. We are debating lesser things and ignoring the greater things.
56:25 - Retirement - Participant comment - Retirement at certain age. Not just waiting to die.
56:50 - You shouldn't be just waiting to die. We've got this little tiny window called life. It's here and gone. So if you believe you only have a certain amount of time, that can inspire you to run well. If you are going to live forever, then for what? Just for the sake of living forever? Or to be more effective and sow more and see more fruit.

Heal the Sick

➡ 58:25 - We got on the free will question and I took you to Mt. 10 and I just wanted you to see something real quick and then we'll get back to Mt. 17...
58:30 - Matthew 10 - v.7 - And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. - This is command form. There are no if, and's or but's. It's plain. Preach that the kingdom of God is at hand. And because it's at hand...
58:50 - v.8 - Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. - When Jesus is teaching... He is Lord. He is truth. There are no qualifiers, no exceptions, no excuses. Heal the sick - end of discussion. Don't add to it. THE sick.
1:00:00 - Knowledge - Making ourselves god - Quest for the knowledge of good and evil - the tree - making ourselves god still. We've got it all together. We know what we are talking about. The only reason we know what we are talking about is because we are following Jesus. If we are not following Jesus, we don't know what we're talking about.
1:00:30 - When Jesus says heal the sick, our minds come up with reasons why it might not happen. We need to bring everything into alignment with Jesus' command.
1:01:20 - The kingdom is here - The King dominates. Know that. Preach that. Do that.
1:01:40 - Our theology prevents healing - We have a whole bunch of reasons why the sick won't get healed. But Jesus seems to think that we should heal.

Cleanse the Leper - Vulnerability

1:02:00 - THE leper.
1:02:30 - Mt. 10:8 - Why does Jesus distinguish leprosy from the rest of the sick? - Leprosy was out of control - colonies. Under the law it made you unclean to touch them, He was turning that around. Bill Johnson says under the old covenant you would touch the leper and it would make you unclean. Under the new covenant you can touch a leper and he is clean. Jesus was breaking that. They wouldn't have put them in the category of the sick. They would have avoided them all together. But because the kingdom is here and it's in you, you can touch them. And you won't break the law - except the law of sin and death.
1:03:50 - In their minds, leprosy and sickness would have been two separate things because of the culture.
1:04:00 - You're not vulnerable - Girl coming down with flu - People would line up at the altar for Dan and his wife to pray. Covered mouth. I didn't think I should come. I don't want to give it to any one. Vulnerability - it troubled me. "Tell the girl to breathe on you.".
1:06:30 - Vulnerability - I would rather die pursuing not being vulnerable than to live vulnerable. Vulnerability is like Jesus didn't do what He did. Vulnerability is one of the main reasons that we get hammered. We let our natural knowledge be way more real than the gospel. We are vulnerable people even though Christ is in us - the hope of glory. I'm pursuing not being vulnerable.
1:07:10 - Vulnerability is the same as fear and it's rampant in the body of Christ. When you preach faith people will say, "I hear that but you've got to use wisdom."

Don't Talk People Out of True Faith

1:08:00 - Participant's comment - Sister's mentality - If I get in that hospital bed, I'm done.
1:09:25 - She's wise enough to know the tendency of the soul - that if she submits to a certain thing she could lose her ability to fight.
1:09:40 - Don't talk people out of faith - I'm militant. I support the kind of mentality I see in your sister. I encourage faith. Don't run your mouth in natural wisdom so that you talk somebody out of true faith because of your human sentiment.
1:10:35 - Witchcraft - Everybody was trying to talk me out of faith. Nobody understood my stand. But because of their affection for me they tried to talk me out of faith. Preached faith but because of their love for me they try to talk me out of faith.

* * *

1:12:00 - Don't we come into the kingdom of God as little children? - We come into the kingdom with sincere hearts but very scarred from the world. We need to become children. We don't come in as children. We come in as people who have lost their innocence and scarred by the world - but all things become new.
1:12:35 - Sophistication - mindset of sophistication needs to change. Sophistication talks itself out of grace. The more that you sell out, the cleaner that process is. For me it felt like that happened overnight. It was like a light switch. I was dead.
1:13:45 - Sanctification

Medical Procedures & Medicines

1:14:00 - Making medicine god - Participant's comment - understanding the limitations of the medical establishment. When people say, "Use wisdom. Go see the doctor," they are almost deifying the medical establishment....
1:14:20 - Pharmaceuticals - I have a hard time finding God in a lot of medical procedures. I can't find God in many pharmaceuticals. Because all they do is push away the symptoms. There's no healing at all. It's just a lifetime subscription to maintain. Some of that needs to be challenged with out being offended.
1:14:50 - Natural medicines
1:15:10 - Chiropractic

Raise the Dead

1:15:30 - v.8 - Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. - It doesn't say anything about - unless their free will says they don't want to be cleansed. We have to chop that language out of our heads. Because if it stays in your head it will seep to your heart.
1:16:20 - Raise the dead.
1:16:35 - Is there a time-frame for raising the dead past which you shouldn't go? - David Hogan prays right up until they have to put the ground over that person. Not three months later. I don't have a strong answer. It's all about faith there. Don't get technical.
1:18:30 - In this country - they take them away quickly. They embalm them.
1:19:00 - Don't get caught in spiritual language way above what you are really believing. The fruit has to be there. Otherwise it's just cliche to the world or doctrine to us.

Not Just Talk but Power

1:20:00 - If I don't do the works of my Father then don't believe me - John 10:37. Your speech isn't the end. Your works are the end.
1:20:30 - Never have to die? - I'm pursuing a faith to bear fruit and the fruit will qualify. Preaching about not needing to die. No. It's not a relevant issue. You've got people with arthritis all around you and you are going to preach that they never have to die? How about straightening everybody out first.
1:21:30 - I don't want what I am believing to just be a spiritual language. I want it to be a demonstration. If Jesus didn't do the works of His Father they had permission not to believe. But if I do, even though you are having a hard time with me, let the works settle it.
1:22:00 - It's not our language but our actions...

* * *

1:22:00 - Cast out demons. That's all it says. There is so much out there about demons. Like - people have to want to be free.
1:22:30 - Freely you have received - Freely give it - He is saying that you have already received these things - healing from sickness, freedom from devils... You've received these blessings. This is yours from the Father. Now give it.
1:23:00 - So healing the sick is the will of God and part of the kingdom? Undoubtedly.

1:23:30 - BREAK

Raise the Dead (cont.)

1:23:40 - Is there a time-frame for raising the dead past which you shouldn't go? - Is 10 years too long? -
1:23:55 - Once they are buried I don't pray for for the dead to be raised. When I bury someone, I commit their body to the ground and commend their spirit to the Lord. I personally let go at that point. You need to resolve and move forward and trust your loved one to Jesus.
1:25:00 - David Hogan practice - praying for the dead - 24 hrs - must be buried.
1:26:30 - The answer is: It's what you have faith for.
1:27:00 - Faith for a new liver. Spiritual language?

Ministries with Wrong Motives

1:27:50 - How much weight should we put on the verses in Mt. 10 that talk about not taking stuff with you? - I think the main thing in that for today's society is that you don't shift gears and use the grace of God as a "career." God meets the needs of His people. I live that way.
1:29:00 - I am concerned about some ministries - the appearance of things - but I don't try to figure out who is right and who is wrong. They will stand before God.
1:29:30 - Wheat and tares - should we pull up the weeds? No, you'll pull up wheat.
1:30:00 - Ministries that get off right motive. You can have the scriptural backing but the wrong motive. Finances / giving - we need to keep this place running.
1:30:45 - Conference - unsettling things going on. Criticizing - complaining and venting. Weep for the body. Prayer for mercy.
1:32:20 - Wolf in sheep's clothing? - Don't be calling people wolves in sheep's clothing. Sometimes they have just one little deception at work in them.
1:33:15 - We're on a lot of witch hunts. With the computer, everybody can share their opinions. Get off the computer and pray for mercy to come on the earth.


1:33:50 - Take to heart these scriptures. You don't live in want. And you don't use the gospel ever as a way of living unless grace is making that happen and you are being provided for.
1:34:10 - Provision - I don't even pray for provision - finances. Most would disagree with me. I just know that He keeps me. My life is His. And my life will work out in Him. I have never in my Christian life prayed for finances. Never thought about that.
1:34:40 - I don't know how I could pray for provision with out getting conscious of my circumstances - start penny pinching. I seek Him first - His kingdom - His righteousness and all of these things are added.
1:35:00 - Pursuing financial blessings - prosperity - I don't worry. He knows what I need. I can't remember praying for myself in those areas since I've been saved. We've been so taught to contend and confess go after things. Financial blessing conferences - no seats left. Everybody wants prosperity.
1:35:30 - Poverty mindset - I've been told that I have a poverty mindset. I don't believe that. I don't want a million dollars because then I would have to figure out what to do with it. Most people already have it spent, that's why they want it. 1:35:50 - Financial adviser - Wouldn't let him put offerings of the people into financial product. I am very accountable for those finances.
1:36:40 - Winning a million - What would I do with that? It's not about you getting. There is a stewardship of life. So there is a stewardship of finances also. The question will be what did I do with the blessing.
1:37:30 - Asking amiss your own desire - wrong motive. Asking for a million.
1:37:45 - We're accountable for what we do with the blessing.
1:38:00 - Prosperity changes people - You'd be amazed how prosperity changes people. Losing sense of appreciation.
1:38:15 - Prosperity message - hype... No, just get filled with Jesus and bless the Lord with Him.
1:39:00 - Praying for finances - I've never prayed for my finances. And I've never wanted a million dollars. I promise you that that is not a poverty mentality. Heaven will tell you that that is right one day. I know my heart. I am so rich, it is ridiculous and I'm not talking about money.
1:39:35 - Business man friend - "I never sow into your ministry because I know that you will just give it away anyway."
1:40:10 - Needing more - If you are praying for finances at the cost of losing joy, you are across the line - you are striving and struggling.

Epileptic Boy (cont.)

1:41:10 - Back to Mt. 17...
1:41:15 - Recap of Mt. 10 - What we saw in Mt. 10 is going to compliment what is said in Mt. 17. We saw in Mt. 10 - He told them to go and heal the sick with no limitations. Command form. Cleanse the leper, cast out demons, even raise the dead. You don't touch the leper because you would be unclean. They were under the law and now He is implementing grace. Now, go raise the dead... They weren't even allowed to touch the dead before that.
1:42:00 - Jesus raised the dead, cleansed the leper. Nothing He hadn't already done. You do it too. Because you are the body of Christ. It's so simple.
1:42:20 - We were created to do this. Recap of redemption and purpose.
1:42:35 - Heal THE sick, raise THE dead, cleanse THE leper, cast out demons - We are not deciding who is to receive the kingdom or not. We are to give it.
1:43:00 - Recap of Mt. 17 - Then in Mt. 17... He addresses why they could not heal the boy. It's because of what you are failing to see. You are forgetting who you are because of Me.
1:43:45 - We contrive explanations.
1:44:00 - Participant's comment - 33 Reasons Why Men aren't Healed
1:44:30 - Damage done by that type of book. Where were those road blocks with Jesus? There were none.
1:45:10 - Jesus is the truth - we look to Him - If there were any other reasons He would have explained them? He's the truth.
1:45:40 - One teacher - no truth outside of me. Not experience. Not loss of a loved one. Not emotions. Not human reasoning. Not natural wisdom. I'm your Teacher.
1:46:30 - He's the truth. What can be seen in Jesus' life is what can be known about God. You have to keep it that narrow or else you are letting something else teach you that is not Jesus.
1:47:15 - v.20 - And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. - It's what you are failing to see. You don't realize who you are because of me.
1:47:45 - He puts it squarely on the disciples. Not dad. Not the demon. Not the people.
1:48:20 - You will say to the mountain - That erases all the desperate prayers to God. This is authority. Understanding the situation and where it stands before the Lord. And who God is in the midst and who you are.
1:48:45 - This is not magic. It's knowing who He is. And through knowing who He is, knowing who you have become through that grace and rightly representing that truth in a world of need.
1:49:00 - It will move - It's got to happen. But it's not just knowledge.
1:49:50 - Todd starting to pray for the sick - If it works in here it ought to work out there. He started to pray for everyone he saw that was sick. Nobody healed yet. Wife having a fit. The Bible says I'm going to see it if I believe. There must be something wrong with my believing. I'm not going to stop or I'll never see it.
1:51:40 - Reasons not to approach people - People oppose you by saying that you are giving a bad name to the gospel when they don't get healed. Same voice in the garden.
1:52:45 - Single eye - The eye is the lamp of the body

Sickness as a Trial

1:53:50 - Is it possible that a person is not healed because they are going through a time of testing or trial? - No. You can't find that at all.
1:54:00 - God will let you go through things but not where His Son has already paid the price and now is the time for salvation. If I incorporate that into my belief, I'll leave it up to the sovereign timing of God and I've subverted my ability to stand and release the kingdom.
1:54:30 - If that were possible God would have to give us an illustration of its possibility.
1:54:35 - Suffering - "the sufferings of Jesus" are not sickness and disease for one thing. It's persecution. It's being in the world and not being of it. The sufferings of Jesus are living a holy life in the midst of a perverse and crooked generation. And every word you speak being misconstrued by sin driven, self-driven men. Having something totally pure and totally sincere being totally twisted in their eyes to the point where they put Him on a cross.
1:55:10 - Only ever meaning well and all your good being spoken evil of. And still not letting His motive or heart be changed. Still dying for those very people.
1:55:25 - Sickness as a trial - But if I embrace that the sick person is going through a time of testing and trial - that God is using the sickness as a vehicle - then I have subverted my ability to release Bible faith because I have opened that up as an option. And my eye is no longer single in that area. The eye has to stay narrow. Jesus is the narrow door.
1:56:20 - It doesn't say: and nothing will be impossible for you unless God is using the situation as a test and trial. It's very clear. No other options. His language closes every door. [extended comments]
1:57:00 - How people explain sickness - God working things together for good. "If I hadn't gotten sick, I wouldn't be as close to Him." That can be because they are scared half to death that they are going to die. Self-preservation revelation. How God delivered me, saved me and now I know Him so much better because of the trial. But by embracing this belief we make the trial God's tool - His administration.
1:58:00 - God's not ordaining the sickness - Destroyed for the lack of knowledge. When knowledge comes you can stand and fight. He's not subcontracting out the things He paid to remove. He put those things on His son.
1:59:00 - Degeneration - Accepting language on aging - You will go right along with everyone else. "I'm not any younger."
1:59:30 - Where does it say you have to degenerate and die from disease. But it has become familiar to us and has become our teacher when we are to have one Teacher. Narrow teaching - narrow way. If you are not careful the tree of the knowledge of good and evil will have an in somewhere. I don't want that.
2:00:20 - Explanations eliminated - When He speaks to the disciples, He is speaking to me. And He speaks clearly here. How can I embrace any other explanation?
2:01:00 - Receive it, now give it. If you don't receive it, you will struggle to release it.
2:01:15 - If you are sick - Pray for the sick anyway - You can be sick and that doesn't mean that you can't pray for the sick. Shows faith. My experience does not dictate what I believe. I believe that Jesus is Lord... I'm not becoming a product of what I am going through. I'm a product of what He went through. It's becoming my reality and I am not backing down. You are making a statement. I believe the gospel, not my experience.
2:03:00 - No teacher outside of Jesus and His life lived - Renewing the mind - Call no man your teacher, you have one Teacher. Jesus and Jesus' life lived. If you can't find it in His life why is it in our belief system. We are transformed by the renewing of our minds. How does that happen? We run everything through the eye of the needle called Jesus' life. There a lot of things that we say that make no sense to the gospel.
2:04:30 - Testing and Trials - Trying to break me - Not asking for trials but I wouldn't trade them. Tests your faith. Once you are through it you wouldn't change it. I know God through intimacy. But when testings come to stop me it takes a risk that it's going to make me.
2:05:45 - Testing and Trials as God's tool? - If I accept that, I will loose my passion to stand and fight. Tests and trials are set to destroy us. Steal, kill, destroy.

False Teaching

2:06:00 - Steal, kill, destroy - false teaching. [more] John 10
2:07:00 - v.7 - Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep. - Jesus is the door.
2:07:05 - v.8 - All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them. - Anybody that is a way apart from THE way... No one comes to the Father except through Him. He's the way, the truth, the life. Let's back up here...
2:07:20 - v.1 - Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. - Other way
2:07:35 - v.2-5 - But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. To him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice: and he calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out. And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice. And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers. -
2:08:00 - Stranger's voice - the sheep won't follow another voice - people saying what He is not saying.
2:08:15 - v.6 - This parable spake Jesus unto them: but they understood not what things they were which he spake unto them. -
2:08:25 - v.7-8 - Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep. All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them. -
2:08:30 - v.9-10 - I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. -
2:09:00 - v.11-12 - I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep. - A hireling says things to save face, to protect self - inspired by other motives than truth.
209:30 - v.13-15 - The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep. I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep. -
2:09:50 - Good pastor - Bad pastor - We're busy trying to think who is a good pastor and who is not. - "He must be a hireling." Grumbling.
2:10:00 - Detrimental mindsets - Mentality of complaining and negativity does damage.
2:10:45 - Hireling mindset - a hireling is in something for what he can get from what he is doing. If you are a Christian for what He can do for you - you will have a hireling mindset. You'll be offended and upset. And you will create language to protect yourself. Why? Because you are in this for the wrong reason. He's not talking about insincere pastors but people who are in it for what they can get out of it. He's talking about people who don't want to give their whole life to become one with Him - to benefit the cause. This is why there are so many hurt, offended, discouraged Christians.
2:12:15 - A hireling is someone who is in it for pay, not for love.
2:12:25- A Christian can have a hireling mindset and save himself when he sees the wolf coming. He runs. Mad - offended - hurt - coming up with doctrine, explanations to defend their experiences - saving face - self-preserving - always about self. A hireling doesn't care about it's sheep.
2:13:00 - Offense and hatred - When you are offended at someone, aren't you loving your life more than theirs? When you hate a brother, haven't you murdered? Why? Because you have raised your value above them. You've assumed the right to judge and value their life. So when you hate them you have cut off their purpose (and value).
2:14:00 - Your life lived shows your belief - Healing - You live out of your heart. And your life lived will show what you believed. You believe it's God's will to heal the sick? And yet you never put your hands on the sick. What good does your doctrine do? Become the word made flesh.
2:15:00 - What keeps you from healing? - Wrong believing - Wrong teaching - "I believe God heals the sick. I just don't believe He heals through me." There must be something that you believe that keeps you sidelined. It's wrong believing. It's stealing, killing, destroying. It's wrong teaching. It's hearing the stranger's voice. It's totally limiting.
2:15:30 - The ear you hear with - Hireling vs. sheep - Your heart determines how you interpret things. Jesus said be careful how you hear. You hear through your own motive, your own screen, your own ear. Remember, If any man's will is to do His will, he will know whether the doctrine is from God - John 7:17. The pure in heart shall see God - Mt. 5:8. If your whole reason for seeking Him in the secret place is to know Him, He can entrust you with truth. If you have any other motive then you open your ear to hear something outside of what He is saying.
2:16:45 - Don't read your Bible just to be right - to protect your heritage or doctrine or upbringing - to defend your feeling in a scenario of unanswered prayer. Be careful how you hear.
2:17:00 - So many different teachings on Jesus - This is how so many people can say so many things about this one Jesus. Because they are speaking out of so many places. And the reason we have that is because our hearts, at large, aren't pure. Because the pure in heart see God. Sentiments - human feelings - self-preservation - ego - hireling - will all affect how you hear.
2:17:55 - Coming to God with the wrong motive - Participant comment on the hireling scenario - They come into the gospel for what they can get and end up disappointed.
2:18:30 - We encourage wrong motive by the way we preach the gospel - We have encouraged that motive (by the gospel we preach). We've said come to God for what He can do for you instead of how He can make you more like Him. And people end up in despair, frustration, let down. "I prayed. Why didn't this work?"
2:19:00 - Wrong motives necessitate and beget wrong explanations - And because we bring them in with a wrong motive we can't answer their questions, so we come up with a "way that seems right to man" explanation. "Well God just need your baby in heaven." "God needed another little flower in heaven." God's bigger than that. That's ridiculous.
2:20:15 - If God was so wanting to bring children to heaven. Why would He bring heaven here? And tell us to preach that heaven is here. We just need to grow up.
2:20:30 - Because of people coming in with the hireling mentality, these are the best answers that we can give because it's still all about us. It's protect and defend.
2:20:45 - Narrow your perspective to Jesus and His life lived - That's why it took so long today just talking about this one topic and all of the hands were raised and all of these different opinions and teachings. And I have to teaching in a way to narrow that down to the single eye of Jesus' life. And when you see Him, you've seen the Father. Period. He's the way.

Epileptic Boy - Unlimited Promise (cont.)

2:21:50 - I wanted to get back to Mt. 17 today. We will get to it. Let me just read this. I want you to hear how adamant this is and how closed this is to discussion. You need to read your Bible this way to get your mind captivated with truth and get the way that seems right to man driven out of us in every way.
2:22:00 - v.20 - And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. - He's talking to them. He's talking to us.
2:22:25 - No exceptions.
2:22:40 - Unlimited promises - I used to do healing services open to the public. I would just open the Bible to Matthew and just start reading all of the promises of Jesus. Unlimited promises of Jesus. No way around them. You wouldn't believe how many there are. You can't talk your way around them unless you purpose to. No exceptions, no limitations whatsoever. They are all through the NT.
2:23:45 - Closing prayer - courage to embrace the truth - crush human wisdom.