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Day 39

Healing is Simple - Not Complex

0:00 - Attacking the belief system - The enemy attacks the belief system. Growing up with wisdom that is opposite of truth. Every promise to the believer. Every sign follows the believer. Enemy - Why not attack what they believe? Can't attack God.
0:50 - [mic on]
1:10 - Subtle, shrewd attack - If truth is our best friend and truth makes us free... The enemy doesn't even push stuff like, "There's no God." More subtle - "Are you really going to die?" Acknowledges God but laces the way that seems right into the truth. There seems like there is some truth somewhere in there - mixed in with a lot of other stuff. That's how he works.
2:25 - Complexity - A red flag - If it's complex that's a good sign that it's laced with something that the enemy is saying. The gospel is a simple message. When preached clearly it boggles our minds - "This is too simple." It's for a child. So when you hear a complicated message, when things get complicated...
2:50 - I was trying to scratch healing a little bit last week and then we were going to hit it this week and we got on the last two days of stuff that we got on which felt important in my heart.
3:10 - Healing has been made complicated - The whole healing thing has become super complicated at large - so many things we need to do - 20 reasons why the things that we do might not work. And because we have been taught this complicated thinking about healing and our circumstances started to agree, that kind of teaching seems to be right. That stuff still crosses your mind. "Yeah buts"
4:00 - Phone call yesterday. Please pray for me. Pain was gone. Well of course it's not there. That's what we are believing. But it was there all day?!?! Amazement. That's Jesus.
4:35 - Stay simple - like that. When you pray and it doesn't go that smoothly. What's the first thing that comes into play? "But I'm believing... But I just saw it yesterday."
5:00 - Blind eyes opening - And then not - Two with blind eyes open in a day. I thought the blind are going to see. After not getting that result my mind went bonkers. I had just seen eyes opened.
6:05 - It was hard. Recently more eyesight things happening.
6:25 - Mind spinning - Slipping into striving - But because the two opened you think you have blindness nailed down. And when you pray, your mind says, "Why didn't they open already?" And you can slip into striving - trying to pray harder. You get your eyes off of the reason that they have to open - God's love through Jesus for the person - period - and I am just greatly privileged to release the kingdom. It has to stay very simple.

Epileptic Boy

6:40 - The disciples - Sure, we'll pray - In Mt. 17 - The disciples had gone out two by two and seen the power of God. Jesus was on the mountain (transfiguration). They didn't have the direct command but they had been praying for the sick. The daddy brought the boy to them. And they said sure - we'll pray for him. I don't believe they wavered - "Maybe we should wait for Jesus."
7:10 - The disciples were already flowing in healing - They had already gone out two by two in Mt. 10. Luke 10 reveals that when they came back, they were rejoicing because the power of God was flowing. So they already knew that God was healing through them. And the people knew it too. The father brought the boy to the disciples.

When Healing Doesn't Happen - Spinning & Explanations

8:00 - When it doesn't happen the mind begins to spin - So seven chapters before they had already seen this stuff happen. When the boy is seizing and you pray and he is still seizing, what's the first to react? The very first thing that reacts is your mind. "Why hasn't he stopped yet? Why is he still seizing? Why isn't our prayer working? If Jesus were here he'd be healed by now. What are we doing wrong?"
8:45 - Why healing happens - It's not your Bible knowledge that heals the sick. It's the revelation of the finished work of Christ and God's love. It's you just staying in that place of seeing one with the Father. It's not just because you know God wants to heal. If it's just because we know that God wants to heal, everybody would be healed by now.
9:20 - Resistance to message because of sovereignty. Preaching in Michigan. When I looked at scripture with them and showed them how we are misapplying sovereignty and put sovereignty in it's proper perspective... If you agree with sovereignty concerning sickness, you have subverted your own ability to ever believe and have a revelation that it's God's will to heal all the time. Because you are just waiting on what God wants to do. You are really reducing your prayer to, "Let's pray and see what happens."
10:00 - "If it be thy will prayers" - So you can be praying all the right stuff but it's with the contingency attached to it, without saying it, "according to God's will." "Be healed if it be thy will." A Christian can't even pray an "if it be thy will" prayer concerning healing. We have enough evidence (scriptural basis) to heal the sick - period. And we're going to look at it. It's undoubtable scripturally.
10:40 - Ask questions but no debates. Debates never settle on truth. Just a need to be right. We will walk you right through the scriptures and connect the dots today. And then start from there.

What Jesus Had to Say

11:15 - The only NT example of healing not happening - In Mt. 17 - It's the only example we have of man praying and not having the answer concerning healing. So we have to take Jesus' response as the response. And if Jesus responded the way that he responded, why do we respond differently - if He is Lord - if He is the truth.
11:35 - Trust the word - If Jesus addressed the situation, then we need to take what He wrote in His holy word and believe that He didn't leave a little section missing somewhere in a cave on a scroll. You have to take what He gave you and believe that God is big enough to guard and protect His word and put it in your hands.
12:20 - Take what Jesus said about it to heart - If this is the only NT example of man praying for healing and it not happening we ought to take what Jesus said about it to heart.
12:30 - But I've never heard anybody preach on this passage. When it is probably the most important passage on healing that is available to us.
12:40 - We need to line up our explanations with what Jesus had to say - We ought to preach it all the time because we experience the same thing. They prayed and the boy didn't get healed. And we are saying all about what we experience. But we ought to make sure that what we are saying, about healing not happening, lines up with what Jesus said. We ought to see if the two match. I'm telling you that they don't match.
13:20 - He is Truth - Not my thinking - Submit to Jesus - I want to submit what I think to the One who knows. Regardless of what else I am thinking, I have to lock in that He is truth. And it's time for me to bow down and humble myself unto the mighty hand of God so that in due time He can lift me up so that I can see what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. I need to submit to Jesus.

Arguments & Offense over Healing

13:50 - Arguments over healing - Are we really submitting to Jesus or submitting to feeling, experiences and scenarios? Every time you are in a debate with someone over healing, it always has to do with a scenario. "We put it on the internet and had the whole world praying for this girl and she died. And you are telling me that it was the will of God to heal?"
14:30 - No need to get the whole world praying - Believe - But what Jesus is saying is not in agreement with our scenarios. He doesn't say to get the whole world praying. He said to just believe and speak to the mountain and it moves. One believer is a majority. Gab somebody that agrees with what I believe and you can do anything.
14:50 - Just the fact that we feel like we need to get the whole world praying reveals that we don't have a revelation. We're putting our faith in the numbers - that somebody breaks through and connects. We're actually revealing that we don't know our God when we talk like that. We're are pulling healing into the natural. We're making common sense out of healing. The word says believe.
15:20 - If you believe what do we need the whole world for?
15:35 - We are going to get out the word and kill some sacred cows today.
16:05 - Minds spinning because it didn't happen - One of the reasons that this was a difficult situation in Mt. 17 was because they had seen a lot of things happen before this incident. So as soon as this healing didn't happen, their minds began to spin.
16:20 - The opposite can also happen: you could not be expecting much to happen because you have never seen much happen.
16:25 - Offended pastor - WV - I don't get a lot of push back when I travel. Heretic. Even when they don't agree they treat me politely. Pastor pulled me aside - offended - protecting something.
17:10 - If you are protecting to the point where you are mad, that's part of survival. You are believing what you are believing to protect something. But what if that belief that you are protecting is the very thing the gospel wants to break off of you so that the power can finally flow? They get into defense mode. And they want to fight over the doctrine. The excuse that they use: You are hurting the body of Christ.
17:50 - Heretic! - Had a man say these things to me. And I am here to expose your lies. Mad because of all the damage to people. I'm here to uproot these lies because you are a heretic. Found out that the man's mother had died of cancer. And he hated the charismatic / Pentecostal belief that it's God's will to heal. Because if my mother died then she didn't have faith or she was trapped in sin. I don't believe that at all. I believe that the church is failing with revelation, not your mother.
18:55 - He was upholding his mother's honor because grace kept her disposition all through the whole process and she stayed sweet as pie til the end. But when do we ever compromise character? This fellow said that the highest form of character is suffering with grace. Staying sick but not losing our disposition.
20:00 - Come hell or high water, He doesn't change in me.

Jabesh-Gilead - Not Living in Reproach - Standing and Fighting

20:50 - Story of Jabesh-Gilead - Compromise and reproach - OT story that points to NT. Ammonites came to Jabesh-Gilead. [story] You can live but gouge out your right eyes. 12 tribes rallied to their aid. Speaks of compromise and a reproach. God's talking about deliverance and wholeness.
22:40 - Reproach - It's not a reproach to you if you are suffering. What becomes a reproach is when we try to add our suffering to the finished work of Christ and make it the will of God just to under gird our souls - to keep going along. It's loving your own life at whatever cost.
23:00 - Stand and fight - Militant - The enemy wants to crush you. He wants to crush your ability to preach the gospel that sets men free. He wants to get your experience to tie into your teaching - to get you to protect something, so that you can keep on living. The king didn't want anything to do with that. It wasn't about Israel giving up a right eye and living in reproach and surrendering. It was about fighting and winning. Look at it in NT light. So Saul rallied the 12 tribes and delivered those people.
23:40 - [Retelling of the story - There is a message in there.]
25:45 - He gave us the privilege of representing - God has come in the person of His Son. He has given us the authority of His name. He has given us the privilege of a priesthood of believing. He said things like, "All authority in heaven and on earth..." If He left you wondering and in indecision, you could never use that authority. He made it clear and plain. And we are going to look at scripture after scripture.

Epileptic Boy (cont.)

26:15 - Matthew 17 is one of the most important sections of scripture in my life. Why? Because this scenario is ours way too often. Way too we pray and they are not healed.
26:30 - The privilege of stepping into healing - The guilt over what should have been - People dear to us. If they aren't healed it's very painful. The devil wants it to be hard to hear a message like this. We feel guilty for not having been ready for our loved ones. They are dead because of me. It condemns instead of inspiring to grow. It's not a weight but a privilege. There is a privilege to step into this.
27:35 - Watching kids die and yet praying for the next.
28:15 - When they prayed for the epileptic boy, Jesus didn't say, "Well you've got to understand. Sometimes God heals and sometimes He doesn't." That's what we say because it seems right.

When the Sick are Brought - Pressure to Heal

28:35 - v.14-16 - And when they were come to the multitude, there came to him a certain man, kneeling down to him, and saying, Lord, have mercy on my son: for he is lunatick, and sore vexed: for ofttimes he falleth into the fire, and oft into the water. And I brought him to thy disciples, and they could not cure him. - He brought the boy to the disciples.
28:50 - Discipleship - following the life of Jesus.
29:35 - Bringing the sick - When people bring the sick to you, they are bringing them to the Christ in you and saying, "Can you help me? I need Jesus." He's given us the kingdom, the power of His name, the Spirit, the authority of His name. We ought to be in a place of, "I'm glad you came." not "I hope He moves. I hope God shows up.
30:15 - People bring the sick to me all the time. If I didn't understand better I would say, "God, you better come." No, Thank you for the gospel. Thank you that you love people. Thank you that we can preach tonight and pray for the sick. Thank you for the Spirit of God in us. You are not intimidated by the crowd.
31:00 - Pressure and intimidation of certain conditions - Cerebral palsy & Muscular dystrophy - they were showing up in every crowd. I had never seen one healed through my prayer. That gets in your head. They drove for four hours. That name cerebral palsy wants to get so magnified. Weight, pressure, intimidation tries to come on you. Even on days where other things moved, you didn't see that move. Mind spins. "God you've got to show up." Twisted form of worship of the problem. Honoring the problem.
32:45 - Healings this weekend
33:00 - The one person with muscular dystrophy. People run to him because there is compassion. Every body else has prayed and he is still like that. "Can you please pray for our son?" Mind spins.

Trials of the Mind

33:40 - When your mind "spins" is that direct demonic forces trying to put thoughts in your mind? -
33:50 - Bad seed sown into our souls - It's stuff that wants to be a stronghold. It's stuff that rises above the knowledge of God. Whether or not there is an imp sitting on your shoulder, these things are produced and received through the course of life. They come up. They're interjected. They are whispered. And they get seeded into your soul. You don't have to figure out whether the devil is directly sitting there. The bottom line is satan is freaked out by the gospel. He's freaked out by the truth. And he doesn't want us to ever see it.
34:30 - Fight the good fight -That's why he puts so much pressure on people's lives - merciless. He puts it on people who are really going after God. It's not always about God coming down and delivering. It's about us fighting the good fight of faith and pressing through and gaining a revelation. There is just something about that.
34:55 - Cast down everything that rises against the knowledge of God - There was something about Jesus going into the wilderness and passing through every temptation and coming out with the Spirit and power. Your mind passes through these hurdles, these trials, these potential strongholds. You cast down everything that rises against the knowledge of God. So you have to settle on what the true knowledge of God is. You can't acquire the knowledge of God through life - it's only through Jesus' life.
35:40 - Mental baggage - Praying multiple times - Starts to feel like Christian rhetorical prayer - even though you are trying to be sincere. Someone different could pray for the first time for the person without that baggage.

Exalting the Gifted

36:35 - Looking to gifting - Instead of the believer priesthood - Pointing to the individual - we love to point to the individual. We shuttle the sick over to the person who has a real connection with God. Shows that we don't have a revelation of the finished work of Christ. We are just looking for gifting. Proves that we don't understand who we are because He came. We are trained to think that way.
37:00 - Reaction to the gifting on Dan - At YCF - beginning to understand the anointing on me. It was scary how people responded. The line would be huge. Other ministers' lines were empty. And the more I prayed that way for people, the worse the situation got. Phone rang off the hook. Ran from hospitals to people's houses praying for people. I was believing that God raised me up but God didn't raise me up for that - to be the only "gifted" one praying for the sick. I pulled back from that and turned off. God came and said to me, "I never asked you to turn off." I was caught in pride - started to feel like somebody - that I was the man.
39:00 - I shut down for a whole year and just taught the word. I didn't even think of the Spirit of God flowing and touching you. I just taught the word. I was afraid of pride. I got treated a certain way - everybody lining up in front of you. Dramatic.
39:25 - Thumb ache - Lady came with thumb ache. Fire of God come. I was so dramatic. Thumb be healed. And she was on the floor. Next. Just a hurt thumb and I'm making a big scene.
39:40 - I'm doing everything - Got out to the car and Holy Spirit said, "Why do you even feel that way? I am doing everything." I bawled. I wasn't sure that I could handle what God wanted to do through my life so I shut down for a whole year. God would you put something in my life that is going to destroy me?
40:10 - Training the body - This is for everyone - I didn't realize that I wasn't doing what I was called to do. I wasn't teaching and training saying this is for everyone. It's not about an individual. It's about a body of people called the body of Christ. I started to ease back it as I was training the body and I feel more healthy in ministry than I ever have before.
40:55 - Reactions to the gifting - because of need. Todd gets requests too. Media makes a draw on the mass need. The emails break your heart. Phone calls. People don't understand. They think that their problem is the only problem on the earth. I guess you don't really care. It's impossible for a small number to meet that need. That's why we are the body of Christ. I'm still growing. We've taught ourselves to chase the gift - to pick out the person that is anointed and send the sick to them. But that's not how the body should function.

Too Old to Pray For?

42:40 - Mental trials - When do you cut off praying? - Participant's comments and question Mentally challenged kids. Enemy says - you just want to show off. And now it bombards my mind. - Re: sister 91 - When do we not pray for someone? Advanced age? - Or pray Lord take her home?
45:25 - Here is my personal answer. Even if they are 100, if you start embracing that they have to die from sickness and disease and not just run your course and pass on to be with the Lord, that's trouble. Because once you make an allowance, you get run over like a freight train. You look at their age and their suffering and you say it would be better for them to go home. Well, if Jesus took their hand then suffering would not be the issue - they are healed. So there is a place to contend and grow into the supernatural and not let anything else determine (the direction of your prayers).
46:05 - Bethel - Redding, CA - They prayed for a lady who was 103. They were troubled that she was dying of cancer. Cancer was going to be what took her. No way! Cancer left the body and she lived healthy for 18 more months and went to sleep one night and never woke.
46:40 - Principle - If you draw a line, (make an exception) the next thing you know the line will get narrower and narrower. And then you will be talking about 75 year olds. I'm ready to go.

Assuming a Right to Die

47:00 - Look, I'm ready to go - When someone close to me says, "Look, I'm ready to go." "I don't think that's up to you. I don't think that's your privilege. I thought you died to yourself and gave your life to Him. Maybe He is not saying that through the blood. How about if we pray." "When did you take on the privelege to make that decision. Your life is not even your own." "Well, I'm just ready to go." "The only reason that you are saying that is because you are seeing yourself through the sickness. Let's pray."
47:35 - Lady celebrating dying - Music playing. Leaky heart valve. Didn't want surgery. Waiting to die. "Oh, no... Who invited you here?" She was being silly and serious. Aggressive days. "Don't you dare lay hands on me. I'm waiting for the bus to come and pick me up." "I don't know when you got that privilege." "I've seen all of my children get saved." "Well, maybe God want to use you to save someone else's child." I don't want to be healed. I'm ready to go.
49:10 - Not our place to decide - His choice - That's not her choice. Her life is in Him. It's His life. You are bought with at price. You are not your own. By this kind of thinking we show that we have incorporated Him into our lives. You ask Jesus about how He feels about you letting yourself die with sickness, when He got pummeled on the cross to pay for your deliverance. The shots for your healing are on His flesh. He said, "Heal the sick." It doesn't say, unless they are ready to die or they are elderly.
50:15 - Local pastoring - I was in a nursing home at least once a day for ninety straight days - in houses - on the run. When I was a local pastor, I was never at home. Everybody had a need. The more things that happened, the more requests I got.
50:50 - Lady celebrating dying (cont.) - She suffered and suffered and suffered. Our call isn't to die. Our call is to live. To give up is selfish. That's you incorporating Him into your life. She suffered so bad. Sisters reached out to me. She doesn't want healing. But that doesn't matter. There is no grace in her dying. God is not saying, "Come home." They cried out for mercy. In a day and a half, she died. It was terrible.
52:50 - Other stories of people assuming the right to die - I wasn't pretty.

Health in Old Age

53:00 - Where do you draw the line? If you open the door to not praying for healing from sickness in cases of advanced age, where do you draw the line?
53:35 - What you believe - You'll have in the gospel - If you believe stuff, you become stuff. So you have what you believe.
53:45 - Where do you draw the line? "I'm not any younger you know." "I'm not a spring chicken any more." What you are saying is that sickness as we age is normal. It's common to man.
54:00 - We preach the power of God but we speak with language that sells us cheap. And we believe that language.
54:20 - Health in old age - What does 60 look like in the kingdom? 60 in the kingdom is probably different in the kingdom than without Christ.
54:35 - Granddad - at 98 yrs old - Walked a mile to market and back. The great grand kids wouldn't even walk to market with him when he was 90. They complained. He wouldn't stop and rest. Kids 9-13. Granddad never complained. He didn't expect to fall apart. He didn't believe that was in His resume.
55:30 - Walking in the mountains at 80. Logging roads. Good to be in the hills. Walked over 12 miles.
57:05 - If you don't believe that you are going to be able to do that when you are 80 then you won't. And if you are just declaring as a hope, it probably won't happen either. You have to understand why that can be you. Because it's by grace through Jesus. Because you are in the world but not of it. You're not just hoping to be OK in your later years. You're understanding His love and His finished work and what it all means. And faith works through that love.
57:45 - It's not just declaring health. It's not just confession of the word. The word leads you into relationship and makes your confession alive.

Spiritual Gifts - Believer Priesthood vs. Gifting

58:00 - Believer priesthood vs. gifting - And the gifting thing gets confusing because they are in 1 Cor 12 so they are valid. There are gifts. What I'm teaching about is not 1 Cor. 12. I'm teaching your believer priesthood in your everyday life. If we, in this room are the body of Christ and only one person in this room had the gift of healing, and you need to be healed, you have to track that person down or you have no hope to be restored. That would make that person like Christ Jesus Himself.
58:40 - You're not limited to one spiritual gift - The gifts are fun can flow in your life. But you aren't limited to the "gifts" of the Holy Spirit (one gift). You're entitled to the whole thing. All the gifts are in Holy Spirit and Holy Spirit is in you.
59:15 - Paul said, "Desire the best gifts earnestly. If there were only one set aside for you, why would he tell you to earnestly desire the best gifts when you are only entitled to one. What are the best gifts? The one needed now.
59:45 - Pursue love - Desire spiritual gifts - How does that look? In relationship you pursue love and desire spiritual gifts. So in relationship you pursue love. And in that pursuing of love you thanking God that you're not lacking any good thing. And everything to touch humanity and meet the need and drive out the lie is in your spirit and flowing through you because you are a child of God. That's how it looks. That's how you desire the best gifts.
1:00:05 - And you will never let your gift become your identity then because you are pursuing love. And in pursuing love you realize that the gifts are there.
1:00:20 - Participant comment - re: gifts are given "one and to another" - refers to different ways that we profit.
1:00:30 - Striving for a gift - A lot of these scriptures address groups - congregations. Gifting will flow in these settings. [Scenarios] If we are living for that and just trying to create the atmospheres for that and services for that, we are going to miss who we are and why. Healing services - healing songs - Trying to bring healing into the room - when we are to live in the manifestation of healing.
1:01: 55 - When we are to live believing - These signs follow those that believe - or are gifted? What does it say? Believe. All of these trials of the mind are designed to keep us from ever entering in to what the Bible is calling belief. Because we are just not totally sure. The questions are endless. And they all creep into your heart when you are relying on your mind. That's why it's important to know who He is and who we are because of Him and getting blinders on to where nothing else matters.
1:03:00 - Staying teachable. Frustration.
1:03:45 - So don't let the gifting chapters confuse you.
1:03:55 - It's not about one gift - I was given the label of having the gift of the working of miracles. I just think I have Jesus. People would hear about me having that gift.
1:04:00 - Todd - I hear you have an anointing for this... I just have Jesus. It's all wrapped up in the finished work. It's not about a special anointing.
1:05:00 - "Special anointings" - [Scenario of special anointings - backs, knees, necks, shoulders] Sounds foolish.
1:05:40 - Pray for you daddy - Man with knee problems - I want you to pray for him. I have been. And you are going to today because you are a woman of God. (It's not about my gift. You are a believer.)
1:06:35 - It's because you were there - Under your umbrella - We came in under your anointing. There's some truth there. But you're not supposed to live under that umbrella. You're not going to be under that umbrella next week. He will bring you in under that umbrella to help that multiply itself. You're to pray and you're to realize that God does heal through me. God does move when I lay my hands on the sick. That's the point. Not, "Well he was only healed because I was standing next to Dan. Dan is so anointed." That's what I run from.
1:07:30 - Pray for you daddy (cont.) - Check it. Feels different. I've seen hundreds of knees restored. He loves you too.
1:08:10 - Knee stories. You grow into a place where it becomes normal. You're not just hoping that it works like it worked yesterday. You see it already happening. It's not a special anointing for knees.
1:09:05 - Special anointings would be strange. [Scenario] We can't all call into one person for all of the back problems we encounter. Are backs and cancer any different to the finished work of Christ? No. Then why is it different to us? Because we've seen backs healed and we haven't seen as many cancers healed. More loss with cancer. Cancer gains a name.
1:10:35 - Participant comment - head cold anointing please!
1:10:55 - Special anointings - Have to go through the church directory to see who has the anointing for the condition I am feeling today.

Epileptic Boy (cont.)

1:11:00 - Participant comment - Epileptic boy
1:11:35 - v.17 - Then Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? bring him hither to me. - You perverted people without any trust.
1:12:00 - After reading that, do you really think that Jesus is agreeing with all of the stuff that we say about people not getting healed? He's not agreeing at all. Does His response sound anything like ours? No.
1:12:30 - Explanations for healing not happening - Don't trust your own understanding - We abort trust to protect flesh. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart. Lean not upon your own understanding. But in ALL your ways acknowledge Him - Prov. 3:5-6. I wonder if this fits for healing too. Don't lean on your own understanding.
1:13:10 - v.17 - Twisted minds - faithless, perverse generation. Other translations - faithless and corrupt people. When they prayed and the boy wasn't healed Jesus called them corrupt. Because the mind is corrupted. This is the problem. He's not saying that you are wicked and evil. He is saying that the mind has twists in it and it's time to get it straightened out and renewed.
1:13:40 - He's saying, you fail to see who you are now that I have come. You have no trust.
1:13:50 - Twisted mind causes unbelief - "perverted" - doesn't mean addicted to sexual magazines. It means twisted. Twisted minded, corrupt thinking people. Twisted mind causes unbelief and lack of trust.
1:14:30 - v.17 - You've got to get this - Handing them the baton - Here is what He is saying: I'm heading to Jerusalem. I'm going to the cross. I'm going to ascend to the right hand of the Father after destroying death and I am handing you the baton of the new covenant, NT church. I'm not going to be here much longer. Bring the boy here. I'll show you again because you have to get this.
1:15:00 - [more personalized version of this verse]
1:15:35 - He's saying this to the disciples - I brought him to your disciples. The focus is the disciples.
1:15:50 - v.17 - And protecting ourselves, we say everything but what is said in this verse. People fight over this topic. Books say different things but both sound right if you don't know the word and have close communion with the Lord. We embrace what we need instead of what is true.


1:17:10 - Participant comment - ??
1:17:25 - The reason that I explained out that individual gift thing is so that you could see that it's not practical and can't possibly be the kingdom. It's just that we build confidence in areas because we have experienced areas.
1:17:35 - Chatter of the evil one - Participant comment - The chattering of the mind shuts off when you are focused on what you are supposed to do.
1:18:00 - It doesn't say we won't hear the stranger's voice - I've experienced that through gifting in areas. But can we live that way? Probably. The only reason I am not sure is that we always have the temptation to follow something else. In other words - My sheep hear my voice and another's they won't follow. You have to hear to follow. It doesn't say they won't hear the stranger's voice.
1:18:35 - Temptation - Test, trial - Jesus was tempted at all points yet without sin. Temptation means test in trial. It doesn't just mean looking at a woman wrong. Tempted with questions.
1:19:00 - I'm not sure that we won't have the opportunity to spin in our minds. But when those thoughts rise up we cast them down and bring them into agreement with Christ.
1:19:15 - Boy with leprosy - David Hogan - hands sunk into flesh - gooey mess. "I've got you now. You've got leprosy." I've got Jesus.
1:20:00 - Temptations will come. Jesus was tempted at all points yet without sin. The nature of temptation can change depending on where you are walking. But the opportunity to follow the flesh is always before man.
1:20:00 - Temptations should not produce condemnation - Temptations, questions should not lead you into condemnation. They are not from you. It's looking for opportunity. It's just looking for a place to land. Weird stuff can go through your mind even in your secret place.
1:21:00 - Impression about my wife dying was coming every time I went into the secret place to pray.
1:21:10 - So, I would love to walk in the place where I don't hear that stuff. But there are times when what I see is like a freight train rolling and nothing is stopping it. I think that's what you are talking about.
1:21:20 - Participant's comment - locked in - nothing else matters.
1:21:30 - But if people aren't having that experience, I don't want them to be condemned. Because you can be locked in and all of the sudden have a little thought that questions. You always have that opportunity.

1:21:50 - BREAK

1:22:00 - Favorite time at Power and Love conferences is Q&A.
1:22:50 - Some of them get controversial. Inner healing. Talked 20 minutes.

Our Explanations

1:23:55 - Mt. 17 - v.17 - Then Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? bring him hither to me. - Twisted minded, corrupted thinking people.
1:24:10 - v.16 - Our explanations for healing not happening - And I brought him to thy disciples, and they could not cure him. - I brought him to your disciples but they could not cure him. When that happens in our churches we already have the answers. Why? We get as shallow as saying - generational curse. If you believe that, then break the thing off of them. You don't just send them home cursed. You send them home cursed in their mind.
1:24:45 - Participant comment - Wanting to retain status - our explanations are subtle defense mechanisms.
1:25:10 - When we come up with these explanations, we effectively take away the privilege of manifesting the kingdom. As soon as you agree with one of those...
1:25:25 - Books - 30 reasons why people aren't healed - There are a lot of reasons out there. They fit into the way that seems right. They produce no life. They put pressure on the person in trouble. They excuse away the lack of power. And they assure where we are is where we'll stay.
1:27:35 - Strategy of the enemy - Everything that Jesus is saying in this chapter is the complete opposite of the explanations that we come up with for lack of healing. That's not a mistake by the enemy. It's part of his strategy. If you were the enemy you would work hard on subverting belief, if every promise is to the believer.
1:28:35 - Division in the body - We get to complex on failure to heal. And we fail to see what is really happening. It's just so simple. It's not a deep strategy of the enemy. Scramble up the belief system. Get them on different pages. Build a bunch of different islands, camps and streams and get them to fight one another.
1:28:50 - Validation of explanations through experience - And better yet let's get them to validate their belief with their experience. So when people die - "See!" When they don't get healed - "See! - We prayed and they didn't get healed. So it wasn't God's will."
1:29:20 - That scenario is similar to what is happening with the epileptic boy. But you don't see Jesus saying that it wasn't God's will to heal the boy."

Prayer & Loved Ones

1:29:35 - Participant's comment - mentally handicapped daughter with epilepsy - learning through this school - Do I have to physically be there to pray for her healing?
1:31:00 - Here's where we need to be. We need to be here (in communion with God) to a place where we see. And you would be amazed how this thing flows - you'll have what you say, decree... Jesus' life is what we are going after. There is nothing technical about this. It's all about faith working through love.
1:31:55 - Loved ones - Dan's mother - went for a year where I didn't even pray for her. Because I felt like I was just doing the Christian thing. Turmoil in the mind. I would visit with her but not pray. That's how defeated you can start to feel in an area where you haven't seen change - and you care so much.
1:33:00 - Does it change the gospel? No. The gospel is our only answer. But if we let all of that (our experience and frustration) change the gospel, we are surely in trouble.
1:33:20 - Dan's mom (cont.) - The same thing my mother had, I had seen healed twice in a week and ran to her and got my hands on her - nothing at the time. And you mind spins.
1:34:00 - Reference back to prior story from participant - Prophecy for psychic. Prophecy was hard to give because it was so positive and she was in the midst of something far from God.
1:34:20 - Desire is not faith - When you are so close to the situation. Mind spins - sentiment, empathy, emotion. But get back to faith working through love. You so want your loved one healed - you desire it. Desiring it and revelation through the cross are usually miles apart. Of course you want your loved one healed. Does that make it faith?
1:35:00 - Methods are not faith - People track down the Bible knowledge so they can know what to say, then they don't get the result and are devastated. They think - the gospel doesn't work - been there done that. They pursue the gospel for how they get healed, go through the method of how to get healed - the Bible knowledge on how to get healed - buy all of the books - quote all of the right stuff - and there they lay. And our minds say, well this didn't work.
1:35:30 - Everything flows from relationship - It has nothing to do with a method, a technique. This is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ that becomes your reality that you manifest. It's a relationship expressed. Isn't that what Jesus was? The will of the Father revealed? Why because He was one with the Father.
1:36:00 - That's why identity is so important. If you don't see with a healthy view your own life, how can you ever get intimate with Him?

Asking for Prayer

1:36:20 - If you don't have faith to see something healed is it wrong to go to someone else with greater faith? - It's not wrong at all. The Bible says if two or more agree on anything... But you have to be a steward of the gospel entrusted to you and not just make that the first thing you do. No, we are all growing up into Him in all things.
1:37:15 - Reason for the gifts - for the training and equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry so that we grow in one mind - the unity of the faith - til we grow up into Him in all things - Eph. 4:15. That scripture alone means that there's somewhere we all need to grow to. So we're growing through a relationship with Him.
1:37:50 - Would it have been prideful not to have brought the epileptic boy for healing (Mt. 17)? -
Singling out gifted ones - [I think the question is misheard. Dan must be answering something like - Is it prideful not to go and pray for someone when one of their friends asks for help?] It depends. Sometimes you can expose things. There are a ton of times I haven't gone when I haven't gone when I was asked in my personal life and I've said this, "No. I know why you are asking me but listen," and I tell a person who they are and "grab you friend and go pray." And I have tons of beautiful testimonies.
1:38:15 - If there comes a point in time where they tell me that they have been doing that and then they ask, I'll go. But if someone gets healed that's a tough situation because they say, "See (Dan has a special gift)." But there is a place for all of us growing. Don't just single a person out.
1:38:40 - Encouragement to pray for the sick - You are just as qualified. Time in the secret place. Prayer and fasting.
1:39:05 - Man who asks for prayer for back pain healing every week - asks Dan for prayer. The altar ministry had prayed everything they could pray and it begins to weigh on people. Pastor's son prayed. Testimony of healing attributes success to Dan. Taught for 20 minutes afterward encouraging the body in healing. Dan wasn't carrying the resume of all of those weeks of coming up short. Dan didn't even pray.
1:42:30 - You can say that it's only because Dan is here. But we're to multiply. Jesus is Lord and it's the will of God to heal - period. Struggling with the natural knowledge / history of praying for the man. Healed after a year and a half.
1:42:50 - Question above restated and clarified.
1:43:25 - Receive prayer. The Bible says, is any among you sick? Let them ask for prayer. So it sounds noble not to ask for prayer but... Remembering testimony of participant receiving the baptism of Holy Spirit in private.
1:43:45 - It's amazing how God will honor someone's personal, intimate desire with Him.
1:43:50 - Waking up praying in tongues.
1:44:00 - Participant's receiving of Holy Spirit in private. Participant says that's the same way I feel about healing. Dan teaches on the need to open up and let others pray. Don't roll that into healing.
1:46:00 - Asking for prayer. I just don't want to be dependent on others. Well it's good that you already have that conviction. Don't let that be the case. But that doesn't mean that you can't receive from others.
1:46:30 - Don't let something happen that isn't productive. Don't rely on people rather grow in your own understanding.
1:46:50 - Let's just love one another and pray for one another. Ask and it shall be given - Mt. 7:7. You have not because you ask not - Jas. 4:3. So ask, for all who ask receive.

Epileptic Boy (cont.)

1:47:15 - Back to Mt. 17 - v. 16-17 - You've got to get this - Passing the baton - And I brought him to thy disciples, and they could not cure him. Then Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? bring him hither to me. - Don't ever hear v.17 as Jesus being frustrated with these people - ready to give up and go home. That's what He's saying. He's saying, I've been telling you that I'm not going to be with you very long. I'm going to be turned over and crucified and on the third day rise. "How long shall I be here?" There is passion in His heart. "Guys, I am not going to be here much longer and I am about to delegate this thing to you and hand you this thing - the authority of my name - the baton of the NT, new covenant church. You are going to have tor run well - worthy of a prize and lay ahold of the reason I laid ahold of you. So you have got to get this.
1:48:20 - Back to Adam before sin. Subdue the earth. Redeemed back to original calling and created value. You have to look at Adam - I'll make you in my image - subdue the works of my hands - all things under your feet.
1:48:50 - Back to Adam's commission - We want Adam's wholeness before sin. We probably ought to take the authority he was given and the privilege of life he was given - the kingdom he was handed. Subdue the earth.
1:49:00 - There's no more fall - no more sin.

Jesus - The Revealed Will of God

1:49:10 - The life of Jesus is the revelation of God's will - period. If you read anything else into it based on life, you will be deceived. If you say anything else about God that you don't see in the life of Jesus, stop saying it.
1:49:30 - Jesus' life is the will of God revealed. This is God trying to keep us from making the mistakes that we've made. When we don't see healing, we say a lot of stuff. Why? Because we are not looking to Jesus.
1:49:50 - Who is the author? Who's the finisher? So if we get our eyes off of Him we get stuck somewhere. We start well but we're not finishing well.

* * *

1:50:00 - Let's go to Hebrew 2. We'll come back to Mt. 17 another day.
1:50:15 - There is so much to say - not because this is heavy and complicated. It's to uproot and undo the things that have become strongholds in most of us.
150:30 - We're growing - Just because I preach this stuff doesn't mean that it's become my total reality. But in my heart I see it as truth so I am pursuing it. If I have to wait until it's my total reality, I have to wait until I come out of the bedroom and every single person I touch is healed OR I am going to grow up into Him in all things - manifest Him along the way.
1:51:00 - We're not going to draw back and pray until we come out like super Christians.
1:51:30 - It's not just impartation - Die to self - David Hogan - It's a growing process not an impartation. Walk it out. Commitment. Laying down life. Give up your right to be offended, discouraged, to quit, to love your own life, your right to think anything else but Christ. That's called being dead to yourself. Your right to have opinions and attitudes that aren't productive - that stalemate you and plane you out. Your life is not yours. You've been bought with a price.
1:53:50 - Todd and fasting.
1:54:20 - Franklin Hall - The Atomic Power with God - Not talking about fasting today.
1:54:50 - Hebrews 2 - v.6-7 - But one in a certain place testified, saying, What is man, that thou art mindful of him? or the son of man, that thou visitest him? Thou madest him a little lower than the angels; thou crownedst him with glory and honour, and didst set him over the works of thy hands: - Ps. 8 - Indisputable if you believe the word of God. Crowned him with glory and honor - How did God crown us? By making us in His image. And now dying for us and filling us with His Spirit. He brought us up to the level of His Son. King of kings. Lord of lords. Who else are all of these kings and lords.

Winning Hearts by Demonstration not Just Doctrine

1:56:05 - John 10 - v.33-37 - The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God. Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken; Say ye of him, whom the Father hath sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God? If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not. - Is it not written that you are gods. And we know that the scriptures cannot be broken. [Extended comments]
1:57:50 - If I don't do the works of my Father - Don't believe me - We struggle to come up with explanations for why healing doesn't happen and Jesus said, If I don't do the work of my Father then I give you permission not to believe me. And we think we are supposed to win people by doctrine. The same thing applies today. If I don't live this thing that I am preaching then don't believe me. But if I do, then you ought to believe.
1:59:00 - He also said, As the Father sent me, so I send you - John 20:21. And the gospel is not word only but power - 1 Cor. 4:20.
1:59:30 - Importance of the Father's works being done that people may believe.
2:00:30 - Our excuses - If we say that miracles aren't for today then we don't have to demonstrate. But then how am I following Jesus? And how as the Father sent Jesus is He sending us? And how are we doing the thing that Jesus did and greater things? What do you do with all of that?
2:01:00 - Make Jesus' declaration part of you communion - If we are following Jesus, we ought to make that our decree (If I don't do the works of my Father...) and communion - God, the works of who you are have to flow through my life to stamp what I say. So that what I say carries weight into unbelieving hearts... (more)
2:02:00 - The Spirit of the Lord is upon me... Why? To set men free. Not through doctrine. Through the power of love - His name is Jesus.
2:02:40 - v.38 - But if I do, though ye believe not me, believe the works: that ye may know, and believe, that the Father is in me, and I in him. - They still aren't believing what He is saying... Even if you don't believe me, at least believe my life lived. He is not making what He said the priority. Even if you are struggling with what I am saying, don't write it off, believe through the actions of my life so that you realize that the words are true.
2:03:20 - We put all of our emphasis on what we say and what we believe and try to get men to shake their head - "yes." Jesus, on the other hand, is giving them permission not to believe if His life doesn't back up the Father's will.
2:04:00 - [Alternate translation]
2:05:10 - God hasn't lost sight of who you are.

All Things Under Man's Feet

2:05:30 - Back to Hebrews 2
2:05:40 - v.7-8a - All things under man's feet - Thou madest him a little lower than the angels; thou crownedst him with glory and honour, and didst set him over the works of thy hands: Thou hast put all things in subjection under his feet. - Whose feet? He's talking about man. Who did He give dominion over the works of His hands to? Man.
2:06:30 - v.8b - For in that he put all in subjection under him, he left nothing that is not put under him. - All things - Some people would say that he is talking about death. But he is talking about all things. [Additional comments] Fear of death. Death is not the issue.
2:07:25 - v.8c - But now we see not yet all things put under him. -
2:07:35 - Hebrews 2 talks about what happened in Mt. 17 - Now flip back to Mt. 17 - The disciples just prayed for the epileptic boy and he was not cured. Lord, this is supposed to be under our feet. And we don't yet see all things under our feet. Wow, It mustn't be your will to always heal. Maybe the timing is off. Maybe you are trying to teach this boy something. Maybe it's the sin of his father. Maybe it's a stronghold curse over them. Do you see what we do when we don't yet see all things in subjection?
2:08:10 - v.9 - Keep your eyes on Jesus - If He didn't explain it away, neither should we - But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man. - But we see Jesus. Keep your eyes on Jesus so that your response is always fixed in truth. Bring the boy to me.
2:08:30 - You perverted people with no trust. Bring him here to me.
2:08:45 - We explain things because we don't keep our eyes on Jesus - If we were to honor v.9, we wouldn't say the things we say when people don't get healed. Because Jesus' life doesn't say the things that we say. It means that we are not looking to Jesus. We are looking to our rational minds - which came from the fall of man. He didn't give you the ability to talk yourself out of Him.
2:09:10 - Voice of deception - Deception of Eve in the garden. Adam followed and surrendered man into the fall. Twists on what God says. Same snake that Eve listened to. The deceptions are not found in the life of Jesus.
2:10:00 - Deceptions regarding healing.
2:10:40 - Doctrines we were taught our whole lives - and yet we can tell there is something not quite right about them. Unsettled.
2:11:15 - Todd was taught the gospel from the beginning. If I start teaching something else just kill me.
2:11:40 - Our eyes should be on Jesus. Jesus is the answer. He makes sense of what we don't understand. His life brings our minds into submission. So that you don't say something that is apart from what He is saying. Jesus' life speaks like His blood speaks.

Epileptic Boy (cont.)

2:12:35 - Mt. 17 - How long shall I be with you? How long shall I bear with you? - Guys, you've got to get this because I am sending you into the world soon. And you are going to make disciples of all men soon. And you are going to teach them everything that I taught you. So you've got to get this in you. Bring the boy to me.
2:13:00 - v.18 - And Jesus rebuked the devil; and he departed out of him: and the child was cured from that very hour. - Boy was cured. We come up with other explanations but Jesus said that their minds were corrupt and there was little faith. Jesus didn't say all of the stuff that we say. He said - the way you are thinking is causing a lack of trust. You forget who you are because of me (because I have come).
2:14:00 - Spinning mind - And the fact that the boy is still seizing gets bigger than who we are because of Him. Our minds are spinning - "I wonder why he is still seizing? I wonder why he didn't get healed? It doesn't look like anything is changing. I wonder what we are doing wrong? If Jesus was here he would be healed by now." These things are already sown into our souls but try to rise up and develop a harvest. The circumstance is the water on the seed. What you get depends on how you handle the situation.

Help My Unbelief

2:14:50 - Help my unbelief - Participant comment - Mt. 17 vs. Mark 9 - The father says, "Help my unbelief."
2:15:00 - The reason I preach Mt. 17 vs Mark 9 - In Mark 9 the fasting and prayer is misunderstood. The whole story is in Mt. 17. We will touch fasting and prayer next week.
2:15:25 - Help my unbelief - a mercy cry. The father is saying, "I'm probably not in the position you are asking me to be in."
2:15:35 - Participant comment - When the boy seized, the father stayed and fixed his eyes on Jesus.
2:16:00 - When you find something that means something to you, that's personal, intimate stuff.
2:16:25 - Bartimaeus' garment - Blind beggar - I'll never need this beggars garment again. I can't meet with Jesus and come back the same. That means something to me.
2:16:45 - Help my unbelief - a father's heart cry. Jesus didn't sit him down to lecture him and get him into faith. He just healed the boy. The fact that he came to Jesus was enough.
2:17:10 - It's not about the faith of the person asking for prayer - In the church you hear, "Well, you can be healed if you believe." No, you can heal if you believe. We put it on them and send them home.
2:18:00 - v.19 - Then came the disciples to Jesus apart, and said, Why could not we cast him out? - I love this. They asked the question so that you don't have to guess at what the answer is. That's a question to Jesus. And Jesus answers...
2:18:30 - v.20 - Failing to see - And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. - Because of what you are failing to see.
2:18:40 - Talking to the disciples - Who's He talking to? The boy? The dad? The generation? The forefathers? He's talking to the disciples that were empowered with His name to go and subdue the works of His hands. It has nothing to do with the boy and the daddy. Nothing.
2:19:15 - Offense over this message - That is a precise 4 word answer - Because of your unbelief. It's not a slam. But you can't preach this without offending a lot of Christians. "Don't tell me that I wasn't in faith." If Jesus was talking to His disciples then, He is probably talking to us as well.
2:20:00 - But we've built barriers around us to protect our experience. But Jesus is saying, "Guys, it's what you are failing to see. If you see what I see, you will do what I do and nothing will ever be impossible for you." [Further explanation on faith]
2:22:15 - You will say to the mountain - You - get you mind off of everyone else. You will say... It will move. If YOU have faith, YOU will say... and it will move and nothing will be impossible for YOU. Why? You were my choice from the beginning. I'm in you. There is nothing lacking. It's the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Fear not. Go and do what I do. 2:22:50 - How can we miss that? That's the journey we're on. But if we agree with all this other stuff that we are chopping up we will stop that journey and make a ceiling and be trapped explaining away the lack of answered prayer and power.
2:23:20 - And nothing will be impossible - For who? You - He doesn't even say God - because He sees you and Him as one. He sees you as the one carrying the baton - running the race.
2:23:30 - Prayer and fasting - This kind does not come out - not talking about epilepsy. Talking about mindsets, corrupted thinking, lack of trust, the way man became through the fall - getting his eyes outside on the flesh and outside of the realm of the spirit. If you get your thinking straight, nothing is impossible. But the only way that you will get that straight is prayer and fasting.
2:24:05 - That leads us into next week.