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Day 38

Repentance & Remission of Sin

0:00 - Finishing 2 Cor 5. It's the whole essence of the gospel. It flows into healing. Why all people can be healed, delivered - why there is hope for all men.
1:05 - Repentance & remission of sin - In Luke 24 - Jesus was raised from the dead and said that the Christ should suffer this way at the hands of the gentiles so that repentance and remission of sin would be preached to all nations - Luke 24:47. The purpose of His suffering and raising from the dead was that repentance - change mind and heart - and remission of sin would be preached to all nations.
1:55 - Repentance - Doesn't just mean to cry and say, "I'm sorry." That is not necessarily the move of God. That can be regret or condemnation - woe is me. It doesn't mean that there has been a change of heart and mind. And what gives you the hope and the inspiration to change heart and mind is understanding the remission of sin - God's not holding your trespasses against you. Because that is what makes you hopeless.
2:40 - So the beauty of the gospel is remission of sin.
2:50 - We under gird our ability to sin. "Well, you know we all miss it brother." We make comments as if we are all still wretched. Apart from Jesus and His grace we are wretched. But we are sons. At what point do we reckon ourselves dead to sin and alive unto God? - Rom. 6:11. You can't just see yourself as sin waiting to happen. You are a son with the potential to manifest. You're a son growing in the manifestation of His love. You're a child of God, receiving His grace, receiving His kingdom.
3:40 - The message we need to convey to people is not how bad they are living. A lot of people have that in their mind already. The message we need to convey is God's willingness to reconcile them and look past their trespasses and move the trespasses away from them. You'll see it here... (2 Cor. 5)
4:00 - Acts 17 - Where they wanted to sacrifice to him. In former days God looked past our sins but in these days He is calling everyone to repent - Acts 17:30. So He wants every man to change His mind. What gives you the incentive to do that is that God is going to overlook your trespasses.
4:50 - When you are ministering you have to understand that. It's not about how lost they are - that's not your motivation. Your motivation - because they are so lost, knowing who they really are.

Struggling to Receive His Love

5:15 - Prophecy for psychic - When it came he had a hard time giving it because of knowing that she was a psychic. And the prophecy was so encouraging and positive. His mind said, "Why would I say this to a psychic?" He felt like the last thing he should be doing was to give her an encouraging word.
6:10 - Don't need to earn the blessing - We have it ingrained in us that you need to change first before you can be blessed. You need to earn the blessing, the love of God. You need to do something right to be treated right. That's how we were brought up. Earn your reward. You got cheered on when you deserved it. When you did something wrong, you were told about it.
7:15 - Participant's comment - More emphasis on the bad than the good when growing up.
8:00 - That's why it's so hard to receive when you didn't do anything to earn it. "You shouldn't have."
8:20 - "Yes, you should have" - lunch with Dan.
9:00 - Struggling to receive an undeserved gift. Why is so hard just to say thank you? Don't say, "No, you shouldn't have" to God.

* * *

10:00 - Back to 2 Cor. 5 - v.17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. - Past tense - completed. Don't ignore that.
10:30 - Grow into the "all thing" - Receiving it, accepting it, believing it by faith and through union and communion fellowship grace makes it your reality. But if you fight with it, it will never be your reality. If you question it... If you look in the mirror and see something less than Jesus sees, you'll struggle with your identity. You need to look in the mirror and thank God for your created value and that you're loved.
11:50 - Worldly standards of beauty and measuring up. God doesn't want you chasing after flesh. It's about Jesus on the inside and manifesting Jesus on the outside. You don't need to impress flesh.
13:15 - Counseling young women - You want love not lust. Beauty comes from the inside out.
13:50 - v.17 - All things have become new - Definition of "all thing" - 2 Peter 1 - all things pertaining to life and godliness - 2 Peter 1:3.
14:20 - v.18 - All of this is God's will. - And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation; - Redeemed and filled with His Spirit. It's His choice that you are with Him forever. It's something He came to you with.

Personal, Intimate Relationship

15:00 - Take Him personally - Slow down with this stuff and let it get your heart.
15:05 - You've pursued me. You weren't content without me. It makes your heart filled with joy now that I'm one with you.
15:20 - Playing Jesus, Friend Forever over and over - 100's of hours. My heart lit up when I heard that song. I don't even do it any more. It's in me. It's my reality.
17:00 - On a white horse with Him - Jesus rode up on white horse - field of flower - I rode on horse. I put my arms around Him and we rode. I was in the church again.
18:30 - I had taken the time, a season to seek Him and pursue Him in a truth that would change me forever. So I am not waking up TRYING to be OK ever. I am OK. Why? Because we grow in knowing Him.
19:20 - Don't compare negatively - When you hear this don't weigh where you are not. Instead see yourself for where you CAN go. It's not ever about weighing where you're not. It's about rejoicing in where He is taking us. Don't hear with a negative ear. You have to be able to hear. The grace of God wants to edify you, not condemn you.
19:50 - There is a place to pursue revelation such that you know that you know that you know. And you are not trying to revive or rekindle that truth. It's burning in your heart. How do you get there? Pursuing Him. Crushing everything in your mind that is working against that.
20:20 - Pursuing Him - Hours. CD play - Jesus, Friend Forever. It's become my reality.

"Normal" Feelings - Weariness

21:30 - Counseling with regard to feelings - "normal" feelings - That's why I minister so sharply in some areas - because I know what is possible. Some of the feelings that I minister to, I don't even relate to anymore. People say, "You know how it is." Not really. I don't understand what you are talking about. What they are telling me, they believe is normal. So it will always be their reality. And I don't believe those feelings are normal.
22:50 - Weariness, tiredness - Not seen in Jesus - Ministries everywhere for ministers to go to get revived and healed and restored. So the picture is that ministry is rough - that ministry will wipe you out, wreck you and dry up your bones. Show me that in Jesus' life. And He minister like none of us have ministered.
23:25 - Opportunity for weariness in Jesus' life.
23:50 - Jesus made time to be alone with the Father. All night. Ministering all day.
24:00 - David Hogan thought - Preachers from America - spanking for America. (What has you so upset? I want the truth regardless of how you say it.) [unfinished thought]
25:45 - Many of the things we accept as normal are not the normal of heaven - Some of these things that we accept as normal need to be challenged in the secret place with God. God will realign us to what truth really is. When you look at the life of Jesus... We can have the life of Jesus. So you look at the life of Jesus.
26:00 - Get into prayer - into that place where you yield to Him and you ask Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to you. He said He will reveal Christ to you and He will show you things to come - John 16:13.
26:20 - Holy Spirit reveals Jesus - When I've been reading about Jesus - Holy Spirit you were right there. You were the One that led Him in that. You are the One that made that possible. You are the One that worked in Him to reveal the Father. I yield myself to You and I ask You to reveal those same things to me. Because I have to follow Jesus. And Holy Spirit is on that.
27:15 - Communing through a song - Find your song like that touches you. Play it until it becomes yours.

Become the Word through Communion

27:30 - Become the message - When crisis arises the gospel defends - The last thing that you want is to sit in school and acquire a lot of knowledge and then be thrown into a situation and try to APPLY the teachings that you've heard. The plan of God is that you become those teachings. That you camp in the gospel. And then, when crisis arises, the gospel defends you.
28:00 - Not applying sermons - If you are trying to apply sermons, you are a step late. That's how most of us have lived our Christian lives. We are hearing sermons and when life happens we are trying to APPLY that word to the problem. We are usually a day late. We are trying to stop, look and listen. At least we are trying to get a grip and apply truth. But usually there is very little felt victory in that place.
29:10 - Father me - I am you son and You are my Father. I want You to father me. I want your wisdom, your correction, your discipline. I don't want to miss one step along the way. Come and father me so that I can be a son that shines and reveals who you are Papa. Come and instruct me with the wisdom of the Lord. Keep me aligned. Keep me straight. I worship you. [more]...
30:15 - Needs based prayer - Most people don't think that way. It's intimate prayer. It has nothing to do with needs. It has to do with knowing Him. Intimacy. Communion. You live your life from that place. Most needs get met from that place even without vocal prayer - just heart communion.
31:05 - You can just think about something and it changes. I don't really have a needs prayer life in my life at all. I think about stuff and then I commune it back to God. You know that really needs to shift. I know that's going to shift because that would have to be your will. Thanks for what you do. You're amazing. I love you so much. That's prayer to me. It's full of faith. Because you know Papa. It's not some spiritual ritual where you are trying to contact heaven. He's in you.
32:00 - If that's your prayer through the day, He will father you. You'll realize when you are off the beaten path.
32:40 - Crossroads Christianity - "Dan, I don't want you living crossroads Christianity." I had never heard that phrase before. "To where you see a fork in the road. I don't want forks in your road. I want you to become the way, the truth, the life - one with Jesus."
33:20 - Let the word become flesh - It's not walk up to the crisis - stop, look and listen - and apply the last sermon you heard. It's become the word. The word becomes flesh and there is no fork in the road.
33:40 - "Anger management" - [Anger example] We're not damned to anger management. How about free from anger. I don't want to even relate to anger. And the only way I won't is through communion. Not because I am TRYING not to be angry.
34:25 - If I manage anger, I'm still an angry man.
34:30 - Dry drunk - We're not TRYING not to drink or use. We want transformation.
35:00 - The only way that "crossroads Christianity" is eliminated from your life is for the word to become flesh. And the only way that happens is through communion and union with God. Where your heart cry is before Him and His desire becomes yours - to make you like Him.
35:30 - Crossroads Christianity (cont.) - I don't want you continually asking "Which way do I go? Which way do I go?"
36:00 - Prepare now - Before the trouble - David Hogan - You live your life like the war buttons are always red. Like a war is already on. You don't wait until trouble is on the horizon. If you wait to prepare till the enemy is on the horizon, it's too late. Navy Seals. You train. You prepare. You let the gospel become one with you. And when war comes on the horizon, the gospel is what fights through you.
36:50 - If you wait to seek Him more until you have trouble, that's why we lose so many battles.

Knowledge vs. Knowing Him

37:00 - Knowledge has been detrimental - Our knowledge has hurt us more than we realize. We think to know about Him is to know Him. We use our experience to redefine God. "Don't even tell me it was God's will to heal. I was doing everything right." That might be just hoping that something works. Let's at least try something. We are reaching because nothing is "working."
38:40 - It's all about relationship - It's not a method. There is not a 1, 2, 3 for a miracle. People write and preach like there is. I think it's a detriment. It's knowing Him. Everything flows out of love, relationship and revelation. The reason that Jesus' life was what it was is because He was one with the Father. Not one with the knowledge of the Father. One with Him.
39:20 - Knowledge can puff you up. You think that to know is to grow. Not true in Christianity. Knowledge can make your brain god - make knowledge god. Your knowledge takes the place of knowing Him. But knowing Him is where the life flows from.
39:50 - We know so much and yet it's not our reality. We have an answer for everything. Because of our knowledge we take the initiative to explain away things.

Beliefs that Arise through Loss

40:25 - Explaining away loss at the cost of truth - So stay humble when it comes to healing. Most of us have lost loved ones. And we should not explain away that loss in a spiritual way at the cost of truth. It's a hard thing to preach when there is loss. We have a survival instinct. So sometimes we will latch on to anything that will help us survive even if it is at the cost of truth and growth and the release of power.
41:30 - Ceilings from loss - Don't embrace a belief that creates your ceiling. Many times beliefs that derive from loss puts a ceiling over us and assures that that's all we'll ever experience unless God sovereignly does something different. Don't let your experience define what you are believing because that is a ceiling. If the life of Jesus defines what you are believing there is no ceiling. We're growing up into Him in all things - Eph. 4:15. But as soon as you deviate from that you've stopped that growing process.
42:30 - Explanations as a defense mechanism - This happens most when someone is really invested - prayed and prayed and done everything they know to do and still didn't see the answer. Our minds spin. Our hearts ache. And we have to come up with something to hold ourselves together.
43:00 - Get back to the life of Jesus - Rather than make up an explanation, we need to trust Him and keep looking to the life of Jesus and follow Him even though I don't understand. Go back into His presence instead of running our minds. We place a lot of confidence in the human mind instead of the wisdom of God.

Renewing the Mind

43:30 - God's not against the mind. He created the mind. But He's against the unrenewed mind. He did not create us to talk ourselves out of Him. We do that.
43:40 - Rational thinking - "Well, God made me rational like that." I totally disagree. God made me to know Him and know His word. And when another voice spoke outside of Him and man believed it, we've been fighting with that thing ever since.
44:00 - Renewal of the mind - We are coming through the fall. We are being renewed in our minds from the fall. Some people, even though they love God, never pass through that process. Same fears as before, anxieties, discouragements, beliefs. But they see the beauty of the cross and the need for a Savior and I believe they are saved.
44:40 - Backlash - Risk you run is people not understanding your confidence, your aggression and your boldness. And they think you are proud, presumptuous or in denial or holier than thou. That's the worst so go ahead and get your mind renewed. You have nothing to lose. "Oh, you think you know everything."
45:00 - 106 degrees - complaining about working conditions. Going on fast... [Story not finished on purpose]
46:35 - Pain under eye - Dan you are eating too much sugar. I thought it was a little imp. They start poking, you fuss and their tool gets bigger. Over indulgence in one thing. It was done - settled. That's relationship. Not works.

Vulnerability & Fear

49:35 - Vulnerability - Intimacy needs to grow to living without fear. To where you don't live vulnerable to the world you are in. Most of us feel very vulnerable to the world we live in. We see ourselves as subject to the world around us - the flu - preservatives in food - pollutants in the air - the things in people (slimed by spirits). Instead of being vulnerable to the One in us. That's the way Jesus lived and it's what He taught us.
51:10 - He wants us in the world - But not under the evil one's power - He prayed, I do not ask that you take them out of the world but that you keep them from the evil one - John 17:15. If that was Jesus only saying what the Father says, that's the Father's will for us. And the only thing that can keep me from that experience is me seeing that. My place, when I see that in scripture, is to understand the heart and will of God towards me and settle it. How do I settle it? In that communion exchange with God.
52:00 - More than knowledge - Knowledge alone of this doesn't change your life. It would put pressure on you because you know that you ought to know better.
52:25 - Common cold - We've made it common to man. Subtle and deceptive.
52:40 - Flu - latest on the flu. Flu prevention. I'm not against flu shots. But what motivates a lot of this is vulnerability and fear.
53:30 - Our vulnerability leads to much consternation.
53:50 - Allergy to ragweed - Touch of God. Mowed the whole field. Used to have to prepare for ragweed season.
55:40 - In intimacy with God you get a revelation that you aren't vulnerable. You don't fear things.
55:55 - Intimidation - Once you are bitten by something, that's your experience. It becomes our reality. We're intimidated by it. That's the whole plan - to say, "Hey look, you know my power."
56:30 - Good fight of faith - It's not our proclamation of the word but our fearlessness (because of the word). We're not vulnerable. You don't even have to do combat with the devil. You are fighting the good fight of faith. Standing in who you've become. The faith is you standing in the finished work of Christ.
57:00 - The armor of God is everything that He accomplished through the resurrection. You don't have to put it on because you are going toe to toe with the devil. He went toe to toe with the devil. And Jesus thumped Him. That has to become our reality through relationship with God.
57:40 - Deer tick - 20 in the last few years. They are everywhere. The first one that bit me. I had seen and article 2 weeks earlier - bull's eye. You have just been hit. Do this immediately. If you have fear, go get the treatments.
1:00:00 - Participant's comment - on Lyme disease vaccination not very effective. Antibiotics.
1:01:00 - Grow to the place where you know that you're not vulnerable - Do you hear the knowledge. You are not in that mix. Why do we do all of these precautions? Because of vulnerability. What happens if we grow to a place where we know that we're not vulnerable?
1:02:00 - Deer tick (cont.) - 2 weeks later after reading the article - big red ring - exactly like article. Chuckled. Didn't feel like I had to quote promises or call a friend to agree with me - that's a sign of vulnerability. Most of the time that we pray, it's more of a sign of fear than faith. I popped it off and flicked it in the hedges. if I killed it, it would indicate a problem. And said, Father I thank you for the gospel and went right back to what I was doing. Never thought about it again.
1:03:50 - Blood tests - 2 years later - When did you have Lyme disease?.
1:04:45 - I don't do well around medical science. I'm not opposed to medical science - they help many people. But it's so counter-gospel. It's telling me why I have to die, when all I know is why I have to live.
1:05:30 - Blood tests - It's impossible that you didn't have the treatments. You have antibodies for Lyme disease. It's impossible to have those levels of antibodies without the treatment. When did you have the treatment? Then it hit me. The tick. I can explain it. I wasn't too proud to go to the doctor. Deer tick. Nurse got mad because I didn't go in for treatment. Mam, you are the one puzzled here. I'm the one with antibodies in my blood and no Lyme. Why is it so puzzling to trust in Him?
1:08:25 - Why is it so puzzling to the church to trust in Him? Why does natural knowledge carry so much weight in our soul? Because we have been hurt so much through the fall.
1:08:35 - Do you seek medical care for a child who is too young to understand? - If it was my child and I had zero fear, I would have done the same thing as I did for me when they were little. Only because of what I see. If I had had any doubt, I would have had them taken care of because it's them and not me.
1:09:00 - Son struggles to breathe - First night that I preached on unwavering faith that night my son woke up blue. Struggling for breath. Knew it was the enemy. It was clear to me. Wife very upset. She yielded. Held him close and prayed. Immediately free. Back to bed.
1:12:30 - Ridiculous because I had just preached on unfailing faith.
1:12:35 - Leg - "You're going to lose your leg." Waited days. Doctor was mad - You will now lose your leg. Judgement, fear, love your life Dan, fear now, natural knowledge. All that is is natural knowledge. Why does that trump what I've believed all along? Laughed out loud. I felt bad for her. This is not medical. This is not my leg to give or yours to take. I've been bought with the blood. She was done - you're a kook.
1:14:40 - Christian nurses often have a hard time with healing because they are around the reality of sickness constantly. And it becomes their normal. You have to guard and protect your heart that it doesn't become your normal.
1:15:10 - Son struggles to breathe (cont.) - 2 hrs. later son struggles again. Your mind wants to get into all of these questions. The gospel has trained my mind not to ask questions. They are already answered to me. The devil's a jerk and he's trying to destroy us. Jesus is the King of kings. He's amazing. He paid the price. I happen to be His.
1:16:50 - Son struggles to breathe (cont.) - It was visual. It felt like God wasn't even in the room. Don't believe what you feel. Relaxes and was fine. Took to bed. I laid beside him the rest of the night. You touch him, you are coming through me and I don't think you can.
1:19:20 - There is someone that lives inside of me...
1:20:00 - Son struggles to breathe (cont.) - I don't usually talk to the enemy. But I did in that instance. God thumps the enemy. Laid awake the last 3 hrs of the night. Not afraid. Went to pick son up from Sunday school the next morning. Wow, you guys must have had something going on last night. 7 yrs. old. Testimony? Devil tried to kill me. I think he would have if my daddy didn't know Jesus. You want that in your life. You want that victory.
1:23:15 - There was no doubt. If there was any doubt, I would have taken him to the emergency room - in faith - that God was going to walk him through it. Doctor first is not the way that I think but I would never judge you as being weak for going to a doctor. Whatever is not of faith is sin - Rom. 14:23.
1:23:55 - John G. Lake - Die if you must... Die believing God. The bottom line is if you are believing God, you are not going to die.
1:24:20 - Example of staying in faith - heart bypass. God, I know that you love me with all of your heart. I'm not ready to die. I have the will of God to fulfill. I know there is a place for healing. I know that there is a place for you to rotorout my coronary arteries...[more] That might stand before God just because of the faith involved and the humility. And not taking it into your identity vs. the guy that refuses surgery in religiousness and dies. Your motive determines that.
1:25:15 - I don't think it's integrity if you just die to prove a point.
1:25:30 - Felt like I was dying - last event of witchcraft. Lord it feels like I am slipping away. I don't know anything else to do. Further prayer. Voice came - you are such a great Christian - didn't deserve this kind of pain - it's not wrong to go to the ER. But I knew it was demonic. Wife was hearing - Your husband is such a hard head that he is going to die. Sounded like good news to my flesh. Militant towards devil. As the deer panteth...
1:28:55 - Got kids to raise my arms like Moses.
1:30:00 - I'm not afraid of fire. I'm afraid of not believing God. We are afraid of fire because we love ourselves. We don't want that kind of pain. That pain built something in me that night because of God's faithfulness. And I know Him like I couldn't know Him if I didn't have that pain that night. That pain was for a moment. But joy comes in the morning.
1:31:15 - Felt like I was dying (cont.) - Raising arms. Screaming in pain. We're praying for no pain instead of revelation. We praying for no fire instead of Lord of the fire - no trouble - glassy seas. No I am in the world but not of it.
1:32:45 - Felt like I was dying (cont.) - Screaming. It's not your works and your prophetic ideas that change things. It's the finished work of Christ. I was putting all of my faith in this prophetic act. I was TRYING to get a break through and I was getting mocked right in the face of that. I'm ready to say to my wife - maybe we ought to go get some help. Hesitated. Holy Spirit said, "Don't believe the lie."
1:36:00 - Crystal waterfall at hospital - brain cancer patient. Washed away brain tumor. Splashed on another girl sitting near by.
1:36:40 - Felt like I was dying (cont.) - Crystal Waterfall - Poured out on me at home. Completely refreshed. Preached for 5-10 minutes. Don't believe the lie. "How long will you like an uncircumcised Philistine..." Crystal waterfall as if had not gone through anything. Afterward cried on bed. Are we ready for warfare. Do we understand what we are involved in. Interceded for the church.

1:40:00 - BREAK

Our Calling - Ministry of Reconciliation - Ambassadors

1:40:30 - Back to 2 Cor. 5 - v.18 - Ministry of reconciliation - And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation; - This is what we received and this is what we're called to. Why? Because we are in Christ. We're a new creature. Old things have passed away and all things have become new. And now all things are of God. It's God's will that you be new and have all things concerning life and godliness.
1:41:50 - It's done - Past tense verbs. On His end He has settled it. He has reconciled us to Himself.
1:42:15 - Receive it - You have to receive it. God, You have loved me from the beginning [more]... We have struggled to receive in the church. We have tried to measure up. Insecurity. We need somebody to encourage us. We know that we're awesome because Jesus came.
1:43:00 - Encouraging one another.
1:43:15 - Highs and lows - Don't believe that you have to have highs and lows. You will have plenty of lows. Identity comes and is established. Batman analogy.
1:44:30 - We so identify with the trial that we forget who we still are.
1:44:50 - Ministry of reconciliation - When you know that you have been reconciled, you'll walk in the ministry of reconciliation. The easiest way to forgive others is to know that you are forgiven. Forgive because you are forgiven. You're not showing mercy to get mercy. You're showing mercy because you have obtained mercy. You become merciful in that mercy because it saved your life.
1:45:35 - Now look how He gave us that ministry...
1:45:42 - v.19 - To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation. - He's explaining it. This is why unbelievers can be healed. God is not imputing their sin against them. To be reconciled is to know that your sins are not being held against you. Righteousness. Not permission to sin. Integrity into you.
1:47:40 - We're reconciled so that our lives say to others, "Be reconciled." Why? Because He's not judging me for what I deserve.
1:47:55 - Participant's comment - impute. Though you deserve it, I'll not leave you with that identity.
1:48:15 - Repent - The only thing He asks - The only thing He asks us to do is repent - change the way that you think.
1:49:00 - v.20 - Ambassadors for Christ - Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God. - definition - representative of a ruling authority - fully represent - to stand on behalf of - representing the name, the personhood of another. That's why it's important to be one with Him - to commune with Him and not just try to be a good Christian. Your life bears witness of Him.
1:50:20 - So Jesus didn't come with a bull horn and tell us what's wrong with us. He came to tell us to reconcile with God - to repent. My kingdom is here and your a part of it. You're one with me. You're created to be one with me. Would you repent and come to me.
1:51:00 - The cross doesn't expose your sin. It removes your sin.
1:52:00 - Don't rush through in reading. I camp. The word becomes alive in me. The goal is to become what it says.
1:52:55 - v.20 - Because it is established, settled... You are reconciled - equipped and qualified to be an ambassador - sin not imputed against you and you are to live in that same ministry of reconciliation - not judging a book by it's cover - not regarding men according to the flesh.
1:53:45 - Hell - is for false gods. Don't be a god unto yourself. Fallen angels.
1:54:20 - Message of reconciliation - It's not about saying, "Stop doing what you are doing or you are going to go to hell." It's, "Why would you want to live that way when you are created to be a son." Not pointing out sin but pointing out their calling, destiny and inspiring them to a higher place. Isn't that what Jesus did? And in the process exposed what needed to change.
1:55:25 - Mt. 5, 6 & 7 - That's the impossible Christian life without God. The grace of God brings you into agreement with that.
1:55:35 - v.20 -
1:56:05 - v.21 - For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. - Right there is the Christian life and the Christian calling all in one. As if God were making His appeal through us - Be reconciled. It's not about pointing out sins as much as pointing to Gods willingness to forgive those sins.
1:57:15 - Recap and summary - 2 Cor. 5


1:57:35 - Connection to John 20 - If you forgive the sins of any they will be forgiven. But if you don't forgive the sins of any they won't be forgiven - John 20:23. Why? Because you're the ambassador for Christ.
1:58:15 - Motives of hurt and offense - The importance of not letting your heart be "hurt." It twists your prayer life. Offense - twists eyes and ears. That's why you deny yourself when you come in.
1:59:30 - Opportunities for offense will always be before you. The possibilities are always there. Woe to those through whom offense comes. They are ambassadors for a different realm. Being used to promote offense.
2:01:00 - Believing Pharisees - Jesus not offended. Didn't speak up. Caught up in the honor of men instead of God. Jesus wasn't offended at them.
2:02:30 - [Scenario of God's offense with Pharisee]

Encouragement to Grow in Faith

2:03:45 - 2 Peter 1 - Just going to read v.1-15...
2:05:10 - v.1 - Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ, to them that have obtained like precious faith with us through the righteousness of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ: - Faith comes from God's righteous judgement. If you fail to receive His righteousness, no wonder you struggle believing God. Faith works through love. And His love gives us our identity.
2:06:40 - reading...
2:09:00 - v.12+ - Preaching same things over and over.
2:10:40 - Focal point of the whole Bible is Jesus. Read OT in NT light.
2:12:00 - Peter did a good job.
2:12:15 - Closing prayer