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Day 35

0:00 - Healing is simple not complex - There are a lot of teachings out there. I'm very super simple when it comes to healing. We make it so complex and then we are playing too much of a part in our minds.
0:45 - Our part - Lay down our life and commune with Him. If I owe the world anything it's to give my life to Him in intimacy so that I can know Him and can rightly represent Him by revelation.
1:00 - My part is not to just read, read, read and pray, pray, pray so that when I touch somebody they are healed. You can get caught up in works in healing - so caught up in you. That happens a lot and ends up in discouragement, frustration and backing off.
1:30 - What gets me discouraged and frustrated is I know that He paid the price. I see somebody suffering and I just want to see them better.
1:45 - But we shouldn't fall into a place of striving - under pressure. Then we are afraid to step out.
2:00 - I just want to talk about faith and about healing. I'm simple on this topic.
2:15 - It's our prayer that heals. It's what we believe about what He accomplished. It's us getting in agreement with His will and understanding the "Yes" of God in every situation.

Believer Priesthood

2:30 - Gift of healing - I do believe there are gifts of healing. But don't lean on that. The primary way is faith through the body of Christ. It's scriptural. Faith through the believer or the power of God through faith - the believer priesthood. Thank God for giftings. Sometimes the only level of healings that we see are through the operation of giftings so we lean on them.
3:15 - Bringing in the gifted healer.
3:50 - Healing promises are to the believer - Gifting is a beautiful thing. It's a cool thing to be in the place where you "see it" and nothing can change it. Do you think that in Jesus' life that came through relationship or through straight gifting? Relationship. The reason that I believe that is because of the way that He instructed us and all of the promises He gave. He always gave them to the believer - not the gifted - the believer.
4:30 - It's all a gift if you think about it. The kingdom is a gift. Righteousness is a gift. Having the Spirit in us is a gift. But coming into touch with what He accomplished and what is really on the inside of our spirit is one of the greatest quests of our Christianity - to really come into tune with what's on the inside of us and understanding it's power. It mystifies medical science. There's no explanation for it.
5:00 - Kidney failure - 18 yr. old girl - permanent dialysis - backslidden friend called. You could go in there and pray for her. Stop throwing away your life. Fascinated with dialysis machine. Praying for girl.
9:10 - Medical science was there and they were helping. But everything they were doing was natural. And I believe that that can come from God too. But the supernatural that we are talking about today isn't limited to that. It's way beyond that. It's the power of God that comes and changes things apart from man's ability - man's wisdom - man's technology.
9:25 - Kidney failure (cont.) - Long conversation with the tech.
10:00 - Hostility to healthcare workers - "We don't need the arm of the flesh." Makes us look goofy. They pray and the people die. It's not about that.
10:20 - Kidney failure (cont.) - Prayed for the girl. Spoke to the kidneys. "Kidneys, you work." Phone call - within hours she peed. Medical science could not explain.
12:00 - Same privilege to pray for the sick - That backslidden girl has the same privilege to pray that I do. You might say, "Yeah, but there is gifting." We all have the same privilege of the kingdom. We all have the right to believe.
12:30 - People usually want to bring in the person with the gift and get them to lay hands on everybody. That is not the kingdom. And I'll show you in the word.
12:45 - We all have the same privilege of spending time with the Father and knowing the finished work of the Son through intimacy - letting faith rise through love - through a clear conscience - through a clear and healthy identity and then looking and seeing her friend through the eye of God - walking in and saying, "Kidneys you work in Jesus name." We all have that same privilege.
13:10 - We get into trouble when we see somebody get those kinds of results - "Wow they are in tight with God. They've got something special."
13:20 - Invited to speak on healing - "This is special. Not everybody is walking with this brother. This is a special gift." "It's not a gift. I didn't even pray. Your congregation member prayed. It's a believing thing. It's the finished work of Christ. Would you please come back and teach on healing.

Settle the Will of God to Heal All

14:15 - The first thing necessary - You have to settle the will of God to heal - period. It is the will of God to restore humanity. You have to settle on that. Don't even have a tiny question on that. It is always His will to heal everybody - all of the time.
14:40 - That can make people really hostile. Because they have prayed for people and haven't seen the answers and they have resigned it to the will of God.
15:00 - If I don't have the will of God to heal all established, I CAN NEVER BELIEVE. I am always wondering. It forces me into a method or "Hey, let's try and see what happens. The worst that can happen is nothing" - expecting nothing to happen. That's not faith. Jesus never said anything like that.
16:00 - If Jesus wasn't settled on the will of God to heal all, He would never talk as directly as He did. He is going to pray to God - seek God...
16:15 - Through me? - Even if we are settled on the will of God to heal all we are still bouncing around on will He heal through me? Then we try to pray more spiritual or say things to get God stirred up. Who has ever tried to pray the "right" prayer. Everybody.
16:35 - It's not about the "right" prayer. If you prayed the "right" prayer and it happened then If you didn't have healing you would be thinking that you didn't pray "right".
16:45 - David Hogan - 1st person raised from the dead - How long did you pray? What did you pray? What does it matter? I was probably wrong. But there is this thing called mercy. It's the name of Jesus. It's what He accomplished. It's not what he prayed. That's not where the power is. It's what you believe.
17:30 - Participant's comment - We think maybe it's not His will in this circumstance.
18:10 - If you are praying and you don't see something changing. You might think, "I guess He just doesn't want to do it." It puts the will of God to heal right now into question. That has to be settled in your heart. Now is the time.
18:40 - Now is the time. It's not looking for the right timing. The day of salvation is now.
18:55 - Participant's testimony - praying for healing. Everyone deserves to live. No one deserves to have cancer. I've paid the price.
20:05 - What gets somebody up is - His love for them through Jesus Christ. It's what He accomplished for them through Jesus Christ - period.

Praying for Loved Ones

20:30 - Praying for loved ones - Sometimes you pray aggressively, soft. When it is people we are close to it's often sympathy and empathy that is pouring out than the heart of God and the love of God. It's the value we have for that person. The human empathy is not what moves God. It's not the same thing as Godly compassion. It's self serving. It's just about us and our loved one.
21:10 - Family love - At New Life for Girls - Our unhealthy love for family. We call it love and it is so unhealthy.
21:40 - What we call love can be so unhealthy.
22:00 - Not every prayer is faith - When a family member is sick, you have so many motivations running through you... Who wouldn't pray with passion. But not everybody is getting up. So we have to face this thing: Not every prayer is faith. Not every prayer is coming from a revelation. It's usually driven by need.

Cries of Desperation - Not Faith

22:20 - Cries of desperation - A desperate cry in agreement with what the word says - which is why we say that it's faith - but it's coming from a lot of the wrong places. Jesus wasn't like that. Peter's mother-in-law.
23:00 - God sees every situation the same regardless of who it is to us and He heals through the finished work of Christ Jesus.
23:30 -Sovereign moves of God - Will God honor faith that is less than perfect? If it's the best that I have grown into at that time? - God is so merciful. I've seen Him do things when everything is off. Because it's not works. It's God. If you are sincere and pure... but there is a time that we need to learn and grow. But God won't just enable you to stay in a desperate cry when you are called to move in authority and live without fear and worry.
24:00 - Is there a time in your life when you are doing the best that you can and that you've been taught and to where you have grown - and you got thrown into a crisis... yes. We talked earlier in the school about hear and do and storms come. There's always a periods of grace where God is giving you a window to be formed in truth. He's just not letting you be overtaken. He's not letting you get saved today and crushed tomorrow. But there is a place to grow up into Him in all things.
24:45 - Sovereign, merciful moves of God.
25:10 - But we are called to speak to the mountain and the mountain is moving. Mountain moving authority.
25:21 - Participant's comment - The innocence of new Christians and healing.
25:40 - One page - Translating between villages - Story of man in Africa who found one page of the Bible - Acts 8. Philip was translated after baptizing the eunuch. He had all of these villages in the mountains born again. Was translating from village to village. Innocence - He didn't know any better.
27:30 - Return to innocence - A lot of our Christian walk is getting restored back to innocence - your mind getting renewed. When you hear "babes" and "children" in scripture always connect it to innocence. It's not about acting childish. It's about innocence. There is a place of innocence that was lost in the garden. What was clothed with the glory of God became naked and ashamed.
28:20 - Preaching in a Methodist church - Senior citizens - Explaining loss of innocence. Conception story - little swimmers.

Kingdom Power

29:40 - Laying the foundation of healing, there is a lot that you can say.
30:10 - Matthew 10 - v.1-6 -
30:40 - v.7 - And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. - John the baptist preached that. Now Jesus reaffirms that to His disciples. It's within reach. It's here. Repent - means: change the way you think. Let's change the way that you think because God's kingdom is really here. That changes everything.
31:15 - Kidney dialysis machine - amazing.
31:40 - What's amazing is, "Kidneys you work in Jesus name. Work the way you were designed to work." That sounds so ridiculous to the human mind. Jesus is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to those who are being saved the gospel is the power of God - 1 Cor. 1:18.
33:00 - Restoring created order - "Kidneys work." It's the authority of heaven that is putting things back in place - back in alignment. It's God's wisdom speaking into a situation and realigning things to the way they were created to be - all because Jesus died and rose again. That's amazing. It's worth pursuing. It's not time to get discouraged. It's time to be encouraged to pursue revelation such that we speak that and it happens. It's not magic. It's the power of God. He's real. And He lives in us.
34:00 - Participant's testimony of prayer then death. I was shocked. I expected to see life.
35:45 - You can't pray for anybody without something happening. Something is happening. But we are going for restoration.

The Power of a Person's Will

36:10 - Participant's testimony continues - Can a person will themselves to death? Can a sick person's will override the your prayer?
37:05 - I've seen some crazy things...
37:25 - Man waking up from coma. He met Jesus when he was in the coma. Born again. Cancer. Man died.
38:00 - You want to be in the place where you are so sure that they are going to be healed that if they are not healed you are shocked. But not so shocked that you come up with reasons other than that we are growing.
38:50 - I hear this often - that people have a will. But people that have been sick for a long time, suffering and pain, don't have the free will that you think they do. They can't think clear enough to know if they want to live. It's not about their will. It's about getting restored. If are restored, they are wanting to live. The only reason they don't want to live is because all that they can relate to is the suffering. So to put it on someone's will...
39:25 - Man waking up from coma (cont.) - He woke up. Spent romantic hours with wife. Asked for forgiveness for neglect. She said to him - I am so fulfilled. I don't even know why you would want to stay here. This was the greatest night of my life. If you want to close your eyes and be with Him, it's OK. Went in seconds.
43:10 - Lady didn't want us to pray. Nine months before she was born again and healed of terminal cancer. Sliding out of walking with the Lord. Another cancer was ravaging her body. Please don't come. I don't want visitors. I don't want to be healed. I can't live this life. I just backslide. I don't want to be healed. I just want what I had when you prayed for me at your church. I just want to go. We prayed and Holy Spirit came. She was shining like a light bulb. Half hour later she died. Fear of living her life.
48:10 - Participant's testimony - Migraine healed. Singing a song - Jesus loves me.
49:00 - Get's our hearts in contact with God in the face of pain. The song connects you with revelation, with truth, with Father's love.
49:30 - We take our healing and make it a method. Write a book. Singing a favorite song. It's not like that. These are HEART things. It's not a method.
49:50 - Casting out first demon - Through a song - Women singing together and demon manifests. Woman curled up in a ball on the floor. They called me. Come over. "Uh oh, Jesus is here." "Now I'm going to kill your baby." 3 of the women left. Infidelity - unconfessed. She doesn't even know what is going on. I believe God and that's a big deal. I don't talk to the devils. They are liars. Look at me. "You look just like Jesus." You are coming out. "Oh no I'm not. I've been here for a long time and I'm not going anywhere." I did all I knew to do - commanding in Jesus name. Laughs like a hyena. "Here we go again. How many times do I have to go through this?" Lord, it's not technique that casts out demons. It's the finger of God. I don't know where to go from here. I want you to sing this song... This is not a method. It's through relationship. Song: You make me lie down in green pastures. That was her favorite song. She was greyed out spiritually because of the infidelity. In the middle of the song. "This is not working." That song activated her heart to the Lord - godly sorrow. I never had to tell the thing to leave. Prayed in tongues after 2 years. Her heart shifted.
59:25 - You have to be careful when you tell stories like that... "Well then unless somebody's heart... If they are not ready to be free..." We give the devil all kinds of permission to remain. No, no, no. Some people are so consumed, so possessed, they have lost the ability to rationally function - make decisions. They are in prison.
59:55 - That's why that will thing can be right in some cases. But you have to be careful that you don't make it acceptable doctrine. Only God knows their capacity to will and determine rightly. The only reason they think the way they do is because of the pain and uncertainty. They've lost the ability to see themselves well and they just want to die. That's not free will. That's will in bondage. Be careful with the will thing.
1:00:40 - Participant's comment - continued from 36:10 - Skin color was great. Daughter - Dad, if you want to go, it's Ok. Gone in 5 minutes.
1:02:20 - Our position is this - Not to shift because of that because you don't know where that will is coming from. If that's because he is incapacitated and he doesn't have the ability to function the way that he did and his will is only relating to the way that it has been, then the power of God so supersedes that.
1:02:40 - It's the same principle - believing that it's the will of God to heal - period. Stay locked into that truth. God wants to. God will. And you can't start opening up "Well, unless they don't want to be healed." "You've got to want to be free." I hear that all the time.

Oppression & Possession

1:03:10 - People that are in bondage don't know what is going on. How can they be responsible for wanting to be free? Some people don't even know that they are bound.
1:03:40 - A demon possessed person will probably tell you that they don't want to be free. Leave me alone. It's just the devil speaking.
1:04:00 - Possession vs Oppression - Demon possession and people being oppressed by lies are two totally different things. We have people in the church saying, "Pray for me, I have a devil." No, they have wrong believing. They have a stronghold of belief. And the devil has convinced you that you have a devil. When you have a devil you don't know that you have a devil because it possesses you. I've never met a person who was possessed that had any idea of what was going on when they got delivered.
1:04:45 - A lot of people wrongly believe they have a devil inside them. Throwing away identity. On a wild goose chase looking for devils.
1:05:00 - Possession - It has taken over power. It owns you. They usually manifest when the level of anointing rises to the place where it is threatened. They cried out when Jesus walked by. Or in service settings - worship. Exposed by the light.
1:06:10 - Casting out first demon - The pregnant woman - I'm convicted. When it spoke to me - fear, intimidation. Your baby will be fine.
1:06:55 - Get out of fear.
1:07:00 - We are called to have authority. We're called to subdue. We're created in His image.
1:07:30 - Calls to pray all the time. I have a demon.
1:07:50 - Satan is a snake in the grass. He's not running around saying, "Here I am. This is what I'm doing." He's a deceiver. He loves to mock the image of God and get us to chase after him. The devil is exploiting weaknesses. And they think they are possessed. No, your identity has been lost and it needs to be found. Get truth into people.

Ministry & Truth - Ministry Crazed

1:08:50 - Ministry crazed - sensual emphasis - We need to get back into truth. You can tell that we are lacking truth because of the lack of joy. Truth isn't what dominates our lives.
1:10:00 - There is a lot going on out there where we are obliging the voice of the stranger because we are not pursuing truth. We are pursuing ministry. When you follow Holy Spirit, you will bump into God. When you ask Him to follow you, you are probably out of bounds.
1:10:40 - When you are removing obstacles from identity, you will bump into God. When you are adding them, it's not Jesus.
1:10:55 - Mysterious revelations from the past - not Jesus. Jesus is not digging up dirt. He's making all things new.
1:11:30 - I am the way I am because I was beat for pulling a green tomato. Spiritual detectives. This man didn't have freedom. He just had a reason for being the way he was. He had a justification for his dysfunction. Permission to remain the same.
1:12:20 - The Spirit of God is not digging up stuff from when you were 2 or 3 that you have no knowledge of. God is way bigger than that. He knows the weakness of our minds. Then we have to deal with that natural knowledge.
1:12:40 - Like dealing with a seed of gossip.
1:13:15 - Lady dropping F-bombs - permission through this kind of ministry to be angry. Something that happened when she was born. What does any of this have to do with what He has done?.
1:15:40 - God is not putting hurdles on the track of man's identity. He's restoring our identity. He's not giving us another obstacle to jump.
1:16:00 - Look at the fruit that the ministry is producing. We're on a ministry craze and we need to be on a truth craze. Truth should be our best friend. Because it makes us free.
1:16:30 - It's not about the daddy you had years ago but about the Daddy that you have now.
1:17:00 - Faith looks beyond natural knowledge and pursues spiritual truth and receives the result of spiritual truth in the face of how you feel and how it seems.

Healing at the Pool of Bethsaida

1:17:25 - Participant's testimony - Raised from the dead. Sang 'Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus for 48 hours straight.
1:19:05 - What do you make of Jesus' question to the man at the pool of Bethsaida, "Do you want to be healed?"
1:19:40 - That question makes a draw on the heart of man. I've used it. There was such a message through that story. All that man needed was help. He needed someone to help him. We've turned faith into every man for himself - if you have faith, you can be healed. No, we are waiting for someone with faith. It doesn't have to be the sick person. Jesus had the total ability to help him.
1:20:20 - The man's answer: I have no one to put me in when the water stirs. Somebody else always gets there first. Why? It was every man for himself. If the people had cared about him they could have corrected the inequity. Sick 38 years. It's time.
1:21:20 - When Jesus asked, "Do you want to be healed?" he was saying, "Yes you do. I am here." And we're the body of Christ. He's in us. In other words - "All you need is me and I am here." He didn't know who Jesus was.
1:22:35 - I'd love to be healed, I just can't get into the water.
1:22:50 - What if he had answered differently - discouragement, frustration. Would that have changed the heart of Jesus? I've seen people respond in frustration and still get healed.
1:23:20 - We represent Jesus in those situations - The message of that whole story is this: I'm here to help you. You've had no one here to help you. But I am here. So get up and walk. Now who do we represent in every situation like that? Jesus. Didn't He tell us to go in His name? - in the authority of His name?
1:23:45 - His whole purpose is to reproduce in that scene as He is. That's the whole purpose of our Christianity - to be transformed into His image and to manifest Him to the world. If that happens, we have become love. We have to get back to the life of Jesus.

Ministry Crazed (cont.)

1:24:30 - Word of knowledge vs. probing - Going back - Words of knowledge about things of the past - produces amazing fruit. Examples. I will never turn that into a method of ministry and then probe for hurts from the past. We follow the Spirit, not the other way around. If in the middle of counseling I hear a word of knowledge, it can have a deep impact. Holy Spirit did that.
1:26:00 - We see the impact of that kind of word and then we start to look for those things and probe. Background checks.
1:26:30 - Abandoned in NYC - Couple with marital problems - took them to the nursery to act like children. Standing their ground. Are you born again. We were at a standstill. Picture from the Lord - 12 year old crying for mommy. She died as an addict. Aunt and uncle took him in. Married woman older than him and treated her as a mother. Holy Spirit showed me that. Released mercy in her life.
1:30:05 - That is gifting. That's not troubleshooting or fishing. And it brought amazing victory. And we didn't need more sessions.
1:30:45 - Not a method - We take those stories and make them into a method of ministry. We reverse the process and ask Holy Spirit to come with us. We follow Him. If He doesn't mention anything, then all that I know is the finished work of Christ and His love for them and I stand in that place of faith. I don't want to know anything else. I am following the life of Jesus, the best I understand. And if I can't find it in His life, I'm not going to find it in mine.
1:31:35 - What I see in His life is amazing identity of knowing where He came from and knowing where He's going and uncompromised, unfailing love. It always brings forth the good. I try to honor Jesus.
1:32:00 - As amazing as these stories are, Holy Spirit doesn't want you to make that a technique for your next counseling session. I don't even look for those words of knowledge because I know that if I need them, He will provide them.
1:32:35 - Making it fit - I don't want to probe. Because the person being counseled will try to make what you are probing for "fit" because of their respect for you. If it's God you will know. You won't be sitting there trying to figure out the word.
1:33:30 - Clean, swept and unoccupied - Not filled with truth - So help people establish their identity - tell them who they are. Clean, swept and unoccupied. Unoccupied - void of truth - not filled with truth. Some would say it means not born again. [further explanation] After ministry that seems to help the same problem recurring, and even worse, because of lack of truth. Replacing every lie with truth. Building people up in Him.
1:35:00 - In the ministry we do these days, I hear very little of the gospel preached - very little finished work of Christ - very little who we are because of Him - very little your righteousness, reckoning yourself dead to sin, that you are loved by God.
1:35:30 - Switching from analog TV - watching TV preachers - Christian stations - It's hard to watch - not much gospel - more about the mystical.
1:36:25 - The calls that I get - People are just lacking knowing who they are. They want you to pray for them so they feel better. Touched by God. I need that touch again. No, I can't help you that way but I can help you this way... truth. And a lot of people don't want truth. "Are you just going to pray for me?"
1:37:20 - Frustrated with truth - Lady - I don't need counsel. I need prayer.
1:37:45 - But I do them a disservice if I just go with the flow and pray for them. 6 weeks later they are back at the altar.
1:38:00 - I just want to feel the love of God. It's time for you to believe He loves you. You've been chasing a feeling.

1:38:40 - BREAK

The Power of a Person's Will - Clarification

1:38:45 - Clarifying - No exceptions for the will of God to heal - Clarifying the intention of the sharing the stories - It sounded contradictory - the will of the person doesn't matter but sometimes God lets people die. That was not my intention in sharing those two stories (37:25 & 43:10). To me it seemed that God lets people die. The purpose of the story - No matter what it seems, I can't let that build a doctrine in me that makes exception for God's will to heal. That's what I was trying to convey.
1:39:20 - I'm being honest - It did seem that God let them die, even though that is the last thing I am believing and going after. When I go into a situation, I can't let those experiences and whatever "seems" to have happened, have a voice. I have to let the finished work of Christ and the word of God have the voice. Because it's too easy to start painting scenarios and pictures and past testimonies... People will come up and share all of these scenarios of things and ask you to address that. 1:40:20 - So don't be unsettled by the apparent contradiction. I didn't mean to be contradictory. I was trying to say - No matter what that scenario seemed like, I can't let that build an acceptance in me to just leave it up to what people say and feel in their time of crisis. I can't give exception to say, "Well if they don't want to... If it's not their will..." because you don't know where their will is coming from. You can't let those experiences, testimonies build in you and subvert your faith that it's God's will to heal - period.

Our Role and Responsibility in Healing

1:41:45 - Participant's comment - God's will always to heal - God's sovereignty - How much of healing is in our hands as opposed to God's hands? - Jesus has made that very clear. He said, I give you all power over all the power of the enemy - Luke 10:19. He gave us authority and the kingdom. I believe that this thing has been given to us. And I believe we are called to represent Christ in every situation. I actually believe that very little has to do with God.
1:42:55 - If you make it God, it's always going to cop us out and back us out. We're going to have reasons for not seeing results. We'll have a whole list of why it doesn't happen. And in that place you totally lose sight of faith. You've reduced the gospel to maybe He will, maybe He won't - Let's pray and see. That's what we do.
1:43:20 - And the church has been paralyzed there for generations.
1:43:30 - We're going to look at scriptures here about Him giving us the kingdom, etc...
1:43:35 - Luke 10:19 - Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. - He says I give you authority. Nothing. Do you see why identity is important and living free from fear?


1:44:00 - Vulnerability - Most Christians feel vulnerable living in the world. Because their revelation isn't: living in the kingdom. They are living in the world. News paper article, natural knowledge can eat your lunch. Natural knowledge can supersede spiritual truth. "My people feel vulnerable to the world that they live in." Vulnerable to disease. And they feel like they have to pray to be protected when they are already in me.
1:44:40 - Paul & the viper - A lot of our prayer is a sign of being vulnerable. You don't have to pray about something that you're not vulnerable to. When Paul got bit by a viper, he didn't have a prayer meeting. He shook it off and kept talking. If that would happen to us, some of us who don't pray in tongues would be trying. Because of being afraid that you would die. 1:45:15 - Natural knowledge says "You're vulnerable" - says that you are vulnerable. When natural knowledge meets spiritual knowledge you'll find out what you are really believing. That's why we need a revelation. Spiritual knowledge needs to trump all this natural knowledge.
1:45:30 - Natural knowledge - when somebody is dead, they are dead. But the gospel doesn't seem to honor that knowledge. But it doesn't seem to matter to spiritual truth when someone is dead. Stopping the funeral of the widow's son.
1:46:00 - It's spiritual TRUTH that overtakes natural understanding and it rises above. And it's the spontaneous result of knowing Him.
1:46:35 - Funeral for the widow's son - To Jesus it was the natural thing to do to stop the funeral of the widows son. [Funeral of the widow's son] It was the natural thing to do.
1:46:55 - But to us, when you're dead you're dead. And now we are trying to raise the DEAD. We're trapped in methods trying to get raising the dead to work. The gospel "works" when revelation rises in the spirit and takes over natural knowledge and it happens through relationship - knowing Him.
1:47:30 - We try to apply the scriptures. And we are not seeing many things change. It's about a revelation.

Our Role & Responsibility in Healing (cont.)

1:47:45 - Handing the kingdom back to God - We put it back on Him - When we say that it's God - God chose - God wills - God sovereignly... then we are handing the kingdom that He gave us back to Him and saying, "Look, it's in your hands. You are God."
1:48:00 - We think that's humble. "Well, He's God. Whatever He wants." He already showed us through His Son what He wants. And He told us to follow Him. He told us what He wanted when He told us to subdue the works of His hands.
1:48:30 - And He gave us provision to do that - the kingdom, His name... And tells us to never worry and never fear.
1:48:55 - And the two things that dominate Christians are fear and worry. It proves that we have a very low revelation of who we are in Him. Our identity has been in crisis. And fear is not what releases the power of God. It's the foundation of love - rooted and grounded in love.
1:49:33 - Sower sows the word - People who don't get it. People with no root. Others are choked out by pressures of life. There are all kinds of factors that affect how the word is received and grows and develops. But guess whose will is the same?
1:50:05 - We've made God a mystery. There is mystery. But really the cat is out of the bag - the mystery is revealed. The truth about who God is - the truth about who we are is made know through Christ.
1:50:45 - He gave the kingdom to us - If we are supposed to wait on God, why did He tell us to heal the sick in whatever city we're in. He did make healing conditional on His willingness to heal. Wherever we are, we are supposed to heal the sick. Why? We are supposed to know that the kingdom has come. We're back to the beginning.

Lay Hands on the Sick

1:51:10 - Lay hands on the sick - Prayer not required - If it's just about God, why are we supposed to lay our hands on the sick? It actually doesn't even say pray. [Hypothetical scenario]
1:52:00 - Sharing personal testimonies - The paradox.
1:52:30 - Trainer with the flu - It has something to do with him. The more I stand around him the better I feel. Orientation. I never prayed for him.
1:54:30 - Abscessed tooth - Grabbed my hand and put it on her jaw - never said a word. I felt God flowing through. Abscessed tooth heals. I never prayed. She used Christ in me. I had nothing to do with it.
1:58:40 - In most cases we have very little to do with it. The only thing we are called to do is believe - His love for them - His will to heal them - and now is the time.
1:59:00 - We've made it so complex. What if it's that simple? Laying hands on the sick believing.

Our Role & Responsibility in Healing (cont.)

1:59:30 - Offense because of loss - Assigning more responsibility for healing to man can put us a odds with others. It's offensive to some because of loss. We believe that it's God to bolster our soul in the face of pain and loss. And then even if it is hard, we can accept it. But if anybody embraces a perspective that would put the responsibility on man that can be so offensive to people who have lost loved ones.
2:00:30 - Here is how you know that it's demonic. It's almost hard to preach the truth without offending some. The enemy has built up a stronghold in our souls in this area. So that when we hear the truth, we are on guard against it. If what you are saying is true then it unsettles our way of coping with the pain.
2:01:15 - This is serious to me. Difficult to confront on this. It's important to hear the truth and surrender instead of protect.
2:02:00 - We develop reasons as to why there is no power. We put it on God.
2:02:10 - You can't find that language in the mouth of Jesus. Jesus never failed in healing. If he had failed one time then we would have reasons to believe that it may not be God's will to heal all. You could never believe with Bible type faith. We would have questions as we go to pray for the sick. I wonder if that scenario doesn't apply here. Especially when there is not immediate change. Your mind spins and you look for explanation.
2:03:20 - No reason to believe otherwise - The reason that He healed everyone He touched and that all who touched Him were healed is so that you and I could know what to believe now that He has come and gone. He made it simple. And we still fight over God's sovereignty. He gave us no reason to believe anything else. The only reason we believe otherwise is because of our experience.
2:03:40 - Look at Jesus' life and word. How can you believe otherwise? Jesus never conveyed otherwise.

He Came as a Man

2:04:00 - Why should I be able to heal - after all Jesus was God and only prayed when He knew God would heal? - I don't see Him as a man like me operating in the Holy Spirit. I think He is God so of course He wouldn't fail to heal.
2:04:30 - You grew up seeing Him as God? You have to see Him as a man.
2:04:45 - People say, "Yeah, but that was Jesus..." And by that people reveal that they don't get the message of who we are because of Him coming - that we are the body of Christ.
2:05:00 - Christ - the anointed one - with the ability to anoint. Body of Christ - we're the embodiment of God's power - God's anointing. And here we are waiting on God to move when He has gone to great lengths to put us in this position.

* * *

2:05:50 - When you pray for a line of people and some get healed and others don't, why doesn't everyone? - I don't understand it either. But I know this - You have the grace to go down that line and they get healed - period. If you try to answer all of the scenarios you get confused.
2:06:30 - 98% healed -

Not What You Pray but What You Believe - No Shifting - Short Prayers

2:07:25 - No immediate change - Don't shift what you pray - When you don't see immediate change and you shift your prayers - that's not a good thing. You are making it about what you say. It becomes works. It's what you believe.
2:08:30 - And what you believe will come out of your mouth. When you pray in command form it's because you believe that you have that authority.
2:08:40 - Long prayer for the sick. Shows trying to find favor. Or you have been taught certain methods and you are trying to go through that list.
2:09:25 - Long prayer - Participant praying for lady's knee in the mall. Prayer went on and on. Sincerely praying everything she knew. Covering bases. I told her to speak to the knee and tell it what to do. (Dan loosened the lid).
2:11:00 - The lid is loosened because the stone is rolled away.
2:12:00 - You are being led by the Spirit. You are speaking to the mountain. There is authority. You don't have to jump through the hoop of getting every forefather born again before you can pray for that person. You don't have to cover everything that your family ever did wrong. Jesus did that for us.
2:12:30 - I encourage people to pray - Be healed in Jesus' name. Sometimes I will speak to specific body parts. You understand that you have the authority to do that. "Kidneys, you work." When I say that I believe that God has given us the kingdom - that when I am looking at her through the eyes of God and the love that He has for her and I believe that I am saying exactly what He is saying. That's what He is saying through the resurrection of Jesus.
2:13:15 - So when I speak that. I am speaking that on behalf of Him as an ambassador of Christ - as a son. There is faith in that.
2:13:30 - Praying complicated prayers sets you up to have many reasons for why it might not have happened.
2:14:30 - Generational curses. Instruction to get over wrong believing. Father, I thank you that separated and sanctified. I'm not in the lineage of my forefathers. I'm in the heritage of God through Christ Jesus...
2:16:30 - TOMORROW - healing. I don't have all of the answers to your questions other than the one that I stick to is: It's always "yes." It's all the time. And we have the power in us. It is the will of God to heal. And if I touch them they ought to get healed. I live by that and preach it with passion.