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Day 26

0:00 - Prayer for revelation - Not head knowledge - OK. Let's get started on. I want to just pray and ask for grace - for wisdom for understanding like we like we saw yesterday in Paul's prayer (Eph. 1) - a spirit of wisdom and revelation - just a grace that would illuminate us and cause us to see. We don't really want head knowledge. I don't. I don't think you guys do. Do you? Or heart knowledge? I want to see and understand.

0:20 - So Father we just thank you that your grace is here. We're saved by grace - your divine empowerment - just your willingness to exert your power and your ability on our behalf. And we just receive it today and we thank you. We thank you for just working good things in us causing us to see and understand and and actually become - that the Word become flesh in our lives and we just thank you that these things that we discuss and talk and share in the light of you and truth would become our reality - that Lord we wouldn't have to try to apply them but through communing with you and just saying yes to you that that grace would empower us - that we just become the very expression of these truths - that they would be our reality. Father we thank you for that. We really thank you for that. We thank you that that’s your desire - that you are yes and amen in that and that you're pouring out a grace to cause these things to become ours. We thank you for it. We really do want to know you. We want to manifest you. We want to have face to face communion with you and we want to reveal your glory because you're amazing. And thank you for it. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

1:35 - YESTERDAY: I didn't get on that love thing yesterday too much because we got on the church, the fragrance of Christ. And to God we're the fragrance of Christ. To the world we’re the fragrance or the knowledge of God, diffusing His knowledge everywhere.

1:50 - TODAY: But I'm going to get on that love thing just a little bit this morning because it's probably why we're born again. I look at my Bible and that's what I see. I want to look at 1 John. I’ve wanted to get to first John for a long time. 1 John is one of my favorite scripture passages regarding love and we never got there.

2:30 - Hearing the word with a negative ear - But I want you to see… you have to be careful when you hear the word that you don't hear the word just to locate where you're not. You hear the word to take you to where you’re heading. I mean a lot of people hear a sermon and they go, “Oh boy I’ve got a long way to go.” And that's just not the way to hear hear a message.

2:50 - Reading the word with a negative eye - So when you read the Scriptures... A lot of times I think people don't get deep in the word because they read the word and they feel like they're far away from truth and then they just kind of avoid it - but it's to take us there. It's truth that opens the way. You continue in the word and know the truth and the truth will make you free - John 8:31-32.

Love - 1 John 1

3:10 - Expect conviction this morning - Love - 1 John 1 - But I want you to see some of the convicting phrases that John writes about love. And how important it is to become love. And honestly in these scriptures it reveals that anything less than love isn't even light - that God is light and in Him there is no darkness - 1 John 1:5. Why? Because He is love - 1 John 4:8.

3:35 - We don't get why we are Christians - To become love - It talks about if you hate a brother you're in darkness till now - 1 John 2:9. You could go to church, serve in a ministry, and have hate in your life if you don't understand you're created in God's image and the whole goal of your Christianity is to become love. If you let your natural knowledge or “rightness” rule you or the way you were brought up and taught and trained in the world and you just let that still be your wisdom, you could have a good heart see your need for a Savior and still be blind and not know where you're going in the sense of why you're saved and have Holy Spirit.

Love Ends the "Rightness" Mentality

4:00 - Love ends the mentality of "rightness" - It's going to be convicting this morning and I'm not saying that you guys aren't in the light. But it's just challenging. And actually, these scriptures close the door to “rightness” and “he said, she said” and “tit for tat” and “Well, you don't know how I feel. You don't know what they did to me.” It actually obliterates that mentality.

4:30 - Rightness - Participant’s experience getting past rightness - Remember last week? How humble a participant was when he shared about both sides of what I was teaching and he shared a scenario with a person, where God wanted him to go and make some things right. And he said, “Man, you're going to have to help me.” Why? Because of the way you view a situation. And you lose sight of who you are in that situation. He had to trust God to empower him because the thoughts of “rightness” are so predominant in our life. It’s strong.

5:10 - Like, “Well yeah, they said... Yeah, but they did... Yeah, but they should've known better....” And all of a sudden these thoughts start jurisdicting (directing) your heart and start getting you to look at this thing horizontally instead of from His view. And all of the sudden you give yourself permission to be less than truth.

5:30 - Counselling people with “rightness” mentality - That mentality is pervasive - And we’re going look at some scriptures here because, as a pastor, I've been with a lot of folks on this stuff and it's so common in the church to feel those ways (rightness) and not have a conviction about it. You guys know me and know what I preach. But people would get in an office, close the door and pour out our their heart and talk like they're not saved. And they are coming to me to help mediate - to set this person straight - to set this situation straight - and use the name of the Lord to do it. And they're talking from a perspective like they're not even saved.

6:30 - That mentality needs to end - Satan wants to exploit it - So I to try to get it off of this (the wrongness of the other person) and go and get it back to where they're coming from because honestly I'm convinced of this: If that (mentality) doesn't shift in our lives then we're just vulnerable. We’re just another issue waiting to happen. And satan will have a heyday on that stuff. Look we're not unaware of his devices (2 Cor. 2:11) and we give him no place - Eph. 4:27...

Discipline & Mercy

6:55 - Restore a brother quickly - Even Paul writes in Corinthians when they were disciplining a man for some immorality (1 Cor. 5:1-13), he said, “Now now after he's paid this price, man you better restore him (2 Cor. 2:5-8). Get him restored quickly so he doesn't grieve excessively. And besides we don't want to give Satan any place here. We don't  want to become judgmental. We don't want to remember him for what he did wrong. We need to start valuing him and raising up the truth in him so he can manifest it and get past that thing.”

7:30 - Our track record isn’t great - Usually they just leave - Because the tendency is in a church when somebody does something that seems really terrible... We don't we don't seem to see a good restoration. Usually the person ends up leaving the congregation. And then when his name is mentioned even 10 years later the only thing we can think of and remember is the bad thing they did. That's really what happens. And Paul was talking about healthfully restoring - like holding somebody accountable.

755 - You must hold yourself accountable to be submitted - You have to hold yourself to this. Unfortunately leadership can't do this because there's been bad things...

{8:00 - Shepherding movement - It got controlling - Swing to liberality -  I don't know if you know what I mean by a shepherding movement but there was a season where probably 80s, early 80s where it probably got controlling.  And then because of that it gets extremely liberal. And you just go from extreme to extreme.}

8:25 - ...But it’s your responsibility to know that you're submitted to God and to one another.

8:30 - Commitment to the local body is not as strong these days - We're family - A lot of people don't see themselves connected as a family in the body of Christ and unified. A lot of people have this mentality to just come and go and, “Hey whatever” and very little connectivity commitment. And if they don't like something, they'll just roll on. Or if somebody pressures them, “Hey I'm out of here.” There's not a lot of lay down your life for one another commitment -  seeing yourself as a family and we've kind of lost sight of the community church because we come from all over the place. And it's just easy to come and go and slip through cracks if you will.

9:05 - It’s your responsibility to know that you are accountable and committed -  It's your place to know that you're teachable, you're correctible, you're humble and you're submitted to a common cause. And I can say that (as a pastor) in a general way without being accused of being controlling. But if a leader or a pastor is preaching that from the pulpit, people get this weird feeling, “Oh my God, they are trying to lasso us in. They are trying to corral us in.” And there's people like that because they've had bad experiences. They've heard bad experiences. The world is good at putting all the dirt out there and all the bad things and then that prints your mind. And I’m just saying that you're personally responsible to know where you're at in that place.

9:40 - It’s easy for people to just leave if they are challenged - If I was in a place and Pastor Don came to me and said, “Man, Dan I mean I love you buddy but I’ve got a concern about this...” And even if it was challenging for me and I'm like, “Well yeah, but I don't see it that way Don. And I'm not trying to justify…” And it is so easy for a lot of people to just say, “Well, I just won't show up.”

10:00 - Correct from a mentality of “We’re family” - So in this scripture, Paul's writing as if we're a family. And he said, “Look this guy did this and we need to hold him accountable in light of being part of a family and how his action affects the whole. And that he's a part of something and he needs to consider that and not just himself.  And there was some sort of discipline there. And it said you need to restore such a one and and make sure at some point here, after you make the point of discipline and correction, that he’s still valued and not devalued. And given an opportunity to change and bear good fruit without everybody going, “We’re watching you.”  

10:45 - Correct from love - Don’t be a fruit judge - There's a certain responsibility of leadership there (to watch and hold accountable). But what I'm saying is we need to learn what it means to love one another. We tend to take scriptures like, “Well you know them by their fruit brother” - Mt. 7:16. And that you check a little fruit out that you don't think is God. So you don't see them as (of) God. And then you lose sight of their potential, their purpose. And and honestly love, becoming true love, and really getting this thing down - Love answers all that stuff.

11:25 - Make sure your own heart is right before correcting - And I'm just saying we just want to be very careful in our own personal lives that we don't use the scripture to remain the same (not loving) - as a justification to actually remain the same and never deal with our own heart. There are people that wield the scripture like a sword every way but their own heart. And they use the scripture as a defense - justification - and an accusation. They use the scripture out this way (towards others) to try to keep things in order and actually it could be at the cost of your own heart. It's for you first. You want to become right with Him - one with Him - and the expression of His heart. And only then can you rightly assess these things (matters of discipline).

12:15 - Judging - Participant comment - Judge not / Judge with righteous judgment.

12:25 - Well he says, “Don't look at outward appearances. Judge with righteous judgment” - John 7:24. Paul says, - For the love of Christ constraineth us; because we thus judge, that if one died for all, then were all dead: And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again. Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more. - 2 Cor. 5:14. Now that's different. If you catch wind of something in your congregation and all of a sudden somebody is in an adulterous situation, rarely do I see those things handled in a healthy way. I have a very heavy heart in the sense of all those situations that I've seen handled and actually the the ability to handle them...

13:00 - Willingness to accept correction - Met with rigidity - I was in one situation where the people were totally willing to be worked with and to accept correction and yet the mercy side and the restoration side wasn't sufficient for certain leadership involved. Leadership wanted harshness and sabbatical and ostracizing for it. Because that's what they thought you do every time. Every situation is different. There's no blueprint on stuff.

13:25 - Situation already healed - Calls for reopening the wound publically - I was in a situation once where the husband got caught in infidelity. And he he came to himself in the midst of the infidelity and went “Aaah!” And he actually ran to his wife crying which I think is incredible. That's awesome. I'm still concerned about the capacity and the ability to even step in here but thank God he went “Aaah” and ran to his spouse crying. Months later the church caught wind of the situation and the couple had already connected and made peace. And then the church wanted to expose it publicly and rebuke the sinner publicly to put fear in the congregation. And they had all that scripture to do that.

14:30 - Counsel for mercy rejected - And then I got called for my input on it but then when I gave my wisdom on it which I believe was totally His wisdom it wasn't where leadership wanted to go. They had their minds set that we're not cool with sin and we need to expose it. I said no, you're you're opening up a closed wound.

Why are you making something out of.. God bless the fact that that got closed and that the wife had the integrity to say, “I love you, respect you and forgive you.” And if we need to counsel behind the scenes and make sure this thing's not going to repeat and work with things you're concerned about, that's one thing, but why would you open this up to the congregation when it's a closed deal?

15:20 - We often fail to honor the beauty of repentance and change - So we don't understand sometimes. We judge a book by its cover and we fail to see the beauty of change and repentance. Who of us did God ever showcase our former sins?

15:45 - Now if it was continuing sin, that's different. It says if you catch your brother sinning... That wasn't the case. It just got exposed down the road. It got revealed. Some how it came out. So that's different than somebody getting exposed and going, “Oh man.”

16:00 - Every situation is different - You have to weigh... Every situation is different. But I promise you the law of love will handle these things. We get religious and don't realize it in a lot of cases - get legalistic. Mercy is a beautiful thing.

16:20 Participant’s comment - Even people that were divorced years ago are rejected from certain privileges in the church.

16:40 - Yes, that's because we blueprint things. We say, “Oh…” And then we put them in a category based on scripture. You don't know the spiritual place of their life at that time. You don't know the details of divorce. I personally have a responsibility as leadership…

16:50 - Marrying previously divorced people - People always would ask me to marry them. I would I would sit down privately and ask people the conditions of their divorce. “Be honest and just talk to me straight. I need to see where you're at.” Because some people take such a liberty in the Gospel they just come and go in covenant relationship. And some people just find, “Hey, it just ain’t working. We probably shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place.” And there's a real nonchalantness about commitment and covenant there. And that would concern me entering into another covenant because what if it just ain’t working again?

17:25 - Divorce can happen for many reasons - And then there's other situations - all kinds of situations. So what I would say with regard to your comment is that every situation is different. But for us to just hear that someone was divorced and just go, “ooooh.” That is sinful. That's judging a person. That's not even understanding.

17:35 - There are people you could find would have been heartbroken over divorce - that their husband just walked out and left. And they didn't even want it to happen. Or an unbelieving spouse just walked out like Paul writes about. There are all kinds of scenarios.

17:50 - Make a tree good - Even when the tree has messed up - But the key is you want to believe the best in people and give them every right to bear good fruit. Don't ever forget even if they made a bad mistake the Bible still says, “Make a tree good” - Mt. 12:33. So if you mark a tree you have no heart to make it good. So we have to be very careful that we don't get legalistic with the Scripture to the degree that we treat people the way that grace through Jesus Christ never treated us. Because we represent the same heart that we were saved by.

18:25 - We struggle to receive mercy and become mercy - And honestly one of the reasons we struggle so much with this is because a lot of people don't receive mercy well and they don't walk in true forgiveness well. The reason we forgive is because we're forgiven. If you have a hard time being forgiven you have a hard time forgiving. If you don’t have good view of yourself, you can't see each other from a good view. You'll look through the eyes you look at yourself with. And if you've received mercy and understand what it means to receive mercy it so melts your heart and humbles you, you want to be merciful before you're anything because mercy rescued your life. Mercy saved you and you’ll want mercy to just. flow.

19:10 - We’re put here to receive love and then become that love to others - The way you are this way (how you relate to others) a lot of times will reflect this way (the way you are with God). I'm sure you've heard me say this. I’ve said that it's impossible to viably have this (love with God) and not have this (love for others). Because the whole purpose of this (love with God) is this (becoming His love towards others).

19:30 - Your spirituality is seen through your life not your language - So there's a lot of people that uphold this high confession of relationship with God and they talk about love and they talk about their spiritual experiences and sitting in the heavenly throne room and all that. I get concerned when people are talking about all that because some of those things you don't even talk about because of what they generate - comparison to other people - weighed and judged by your experience. It creates a lot of weakness in the church. And my concern is that we're bearing witness of ourselves and trying to say how spiritual we are. Well that'll just be known through your life and your fruit.

20:05 - Self-serving motive of professing change - I’m different now - There's a lot of things we have to try to bear witness of to get people... Spouses do that when their marriage is in trouble and now the spouse wants change. They're like, “Oh my god, I don't want this to break up.” And then they're pressing into God and they're constantly telling their spouse, “But look I've changed. I'm different now.” And they're overbearing. They're trying to convince their spouse that it’s different now. It's insecurity and it actually reveals the self-centered self-serving motive in that.

20:30 - Many have a heart to make things right - So some of these marriage situations you get in with a sinful situation - some people in the church today are willing to work, “What do I need to do make this right? I don't want to hurt people - young believers.” That's what you hope for. When you have a heart like that, that says everything about the heart. Honestly when I have a heart like that to work with, I don't even care what they did. I just want to pour into them and make sure that that never happens again. But redeem the value of their life and soul. But they're workable people. In other words, they're correctable, teachable.

We're Part of Body - Disciplined without Being Controlling

21:10 - Our actions have wider effects - But there are other people, they don't realize and recognize the value that we're family that their life marks things and it makes impressions in young believers and all that stuff. And they don't want anybody... they say, “Just leave me alone. Look, I know what I did. Look, I don't need you preaching to me.” And it makes it very hard for leadership to even speak into people's lives. I don't think, when I read the Bible, that we have today, the community - family - commitments - sell out atmosphere in the average congregation like you see in the Bible.  

22:00 - We are a part of something bigger - A family - And our actions matter - That's just been my general experience. It seems like we don't understand that we're a part of something. It almost seems like it's all about just me and my relationship and my blessing. No, we're a part of something. Love can't help but to see we're a part of something. And once you say you're a part of that, what you say and do does matter. What you don't say and do matters. How you respond to things - weaknesses and faults in others - faults in your own life - how you respond to be teachable and your teachability and obedience, it all does matter.

22:30 - Being a family without being controlling - And we can have that without being controlled. We could have that without being in a cult.

22:50 - Holy Spirit does the shaping and molding - Without it being humanly controlling - The whole reason we kicked this school off with communion, fellowship and relationship with God is because then Holy Spirit would build those things in our lives respectively. And it would just be the case, without it having to be preached. Like you don't ever hear me preach on this topic in a sermon from the pulpit. I'm only sharing it right now in a school setting.

23:15 - People are on guard against being controlled by others - It almost sends a controversial message when you do it because people are wondering what you're up to and why are you trying to constrain people. A visitor might say, “This sounds a little controlling me. I don't know about your pastor. I think he's trying to lasso you guys into something.” That stuff's out there. It's a dime a dozen.

23:45 - There is a place where we're all responsible for knowing why we're in this and that we're a part of something. Man we're a part of something. Wherever you might go, whether this is your home church or not, you're a part of something. Just hear me clear on that.

➡ 24:00 - I want to talk about love and you’ll actually see what I'm probably sharing in these scriptures that I'm going to read because that whole thing there I wasn't even thinking of touching.

24:15 - Love isn’t conditional - You can't make love conditional. And I think that's what we tend to do. We say, “Well I love you but...” or “I love you if…” or “I love you. Do you love me?” We do all that stuff and it's a self-serving, self-drawing thing.

24:40 - God's love is amazing. I know we’re in  1 John and we are definitely going there today. But I need you to look at 1 Corinthians 13.


25:15 - v.1 - Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. -

Love isn’t judgmental - Now when you read the Scriptures you have to be careful. See I've I've seen people use these scriptures to judge others. And if you become love, that's not what the scriptures will inspire you to do. You’re not here to decide who's a clanging cymbal and who's a gong. If someone gets up and shares, it's not my privilege to weigh his heart and say, “Hmm, I think it sounds angelic - a little bit of what he is saying but <gong>." People tend to do that.

26:10 - It's not for you to determine who's walking in love or not. It's for you to become love. It's your place to become love, not determine who is love and who isn't love. Because only then will you see people rightly.

26:30 - When he says judge not least you be judged... Do you know what the word “judge” actually means? It means to presume upon. Like he says we're to judge one another in the body. He says, “Don't we judge among ourselves?” He says, “Don't you judge the world. Don't you point out the world's stuff. But aren’t we to judge among ourselves?” - 1 Cor. 5:12.

26:50 - Counseling - Two people living together - Judging? - It's in the Bible. It says, Don't we judge among ourselves. Now a lot of people are like, “Hey don't you judge me.” Now I've had this as a pastor. I'm sure you've had this. I've had to pull people aside. They come to church for a while. They don't seem to be getting a certain revelation and it's starting to cause a little (unease) and it's concerning (to) his leadership. And it's two people that are just living together. There's no covenant. There's no marriage. They've been in church for six weeks. And the next thing you know you just need to somehow address certain situations at the risk of offense.

27:25 - And then I've had people do this. They get flustered and red faced. “Well, wait a minute. I thought you're supposed to love me. Wait, don't you judge me.” And did you ever have that? And they say, “Hey look, it's not your place to judge me. God knows my heart.” Well God knows your life. He knows your fruit. And you are going to be judged for your works. And your works reveal your heart. So that's all one in the same.

27:55 - So the bottom line is you're not judging them. They're already living together. You ask them, “Are you guys sexually active? I mean you have two kids.” “Yes we are.” And then you talk to them about it. “Hey look, it isn’t your place to judge me. God still loves us.” That's what people say in defense - mad. And I'm like, "whoa whoa whoa."

28:20 - And I’m like, “Do you see that anger - that frustration? Do you see how protective you are right now? You're a cat in a corner. And I'm just trying to talk to you on behalf of the whole (body). And it seems like it's all about you right now. No wonder we have the door closed and we’re in this room. We've got to talk.” You talk and you say, “First of all we're not judging you. You already told us you're sexually active. You’ve already told us you're not married. And we're not being legalistic. You got to understand covenant and I want to take the time to express the beauty of this and what you're being robbed of by not understanding. But if you just <screech like a cat in the corner> then I can't even be your pastor. And you're revealing you're not part of something. You're just in this to be whatever you get or receive in it. We could never be a family this way.”

29:05 - Judging by outward appearances - See they say, “Don't judge me.” You're not judging them. They're already doing it. Here's what judging is. You’ll be counseling a young couple and they're just hanging out and they're engaged or planning to be engaged and I'm watching them. And he seems just a little affectionate towards her at times and I'm thinking, “I’ll bet they're doing it. You know I see the way they act together. I’ll bet they're crossing lines." And all of a sudden I start looking at him as if he's in that place. That's judgment. It's presumption. It's just reading a book by the cover and not knowing the inside truth. It's just getting your eye on somebody and letting your mind spin a little and run a little and all of a sudden you're treating them as if what you're thinking is true.

30:05 - But if I'm a pastor and there are people in the church that are doing something that's outside of the principles of truth that is costing grace and hurting others and I address it because it's known and obvious or admitted to how could that possibly be judgment? It's not judgment. The Bible actually says we're to judge among ourselves. In other words we're to make a call on that stuff because we're a part of something.

30:35 - Now if somebody gets in defense - a cat in the corner - and they say, “Hey don't judge me…” Do you realize that our gatherings are left to be completely religious and tradition driven, if that's the mentality of people when we're together? If we're untouchable and unapproachable and uncorrectable and unadjustable, then what are we accomplishing by coming together? It's a farce.

We're Part of A Body (cont.)

31:05 - You are responsible - When you are in a body it’s never just about you - So what I'm saying is you are personally responsible for the motive that you live from and what you're in the body of Christ for. Because I can't hold you accountable to that if you're not in an accountable place in your heart and willing to be a part of something. You have to be very careful that you never turn inward and it's just about you. It's never just about you.

31:50 - This is just stuff that will protect us down the road in situations. It's just never just about you. You're a part of something. It's the body of Christ. And sometimes you yield. You consider others interest more highly than yourselves. It's not about being right. It's about walking in righteousness.

32:05 - Rightness - Love is more than just being right all the time - If you don't understand what I'm saying you could be in a situation down the road and just one little knowledge of being right and knowing that they are wrong, could step you outside of love. And you could just be standing in rightness. And you could turn into a prosecuting attorney in your mind and not even realize what's happening and it just seemed normal because you have all the facts and you're right. And you've stepped outside of the heart of grace and truth.

32:30 - It’s not about being right - It’s about redemption - It's not even about being right it's about the redemption of people. It's about rehabilitation, reconciling, recycling, if you will. It's about things being made right, not a man being right.

32:50 - We are the outward expression of who He is - So we've got to live from that place. Isn't that how God has treated every one of us? Then why would we live less - if we're in His image and we're His sons and daughters? And what we learned yesterday? See there's significance in these days. We're the knowledge of him diffused in every place.To Him we're the fragrance of Christ - 2 Cor. 2:14-15. We’re the body of Christ. So why would we live less than His heart, if that's His heart?

33:25 - Fear of control - A strategy of the enemy - You've gotta see you're a part of something. And this whole cult thing and control thing and shepherding movement, it's all designed, it all gets off track, I believe it's designed demonically, strategically it slips through and it gets momentum to try to mar the beauty of truth and try to get people to be afraid of something that’s God designed. It's all a strategy. Satan is so freaked out by the Gospel. He's so afraid of the word of God. He's so afraid that we'll become the living product of the finished work. He works to defeat that to keep that derailed. If he ever knew what he was doing, he wouldn't have done what he did (killed an innocent Man).  But he did.

34:15 - Cover up strategy of the enemy - So the only thing to do now is try to cover it up - try to make it all about us instead of all about Him and His nature through us. Just think. Put yourself in the enemy shoes - what his strategy would be. It's ok to think about this because Paul said don't be unaware of his devices (2 Cor. 2:11) and give him no place - Eph. 4:27. Just one little need to be right is a big fall waiting to happen. Just one little pushing your issue, “Yeah but…” it could be a sad day.

35:00 It’s serious. Things are subtle. And we've been trained to think opposite of the Kingdom our whole lives.

Muck & Mire of Sin

35:25 - Well let me just paint this. This is a startling scenario I got this in when I was about a year old in the Lord and it jumped me off the couch to my knees. And I pray that I would never help build another kingdom unless it was God's kingdom.

35:40 -  The muck & mire of sin - I looked at Egypt and the land of bondage and I realized God's people were in a land held captive in bondage symbolic of sin. But they're in the muck and the mire - every day in the muck and the mire. Doesn’t the Bible say that he pulled us out of the muck and mire? - Ps. 40:2. That a sow after being cleansed goes back and wallows in the muck and the mire - symbolic of sin - 2 Peter 2:22.

36:00 - Building monuments for the kingdom of the enemy - There are analogies and allegories to all this stuff. They’re in the land of bondage serving Pharaoh, who is type and shadow of demonic power - Satan. In the land bondage, in the muck and the mire - why are they doing that? To make bricks. Why? To build another’s kingdom. The bricks are sin - that pile up and pile up and make monuments - to another’s domain - to another’s kingdom.

36:45 - Muck & mire encounter -  I had a personal encounter and God was fathering me and saying, “Don't you go back to the muck and mire. And don't you build a monument to Pharaoh. You are free. You are mine to live righteous - to walk in love.” And I'm on my couch realizing what Egypt and the land of bondage and I'm free from the land of bondage passing through the wilderness into the Promised Land. I'm like “whoa!” And I don't want the muck and mire. I'm not going to build another’s kingdom when I'm in the kingdom. And I remember leaping off my couch crying and thanking him that I was washed of the muck and mire and not a captive any more. And I remember kneeling and just crying and just not wanting anything to do with sin. Because I realized sin was the same as the bricks.

37:40 - Participant’s comment - So coming out of Egypt is kind of like coming out of Babylon.

37:50 - Willfulness - Not talking about making a mistake - You could tie all that together if you would want to. Because see, I'm talking about being unrepentant. I'm talking about willfulness. I'm talking about “Whatever!” I'm talking about the things that we allow as rights in the flesh. I'm not talking about making a mistake. I'm not talking about bumping into the the work of the flesh and going, “Duh, Father” and jumping on his lap.

The Destructiveness of Reserving "Rights"

38:15 - Talking about reserving rights - Living in the flesh - Willful disobedience - I'm talking about reserving right and living in the flesh and refusing to yield and obey and knowing the truth and not yielding to it but yet being a Christian. That's actually a place of bondage. That’s muck and mire. You're actually building things for someone else. It's a horrible thing.

38:40 - We don’t realize the destructiveness of these mindsets (reserving rights) - And what I'm saying is not legalistic. It's actually very seductive and subtle in people's lives. They don't realize the spiritual impact and the power of what we're talking about. God showed it to me personally on the couch. I can only trust and hope that you're hearing it in some way, shape or form the way I saw it.

39:10 - I’m not talking about making a mistake and saying, “Oh my goodness, I just put a brick in Pharaoh's kingdom.” No, because if we repent - remission of sins - He is faithful and just to cleanse you of all unrighteousness - 1 John 1:9.

39:25 - Willful reserving of rights - I'm talking about just a wee little bit of willfulness that says, “Well I don't care. Yeah but they should know better.” But listen you're letting them jurisdict (dictate, determine, steer) your heart. “Yeah. But when are they going to change. Why is why is it always me? Why do I always have to yield? Why am I always the one that has to do right and do righteousness? When are they ever going to do right?”  I hear that in marriages. I hear that in relationships, families, etc.  I hear that all the time. You better be very careful with that mentality, because you're giving yourself a right and a permission slip to stay the same and still proclaim Christ and His coming and that you've saved. “Saved” means healed, delivered, protected, preserved, made whole and kept safe and sound by truth.

40:20 - Those mentalities are detrimental to you and the church - You don't realize probably how detrimental to your own spiritual being and the church around you, what I'm saying is. Probably it's very serious. It is so easy to live for your rights and get your eyes on what's wrong with people.

40:40 - Jesus didn’t reserve rights - If Jesus did that one day, just one day, he wouldn't have been the perfect sacrifice. He'd have been like men instead of God.

41:00 - Fallen humanity is so twisted - So don’t harbor any fallen mindset - He was treated so unfairly by sin and fallen humanity. He was the King of glory from the beginning. Come on be real. They hung him on a cross, like the scum of the earth. That ought to sober us to how twisted the mindset of fallen man can be. How blind is blind. There are not levels. The capacity of fallen man is scary. Please don't justify one mentality of fallen humanity.

42:10 - It’s important to stay out of those mindsets - I hope nobody's overwhelmed but at the same time I want you to hear it sober. Because you can get in that mentality and actually soft pedal it because you get so “right” that you step out of righteousness (you totally forget how God sees them). And you can produce nothing good there in the name of the Lord. You will deceive yourself.

Surrender "Rights" - Free from Me Makes Me Free from You

42:30 - Not everyone surrenders their rights - But that shouldn’t undo you - I have countless people in marriages, when I've personally preached behind the scenes, when nobody else is around me and them... And almost the first thing out of their mouth is, “Well why am I always the one that has to change?” And it shocks me because it shows me that we don't understand. If the whole world didn't want what I'm preaching, I still have the right to possess it and it's still about me manifesting Christ. Why would I let your willingness to not yield cause me to not yield and let you make me like you’re being? Why wouldn't I want to be like Him and follow him? Why would it be about me? “Why do I always have to change?” All you're saying is I'm still alive and there's a lot of self here. That's all you’re saying.

43:30 - What does it matter if they won’t change? - Nothing to do with me - Why can't we hear that? What does it matter,  if my spouse would choose to never change anything. If what I'm preaching is true, I'm going to stand before him one day. If I'm going to stand before him one day and answer for my life in Christ, what does it matter if my own spouse would choose to never change, to put her foot down and say, “I don't want the Gospel.” What would that matter? It has nothing to do with nothing where I am concerned.

44:10 - Or I can cave and look like the flesh - Or I can let the weakness of flesh reproduce itself in me by getting a seed in me - impregnating me. And now I'm giving birth to things that look like that.

44:20 - Comment by Pastor Don W. - At that point you are conforming to her image rather than His image.

44:25 - You become determined by someone else’s decisions - Totally! And I'm assuming a right in the flesh and revealing that it's still about me. And there is nothing but deception in that arena. When you make your spirituality contingent on somebody else's life and decisions, your spirituality is contingent on them. Period.

44:50 - Free from me - Free from you - Guys I'm so passionate about it because of the position I've been in. I’ve been face to face with this thing countless times. I have watched countless people throw away the joy they are searching for by letting someone else subvert them because of their actions or or lack of actions. And then they get their eyes on them and give them the permission slip to determine who they are and yet they are crying out for freedom. Freedom is when you're free from one another. Because you're dead to yourself and alive unto him.

45:30 - We ought to preach freedom from the lie of self - I believe we ought to be preaching this as leaders, all over the world like, all the time. Because to be hurt is so common we actually, from the pulpit, make exceptions for it and make it commonplace.

45:50 - People preach counter to it - And I hear people make jokes about it. And I hear preachers say, “So who who hasn't been that way this week or hurt this week or who hasn’t taken something personally? And if you say you haven't, you're lying.”  I hear preachers say that stuff. So I'll just be called a liar because I’m not raising my hand. I'll be called a liar by you. I don't care. You can call me a liar the rest of my life. That doesn’t change anything. But you're not selling me into that bondage. You're not giving me a permission slip that I burned up and tore up. I’m going to stay free.

Emphasis on Ministry Instead of Truth

46:50 - Counterproductive preaching - I was just in a service, in fact it was painful for me, and it wasn’t offense and hurt, but actually I was part of a whole weekend thing and I went first and somebody went after me that wasn't even there the whole time I preached. And when they preached everything they preached was counterproductive to what I preached. And I just poured out identity and poured out my heart. And you could say, “Well you were just hurt and offended and all that.” No, I had a good grip on my heart. I knew where my heart was and I realized it was grieving but I wasn't personally hurt. I wasn’t like, “Well you subverted my message.”

47:30 - I realized how up and down we can be as the church. A whole bunch of people came up to me before the service and they're going, “Oh my God” and they're crying. “Thank you for this weekend. This was revelatory. This changed my life. I'll never be the same. I'm free for the first time in my life.” And they're telling me this - probably a dozen people made it a point to run to me with passion. And I'm thinking they're meaning this. This is serious.

48:00 - And then I hear this message. I hear how every one of us has fear. And if you say you don't, you're lying. Every one of us has anxiety and if you don't you're lying. And we just have to face the reality of human nature etc. and the world's been conforming us and those of you that are conformed by the world right now and you feel like the world's identifying you more than the gospel, I want you to come so I can pray for you and break that off of you. But he was just preaching that we're all going to be that way anyway.

48:25 - So now everybody runs to the altar like cattle because they all want hands laid on them. And I went out the other door because I didn’t want people seeing me crying because it's so counterproductive. And all of a sudden we had “church” and “God moved” and people were laying around at the altar.

48:50 - Running for prayer can indicate a lack of established identity - No, people were in identity crisis. People are running for prayer saying, “I don't know who I am.” So do we need to pray or teach who we are?

49:05 - It broke my heart. I said, “God what are we doing. It seems like craziness. It seems like we’re just filling slots and times and doing conferences. What's going on?” I just walked and I cried. I didn't cry for me. I cried for us. I wanted to walk up to those 12 people or so that were up in the line pressing for prayer and say, “I thought you were free.”

49:30 - You're putting a yoke back on - You heard one message and you put a yoke back on. You heard one man say... who's very popular... and I'm wondering if people are just willing to go up there because we hear messages like -  and I laughed when I heard it - like Bill Johnson said, “Look you need to run to the altar if it’s a man God. You need to get prayed over - even if they call for pregnant African American women, I’m the first in line.”

50:00 - Never surrender identity for ministry - Truth makes you free - But that's not the truth, at large because in a message like that you're actually surrendering your identity. You're going up there and you're actually yielding... You're actually saying I'm in bondage to the world. Pray for me. And he's going to break that off of you. He's not going to break that off of you. Truth will break that off of you.

50:25 - It just troubled me. I can't tell you how much it troubled me and I realized, “My gosh Lord, I think we're in derision. I think we're caught in church and meetings and anointing and administrations and feelings and altar calls and impartations. And God I think it's because we don't know who we are.” I cried. I had a hard time.

51:00 - Participant’s comment - In most cases are we looking to leadership to tell us our identity? And is leadership trying to keep us in that situation?

51:25 - Looking to ministry - Instead of looking to truth - Well I wouldn't I wouldn't want to suggest that leadership's trying to keep us. I think what we're looking for is ministry instead of truth. And you have to be accountable to yourself on that one too. Why are you in this thing, for ministry or for truth - the ministry of the Spirit in truth to your life and your heart? Are there times you can receive prayers or times somebody can minister to you? Sure. I’m not against ministry. But it's not our motivation. It's not what we're after. We’re after truth and Jesus is THE truth. And we're following him.

51:50 - Anointing and gifting is for the equipping of the body - So if we're not careful we're locating anointing and gifting and we're putting him on a pedestal so it ministers to us. That is not the will of God. The will of God is that gifting and anointing trains and equips and reproduces itself for the work of the ministry - Eph. 4:12. That's the will of God - so that we grow up into him in all things - Eph. 4:13.

52:20 - We run to altar calls for ministry - Now you look how counterproductive we can be on a weekend and call it a great weekend because there was prayer at the altar. We tend to run to prayer at the altar. I know in my heart... specific instruction not to have any prayer at the altar because the truth was the impartation on that weekend and I knew that and I even told the pastor and he understood.

52:50 - And then there's a total counterproductive thing and people just shift with the tide. I'm emotional about it. I’m not hurt. It's a reality you can't ignore. It caused me to pray. I'm talking ninety eight percent of the people ran to the front. That tells me that we're just looking for ministry.

53:20 - It would have been one thing if it was the opening service - and then spend the rest of the weekend to teach on who we are. We spent the whole weekend teaching on who we are. I had a lot of people say, “Wow, I finally see who I am I'm finally free.” And then put the yoke back on so they could get prayer.

53:45 - It's just troubling to me. Please be responsible in your own heart to know what you're pursuing and why.

54:35 - Why am I still emotional? Because it's still a general reality. You could repeat that in a lot of circles. You could have a repeat performance of that until something changes. It's going to certainly be by grace.

Out of Egypt but Not in the Promised Land

55:00 - Only 2 of millions entered the promised land (selflessness) - The rest died in the wilderness (self-centered) - Comment by Pastor Don W. - It’s a passionate subject. Of the Israelites in the wilderness only two of them made it into the land. Everybody else came out of Egypt but murmured and complained. And there is still so much of that in the body of Christ. They were self-centered.

55:50 - They were not unique - They should have been the norm - But do you understand what he said when you have the two out of the million. We tend to look at them and think, “Whoa they're just special or unique. No, they were the expression of truth. And the murmuring and complaining was the lie that everybody was choosing to live by. There was nothing extraordinary about these two people. They were just following Him.

56:15 - The mentality of the majority became the norm - While the possibility of truth was still there - But the mentality of the whole, at large, became commonplace and anything else was an enigma. It was like, “What?” When the mentality they came from was totally God. Now here's the thought. Could all those million have had that same perspective? Absolutely! And that's the heart cry. That's where the passion is. Because look how easy it is to be a part of something in the wrong realm and now all of a sudden there's only a couple out of a million.

57:00 - Mixing common knowledge with THE way - I just wanted you to see that there's a common thought that becomes common knowledge that I believe God wants to smash through truth and get us out from among them. And be ye separate - 2 Cor. 6:17. My concern is that at large we have so laced that way (that seems right to man) into THE way that we're trying to live in flesh AND Spirit without realizing it and calling some of these flesh things “normal and acceptable” and almost spiritualizing them.

57:40 - We were deceived - Pastor Don W. comments - It’s become a __?__ mentality. Most of us have been taught to think differently than what we are being taught right now. We’re not trained and taught to think this way. And we accept what is common. We’ve been deceived. We just didn’t know any better. We all but tell people that it’s OK to feel that way.

I Love You but I Don't Like You

58:40 - Another common misconception - Love them but not like them  - How many pastors have said just what he said last week... that actually had hurt him in his life? How many pastors have said,”Look you've got to love them but no one said you’ve got to like them?” That is garbage.

59:00 - Love means liking too - Do you understand though, you can't love and not like. We’re like, “Well you’ve got to love them.” That makes it religious. That's religious. You've got to love. “Oh I love you brother but I sure don’t like you.” That makes you plastic. That makes you a hypocrite. That would be like me walking by you and saying, “Hey, good morning Honey. Oh my gosh…” I couldn't do that to any of you. That would be hypocrisy.

59:30 - What do you mean I’ve got to love you but I don't have to like you? What is that? Why does that even seem and sound right to a man? That's about as twisted as it gets. But I've heard that comment a lot. I've heard leaders make that comment. I told you last week that I heard a pastor once say that ministry would be great if it wasn't for the people. That's a pastor.

➡ 1:00:00 - Mentalities that leave us less than His image - So we have these common little things and they're misnomers and they sell our hearts short and they sell the truth short and they allow us to live the same - in the form of godliness denying the very power of a changed life - 2 Tim. 3:5.

Free From Me - Free From You (cont.)

1:00:20 - I’m not free from you until I’m free from self - Pastor Don W.’s additional comment - I got free from Egypt but I never got free from me. And I can never be free from you until I am free from me. As long as I am still alive to me, I’ll never be free from you. As long as you have the power to cause me to have these feelings it’s just proof to me that I’m not dead yet. I thought I was dead but I had a resurrection service. You can’t say that you’ve never raised the dead.

1:01:15 - Free from Egypt but not in the promised land - Not free from self - Look at the children of Israel. They got free from Egypt but they didn't get free from themselves in their wilderness. They were still in bondage and they died in that place of bondage. Why? “It would be better for us…” “It was better for us back in…” “What about me?” Complaining against God and Moses and one another - Issues against leadership - even a brother and sister against leadership.... So they were free from Egypt. They weren’t under Pharaoh anymore but they were under the bondage of themselves which actually, technically, spiritually, puts you under that same bondage. It's Egypt, but it's just a different surrounding.

1:02:00 - Participant’s comment - We were never there in the promised land. We were led out of Egypt but we were never there to the promised land.

Sinner Mentality

1:02:15 - Free from sin -  We're free from the bondage of sin. I said it yesterday, Jesus said himself in Luke, Listen these things were all written. They had to come to pass and they had to happen to the Christ so that repentance and remission of sin could be preached to every nation - Luke 24:46-47.

1:02:35 - We preach forgiveness but not remission of sin - We haven’t preached remission of sin. We’ve preached forgiveness of sin and making it to heaven through God's mercy by the skin of our teeth - by God’s forgiveness. But we're still sinners in our minds. We haven't preached remission of sin. We preach God forgives our sin and thank God because we're sure a sinful bunch.

1:02:55 - We keep our sinner mentality - And we’ve stayed in touch with sin. And it becomes a common thing. It becomes, “Oh well.” And then you lose. When I see myself in that light, I lose my ability. I dull my senses and my heart to even the place of repentance anymore because, “Hey what do you expect? It's what I am. It's what we do. Thank God He's good. I'll never know why you love me.”

1:03:20 - We make why He loves us a mystery if we cling to a sinner mentality - Why do we have that phrase so common in the church? “I'll never know why he loves us. I mean, I don't know why you love me.” It's in so many songs - how “I’ll never understand His love for me. I don't know why you would love me. Why would you love somebody like me?” All you're saying is, "You're amazing and I'm a mess. I'm glad I'm in and not out. I don't know why I'm in. But thank God I'm in."

1:03:40 - He loves us because He created us for His image - And it's a simple answer. You're created in His image he's redeeming and sonship and you're of value to him and a treasure to him because he knows the real you. But if we don't preach remission of sin we lose that power (of walking as a son) and we lose that truth.

1:04:00 - By failing to preach the gospel we're robbing people of the chance to be free of self - We keep people in selfish motivation - We haven't preached remission of sin at large in the church. So we haven't been led to the promised land. So what he's saying is true in that sense. We haven't been taught the why behind our Christianity. We have (been taught the gospel) in a self-serving way, because we got free from Egypt and not ourselves. We've made it all about going to heaven and getting your name in a book. We've made the whole gospel about making sure your name is in that book. And the motivation is self. It's not even change and transformation. The motivation is covering my back so when this all comes down - in case this is real...

1:04:35 - Salvation without transformation? - Salvation as fire insurance - I mean a person could sit in church and listen to the way we preach the gospel and go up to the altar and pray that prayer, just in case the preacher is right, and never see the beauty of who God is - never see the bleh of living for yourself and the desire to repent and get free from yourself so you can live for the nature of God and never understand your created value. But hey, you prayed that prayer. You could even go get baptized in the water just because hey, that's all part of it. I've got to make sure my name's in that book because when this is all coming down I want to make sure that he calls my name. And that's your motivation. We've proved that we don't understand the depth of this message in the way we preach the message.

1:05:15 - Participant comment - inaudible.

1:05:25 - This misunderstanding robs us of the opportunity to be free and transformed - So these things are serious and they're passionate in my heart because they rob us. If we don't understand this they’ll rob us of truth. They will actually create religion in our lives. And we'll be following that form of godliness.

Perilous Times

1:05:40 - Bible passages to keep the heart sober - In fact I keep saying that form of godliness... Let’s just look there. Go go to Timothy with me real quick. I used to read these (type of passages). I haven't read this one for a long time but I used to read these scriptures all the time just to keep my heart sober. I didn't read them in legalism. I used to read a lot of the scriptures of how men were in the last days and I'd read things about false teachers and their motivations and I would read them just to keep my heart sober.

1:07:00 - 2 Timothy 3 - v.1 - This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. -

Know this - It must be important. He says, "But know this." Don't be ignorant to this, know this. Don't be unaware of this. Don't get in denial, it's something to know. Now it's not something to make you a judge. It's not something to make you critical but you need to understand this. And when I read something like that it's not so that I can weigh it in your life. It's so that I can keep my own heart sober and free.

1:07:25 - Don’t listen to a sermon for others - It's like I don't read my Bible for you. I don't listen to a sermon for you. I'm not going listen to a sermon and think, “Boy I hope you’re listening. Because then I have a belief, I have a judgment, I have a wrong impression. Spouses do that. Spouses are great at that. At times they listen to the sermon for one another. Don’t you listen for one another. You listen for you.

1:08:00 - And honestly if there is something that relates, and you know relates, to your spouse because of the fruit of their life, man please don't just... It's the easiest thing. You don't realize the subtleness of turning inward and feeling sorry for yourself or “God I hope they're getting that.” Why? Because I'm so challenged by their life and I'm so whatever...

1:08:30 - No, what love does is - love says, Father I thank you for that truth. I can't help but to know that that's an area you're speaking into his or her life and I just thank you for your love and mercy and I thank you that that same love and mercy is in me towards them. God thanks for what you are doing in our household. That’s sure different than, “Oh my God it doesn't look like he's even paying attention.” Just don't listen for one another listen for yourself. OK?


1:09:00 - Projecting from the pulpit - If I preach from the pulpit that way it would be sin. It would be projecting on the people. It would be beating the sheep. If I had unresolved conflicts - if I had issues - if I was just a pastor starting to get weary and start to think the people are this... or the people are that..., I'll start preaching sermons to address that. And then I have a motivation from the pulpit and I'm no longer even being led and hearing the Spirit of God. I'm just sharing my own issues and using the authority of the pulpit. And there is no grace on that. You'll bruise and beat and whip people that way. You’ll actually drive them away.

1:09:40 - Preaching from the wrong motives - Because from a from a different heart than the heart of mercy and love and God you're covering issues. What you're saying could it be right? Yeah. But coming from the wrong place. It's called projecting - using the pulpit to project. The Lord addressed that with me a long time ago and shared that I would never project an issue from the pulpit in a belief towards the congregation from the pulpit that that would be sin.

1:10:00 - Hypothetical Example - Do you know how many preachers preach their issues from the pulpit? To get the strong amen? And affirm positions? So if I had a concern about the back corner like Consuela and Mary and Patrick and Brian and I just had a concern about that back corner and their lives and all of the sudden I'm preaching like this. And I'm not looking over there and I'm preaching and in my mind I'm projecting, hoping they're listening.

1:10:35 - That’s sin. If I love them I'd pull them aside if I had that valid of a concern. I'm not going to use the authority of the pulpit when I have the heart of the whole in front of me to try to make a point in the back corner. Do you see what I mean? These things are important.

Perilous Times - Don’t Be Rocked

1:12:05 - v.1 - This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. -

Perilous times - Do you know what “perilous” means? Savage, difficult, dangerous, painful, fierce, grievous, hard to deal with - testing, challenging times that will, if you're not refined in understanding why you’re a Christian, bring the vulnerability out, the worst out, the flesh out in every man.

1:12:45 - A warning so that we aren’t caught off guard - Why is he telling us to know this?  So that we're not caught off guard by it. So we're not just molded and manipulated in and shaped and formed and etched by it. You say, “Well you don't understand brother. That’s just the way it is.”  And it takes a toll on you after a while. I hear people talk like that. All you're saying is I'm giving myself permission to remain where I hate being. They’re excuses. They are flesh excuses. It’s not producing any life and you're actually giving yourself permission to remain the same - with that mentality. It says know this, that harsh times grievous times, dangerous, painful, fearsome and hard to even deal with times…(are coming).

1:13:45 - Fallen society - Devoid of truth - The word describes a society that is barren of virtue and abounding with vices. So if the culture you are around, even if a church you're attending seems barren of virtue and riddled with vices - even a church, why does that give you permission to lack virtue and be bound, if Jesus is LORD? It doesn't or Jesus would have been bound and filled with vices.

1:14:20 - Jesus came to a world that didn’t recognize Him -  Look, He came to a world void of truth. They didn't even know who He was. He came to his own they received him not - John 1:11. The worlds were made through him and they knew him not - John 1:10. Truth was standing right in front of them and they were so twisted, they were like, “Who are you and what are you saying?” They were so twisted from the truth that when the truth stood in front of them and manifested in bodily form, they couldn't perceive it as truth. If this gospel we're preaching isn't true, Jesus would have been, sooner or later, manipulated by them - molded by them - influenced by them. All the sudden He would be doing things in spite of them instead of because he loved them. There's a big difference between the two.

1:15:15 - Be ready - Don't be rocked - Jesus is our hero. And He said, “Follow me.” Paul's writing and you guys better know this. There is a time coming where you will look around and as spiritual as we seem in this country, it could be a land where there's not a lot of virtue and even vices. And sometimes it could be somebody you had put your trust in and didn’t realize how much you were putting your trust in. Sometimes it can be people that you thought were friends. And you better be sure that you aren't rocked and mowed over by that stuff. Because then they're living for you instead of you living for them.

If the Messenger Falls - Don't Be Rocked

1:16:00 - Example scenario - Fallen pastor - OK, let me paint a real serious picture. So here I am preaching all this stuff. Now this ain't going to happen that's why I can use me. So tomorrow you read in a newspaper something terrible about me - some infidelity - some terrible thing - that would wreck so many people. And we understand why. But let me ask you this. Should it wreck you? Or should it put more of a sobriety and a diligence in you and make you run all the harder and sharper.

1:16:30 - You don’t throw away the message if the messenger falls - But we throw the message away when the messenger is marred. We put our trust in flesh and we take them as the very truth instead of learning the truth through that message. And that's why satan works so hard in a lot of people that have been something to people and try to make them fall because of what it causes. Because of the way we view and see and look.

1:16:55 - I don't like to see any man fall but it doesn't matter who falls. Jesus is raised from the dead. It would hurt my heart for them. It would make me pray for them. But you cannot take the power of the Gospel away just because a powerful man of God or an anointed man of God or a representative of God did something atrocious. You can't de-power the word of God. And the message of the Lord when you understand the truth. You can separate it all.

1:17:20 - We lose faith when the messenger falls - And I'm telling you countless people, when men of God fall -  backslide - have a reason to be hurt, gossip. sit at a coffee table mad and angry, and just backbite and talk and reminisce of all the good and then boom. And they leave that coffee place grayed out and as if they're not even saved. Man this stuff is serious.

1:17:45 - Don’t be caught off guard - Don't be shocked by anything - We ought to know this: that in the last days you shouldn't be shocked by anything. Flesh has the ability to be flesh. You ought to know that and make sure it's never flesh. You shouldn't be shocked by anything. Isn't that what it's saying. You need to know this. Don't you be caught off guard.

1:18:15 - Keep a squeaky clean conscience - Here I liked using me as an example because you're not going to read about me tomorrow in the paper. I’m pumped. I'm feeling good. It just feels good to feel good and squeaky clean. There's no closets. There's no secrets. That's where you want to live.

1:18:45 - If you let others begin to influence you through what's not right, it'll give you permission and sooner or later that won't be the case with you. It will actually devalue you and your integrity. It will chip away and start sculpting you in another way.

1:19:00 - I remember preaching, I was a pastor at YCF and I used to say some goofy stuff. Like this, “You guys could knock on my door and say,  ‘Listen Dan we feel like we've been deceived. We've been kind of following a wrong thing here and this whole gospel isn't what it seems to be and we're just going to kind of go this way.’ And I would just say, ‘Man, I am sorry for you but I would just close the door - because He’s in me. I know Him. He’s my Lord.” But do you know how many people are swayed by that stuff? Man, you've got to get in a place where you know him and you're known by Him.

If Friends Fall - Don't Be Rocked

1:19:50 - Unhealthy reliance on friends can lead to being rocked if they disappoint - So even if you're three best friends in the whole world start to slip, you don't lose a step. And you're actually in a position to pray for them viably in a life giving way and not just be a basket case because they're your three friends. “Yeah but, pastor, they are my three best friends.” Stop. That won’t work with me. That's the human sentiment and it tells me you have crossed the line in putting too much into those three friends. And all of the sudden they have the ability to trip you. Not if you love them.

1:20:30 - The people closest to us can hurt us the most? - We think the people the closest in our life have the most power to hurt us. That's what common knowledge tells you. That's what psychology teaches you. You say the people that are closest to you have the ability to break your heart, shatter you and hurt you the most. And I would say to you,” I thought you love them. But you say you love them.” Love takes no account of a suffered wrong because love is love - 1 Cor. 13:5. Period.

1:21:05 - Unhealthy reliance on relationships with others - When they fall you fall - No, it means there are other expectations and other motives and they're alive for you and you're you're tapping into them for whatever you're getting from them. And you're putting your confidence, your trust and you're putting stuff into that relationship that when it falls you fall with it.

1:21:20 - People say, “Yeah but it was my wife. We were in covenant. She broke my trust. She did this. She did that... I was supposed to be able to trust her perfectly forever and she just violated everything. I can't believe she did that to me.”

1:21:40 - Cry for them - Not because of them - I don't even understand and don't want to, why that is such a common reaction and why it's not so easy for the church to hurt for the people (the trust breaker) when they get that deceived. Why is it so hard to cry for them when they're that lost - to be in infidelity? Why wouldn't it be so easy to weep for them? Why is it so easy to cry for ourselves? Because we still live for ourselves and we're still in things for ourselves and we still covenant with people and cleave to people and connect with people for ourselves.

1:22:15 - I love you” is usually “I need you - And we set them up to have the power to break us. And all the while we say, “I love you.” Most of time all we're saying is, “I need you. I need what I get from you. And if I'm not getting it I won't feel complete.”

1:22:45 - Enter into relationships out of the strength of who He is in you - Not what you can get from them - To know the love of Christ is to be filled with all the fullness of God - Eph. 3:19. And from that place you live and enter into relationships. Not out of the weakness of your life, out of the strength of who He is in you, you enter into relationships.

1:23:05 - You don't even find a spouse because you're not getting any younger and you need to have kids and you feel all alone. Don't even do somebody that injustice. Their value is more than your needs.

Perilous Times & The Heart Motives of Fallen Man

➡ 1:23:25 - I'm in two different scriptures. I didn’t make it to 1 John. Last days, perilous times.

1:23:45 - Perilous times will come. Now you can still intercede and pray that things shift and people change and all that. But the Bible does say that perilous times will come. So everyone will face a level of what we're talking about here. And that's OK. There's actually a power and a sobriety, a sanctifying there. It's a good privilege to love.

1:24:15 - v.2 - For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, -

for men - it's general - men will be... It doesn't say they don't go to church. It just says men - meaning men, women, children, young and old alike. It's talking about people. It doesn't say people that aren't Christians.

1:24:50 - Complaining - Shows that we’re thinking of ourselves - Men will be lovers of themselves... - When you find yourself complaining, you've marked yourself as unthankful. We should be so thankful just because of the gospel alone - the fact that He came. If we would understand the power of Him coming and the thankfulness of Him rescuing us from darkness, it would just strip complaining right out of you forever. Because that spiritual truth alone is so powerful and dominating and overwhelming that it would take natural… The only reason we have the ability to complain is because we're thinking of ourselves.

1:25:40 - God’s not a complainer - He is love - If what I was saying wasn't true, God would be the biggest complainer there ever was. He would address you with issue after issue and it would crush you because he would be right in all these issues. And he has spared you any level of complaint. He has just called you to his own.  Why? Because God is love.

1:26:10 - Love - This is the definition of love, people. It's so that we treat one another like God has treated us. There is nothing less than that about Christianity.

1:26:25 - Excuses not to love - Contingent on others loving - And if you make it contingent on someone else and you say, “Yeah well, when she starts doing it, I'll do it.” You are way deceived and probably need to get saved from yourself. These are all rational, logical, common knowledge excuses that subvert the truth of the Spirit in our lives.

1:26:55 - When you say, “Well she isn't... Well you know, I don't see her... Well why is she...” Why are you even looking at her.  Look in the mirror. Get the log out of your own eye because you can't even deal with anything in her life until you're clean and free. Because if you're just, “Well what about her?” that becomes a justification and you find a misnomer in her life (inconsistency, error?) to give you permission to not address your own heart. What is that?

1:27:20 - But it's very common. That mentality is accepted and it's got to be driven away. I know that some of these messages don't seem real popular but I'll tell you what they’re life saving.

1:27:35 - v.2 - For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, -

1:27:40 - v.3 - Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, - unloving and unforgiving.

1:27:50 - Live from God’s mercy and forgiveness - If you stay in touch and in communion with God and His love and the forgiveness of God you will walk in forgiveness. If you stay in touch with mercy you will be a very merciful person. If you lose sight of the mercy that saved you, you will fail to give mercy. The Bible says that judgment is without mercy and those that give no mercy receive no mercy - James 2:13.

1:28:05 - Becoming the very thing you are judging - In other words you stepped out of mercy and you find yourself becoming the very thing you're judging. The attitude you take on when you point out the faults in others is the very thing that you're accusing and judging. And the thing you're found in is the thing you're accusing. And all of a sudden you just look exactly like what you're pointing to and don't even realize it.

1:28:30 - Thesis lady -  I had a lady come to me one time who was doing a thesis. It was a spiritual topic but it wasn’t Jesus. Someone had told her to come interview me. “He’s the most open minded man that I’ve ever met.” She was referring to the love and mercy that I would show to people and not the legalism. But as far as the way, the truth, and the life - I’m probably as rigid and narrow as anybody you have ever met.

1:29:35 - I was her final interview for her final project. So what she had established in that room was what she was going to go with. But I love people way too much to sugar coat and soft pedal the gospel.

1:30:00 - I am very open hearted and very wide open minded when it comes to people's value, their destiny, their potential... and she's just she's writing notes and she's just pleased. And I said, But as far as the way to arrive there and approach there, I'm letting you know that I'm about as rigid and narrow as you can possibly get because there's one way and his name is Jesus. And the reason is, is because he modeled love and he modeled what man was created to be.

It's not a legalistic thing -” Well, if you don't come through Jesus you don't come at all.” It's not beating you with a stick and bashing you with a Bible. It's because Jesus was the model. He came in the flesh as God. That's impressive. God must be trying to get our attention. If God would come in the flesh and say this is what you were created to look like, this is what you were created to live for and he's the eye of the needle, honey, and we go through him back to the Father…

1:30:55 - And she is rattled. She brings up a liberal question. ...Are you're telling me they're all going to go to hell? I just kept addressing these questions and why she's asking them. After 10 minutes of speaking graciously to her - in love. And all of the sudden she turns vile and is just lashing...

1:31:30 - And I said Honey I thank you, for being the very living model for your thesis and the example of everything I'm talking about. Do you see what's coming out of your heart right now towards me, a man that loves you and is talking to you - I'm not even fighting with you? I'm just sharing my simple belief and you would just as soon crucify me. Do you see why he came? Because of what's coming out of your heart.

1:31:55 - I said Honey, you have no ability to love. You are fallen. You are just trapped in knowledge but your heart is bankrupt. She was just literally trembling. Got up. Let me pray for you. That’s OK. That’s OK. Thank you. And she was gone. I called the whole office together and said I'm not going to get in any detail. We prayed from the heart.

1:32:25 - The judge looking like what was judged - But she demonstrated my very point. Because everything she was accusing Christianity to be, she was manifesting in viley describing and demonstrating out of her own heart - that and way more. It was amazing.

1:32:45 - It’s not about being right - And exposing wrong - If I just had a need to be right in her life and showcase her wrong, there would be no grace on that. That would just be a debate and a human war. That would be the bash of knowledge. And all of the sudden I set her in her place.

1:33:00 - Thesis Lady (cont.) - After we prayed, I remember going to my office closing door and weeping at the honor of pouring out my heart to that lady - that she picked me for her thesis. And I thought God if she doesn't finish that project or even write that or put anything down I just thank you for this encounter and impartation. I just thanked God for His love for her because honestly, I believe He sent her to me on purpose - because he knows what's in my heart and knew how I would handle it. And he knew that I wouldn't debate with her.

1:33:50 - She was so affronted by the truth of the gospel, she was so convicted it was scary. I was actually surprised she didn't cry and repent. Because she was so realizing the condition of her heart. And I slid towards her on my chair and said, “let me pray for you. Listen we all must be born again. It's the most beautiful message on the earth. It's not some legalistic hate message to the world. I said it gets us free from all the stuff that we think is us.” And I'm going in for the kill - literally the kill - because I want that to die.

1:34:00 - And she ran out of the room. Who knows that that can all die? Who knows the kingdom is seed form? And Jesus is amazing.

1:34:50 - Participant’s comment - Breaches in your armor. Armor of God. Prov. 25:28.

1:35:25 - The armor of God - Do you understand the armor that he's talking about? Eph. 6:10-18 The armor represents the finished work of Christ and your solid identity through his finished work - who you've become because of who He is. So when you fail to wear that - when you fail to see the purpose of the Son of God... like Paul said, to lay a hold of that which Jesus laid hold of me for - Phil. 3:12. There was an intent in Jesus laying hold of you. When you fail to lay ahold of that, you make yourself vulnerable to the enemy. You're actually unarmed and unprotected. There are  vulnerable areas whether it be your soul, your spirit, or whatever.

1:36:10 - BREAK

Perilous Times & Heart Motives

1:36:35 - Heart motives - The "why" behind your life - So this whole 2 Timothy - (perilous times) - thing that I turned you to, it just reveals the condition of the heart -  the heart motives. It determines how far and where you'll go. Brian and I were just talking on the break about heart motives. Heart motives are huge - the “why” behind your life. It determines how far and where you'll go. I mean the “why” is the ceiling - the “why” behind your life.

1:37:00 - Pure in heart - Who knows that there's such a thing as being pure in your heart - pure in your life. The pure in heart shall see God - Mt. 5:8. He even says that to the pure all things are pure - Titus 1:15. That means he's looking through love and believes the best in everything until he knows otherwise.

1:37:25 - Believe the best - Like I get in some pastoral situations where people bring situations to me and say, "Hey this is going on... That's going on..." "How do you know that?" "Well, I just believe it is." "Well did you talk to him?" "Well yeah, but they they keep saying, ‘no.’" And then they're telling me that it is and I say, "Listen you need to believe the best. And until something gets exposed or until time or wisdom or truth shows you something else you need to believe the best in things. And you’ve just got to let things unfold sometimes. You're going after tares and pulling out wheat along with it - Mt. 13:29. Once there's certain fruits, once something's exposed then you have a better voice to address it. But these things are paradoxes because sometimes we're so sure that it is a certain way and we get so passionate that our passion takes us to ahead of wisdom. And I think we've hurt each other on stuff sometimes.

Transformation without Striving

1:38:10 - Just be in love with God - Many motives will get removed - I don’t really need to go on with this list (2 Tim. 3:2+ - For men shall be...) any longer. I just want you to see that there's motives of the heart. There's unforgiving, there's slanderers, they're without self-control, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. Isn't that amazing. So if you really receive the love of God and are in love with God, I think these things, they get removed. You don't have to try to not be this stuff.

1:38:50 - You don’t have to TRY not to do things - We try to fix ourselves - Our Christian answer isn't to read this list and go, "OK, Oh my god, I see that in my life. I've got to try not to do that anymore." That's what we tend to do - try to fix ourselves and we say, "Ooh I'm not supposed to do that." No, just yielding yourself to Him - that communion relationship with God and being in love with him is what removes those things.

1:39:05 - Cursing removed - When I got saved I used to swear terribly at work. Now I never swore at home. I didn't swear in front of my wife and kids because I was a real good hypocrite. I had the ability to turn switches on and off. Like I would act certain ways at home and then I'd go to work and just act certain ways. It was terrible. But I cursed terrible at work because that made be fit in. And the more derogatory I talked the more popular you are. It's just weird. It was just bad. It's alright I'm changed. I'm not that way anymore.  Don't even try to picture it. It's gone. That man is dead. It was terrible.

1:39:40 - But when I got saved one of the things that fascinated my coworkers was this. They were like freaked out by me for one thing and they kept saying I was in a cult - that I got brainwashed. I used to tease them and say, "My brain is thoroughly washed. But there was nothing negative they could say about my life. They were just freaked out by it because it was so changed.

1:40:00 - Like I never told anybody I was a Christian. I never told anybody I had an encounter in the dairy isle. I never told anybody. But in four days they sent a guy into the bathroom to ask me what's going on in my life. And I didn't say one word about Jesus in four days.

1:40:15 - My disposition was so different and my nature was so changed that in four days my co-workers, that worked with me for 13 years, sent a guy into the bathroom on behalf of everybody else, and came in there to privately asked me, hoping that if it was all private that I would tell them. And their deep concern behind the scenes was that I had turned "holy roller." That's what they said, "I hope he didn't go holy roller on us." And then the guy approached me in a bathroom and asked me what's going on. "What do you mean?" "Come on man. For the last four days or so... You know. What's up? What's going on?"

1:41:00 - I said, "Well what do you mean? Give me an example of what you're talking about." He said, "Well for one thing you're so polite it makes me sick." That's what my co-worker said. And I said, "Well, polite is good." He wanted me to be nasty. He didn't want me to be sweet because to him that was wimpy. That was weak. My life though, was so changed.

1:41:25 - Life changes through knowing Him - Not through my effort - Now watch this. Was it possible in those four days to just bite my lip and be a different man. I became a different man through the motive and the true surrender of my heart and the motive -  the level of surrender - grace invaded every empty space. I gave myself. And He was my replacement.

1:41:45 - So they said to me a couple of weeks later they were talking about my life at lunch and opened up a conversation and I got to share with them and I never preached at them. I would just answer questions, the best I could, and I'd respond to them.

1:42:00 - Persecution - But I was free - But they would persecute me heavy. They'd  have little cartoon pictures drawn on the bulletin board every day about me. And on the intercom they would be changing their voices and saying stuff derogatory about me, making fun of me. I was persecuted and never felt it -  never even knew I was persecuted because I'm free.  So if a man doesn't understand something about my life and he mocks and scoffs. How can you mock and scoff at what I am and what's free in me?

1:42:25 - Others feared the persecution -  I had people that wouldn't get saved - that were so convicted but they wouldn't get saved because behind the scenes they saw how bad they talked about me. I met them later after I left the company and I met a guy at the March for Jesus.  Al marching for Jesus. What are you doing here? "I got saved. I was so convicted but I kept looking at how they treated you and I thought man I don't want that.  But I realized, wait a minute why am I holding my heart back from the Lord and what I know is right just because of them and the way they're acting. They're the ones that have a problem in this thing. Who cares if they persecute me, if I get right with God? So I went and got saved."

1:43:00 - The cost of persecution - But see, why would that make you insecure when you're talking to him and you walk away and the people talk behind your back? That's just finding strength in their own whatever. What does that cost you? Nothing. But why does it seem to?

1:43:30 - Cursing is not in me anymore - Not a New Year's resolution - Here's what they said in the cafeteria. They said, "Well man, we just don't understand how this all works." And I explained the gospel and salvation and getting born again. And I said, "Did you guys notice that I don't even swear anymore?" "We were just talking about that." "Yeah. It's not even a new year's resolution. And it's not like, well, if I'm a Christian I'd better not swear." I said, "My goodness, if I was like the way I used to be, and I was just trying not to curse, I just wouldn't  talk because of the threat of swearing. That's a new year's resolution - I'm not going to swear anymore. And then you're there talking and you get the word halfway out and you stop. That isn't what was happening. Here's what I told him. I said, “It’s just not in me anymore.” It was not a legalistic thing - "Well if you're a Christian you better not swear." I'm not even thinking that. But in my relationship I was in a place and I grew to a place where I was filled with Him and it just wasn't in me anymore. It's not even that I listen for that or watch that or if somebody swears and says they are a Christian like, "Oh my goodness!" It's something that you grow out of. You grow up into Him. That was an instant change in me.

1:44:45 - Missionary - Drinking and smoking - It’s just not in me - I heard a man, a missionary to Africa years ago and never forgot it. He was at York Christian Fellowship and he was a guest speaker and he said, "Man when I got saved I used to drink real bad and used to smoke and used to do all this stuff." But he said, "I never tried to quit. He said I never tried to stop doing that stuff." And I was listening wondering where he was going with this. He said, "I just got in love with Jesus and I just stopped. It  just wasn't there anymore." And when I heard him say that I could relate to it because that's how it was with me and with the swearing.

1:45:30 - All things are new - Old passes away - No striving involved - So when I preached that out to my coworkers they were like, "Oh my gosh." Because I was telling them that all things become new. Old things are passed away - 2 Cor. 5:17. So your identity in Christ, your surrender and your motive means everything. That's what purifies and cleanses your heart. The beauty of the message - transformation - born again.

1:45:45 - Just keep growing in your love with God - So when you read this list (2 Tim. 3:2+) you see at the end, lovers of pleasure - that means feeding their flesh, lovers of flesh and pleasure - rather than lovers of God. Which tells me the simple answer is just keep growing in my love with God and I'll never be found on this list. Not because I'm trying not to be on it. It's just not part of the kingdom. It's not part of Him.

1:46:20 - It’s not about do’s and don’t (legalism) - It’s about knowing Him - Christian mule joke - There's an old Christian joke for teaching on legalism and and do's and don'ts and should and ought and need to. And he said the two farmers were leaning on the fence and he said, "Hey Fred, I heard you became a Christian.” The other one said, "Yep." "Well what makes you a Christian?" He said, "Well Barney, I don't drink no more. I don't smoke and I don't run with the women." And other farmer looked and said. "Well then I guess that makes my mule a Christian." Because it's not about do's and don'ts. It's about knowing Him.

1:47:00 - Just be in love with Him - It’s not about not doing this or not doing that. No, Christianity is you're in love. You've yielded yourself to Him. You've died to yourself and who He is becomes one with you. And then the manifested fruit of that is certainly apart from this list (2 Tim. 3:2+). So if you're a Christian do you still do those same things? Probably not. You grow to a point where those things change.

1:47:20 - Lady smoking as leading Bible study - I told you about the lady leading the home group and the whole smoking thing and how that changed but that was a year down the road. In her intimacy, in her growth that changed. See we don't understand that. We're do's and don'ts more than you realize.

Repentance, Mercy & Godly Sorrow

1:47:35 - We haven’t grasped repentance, mercy and godly sorrow - And I don't even think we understand repentance and we think just because somebody did wrong they have to pay. No, you need the discernment to see where godly sorrow is found. And if there's true godly sorrow in a person's life it doesn't matter how bad they hurt you. You see what predominates sometimes? "Yeah, but you don't know how bad you hurt me." They are trying to apologize - wishing they never did what they did and there's no way they can retract it and they're horrified at the ability to do what they did and they're broken inside and they haven't slept and they cried all night and they meet you and they're trying to say "I'm sorry" and it's the best they can do because they can't change the action and the best we can do is, "Yeah well, I will forgive you but you don't know how bad you hurt me.” We do that. And then the thing is still very much alive and so are we.

1:48:30 - God wasn’t hurt and offended with us - If it sounds silly with Him it ought to be silly with us - Could you imagine going to your altar to repent and God meeting you at the altar crying saying, "Well, you really broke my trust. You really hurt me. I thought you knew better and then you did it anyway." Could you imagine God talking like that?  It actually sounds silly doesn't it? Well it ought to sound silly then if we do it, because we're made in His image. And we're one with him. See, it doesn't sound silly when we're in the equation because there's a way that seems right to a man but when we put God in the equation it's funny. And it shows how far apart we see ourselves from Him. Well if it sounds funny with him in the equation it ought to sound funny with you in the equation because you're created in God's image. Want a good look at Jesus? Look at in the mirror.

➡ 1:49:50 - OK. Let's back up to Corinthians real quick. We were in 1 Corinthians 13. And I just side tracked to the "perilous times" thing for some reason. I'd have to get the tape to even know why I went there.

Clarifying Comments - Altar Calls & Identity

1:50:30 - I’m not against altar calls - Just don’t surrender identity - And I have a couple of comments I want to make clear so you guys understand. When I shared my heart on on that counterproductive weekend and the altar call thing - I'm not against altar calls. It's not wrong to be in a service and have a certain conviction of something and feel like you need prayer. What I'm saying is don't just surrender your identity to every message you hear because of the way it's been or how you feel. Just take the truth then and let the truth readjust you. That's your altar call - where your identity is concerned.

1:51:00 - We can make it look like God is moving - Truth makes you free - There is a way you could preach in the church. And have massive altar calls all the time and actually make it look like God's moving. And the church actually would run to it and run to it and run to it. And you're just going in a circle. It's a merry-go-round. Truth makes you free.

1:51:20 - Be hungry but in the light of right identity - When I made a mention about Bill Johnson and the African-American pregnant women and being the first to the altar, there's a truth to that - being hungry and seeing God in a person's life  but you're doing that all in the light of right identity. You're not throwing your identity away on your trip to the altar.

1:51:45 - Unhealthy reliance on touches of God - Is there a time where God will sometimes come down and touch someone and affirm someone and just say, "I really love you." I really love you and manifest that love. Absolutely God will do that. But to preach as if that's what we all need and we need to continually have that or we're not OK and for you to submit to that as if that's true that's where he'd get into trouble. Because this affirmation when it comes from God is designed to keep you looking at the cross and the finished work of Christ and he's just affirming you in the midst. And sometimes God will touch people like that.

1:52:20 - Preaching that subverted identity - So I'm not against altar calls and I'm not trying to get you to have some condemned thought of going to the altar. It was counterproductive preaching. You'd had to have been at that weekend meeting. It was a counterproductive spinning in our identity weekend, where at the end of the weekend you actually have had to question what was established.

1:52:45 - The gospel moves us to freedom - Not into bondage - Because this gospel is intended to set us free. We can live without fear and worry because Jesus said to. If He says, "Do not worry," can you live without worry? If he says, "Do not fear," can you live without fear? So if you grow to that place are you lying if you don't have fear in your life? So let's not assume that we're all still bound - come and pray to get free - but you are always going to be bound.

➡ 1:53:10 - That's all I was addressing. So there were a couple comments (over the break) and I thought I'd better just make that clear. It's not wrong to go to the altar but just don't do it at the cost of identity. Know that the truth is what makes you free.

Dependence on Touches from God

1:53:25 - Participant's comment - ??Things that are hinder growth, keep us from moving forward, cause us to backtrack, lack of maturity - grievous.??

1:53:45 - Yeah. Is there is there is a grieving there.

1:53:55 - Unhealthy reliance on touches from God - Right. And is there an initial time in your life for God to expose that or accommodate you, almost in a sense, to just nudge you. Remember how I talked about grace and certain feelings as a pat on the heiny to go forward. There is grace like that in our lives but it's with the intent that we grow up into him in all things, not become dependent on the pat of the heiny. So there's a place of growing and maturing.

1:54:20 - Live by faith - not feelings - And a good barometer for it is if you're teaching yourself to live sensual or by faith. God can touch you sensually if he wants to. He's totally able to do that. And it's cool. I like feelings. I just don't live by them.  But I like them. They're fun. I like it when God touches me and cuddles me but I'll don’t live by it.

1:54:44 - Spiritual drug addict - Living for the spiritual high - If a whole day went by and I didn't feel God cuddle me, I would know that I'm cuddled and I'm loved. And I would feel and experience that love in my heart because it's true and established. One can become a fix - one can become a spiritual drug addict almost, in a sense. You're just living for the high live and you ought to be high because He's (who He is and did what He did).


➡ 1:55:05 - OK enough on that. 1 Corinthians 13...

1:55:10 - v.1 - Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. -

1:55:15 - v.2 - And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. - This list is amazing - what he's talking about because I shared this a while back in this school: if we fit those categories in the church we become Christian heroes.

1:55:45 - ...but am not love, I am nothing - Now this isn't for you to weigh and judge others this is for you to look into your own heart and pursue love.

1:55:55 - So I'm not going read this whole chapter but I want you to see this...


Apart from Love - The Motive is Self-Serving

1:56:00 - v.3 - And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. -

It looks noble but apart from love the motive is self-serving - Why? Because if you don't do something like that - that sounds like service, surrender, sacrifice. Sounds like a good and noble thing but if it's not for love it's for yourself or your own name or a name for yourself or a legacy to yourself. And it says that if you do that and not for love it profits you nothing. Why? Because if it's not for love it has to be for something else.

1:56:25 - Monuments of man - But men will remember it. And men will make you an icon and men will build you a statue and then put a plaque in the center of their city for you. But when the trumpet blows everything that's not in Christ and from Christ that through Christ gets swallowed up. So that's the end then. That's not a legacy. Do you understand that people do things motivated for certain esteem from one another. They want to make a name for themselves.

1:57:00 - So at the end of their life they could do something like pour all their wealth into a certain thing or something, but their motive in their heart could be so that men talk well of them and men make a plaque of them and men put their face on a statue in the city and say this is in memory of so-and-so, what a man.

1:57:20 - Such monuments have nothing to do with the kingdom - It had nothing to do with the kingdom - nothing to do with love. It's actually self-centered and I'll go to the extreme to draw that attention, affirmation to myself.

1:57:30 - Apart from love - The motive is self-serving - This is the stuff he's talking about. How else could you give everything to the poor. And it not profit anything when God is all about giving to the poor? So when you do it without love, when you do it apart from love, then you have to be doing it for something self serving.

Perilous Times - Love Waxing Cold

1:57:45 - Participant comment - Love waxing cold - agape love - our love waxing cold for God.

1:58:15 - Love waxing cold because of trials - Right. Well, and if your love would wax cold in any way... See it's brother against brother. There's all kinds of trials. It's that perilous times where he's talking about their love waxing cold. It’s in Matthew 24:12.

1:58:35 - Waxing cold towards God - Waxing cold towards man - But what is what is that (what does that mean)? You can take start taking things personally -l take the brother against brother personally -  take hurt -  take affliction into your heart from others. All that stuff and all of a sudden the whole purpose that you're born again is wax cold - whether it's this way (toward God) or this way (toward others) it's all the same actually. Because you can't have one without the other the intent of this (relationship with God) is this (becoming love towards others).

1:58:50 - But in Matthew 24 it's talking about men living in perversion and injustice and persecutions and  people rising against one another. It says that these things are all going to rise up and through it the love of many (will wax cold).

1:59:10 - Let these scriptures keep you sober - So you have to make sure that... I used to read those scriptures not in fear. I used to read the Scriptures for a season just to stay sober and yield in a certain line of prayer and just thank God that I wasn't in that many (testings). And my life is surrendered to you. And it doesn't matter I'll turn the cheek and I turn the other cheek and the other cheek God. And I just thank you I’ll live for your love. I would affirm that and proclaim that in my bedroom when you weren't looking. I would do that all the time reading those scriptures - finding myself on my knees and affirming that and letting God just build his kingdom in me with understanding so that these things weren't just my message but my reality. It's a big deal. That communion and union with God.

* * *

2:00:00 - v.3 - And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. - Sounds like a hero to me. Look what love does... This is Bible love now. This is God's definition. This isn't human, “I love you.”

Love is Long Suffering

2:00:15 - v.4 - Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, -

Love suffers long - How long? Wow. I hear that a lot. “Well how much am I supposed to take? Well when is God ever going to touch them and change them? Well why are you talking to me? Why don't you correct them? I feel like you're always correcting me. Why don't you sit my husband down and talk to him?” “Because he's not asking for counsel. You are. And he's not the focus you are because he's not here.” Don’t even come to me if you are not serious because you will get offended.

2:00:55 - Look at yourself - Not at your grievance list - I’ll be talking to one spouse and then I will go to the other and they're like, “Wait a minute.” And they have the whole list of grievances. And they say, “Well why is this all about me? What about them? And I say, “I've already talked to them. You didn't even hear that conversation.  I'm not talking to them. I'm talking to you.” Why is it about them. I don't need your grievance list.

2:01:15 - God’s grievance list - What if God wrote a grievance list? You know he doesn’t? Because he loves you. Love brings out the best. He's not writing a grievance because he loves you. And the goodness of God is what changes you.

2:01:30 - Shorten your grievance list by loving them - Do you want (your) grievance list to get smaller? Stop highlighting it and beating them over the head with it and start loving them and showing them that their life's more than what they’re living. And watch that list get smaller.

2:01:55 - If it doesn’t get shorter - Love them anyway - “What if the list doesn't get smaller pastor?” Where has love ever failed?Where is it ever contingent on the list getting smaller? Show me where God ever changed his mind about you. If you can’t find it in Him, it shouldn’t be found in us. He said, “Follow me.” Don’t you let the way that seems right to man sneak in and eat your lunch.

2:02:30 -  - v.4 - Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, - Love suffers long. It's kind. Doesn't envy. Doesn't parade itself around. And it's not puffed up.

2:02:50 - v.5 - Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; - Does not behave rudely. It doesn't seek its own. It's not provoked. And it thinks no evil.

2:03:00 - v.6 - Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth; - It does not rejoice in iniquity. It rejoices in the truth. Do you see what the love upholds and takes its pleasure in? Not exposing and highlighting the iniquity. Not making much of the problem. But much of the answers.Iit's amazing.

2:03:15 - v.7 - Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. - Bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

2:03:25 - v.8 - Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away. - Love never fails.

2:03:40 - He told us to all want to prophesy - desire prophecy - and labeled that the best gift. Sometimes we fail to see this - Love never fails. But where there's prophecy it will fail - tongues they're going to fail too and cease. But I'll tell you what never fails - Love. It never failed.

2:04:00 - I’m not making light of prophecy. Prophecy through the Spirit of Love is an amazing thing. But it’s love that remains.

Love and Gifts

Chapter 14 verse 1.

2:04:10 - v.1 - Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy. -

Pursue the gifts and the giver - You better believe it says desire spiritual gifts. People say, “Well I'm not pursuing the gift. I’m pursuing the giver.” It sounds spiritual but he said desire spiritual gifts. So absolutely I want the gifts flowing through my life. “I don't want the gift I want the giver.” Well of course we want the giver but we want the gifts because they empower us to manifest the giver.

2:04:30 - The Bible says, “Desire spiritual gifts.” But remember, before you desire spiritual gifts, pursue love. Because you want every gift to flow out of love orr it takes you back to verses 1, 2 and 3 of chapter 13.

2:04:45 - You don't just want the gift of faith. You want love. And through love the gift of faith is remembered as a legacy and produces good fruit.

2:05:15 - Go to James 3. “This kills me.” This is designed it to kill you. The whole gospel is designed for you to die.  When God sent His Son, He said, “I'm going to kill them yet.” It's beautiful.

The World’s Portrayal of Good, Evil, Power, Sophistication & Love

2:06:10 - Jesus is so amazing. He comes. He’s love. You know people paint pictures of little birds sitting all over Him. But you don't understand the world will depict…

2:06:25 - The world's twisted portrayals of good and evil - Did you ever watch a cartoon where an angel popped up on a shoulder and a devil on the other. And the devil's acting forceful and the angel is acting whimpey? They portray good as wimpy. And love is whimpey and power is so twisted and conveyed.

2:06:45 - Look at the way you're subtly trained your whole life to see what awesome and macho and power is. Here's Jesus going in. He could call on legions of angels to come and ain't nobody messin with nobody then. It's ridiculous what that picture could have looked like if Jesus isn’t love.

2:07:15 - And those Pharisees that were so arrogant. If Jesus would have taken to heart like we take to heart their disposition that could have been an amazing scene. But we're almost taught that that's cool our whole life.

2:07:35 - Movie portrayals of power - You know, you’ve got you got James Bond, Bruce Lee - people that that are attacked in movies. And there's unstoppable people. And power is to just wreck everybody and break everybody and move everybody out of the way. And now they’ve got 40 people coming at the them to no avail. Wow, they are awesome. To fight and defend and kill and you can't get to them even when it looks like someone is sneaking up on them. How do they know? 6th sense. Oh they are my hero. Our whole lives - that's what was portrayed. I mean action packed nonsense.

2:08:20 - The little sinister man gaining power to rule the world. And power was to manipulate to be somebody. Power was to rule and have men submit to you.

2:08:40 - Kingdom power is opposite - And it's the extreme, dramatic, extreme total opposite in the kingdom. So Jesus comes like a lamb. And he's not respected. Pharisees mocking him at the most powerful point of his ministry - the most powerful aspect of his life and ministry as a man - while He's hanging there beaten and becoming sin for mankind. The best they can do is mock him and say, “You saved others. You can't even save yourself. You're a loser. You're a wimp. If you really somebody come down from the cross. Call on God and see if he'll come and save you.”

2:09:25 - “I've already called on God. He's about to come to save you.” That's in Jesus's heart. He wasn't here to be the hero like man thinks of a hero. He was here to model love. And it's the total extreme opposite picture that you and I have been brainwashed into of what it is to have power, notoriety, prestige, sophistication. It's all a lie.

2:09:50 - Sophistication basically means a lack of innocence, by the way. So don't be in such a hurry to be so sophisticated. Because that's the fall of man - lack of innocence - the knowledge of good and evil with the ability to fulfill that knowledge.

2:10:15 - James 3 Let's go there.

2:10:20 - The world’s portrayal of love - Sentimental, passionate, sensual - Isn't it amazing. That that whole portrayal - that turning the cheek - that going the extra mile is portrayed as wimpy and weak and it's the strongest position on the planet. It's called Love. We've turned love in the sensualism and passion and heat and “I love you” and romance. And we just get into the eros side of things and we fail to see the giving of your life for one another. Because that whole passion and heat and “I love you” can be devastated and broken just as quick. It's like a switch.

2:11:00 - Did you ever notice how somebody can be passionate and intimate and full of heat at night. and “I love you” and in the morning say something derogatory and almost act like they didn't care and that the person wasn't worth anything. But they sure were worth something a little while ago. We’ve become self-serving people. That's what we've become through the fall. And it's time for change.

2:11:20 - Participant’s comment - Kindness is equated to weakness.

The World says, "Stand for Your Rights!"

2:11:35 - Not standing is weak - It's totally scripted that way by the enemy our whole lives to brainwash us into that lie. Rightness is right. For somebody to not stand for their rights is weak - is denial - is intimidated - is vulnerable - is a coward.

2:12:00 - Lawsuits on every commercial - finding a way to get money at the expense of others - standing for your rights. Standing for your rights - I can’t tell you how extreme dramatically opposite the kingdom is than what we are raised with and what's all around us right now more than ever.

2:12:35 - If you don’t stand - You need help - To not stand for your rights is not a cool thing. Makes you a coward. People need to come and minister to you. The psychology of the world needs to come and straighten you out and put backbone in you. Get you to stand up and face your enemies. Stop being a pushover and a doormat.

Jesus - Not a Doormat

2:13:00 - Is that what Jesus was? Do you think he was a doormat? Cut me a break. Nobody walked over him. He laid down his life.

2:13:15 - Strength to lay down His life - I would have loved to have been there to see the Roman guards when they mocked him and they beat him to a pulp and they can't even tell he's a man. But yet don't have to restrain his hand and hold it down to nail it and just watch it freely lay there. I promise you they never took a criminal and a thief and had him just willingly yield their hand. There's no way they had to fight his hand or it wouldn’t have been scriptural. There's no way they had to hold him down to nail him. I believe he laid on there.

I believe stretched his arms open wide and said, “I love you.” There's no way they used force to put him on that cross. Don’t you tell me that’s weak. That’s phenomenal.

2:13:50 - Why He did it - He knew what it would mean - He did that so the Spirit of God can live in you today. So that one day your eyes would open and see - God knowing that we'd be blind until that day but knowing that that day would come if we just yield and say yes. So a seed came into the ground by faith knowing that it could produce after its own kind again and again and again til the glory of the Lord would cover the earth.

2:14:25 - So let's preach the gospel from that kind of understanding and strength - Let’s make that Gospel more than a trip to heaven. Let's make that Gospel more than a blessing from the Lord. Let's make that gospel the reason for a transformed life and a different why and motive for even living. That the integrity of the Gospel. God forbid it just be a hope of a better day. No, it's the promise of a transformed life where living for me is over. Living for His glory is what I was created for. That's where you find true peace. That's where you can sleep well at night.

➡ 2:15:05 - James 3 - I'll close with this. Tomorrow we'll go to 1 John.

➡ 2:15:35 - James 3:13 - I'm going to verse 13. We could read the whole chapter and all get born again. Look at verse 1.

Motives of Teachers

2:15:50 - v.1 - My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation. -

2:16:00 - Teachers - God will draw people to you - Don't have a need to instruct people and counsel people just to make yourself feel like somebody. That's a scary place. Like giving people your opinion - piece of mind. It actually says, “Let not many of you become teachers.” So certainly don't be a self-appointed teacher. As you build truth in your heart and truth becomes your reality, I believe God will attach people to you and bring people to you at the right time.

2:16:25 - Who has ever noticed that as they were really growing in the Lord and getting more and more revelation they found more and more outlets or connectivity to where they could pour that into others and that just kind of increased in that way too? As it went this way (communion with God), they saw it go this way (loving others). There will be a grace thing.

2:16:45 - Motives - But it says, “knowing that we all receive a stricter judgment.” You know if I'm standing here and I just have a need to be right and a need to be approved by you or come up with some new thing to “wow” somebody or just teaching for any other reason than just believing that it's the ministry of the Spirit in truth, it's not a good thing. So you have to be very careful. That’s that “why” thing - that's that pure in heart thing. That's why we need to be secure in Him so that everything we do comes from that place of fullness - Eph. 3:19. Look at look at verse 2…

2:17:15 - v.2 - For in many things we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body. -  

Trust God to help you with what you say - We all stumble in many things. That means the tendency and capacity of our flesh is pretty weak and you can find yourself bumping into the flesh at any point, any time. Don't get thrown by it. Keep turning to the Father - letting Him make you stronger etc.. OK. It doesn't mean that you're wearing the identity of sin. Watch what it says here though. This is amazing that it says this because it goes on and on about the tongue in v.3 to v.12...

2:17:40 - Pure words - Mature and complete - He says we all stumble in many things. If any one does not stumble in word - because out of your heart your mouth speaks - Luke 6:45. Wow. So if any doesn't stumble in word, what's that mean? It means he's a perfect man able also to bridle his whole body. That means he's become mature and complete. He's following Him. If he doesn't stumble in word, he's a mature man. Why? Because his heart's been purified and perfected by the truth of the gospel - because out of your heart your mouth speaks. Does that make sense?

2:18:20 - The gospel purifies the heart - Out of the heart the mouth speaks - So the Gospel is designed to purify and transform your heart. And a purified, transformed heart will be revealed through the words that are spoken because you live from the inside out. Even though sometimes people try to live from the outside in. It's the inside out Clean the inside the cup and the outside will be clean - Mt. 23:26. If you don't clean the inside of the cup, something will be revealed on the outside, that there is cleaning that needs to be done.

2:18:50 - Jesus said that what a man speaks is what's in a man's heart. So if you don't stumble in word, it  means that your heart's been perfected by the Gospel. Do you see the purpose of God in that? That's a big deal.

2:19:00 - So let's look at verse 13 because this is talking to you saying…

Meekness - Controlled Strength

2:19:10 - v.13 - Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him shew out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom. - Who is wise and understanding among you. You need to read this stuff in a personal way. Like I say, don't read it for your spouse to locate where they are not-wise and don't read it for your neighbor. You read this stuff for you because it's talking about you.

2:19:25 - Meekness - Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show by conduct - not by bearing witness to himself - show by his conduct that his works are done in the meekness of wisdom. Meekness - mild, humble, gentle. I've always heard meekness described as a controlled strength. In other words, not an overbearing strength, not a haughty strength, not a proud strength.  It's the opposite of proud. The meek shall inherit the earth - Mt. 5:5. No need to be something in front of men. They just are because of who they are in God. It has a gentleness to it - a kindness. It's a controlled strength. It's not an overbearing strength. It's not a flaunting. It's not a, “Hey, look at me!” But it’s a very strong place.

2:20:50 - Meditating in the life of Jesus - Meekness - Look how Jesus walked in a meekness though he was the Son of God. Think about that. It is amazing. I sit and just think about that and it just so impresses me. I've sat on my bed for hours and just thought about the crucifixion and the way people were talking and treating him and yet he was the Son of God.

2:21:15 - I mean if He was even an inkling like we can tend to be, oh my goodness, you just call down fire, smoke somebody. Just let a little bit out of the box, just to give a right impression, just to hush the rest of the crowd, let somebody take a hit just to shut up everybody.

2:21:40 - Participant’s comment - Difference between meekness and milktoast.

2:21:50 - Its like a controlled strength. That was the best phrase I could ever come up with when I studied out the word. Did anybody get any other definitions? But that's the humbleness, gentleness, kindness... 2:22:00 - Participant’s comment - Your meekness is your degree of reliance on God.

2:22:15 - Meekness and humility - Humility receives - Pride resists - Right. Well that because that's a humbling factor that produces humility. Because your ability to receive from him... Humility receives. Pride resists. So a controlled strength - the ability to walk in godliness - in humility would be an expression of meekness. The meek shall inherit the earth - Mt. 5:5. They're not trying to be someone this way, as a man. They've become someone in Christ. And there's a total reliance and dependence on God because of humility. And it reveals a controlled strength. It's not a haughty thing. It's actually a very powerful thing.

2:22:50 - Controlled strength at the crucifixion - (Meditating in the life of Jesus) - I see Jesus at the most expressed strength of his whole life and ministry through that crucifixion. It’s just incredible to me. And the way they talked and treated Him - even the people... I'm still convinced in my own heart, that people that he actually healed were cheering on his death. I believe it was that crazy.

I know that the Jewish people shouted Barabas, not just the scribes and Pharisees. The people shouted Barabas. Don't think that He only healed in other cities and other places and not right there in Jerusalem because when He was in the late chapters of Matthew they were crowding Him and He was healing  - the blind and all kinds of miracles were taking place. And they were telling the kids to hush up and stop worshipping and stop calling him the son of David and he was doing all kinds of miracles and working healings.

2:23:50 - And then, in a short time they're all yelling Barrabas and crucifying the Son of God. Now I'm sure there could have been a few folks in the crowd saying, “No, don't kill Him,” but it sounds like there was mass deception. Sounds like there was chaos. Their souls were in consternation.

2:24:10 - He would do miracles and then leave and there was a great uproar behind the scenes. Is this man the Christ? How could he be the Christ? No man from Nazareth... Is He just a prophet? He's going to be from the house of David. And that was among the people, not the Pharisees.

2:24:25 - But yet He healed how many when He prayed for them? How many got healed? It's amazing.

2:24:30 - Participant’s comment - The one’s calling out for Jesus to be let go were overwhelmed by the ones calling out for Barabas.

2:24:45 - Right. Well it was a mass majority of course. I'm sure his own mother and and disciples and whoever would have been there that followed Him - a core group of people - I'm sure they weren't standing there deluded and deceived crying out. But but how many people saw him do good things and failed to recognize it is good because of the deception? Or just peer pressure conforming? Watch this...

James 3 - The Wisdom of This World

2:25:15 - v.13 - Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him shew out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom. - Who is wise and understanding among you, question. That's amazing. Who is wise? Who really knows what they're saying? Well let them show by the good conduct of their life that their works are done in the meekness of wisdom. Now look at verse 14 how confrontive and truthful this is. There's no middle ground here. Watch...

2:25:30 - v.14 - But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth.  - But if you have bitter envy and self seeking... strife, selfish ambition. Selfish ambition, self-seeking or strife in your hearts - where strife come among you - James 4. Where does strife come from -  when you argue and lust and you want and you can’t have and you just need to be right and need your way - that's where strife and arguments come from.

2:26:00 - ...bitter envy, self-seeking. If you have it in your heart don't boast and lie against the truth. In other words, be very careful that you just don't accept these things as “the way it is” and then proclaim to be something this way (?). Because you're actually boasting and lying against the truth.

2:26:30 - Don't just accept this as status quo and “It’s just the way we are, you know,” and then proclaim to be wise in understanding and confessing Christ - real quick to say you're a Christian. Sometimes people are so quick to say they are Christian because they're unsure of where they stand. Because it's saying here, who is wise and understanding - blow a trumpet, sound a horn and wave a flag and let everybody know how much you know. It doesn't say that it. It says, Let him prove it by his life lived.

2:27:10 - But if you have these other things in your life then your life lived is going to reveal that stuff. It says don't boast and lie against the truth. Don't say one thing and live another is what it’s saying. Now watch...

2:27:20 - v.15 - This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish. - This wisdom does not descend from above. Now who knows somebody could have something in their life that they're dealing with - that they're cycling in - it's violating them - hurting them and they see that it's not God but yet their heart's been captured by Him and they're in touch with Him even just pursuing Him. Who knows that's a whole different scenario? You're growing up into Him in all things - Eph. 4:15. God, I know that's not you. I know you love me...

2:27:45 - Change without striving - Remember about the guy that was smoking and the pastor that told him to thank God every time he lit up a cigarette - that he was delivered from the power darkness etc. etc.. And in a short time he just didn't even want it. But the whole time he was doing it, he felt like a hypocrite. And he was like, “This is insane. I am such a hypocrite.” What the pastor was teaching him was: stop trying to change yourself and be condemned in that process. Start agreeing with truth and let truth make you free even if it's not in agreement with your (life). Why? Because his heart qualified. He wasn’t looking for a way to stay the same and look like a Christian. He wanted change.

2:28:30 - Can you change yourself? I mean if you can we'll just pat you on the back. What more can we do? The bottom line is grace changes you. Watch this.

2:28:45 - This wisdom - what wisdom? The selfish, self-seeking, the boasting against truth, the bitter envy, the selfish ambition, the strife - this wisdom does not descend from above. Where did I come from? It's earthy. It's sensual. And demonic.

2:29:10 - Sensual mindset - The word sensual means belonging to the natural or physical, unspiritual. It is living in the domain of the five senses - concerned with this life only. Being sensual - being in common with lust, illicit desire, unclean practice and opens a person even to the demonic. You walk in the spirit and do not fulfill the lusts of the flesh - Gal. 5:16. It’s also unspiritual. It’s only concerned with this life. It can't see past today. It can’t embrace eternal truth because it doesn't have a bigger picture than right now and me myself and I. The Gospel is intended to deliver us from that mindset.

2:29:50 - v.16 - For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work. -

Don’t be blind or casual about your own selfishness - For where envy and strife or self-seeking exists confusion and every evil thing is present. You could have selfishness in your heart and not see it for what it is and just skim over it - go to church, worship Jesus, intercede and pray against the devil and even pray against the devil over your family, and then walk in the very attribute of the devil by remaining selfish. And then when the devil is found in your home - “why does God let him here? Why doesn't God drive him out. I prayed. Why is the devil in my home?”

2:30:45 - Selfishness vs. an act of selfishness - It is one thing to act in an act of selfishness - see it for what it is - have godly sorrow and purpose to let the Holy Spirit groom you and grow you beyond selfish practice. It is a whole other ballgame to not address selfishness and just accept it as the way everybody is and still proclaim Christ and stay selfish. You see the difference? There's a big difference between the two. It’s because we’re not preaching perfection and legalism.

2:31:15 - Selfishness is inconsistent with manifesting who He is - Motive of heart. You're not in the kingdom for you and to remain the same. You're in the kingdom to change and be transformed into his image and nature and manifest his glory - period. And if selfishness isn't addressed is a detrimental thing because every evil work is present. So you intercede and pray against the very thing that you're embracing and you're manifesting the very thing that you are praying for God to destroy. That's weird.

2:31:35 - Follow the convictions of Holy Spirit - Selfishness - Please don't be deceived into that. If you get a conviction in your life that there's a tendency of selfishness - that you're being headstrong - that you're trying to push and shove in your family for your own sake - and you're being controlling or whatever, please follow those convictions and get alone and express that for what it is and let that be separated from you and get your eyes on Jesus and thank God that you're in this family to manifest Him. Or you'll slowly feel sorry for yourself. You'll slowly get fixed on what's wrong with them. And you'll slowly find a reason, an excuse to remain the same and make it everybody else's fault. That's called issues. We don't need a life subscription to issues. We need the gospel delivered to our door.

2:32:30 - The wisdom from above. Let's look real quick what it is.

2:32:35 - v.17 - But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. -

Weak and wimpy? - Its first pure. That's amazing. Actually it's too late (class is running long). I’ve got to read... peaceable, gentle, willing to yield. Whoa. Sounds like a weak and wimpy place doesn't it? That's what we're taught to believe. Push over - just a pushover - letting people abuse you and use you. We’re taught that that's what that is.

2:33:10 - Partiality - Gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy. Good fruits without partiality. You're not just doing it for a certain loved one and closing the door on everybody else. That's bias. That's partiality.

2:33:25 - I know parents like  that. I have met with parents...They point out everything wrong with teens in the church and have no jurisdiction over their own child and the thing their own child does, it's like, not a big deal. But they're so bothered by everybody else's child.

2:33:40 - You be careful with that stuff. That is really not good. You have to be real careful over those snap judgments because you'll find yourself then in the same position with your own children a lot of times. “Aww... That's just ridiculous. I can't believe…” And a year later they find their own child in those shoes.

2:34:00 - Or just judging - just a haughtiness and you might be amazed at the stuff you can talk yourself into.

2:34:10 - Wisdom from above is first pure, it's peaceable, it's gentle, it's willing to yield, full of mercy, good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

2:34:20 - v.18 - And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

- Now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who want to be peacemakers. Let’s be peacemakers. Because the meek shall inherit the earth and the peacemakers are the sons of God - Mt. 5:9.

2:34:40 - Closing prayer - So Father we just thank you for your word. We thank you for growing us up into you in all things. And Father we're asking you to challenge in our lives every weak way and every way that's just right to a man every way. Even if we’ve been subtly exposed to what's called like a norm. If it's not you God we want to see it for what it is. And we're thanking you for the light that's in our lives. Our hearts are not to miss you but we're not on a legalistic tangent trying to nitpick and criticize and ridicule our own lives. What we're asking for is light. We're asking for the light of truth in our lives to expose all things because our heart is to run with you. That's all we're asking. We just want the light in our lives, so we see these things and run towards you. Father thank you for it. Thank you for it. Thank you. In Jesus’ name Amen.