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Day 20

0:00 - Jesus is my hero. The cool thing is is that He can be a hero to all of us if we see what He has done and accomplished. The cool thing is - He doesn't just want to be on a pedestal and honored in that way. No, He wants to reproduce Himself in us. That's like the coolest, most intimate thought of Christianity. It's Him in us. He humbled Himself. God has humbled Himself to consider the heavens and the earth (Psalms). He just wants to make all things one in Christ (Eph. 1).

Personal Relationship with God

0:45 - Draw close to God every day - Worship song - Draw close to God and commune with Him every day. Just from your heart talk to Him. When you first wake up, just commune. It's OK to drift back off to sleep. Maybe in the car. All those times are opportunities to get to know Him more - to exchange your heart - express your heart - thank Him for His love and how awesome He is.
2:00 - It's not just about knowledge of God - The last thing that we want to do is just acquire a bunch of knowledge. Knowledge without revelation - knowledge without knowing Him will start to have an adverse effect. Your conscience will start messing you up saying, "Well, you know all of this but it's not your experience." Or, "Yeah, you have peace with God (conceptually) but where is your peace (in real life)?" Knowledge can be a detriment without knowing Him. You will start living out of your knowledge and your knowledge will become your identity. Your knowledge can take the place of relationship. And the whole purpose of the knowledge is to introduce relationship.
2:45 - It's about knowing Him personally - So that is your part and my part - the level I enter into knowing Him, of communing with Him. You don't get to know one another without spending time together. Keep it that simple and let it be real.
3:00 - Draw near by faith - Even when it doesn't feel like He is there - "But He is invisible. It doesn't seem like He is there." That's why we live by faith. That's why we get to know Him. He's there and you will know that He is there. I like the whole thing about faith (living by faith vs. living by how I feel). It protects me from living sensual - what you see is what you get - living by feelings. That is what has messed us up our whole lives - living by how it seems.
3:45 - Participant comment - Passion of the Christ (movie)
5:00 - Now he is watching that movie with understanding and it's having a deeper impact. He is watching in a whole new light. I can't watch stuff like that without crying. It means so much now. Dean Jones - St. John in Exile - I've never seen anybody act out any thing like that in my life. I've never seen anything like it. Standing ovation for so long. Came out and started worshiping Jesus.
7:45 - The Visual Bible - The Gospel of Matthew - It's like reading the whole book. Actor asking Holy Spirit for help.
9:55 - Worship Song - I am a Friend of God -
15:00 - Respond to Him when He speaks through a song or the word - You can respond to that song. It's more than just singing. Remember how we meditated in the word? Responding to what He says in the word? Engage your heart. He is the Lord of Glory and yet He calls me friend. That song is my favorite. The door is wide open for worship:
16:05 - I am Yours. You love me with all that You are. You gave Your life for me. You have made me a friend. You have unveiled the mystery... And everything that the gospel has spoken becomes your reality in that place of worship.
16:20 - Worship benefits our hearts - It's not to build Him up - Sometimes we think we worship God for God (for God's benefit). But He doesn't really need to be encouraged. He loves us. I think that worship benefits us more than it ever does Him. It's more for us. God is amazing. He is as secure as you are ever going to be. He so knows who He is. So He doesn't need you to remind Him. It's not like we are going to sing to Him to refresh His heart. What it does is it keeps us refreshed in the truth of who He is. We worship Him in spirit and in truth. And I understand that we can please the Father's heart. You give your heart to Him and it's a connection and oneness. I understand that there is a blessing to the heart of God. But we don't worship Him to make Him feel better.
17:25 - Worship fosters God reality - Grace meets faith - Worship begins where the nature of God is known and the person of God is known. So as you declare that it becomes your bigger reality. God already knows who He is. Like Moses asked God, "Who should I say sent me?" "I am." "You are?" "Yeah, I am that I am - always was, always will be - I am." God knows who He is.
18:10 - Respond to Him when He touches you through worship - Enter in - Engage your heart with Him - So when you are worshiping and you get a song that starts speaking to your heart and the gospel is coming alive in you, man, express your heart in worship. Respond to it from your heart. It's not always with words but with your understanding. But out of your mouth make confession unto salvation. With your heart you believe. With your mouth you make confession. So entering in is a big deal. Just get personal. You are in love. You gave me everything. You hung on that cross Jesus so that I could live. I stand here alive because of you... And all of the sudden, it's just you and Him. It's so much more than a good song that is true. It becomes yours. You want everything to become yours. That's what He wants. It's the Father's good pleasure - it makes Him feel good - to give you who He is.
19:20 - Participant comment - The same God that spoke to Adam, Eve, Abraham, Moses, David now speaks to me.
19:40 - Don't be in a hurry - Let things be personal - That's the stuff you camp on - to let it get so personal - to where it hits home. Listen to how intimate that is in her heart. She's thinking about that stuff. He wants to talk to you. He's not, "What do you want?" Of Him we are in Christ Jesus. He pursued us through the cross. He came. He pursued us through the wooing of Holy Spirit. Don't let that stuff slip past. Don't be in a hurry. Catch the heart of the gospel.
21:10 - Singing to Phillips, Craig and Dean sound track.

John 1

22:00 - YESTERDAY - We looked at Jesus and what love looks like. We looked at John 1. The reason we were there - "In the beginning..." - let's finish up something that I wanted you to see...
22:40 - v.12 - But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: - "The right, power, authority" - Greek for authority & power - the right to become the children of God. This shows God's heart that we be one.
23:00 - We want more than doctrine - We want to know Him - You have to be very careful that this just doesn't become a doctrine to you and you just have sound theology or doctrine - because it will never hit your heart. It's when you exchange with Him the thought of sonship. When you exchange with Him through songs like we just played - sonship. When you get personal and intimate with God - to know Him is eternal life. Don't ever forget that. That's our pursuit - to know Him more. Then this will never be a doctrine.
24:05 - Living by doctrine - So many people live by their doctrine. It leads you into debates. Some people are really quick to throw their doctrine out there. I want good doctrine but I want peace of heart, peace of mind. I want sound sleep. I want to wake up with joy. I want to know Him. We don't want for just our ducks to be in a row where doctrine is concerned. I want it to be my reality.
24:40 - So how else is it going to be your reality? This is what we are going to talk about. The answer is simple in the sense of becoming love. We are looking at love. We are seeing what love is. Love is Jesus' life lived. Jesus' life is the expression of love.
25:00 - Jesus is the Father revealed - Jesus is the expressed image of the of the Father in His person (Heb. 1:3a - Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person,) The expressed image of His person - the Father. Colossians says He is the visible image of the of the invisible God. (Col. 1:15a - Who is the image of the invisible God,) So when you see Jesus you are seeing God revealed. And He is the living epistle of love. He is walking and living the heart of God. He went around doing good, healing all who were oppressed of the enemy.
26:00 - Participant comment on the Greek word behind image - icon. What we see when we see Him is God.
26:05 - Express image - in full - every detail without a doubt.
26:25 - In John 14 He talks to Philip and says, "Have you been with me so long and yet you don't know me?" Do you hear the covenant and oneness with the Father in that? He's talking almost like He is the Father. "When you have seen me you've already seen the Father." (John 14:9 - Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father?) It's like, "To know me is to know the Father." That's how precise He is talking there. "If you have met me, it's like you have met Him." Jesus is the Father revealed.
27:00 - Bill Johnson - If your theology doesn't line up to the life of Jesus. Change your belief.
27:15 - God has made an eternal statement through Jesus - Because in these last days He has spoken through His Son (Heb 1:2a - Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son). I understand that God speaks - that He is always speaking. But listen to what Hebrews says...God HAS SPOKEN. In other words, God through Jesus, has made the final statement. He has revealed it the way it is. So we are always going to be worthy. The door is always going to be open for redemption. He is always merciful - always loving - no shifting - no turning. God changes not. He has spoken. He has made an eternal statement through His Son. Truth is here to make us free.
27:50 - His love is sure and unchanging - It's not subject to change. It gives you confidence. Things shift and change all of the time. But you can always be sure that He will always love you. The door will never close. You'll never be thrown out - even a million years from now. He's never going to change His mind about me. He loves me. There is such a security in that. I'm in forever. I'm alive, I'll never die. I'm found - I'll never be lost.
28:50 - Communing as you think about these things - I think about that stuff - camp in it. I say that stuff out loud to God and affirm that. And His Presence touches my heart and bears witness to that (truth). And the Spirit of God bears witness with your spirit that you are a child of God.
29:00 - It's not just wishing or hoping but believing - Now if you are just walking around hoping you are or wishing that God would reveal that, you are way late on it. That bearing witness won't be realized. It's when you step in and start saying "yes" to every "yes" of God - when you start communing and saying "yes" and put on your robe and just look good in it and say, Wow, it fits perfectly. You made this just for me. I was made to be righteous. Then the Spirit of God bears witness with your spirit that you are a child of God. Why? Because you dare to believe that He wants you to be a child and that He has made you a child and you are in fact a child.
29:35 - Grace meets faith and bears witness to the truth you have believed - So as you agree by faith, grace comes on your life and bears witness that it is true. And you are not even concerned about being presumptuous.
29:45 - It's not presumption - So a lot of people who don't have that reality, hear what we are preaching and think it is presumptuous. Like, "Who do you think you are?" "I'm trying to tell you." And then they will say limiting things like, "Yeah, but that was Jesus." Yes, the one that said follow me and the same One who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in us and will quicken our mortal body. As the Father sent me I send you - John 20:21. He is the firstborn among many. And I am predestined to be conformed to His image. There are more scriptures... We can miss the message. So He gave us the right. He gave us the authority.
➡ 30:55 - I'm going slow so that you can see how much is in these verses - referring back to John 1:12. And we could go to any where in the Bible and do this. So please don't just be in a hurry to know what your Bible says. Hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.
31:10 - v.12 - But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: - You have to receive Him. You have to understand that He is the Way. He is the Messiah, your answer for redemption.
31:25 - Jesus is the truth about who God is and He is the truth about who we were created to be - He is the truth about your life and what your life is called to. He's not just the truth about the Father, He's the truth about you. He reveals what you are created for. He reveals what your life is predestined for. Without Jesus, your life would be an experiment - a guessing game - trial and error - survival. But now that He has come we understand why we are.
31:50 - That's why He is our everything. Why? Sometimes we think He is our everything because He can meet all of our needs - physically, financially - and we need Him. No, He is our everything because without Him we would have no true identity. I find myself in Him.
32:15 - It's personal now - That's why The Passion hits you so hard because you are getting the significance now and it is hitting you personally - where it's for you. The Father knows you. Papa loves you. It's not just a story for everybody - even though it is - but it's for you.
32:45 - as many - We are all in if we will just receive. There is no cut off there - as many as would receiver Him. There was a cut off for the registration of this school - 50.
33:00 - Disarming obstacles to faith - So anybody that tells you, "It's too late for me," "He couldn't accept me," has an answer in this scripture. Have these scriptures in your heart so that Holy Spirit can raise them up and challenge people and take them right to faith - to where everything else is just a mental excuse. It can let their heart know that it is right to receive no matter what I've done or how my life has been because the Bible says... All you have to do is receive Him and it makes you one of the many. You can walk people through this. You want to know scriptures like this because a lot of people have reasons in their minds as to why they can't be included - why this won't work for them - why it's too late. They are trying to talk themselves out of the truth that makes them free because they are so disheartened, discouraged or deceived.

Grace meets Faith to Transform

34:42 - Participant's comment - v.11&12
35:35 - How can we really "know" a truth in our hearts? - Watch what he is saying. He is saying that we can know that. And this is a big thing for a lot of us. "Man, I know that but I don't know that." There is only one way to know that. It's the simple way and I keep going over and over it. And there is no other answer.
36:00 - The narrow way - Leading to the broad place - It's good that there is no other way - a confined way - narrow is the way. You go through the narrow eye of Jesus - the way, and you get through the little peep hole into the broadest place that you have ever been in your life. You go through a narrow way call Jesus and enter into the kingdom.
36:30 - That "knowing" is solidified only through relationship - personal communion - Back to his comment - There is only one way of knowing... communion, meditating in the word - not just reading for head understanding... Who has ever read the Bible and know what it says and because it's not our reality get frustrated. It's not something you are waiting for to fall into your lap. That is how it is taught a lot. I don't teach it that way. It's all through relationship - (the "knowing" that you are seeking). [Example of seeing a truth in scripture and exchanging that with the Father out loud.] You are conveying your heart and saying "yes" - when nobody in the world is around. That's the key.
38:00 - Seek Him in the secret place - No other way to "know" those things - In the secret place - where it is just God and you - seek God in the secret place. And He who is in secret will see you there and reward you in the open. What are seeking? To know Him. What is your reward in the open? Knowing Him. Apart from the secret place - communion and expressing and exchanging with God in truth - I don't see any place where there is a grace that transforms us with revelation.
38:40 - Honor what He has said over how you feel - Here is the deal. You don't even have to feel like a son. The Bible says that you are made a son. Your mind might be struggling saying, "Well you are not a son." But at what point do you by faith - and this is the part we struggle with sometimes because we live by senses, sensuality, feelings more than we care to admit. That's where all of the "Yeah, buts" come from - where there is some other sense of something. But at what point do you honor the word above all? When you honor the word above how you feel, above the voice that is trying to speak into your head that is contrary... When you honor the word above (how you feel) and say I've settled it. This is the word of God. I've just settled. This is your word. It's life giving. It will never change. It's your word - all of it. I receive it as Your voice, Your heart, Your way. And you honor this thing like He magnified it above His name. You honor it above everything. "This word is going to change my life because I am going to receive it at face value. I'm going to receive it literally today - for my life today. And your mind is saying, "Yeah, but..." and your feelings are saying, "I don't feel..."
41:05 - Grace meets faith - No faith, no grace - You are saved by grace through faith. So grace works through faith. No faith, no grace. Is the grace still there waiting? Yes. But is it received without faith? No. So here is what makes it so powerful. This is what will cause you to be so in love with a man - because it is all by faith and not by works, lest any man should boast. When you release faith, grace is making you into, molding, shaping, sculpting you into the very thing that you are declaring and agreeing with that God said. And it is making you the finished product of the cross. It's beautiful. And then it's like "tada!" But watch, you've done nothing to change. You just came into agreement with that truth in the secret place - God meets you there where your faith is, in the face of how you feel, and grace starts sculpting and shaping and molding. The Master Potters hand is just (shaping you with His skill). So without faith there is no master craftsmanship.
42:45 - The clay only yields - All the clay does is yield. That's all it does. If the clay is not wet enough - if it is not pliable enough then they have to wet it down and set it on the shelf until it gets to the right consistency. Here's the key: you can be at just the right consistency now by faith. You don't have to sit on the shelf. You can be wet enough now.
43:15 - Give Him some faith to work with - Sometimes we think, "Well, God has got me on the shelf for a while, wetting me down." Get wet already. That just means be pliable, be workable. Give Him something to work with - it's called faith. "I believe what you say about me through the cross no matter how I feel." And then grace will come into that setting and begin to etch and mold and work and breathe away the sawdust and "Oh my goodness, what a masterpiece. It looks like Papa." But if there is no faith, there s no grace to transform.
44:10 - God loves us by giving us truth - Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word. And faith works through love. God so loved that He gave His love. So the word of God is God's love for us. He gave us the truth so that we could be free. How much does He love us? Oh, how He loves us.
44:40 - God so loved the world that He gave His only Son. Who was His only Son? The word made flesh. So God loved us so much that He gave us His word and manifested it through a man named Jesus. That's His love for you. He doesn't want you in the dark. He wants you in the light.
45:00 - Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word. Here is the devil's tactic: You read life giving stuff and the devil counters with sensuality, feelings and human wisdom, trying to subvert faith. Because if faith ever comes, grace comes. No faith, no grace.
45:30 - Grace meets faith in proportion - You can actually find in Rom. 12:3 that grace comes according to the measure of faith - For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith. - Rom. 12:3. The more that I flow in sonship - the more that I commune with God in the secret place, the more that He sees me there, the more that He rewards me in the open with what I am believing there (in the secret place).

Become the Word

46:00 - Through faith and grace become the word - And all of the sudden it becomes my reality. And here is what happens in your life. You start getting in situations and start responding differently than you ever have before when you were trying to apply a sermon. We are trying to apply what we've been taught as life comes. We are taking life as it comes and trying to pass through with what we've been taught. No, the word becomes flesh. You become the word. There is no fork in the road (no decision to make because you only see His way.) There is no, "Which way do I go?" - stop, look, listen - "What do I do now?" No, in communion and union with God, the word becomes flesh. And then as you get thrown into life you respond in the truth that you have become. That's called living by the Spirit.
46:50 - Become the word - Don't just apply it - I'm not saying that it's wrong to get into a situation and have to back up and apply something that you have been taught. But there is a higher place in the sense of becoming that word. I usually talk about my car accident. If that car crashes and I have to think, "OK, they call me happy Dan and pastor Dan. I preach on love and loving people. OK, I really have to reveal that right now." I am way too late. Now I'm trying to act something out and give myself to something that I'm already called to be.
48:15 - Matthew 7 - Wise Man - says that the wise man hears and does. Let's look at it.
48:40 - v.24 - Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: - Whoever - we are all in. We are all allowed to hear. And does them - that's not works that means responds to them in faith. Jesus has just spoken the whole sermon on the mount. And it's all about the position and condition of the heart - motives of the heart - condition of the heart.
49:30 - When we read the word and hear, from there, is it a choice - doing the word? -
Discipline of the spirit over the flesh through prayer - It's showing yourself diligent. Sometimes just shaking yourself and saying, "Soul, you are going after what your heart cry is." Paul said, "I buffet my body" - discipline. In other words, "I'm not going to let myself get slack and lax." I walk the floor, Father, I thank you that you have made me to be spirit and I live out of my spirit. And I thank you that my soul and my spirit have become one through the truth of Your word. You have renewed my mind. And I thank you God that I live out of my spirit, my soul is in agreement and my flesh says "Yes sir!" I've prayed that for years. Because I don't need my flesh dragging me around being the excuse of my life and saying, "No, I want to go over here." "Nope - <smack> - You are going with me." Here is another prayer that I have prayed a lot. Father, I thank you that my spirit is so willing and my flesh is strong because it's totally in agreement - spirit, soul and body - one before you - blameless until you come. My flesh is not a detriment. It has been crucified and raised up and redeemed in the sense that I am walking in oneness with You.
51:05 - The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak? - No, the flesh stays in line through prayer - Sometimes we get religious, "Well you know brother... Your spirit is willing but your flesh is weak." Jesus was only telling them that (for this instance where they were) apart from prayer. They were sleeping. He was saying, "Man, get yourself in a place of prayer. Your spirit is willing. You have good intention - good desire - but your flesh will drag you down and is a detriment if you don't keep that thing whipped through the realm of the spirit."
51:30 - The flesh - We give way too much power to the flesh, just even in our understanding of it and some of the ways we interpret the word. Like we feel like we have to be bags and balls of flesh. The flesh is crucified - spirit, soul and body blameless until His coming. The flesh and the spirit are contrary to one another. Why? We do not do the things that we wish. Why? So that we are dependent on Him and understand the working of grace and that He is the one that is glorified and our lives are surrendered and submitted because we were created to live by the Spirit of God which means the grace of God that flows.
52:05 - Our legacy involves the privilege of surrendering to Him - You are not self-made. It's a grace thing. You don't earn your righteousness. The honor and gifting we leave is a legacy. It's an honor to surrender and submit to His name so that grace can have it's way. Does that make us commendable? Yes. Is there a legacy and honor (to God) in that? Yes - a life surrendered - a life given up for the glory of God - trusting that this thing is real and that it's worth laying down your life and loving people and expending your life for the sake of His name and the sake of others. Will that be esteemed and honored in that day? Yes. I think we will be so humbled in the light of that - once we have lived out that life - we will be humbled at the privilege of being able to live this way. I don't even understand all of that. I just know it's going to be right. So sell out, surrender and put all of your trust in Him. And one day we will stand before Him and I believe that day will be overwhelming and indescribable. Can you imagine when He says, "Well done"?
53:50 - Waking up - Overwhelming - Lord laying on me - Gossip - "I'm really pleased with you." More than I could bear. Indescribable. What are you doing to me? Gossip going on about me in the church. Woman unloads on Dan right in the church hall. Let's work this out in a quiet place. Nothing I preached had anything to do with that gossip. I didn't project or protect.
58:20 - "Projecting" is sin - Projecting and missing what God has really called them to speak. It would be a sin to use this setting that I am preaching in to push my thoughts and issues and beliefs just in the way of man (my agenda). Or preaching to specific groups in the congregation, "I hope you are hearing over here." That would be sin. If I had an issue in my heart I should take it to the secret place and make sure things are at peace. Not preaching with passion and fire hoping that you are listening. The way things appear and the way things really are can be very different.
1:00:10 - Waking up (cont.) - So that one little experience waking up will be minuscule compare to that day - before His throne.
1:00:20 - "That day" will be an experience beyond anything we've experienced.
1:00:35 - So you go to prayer when something bad happens to keep it from coming out through your preaching? - Become the word through communion - What you are believing becomes your reality - No, What I am saying is that the more that I the call of God in my secret place - why I am a Christian - that I am to become love and take on the nature of of God - die to myself - You love me - I'm a son - I am righteous - all of these truths - they become my reality. So that when I am touched with injustice, it's not a shock to me. I don't have to regroup. I don't have to go quickly and pray in tongues in the bathroom and get a grip on my emotions so that I can face the situation. That's how we are caught living a lot of times.
1:10:42 - So when crisis arises, the Jesus that He has been shaping and molding responds - So what I am saying is... Matthew 7 will answer this. There is a place to become the word that when you get thrown into the situation, the gospel will defend you. A lot of the times we get thrown into the situation and run to the gospel for help to try to get a grip on the situation. That's why we lose a lot of battles. Because we are running to the gospel when crisis hit - trials, challenges - and we run to God for a response or answer when we are to already to become the word made flesh. When we are pursuing the gospel all of the time, when crisis arises the gospel responds through our lives. Because faith is released faith is released in that (secret) place and grace is etching you and molding you. So then what responds in the situation looks like Jesus - without trying to apply the last sermon I preached (heard). Without "OK, OK, I've got to forgive. I've got to forgive." That's not what we are talking about. We're talking about walking in a place of forgiveness where you are not touchy and you don't have those issues.
1:03:00 - Here is what I want you to see...
- v.24-25 - Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. - "Built" - something is already built.
The grace period - a time to prepare and get something built - "And the rains came" - There was a grace period to hear and do and have something built before the rains came. So as you are hearing, the storm is not yet raging. There must be some kind of sovereignty in this. God brings His message to your heart and there is some kind of sovereignty keeping the enemy from washing that thing out. And God is giving you some kind of time frame - whether it is a day or three weeks or a year. I don't know. But you are hearing and you are wise if you become what you've heard by entering in and saying "yes".
1:04:35 - Doing what you have heard - "Doing it" doesn't just mean baking apple pies for the neighbors - although that is good. "Doing" means saying "yes" to every "yes" of God. When He says you are a son, be a son. When He says you are forgiven, then walk forgiven. When He says you are loved then go ahead and be loved. You hear the word of righteousness and you wear it. That's the doing side.
1:05:00 - Build the house by accepting by faith in the secret place, everything that the word says - It's not just conditions and commandments and love your neighbor and give to the poor and pay your tithes. That's all part of doing the word too but you can't cut it off there. "Doing the word" is becoming everything it says you are by faith, in the secret place. That is how you are building the house. He's talking about building a house. He's not talking about earning merit.
1:05:25 - Building the house is about establishing your identity - So if it is building a house, it's talking about establishing your identity - establishing who you are because of Him. You are hearing the word - hearing these sayings and you are allowing your heart to be brought into the right position to live all of these things.
1:05:40 - All of these things are issues of the heart - the sermon on the mount. It's the position and condition of the heart. It's living from a selfless place. It's storing up treasures in heaven because you are not coveting for yourself here on earth. He said, "You say... but I say..." so He is changing the language by which we live.
1:06:05 - So when you hear the word and do it, you are likened unto a wise man and you've built your house on the rock. You established the truth and the truth is now in position to keep you free. And THEN the rains came...
1:06:40 - Do you heart the window of grace for you to become the word? You have that opportunity to build. You have that time to become what you have heard in the secret place because of relationship. And tomorrow comes and you do not fall because you have already become the word you heard yesterday. And you rejoice because you know that it's the working of grace. [extended scenarios] It's what you are becoming through. Grace is changing you.
1:08:15 - Changes after being saved - "What's going on with you?" "How are you growing like this?" "If you don't make my heart yours, then I can't say that I'm a Christian." Becoming love. First 5 weeks after being saved a house was being built. The storms have not blown it down.
1:10:25 - It's not about the trial. It's about the house is built. It's not about the wind is blowing. The house is built. What wind? Have you ever been in a well built house when the wind was blowing outside but you didn't even know it?
1:10:40 - Living in a trailer - Wind blowing - Young family. Wind blows - roof rolls - paneling would move. Not too sound proof. House so much better.
1:13:20 - The wise man built. That's affirming your identity - establishing truth in your heart and continuing in the word and the word makes you free. This is a place where I will teach sovereignty at times. It seems like there is a sovereign protection as you stay faithful to that process until what is necessary is built in you. God is not allowing you to be overrun by more than you can bear.
1:13:50 - But there is another line that can be drawn. I don't understand the time frames on this but I understand the principle. The rains, floods and wind came and beat on that house. But something was built. I just heard something, gave my self to it, became something so the house was built. Holy Spirit built something through truth. Grace built something around us. Troubles came but the house did not fall because it was founded on the rock - in other words, it was founded on truth - the rock is Christ and He is truth. And truth makes you free.
1:14:30 - But everyone who hears... You can sit in church your whole life and hear that God loves you and never personally exchange that with Him and it will never become your reality. You will just know it intellectually. There's a whole lot of difference in hearing that Jesus loves you and being loved by Jesus. There is a big difference. If you keep my commandments, you will be loved by my Father and I will love you and reveal myself to you. That's a whole different place from the theological statement: "Jesus loves you." You will be loved by my Father and I will love you...
1:15:50 - At some point the rains will come - Whether you prepare or not - You can hear your whole life and never release faith and have no grace to build anything. And at some point... I don't understand the time frame on this. I just understand the principle. At some point, the rains are coming after you hear. Whether you do or don't do, the rains are coming - the floods, the trials are coming.
1:16:10 - Satan never wants that truth to become your reality - Why are the rains coming? Because Satan wants to steal the word. He fears the word. He fears that one day it will become your reality. But isn't it amazing the God doesn't just let him run you over while you are hearing. Isn't that awesome? 1:16:25 - [Example scenario - not heeding the word; heeding the word] Something has been built. Now she is not trying to fight. She is just responding in truth. Maybe she doesn't even recognize the warfare.

Spiritual Warfare

1:18:05 - Spiritual warfare - A lot of times we recognize warfare so much because we are so unprepared for battle. A lot things you wouldn't recognize (attribute to spiritual warfare). Jesus didn't recognize a lot of warfare like we do. The devils did because they were really in trouble when He was around. They were the ones that were pretty worked up. You don't see Jesus, "In my name, I bind you..." You see Him in a couple of scenarios just walking and the devils fall at His feet. That's intense. These (on spiritual warfare) sound so cool but we have to put life to them. We say, "warfare is done from the place of rest." And it sounds so spiritual and good but let's understand that. Rest - peace with God - not striving and struggling.
1:19:30 - Striving in spiritual warfare - When you are striving and struggling in warfare you are actually saying that the enemy is awesome and amazing and if I don't work harder I am going to lose. A lot of our energy in warfare is actually commending the enemy and making him a big deal. We've made a monster.
1:20:00 - Your motivations should always be the answer - the finished work of Christ. There is a joy and peace in the kingdom. There is joy unspeakable. It's peace beyond understanding. I think we are called to win. I think we have already won. I think he causes us to triumph through Christ. And not because we hold on tight long enough and finally get a "breakthrough".
1:20:30 - Breakthrough - Your breakthrough is in knowing Him - Some of our language in the church is because of many experiences that people have had. This whole "breakthrough" thing... The stone is rolled away. In your secret place is where you break through. In intimacy is where you break through. In knowing Him is your breakthrough. You rise in the likeness of His resurrection. It doesn't say unless you are attacked with many devils and you are in a long battle.
1:21:05 - Jesus came out of the wilderness, not sun parched and weary, saying pray for me I've been in the wilderness for a while. He came out with the Spirit and power.

Wilderness Experience - Jesus / Israelites

1:21:20 - Re: Jesus coming out of the wilderness in strength and power - Didn't the angels minister to Him? -
The wilderness is a place to get to know God - So if you go into the wilderness on your own are you in trouble? If you go in self-conscious are you in trouble? If you go in selfishly are you in trouble? Of course, ask the Hebrews. They went into the same wilderness and died there. They could have known their God there. The wilderness was a place to really get to know Him - trust Him - worship Him with their trust.
1:22:00 - The Hebrews went in selfish - And because they were self-centered it would be better for us if we were back in Egypt eating leeks and onions - us, us, me, me, me. They are in a wilderness but God's there. Who cares where you are at if God is there? If God is there it's not a wilderness. But if all that you see is wilderness then you are trying to get to God and get God to do something - because you are defining your life as a wilderness. I've met many Christians that when asked, "How are you?" respond with, "Well, I am really in a wilderness place. Just keep me in prayer." And sometimes if there is grace I will say, "Well, it must the Hebrews wilderness not Jesus' because I can see it's taking a toll. You must be getting conscious of yourself." All of the sudden it is just Christian language. "I'm in a wilderness brother." Well, the last time that I saw a wilderness, it was Jesus' and He came out more anointed with the Spirit and power than before. Why?...
1:23:00 - Jesus went in selfless - Because when He went into the wilderness it wasn't about Him it was about God and you. He was totally selfless. If you have one ounce of self-centeredness in your life going through a wilderness. It's uncomfortable and you don't like the accommodations and the provisions. And you have issues because your flesh has a lot to say. And it's all about what you are going through instead of who He is in that place.
1:23:35 - Two very different outcomes - So they died in the wilderness because they were self-conscious. Jesus was anointed with the Spirit and power in that place because He was selfless. That's the only difference. And because He was selfless, He was trusting in God, angels came and ministered to Him. There is strengthening there. So He came out of there a total product of grace. Why? Because He didn't feel sorry for Himself in the trial.
1:24:20 - Feeling sorry for yourself - The biggest trap - Feeling sorry for yourself is the absolute worst trap of your life. It's always the devil - always. Feeling sorry for yourself is the number one tactic of the devil. And it will blind you, rob you, cheat you and really mess you up. Feeling sorry for yourself is a lie. It's not Jesus.
1:24:50 - If Jesus felt sorry for Himself and said. "Why do I have to go there?" or "Why did I have to take on the body of a man?" If you feel sorry for yourself, if it is selfish in any way, when He received conflict from people He would have questioned what He was doing and why. He would have been threatening to back pedal.
1:25:30 - We died to self - Remember? - Don't do it ever. People get self-conscious. They turn back inward. We are supposed to have denied ourselves and then we start feeling sorry for ourselves. Well, I thought that died when we got saved. "Well, what about me?" No, it's all about Jesus and others. And you will find grace in that place and that is where angels will come and minister to you (referring back to the question) and give you... You will never run out of strength in that place. In refusing to feel sorry for yourself you will never run out of gas. Because then it's not about you but Him and others. And your motive is always pure. And the pure in heart shall see God.

Build upon the Rock

1:26:45 - I've heard that "God will never give us more than we can handle." Will God bail us out of every trial? -
Protection while building - But He loves us too much to not let us grow up - According to this scripture God is not just letting you get run over. But if He would just bail us out constantly, when would we ever get sober minded. If we're hearing the word and not doing, and He is watching our back and jumping in there... You see parents like that in life. And their kids are 40 yrs old, still living at home and don't have a penny and we call that a shame. But then we want God to father us that way. No, God is an amazing father. He will father you in love. And sometimes it's a challenge. It will put you in places that you wish you didn't have to be. But what it will do is cause you to be sober minded.
1:28:10 - Trials will come - What this is saying is that there is conflict coming. There are winds and waves coming. And if you read Mark 4 - the sower sows the word parable - it actually reveals that there is a direct response of satan to the preaching of the word. And what he fears is the word. He doesn't fear you. He fears the word coming alive in you.
1:28:35 - He is constantly sowing into our lives - We need to be good stewards and get busy building - God will not allow you to be tempted with more than you can bear. He always gives you provision, wisdom along your life. God is speaking into your life. He is sowing into your life. He's giving you grace ample to live and fulfill everything He has called you to be. Sometimes we haven't been faithful. Sometimes we haven't entered in. Sometimes we have allowed our hearts to grow dull. Sometimes we just didn't seem to get it and didn't try any more to get it. Sometimes we just got deceived in religion. But everyone of us we'll go through these trials. Like this one right here... I'll teach out of this and it will answer your question.
1:29:10 - v.26 - And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: - So He is talking directly about conflict that is coming because of the hearing of the word. Now there are times that satan comes just to try to crush you or whatever. We might not have necessarily had the answers. We might have felt blind sided. We may have had a tragedy happen right after we were saved and felt like it was almost too much to bear. The only thing that will make that true is if you harden your heart or shut up your heart.
1:29:40 - Mad at God - Isn't it amazing how many people in those situations get a wrong view of God? Their first thing is to get a wrong view of God. Why? So that they can't receive what He says. Do you see the strategy. Do you think that is coincidence? The first response of humanity is to blame God - "How could you?" And all of the sudden He is involved in a negative way. Why? Because then you can't honor what God is saying. The only thing that can bring you through that crisis, ironically, is the truth of God's word and the love and nature of God. The only thing that can keep your heart going forward is who He is. And the first thing that satan wants to do is maul and mar who He is in our sight.
1;30:45 - Demonic strategy to keep you from receiving -That's not an accident that that happens. That's a demonic strategy. Then the church accommodates that and adds to by preaching some of these mentalities as doctrines - God allowing and God doing. Actually, enforcing in the name of false teaching that steals, kills and destroys.
1:31:20 - Participant struggled with diagnosis for daughter. If she has to have this surgery, I am done with God. God gave me the strength and peace to get through the waiting process - even prayed for someone else. His grace was amazing. I didn't pray for that strength.
1:32:50 - Don't presume upon God's mercy - Get busy building - That's the sheer goodness and mercy of God. This is a caution to all of us. His goodness calls us to repent. Is He anyone to be mad at? Be careful to never let the goodness of God to enable you to remain the same. The whole reason that He does that is that He is bigger than our sin, our wrong mentalities. He is good. He is amazing. But there is a time to where if we don't get that message, our actual attitude could be the very thing that is bringing on the adversities and absolutely cutting us off and Him off because of wrong view - because of willful perspective that God has already obliterated through His goodness - His mercy.
1:34:00 - He's encouraging us to enter into healthy relationship - before there can be a "great fall" - What He wants to do is father you and say... He doesn't want you to project on Him like that. He wants you to love Him like He loves you. Agape Him and believe the best about Him like He believes the best about you. If He started dealing with you at face value like you did with Him, you'd be in big trouble. There are Christians that know that but in the next crisis they are still saying the same things. Still venting the same wisdom, that isn't wisdom at all, and not allowing the gospel to groom them into a place of truth. And that is what this scripture is talking about because at one point great is the fall. There is a place that God's goodness and mercy is designed to change us and bring us into agreement with truth.
1:34:50 - Kids are not to coveted at God's expense - I've settled that to be mad at God at this point in my life would be absolutely insane. He has given His Son... Even our kids are a blessing and you have a right not to covet her at the cost of the God who gave the gift but protect her and do everything He's done through the Son to believe (pray for her healing). The bottom line is if worst comes to worst in our lives and we actually lose one of our children, thank God for the blood that keeps them for eternity and the mercy of God that allowed us to bring life forth in the first place and bring forth a living soul.
1:35:30 - We live for the here and now - We miss that because we covet life. We live for today. We live for the temporal and we don't see past right now most of the time. So we covet what was a gift and a blessing. God never intended a gift to take His place. He gives us the privilege to bear children. He also charges us to subdue the earth - to live without fear. How many of us still function from fear? There is a place to hear and become. You hear, "Yes, I know that I shouldn't be fearing but..." And it's the same 10 years from now. The next thing you know the thing that we fear the most comes upon us and then God takes the hit (blame). And we haven't allowed Him to groom us into a fearless place - a place of authority and anointing.
1:36:40 - When the clay finds fault with the Potter something is wrong - You need to settle that no matter how well your mind functions, when the clay finds fault with the Potter, it has to be wrong. When the creation has something over the creator... like wisdom, insight. If you can subpoena Him in the court of your and find Him guilty, you are way off base. He is just and righteous in all of His ways. We will find that we were deceived. He could subpoena us in the court of His mind and we are all done.
1:37:50 - Marriages can have unresolved conflicts that lead to trouble - It's like marriages. You have the form and the appearance of a marriage but not really the connectivity of a marriage. And over the years there are unresolved conflicts, never really communicated. And all of the sudden you start growing apart instead of growing together because you have this whole list of things that were never really cleared. Now you are looking through unresolved things - words that should have never been said. You say that you forgive but you sure haven't forgotten. You are looking through that eye and all of those things start to matter. And your life becomes a product of all of these unresolved things.
1:38:45 - Our relationships with God can be the same way - It can be the same way in your relationship with God if you don't make peace with God through true understanding through the word. And one hit comes after the other - "I am just so tired of false hope." And it sounds so rational because your child seems to be hanging in the balance. And it gives you the strength to actually challenge God. It's all deception.
1:39:15 - He is merciful and understanding - Isn't it amazing how good He is. He could say, "OK, so you don't want me. Then you are on your own. Let's see how you do. Tell me how that works out. See ya." That's what we would tend to do. God is so wise and humble and understands why you feel the way that you do. He understands everything about you that allows you to be mad at Him. Even if He knows that it isn't right, He understands it and He loves you. So in His mercy He comes and covers you in something you didn't even ask for. That would be just like Him.
1:39:50 - And it's to teach you one of the most important lessons of your life - don't ever put God in that category again (mad at God) - because He is your Father.

1:40:00 - BREAK

1:40:15 - Let's go back to John 1 because there is something we haven't made it to yet.
1:40:40 - v.12-13 - But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. - So it is God's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. It's of Him that you are in Christ Jesus. It's all His idea. So with this gospel we are preaching, you can't possibly be in presumption because it's all from Him. It's all what He is saying and doing. Now I want you to see this...
1:41:15 - v.14 - And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. - Word capital W. How did he start the chapter. In the beginning... - v.1-2 - In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. - He was talking about Him, the whole way through. Who is he talking about? The Word made flesh.
1:41:55 - And dwelt among us - Looking at the life of Jesus is so huge. Not just turning it into an Easter story and the message of the cross but the life of Jesus lived - the way He carried Himself, the wilderness experience, the selflessness, not taking things personally, continuing in love, where sin abounded grace abounding more, dying on the cross, the mockery of the Pharisees and still hanging there for their salvation. I think about that kind of stuff.
1:42:30 - The twistedness of the Pharisee's mockery - Their minds are so twisted that they still don't get it. They are so blind and deceived they say to Him,"He saved others. He can't even save Himself." What was man's priority. Saving himself. It was every man for himself. They were trapped in that mindset. Here is Jesus, totally selfless - the living epistle of love - God is love. But because they had never seen God manifested they had never seen love. All that they were expressing was the fall even though they were leaders in the church. They were living by selfishness.
1:43:10 - What's the big deal? Greater love has no man than this... The highest expression of love is when a man lays down his life for his friends. So Jesus taught that and then demonstrated that. And they were going, "Well he saved others..." as if that were a lower level of love than saving yourself. "Save yourself if you are the Son of God. Come down from the cross." See how twisted that is? As if saving yourself is more important than saving others. You ought to be able to tap into God for your own sake. It's not wrong to receive things from God that are covenant, blessings. But do you hear how twisted what they were saying is? Yet He wasn't here to save Himself. He was here to save those who were heckling Him. And when He rose from the dead they had just as much right to be born again as anyone on the planet. Because love doesn't take account of a suffered wrong. So if a Pharisee were to hear Peter preaching, God would not hold that mockery against him.
1:45:10 - Yet in mercy, the way of salvation is still open to the Pharisees - That's how we have treated men our whole lives. We hold men accountable for what they have done and make them feel extremely responsible for something that they can't make right or pay back and then act like, "OK, we'll let it slide." But then you didn't let it slide, you held it high.
1:45:45 - [Imagining Pharisee repenting at Peter's preaching]
1:46:20 - Full of grace and truth - so He is the grace of God revealed. It's the love of the Father, the grace of Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit - The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen. - 2 Cor. 13:14. We covered this earlier in the school. So the love revealed the grace and the grace introduced us to the fellowship with God. Now I want to show you something about the word...
1:46:50 - v.15-16 - John bare witness of him, and cried, saying, This was he of whom I spake, He that cometh after me is preferred before me: for he was before me. And of his fulness have all we received, and grace for grace. - Grace for more grace.
1:47:05 - v.17 - For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him. -
Nobody has ever seen God until now - So what that is really saying is: no one has seen God at any time until now. The Son of God has declared Him. That doesn't mean He has testified of Him. His life bore witness. He is the visible image of an invisible God. So no one has seen God ever but the only begotten Son has revealed Him to us. Now we have seen God because we've seen the Son. That's so powerful.
1:48:00 - So nobody has ever seen God until now. Participant question: Not even Moses? He is talking about in visible, tangible form. Another participant question: How about Adam? I don't know. He obviously didn't come in visible, tangible form as a man. He probably heard Him audibly and walked right beside him.
1:48:45 - Encounter Holy Spirit tangibly - Holy Spirit would come and walk with wife and I in the living room. You could literally feel Him. Shoulders. Stand by door. Bumped into. 8x10 pictures that you see with your eyes. Only with wife - fuller expression. He was excited to meet with us. Two becoming one. It just shows what is possible.
1:53:50 - Photo of human heart - First photo - hovering. Lady's face appeared. Heart faded. Wrongly motivated. Wrong turn. Called. Got right with God. He rescued her.
1:55:20 - Home group chairs - Words of knowledge over the chairs that people were going to be sitting in. Always right on. There was something that elevated when two were one...

Attitudes in Marriage

1:56:15 - Selfish attitudes towards a spouse - There are things we can't share in the church because our hearts aren't ready to receive them. You could despise your husband or wife in the light of what I'm saying right now. You can think, "Well, I'm ready, I wish they would get ready." "Well, the only reason I am not having those kinds of experiences is because of you." No, that attitude reveals why you are not getting those kinds of experiences. You blame it on your wife but out of the heart the mouth speaks. As much as you are waiting on them, God is waiting on you. Peacemaking, humility and love doesn't think like that or talk like that. Jesus doesn't act like that. The way that seems right to man does - thinking of yourself and how your spouse is affecting you is self-centeredness.
1:57:05 - So I shared that testimony and now I am trying to protect your hearts so that nobody dogs out their spouse.
157:15 - Teaching on sexual relationships - We would hurt each other with it - There is sexual stuff that I have gotten that I have no permission to preach. None. And it is incredible. But God said not to preach it. The heart of my people would hurt one another with this knowledge. Now in private settings I have been able to share some of this stuff and it wrecks you. It's just stuff that God walked us through and taught first hand - the beauty, the value, the purity... It changed everything in perspective and took it into a heavenly place. But you can't share it because people would hurt one another with it. Not everybody is willing to yield and die to themselves. Some people covet their former knowledge and experience.
1:58:45 - One spouse would hold the other to this truth - put pressure on. Then the message is part of the division between spouses. So there are some things you don't have a grace to speak on even if they are truth because of where people's hearts are. That's scriptural in the sense of - If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things? - John 3:12.
1:59:20 - Participant's comment - I had to repent of this - selfish mindset. But God doesn't give up on us. He shows us and gives us the opportunity to change and to lay our lives down.
1:59:40 - We don't even realize that it's selfish. It is so justified in the natural wisdom of it - because of lack of fruit - "See!" And then their life affirms the way that you feel. It's all a trap.
1:59:50 - Listening to sermons for your spouse - Do you know what else you start doing. You start listening to sermons for them. "Man, I hope they are listening right now. I hope he is not sleeping." And all of the sudden you are not listening for yourself any more. You are listening for your spouse. And your heart is getting hard and you don't even realize it.
2:00:40 - What a difference God can bring. Why? Because you get free from yourself. Because in that place there is a struggle. You can't even see your spouse clearly when those things are your view and your motivation. Because then all you are highlighting then is the weakness. You are actually exploiting that which is not God instead of building on the best. It's totally contrary to truth.
2:01:05 - Do we put a target on our spouse when we focus on the worst in them? - You can. Satan will play with any vulnerability that he can in a person. If you need for your spouse to be a certain way for you to be OK, satan is going to poke them in any way he can to make sure that is not the reality and take two out with one stone. In other words, instead of covering them and protecting them in the Spirit, you can actually be throwing them out there to get pummeled because of a self-centered desire and need. And these are the spiritual complications that we don't realize. It's very dangerous.
2:01:40 - And then when those things happen guess what we turn around and say? "God, why are you allowing this?" And God gets the blame. So it is ludicrous to go there once you understand these things. Wouldn't it be a sad day, if we die blaming God and find out that it was our own hearts failing to yield and our hearts failing to be selfless?
2:02:00 - That's what happens. We don't realize that we are setting up our spouse as a target and then satan is fueling the fire of our wrong motive and affirming the lie all the more. And then when tragedy strikes or we split up, we justify it, "Well, he just wouldn't get a grip." We're justifying the way it went and still make it sound spiritual, sometimes even at the cost of who God is. And the whole time we were being destroyed for what we didn't understand of for what we didn't yield to.
2:02:40 - We cover a lot of different topics in this school. But this is all in the light of what love looks like. And a lot of times you have to expose what it doesn't look like. Because what it doesn't look like is what has been our "normal". Or normal has been - not love - a lot of feelings and you do for me and I'll do for you - a little give and take here and there.

* * *

2:03:00 - Participant comment on John 1 - v. 17 - Adam saw God and Moses saw God in some measure but this is the first time that anyone saw what God intended for His creation.
2:03:45 - Moses got a glimpse of His back side - His glory passing by. What does that really mean? What did he really see? I love what you said. Now that Jesus has come we have a real good clear look at who God is. We see who the Father is through the Son.
2:04: 15 - Analogies / types - Moses tucked into the cleft of the rock. We are hidden in Christ and the glory of God is revealed. All of those OT experiences that they had, you see them through NT light.
2:04:35 - Prayer time meditating on Moses being tucked in the rock.

Look to the Life of Jesus

2:05:20 - Logos - Remember what we just read, "The Word became flesh..." The logos of God. The word "logos" in the Greek means - and then to think about the Word becoming flesh and how valid it is to say that the life of Jesus is the revelation of God and love. Logos - a transmission of thought, communication, a word of explanation, an utterance, a discourse, a divine revelation, a talk, a statement, an instruction, an oracle, divine promise, divine doctrine, divine declaration. Jesus is the living logos. That means He is the living communication, transmission of thought, the explanation of truth. Jesus is the living logos. The Bible is the written logos. And the Holy Spirit utters the spoken logos.
2:07:00 - So the life of Jesus is the transmission of thought... [Extended expounding on this definition of logos] The Word was made flesh. Why? To express and transmit thought. To give a picture, an example and a model of truth. That's why He now said follow me.

The Christian Reality

2:07:30 - It's not just a confession - This is so intimate. Do you see how this is not just a confession? We say "Christianity, the great confession." It's a great reality too. But it doesn't stop with a great confession.
2:07:45 - It's not just a positional statement - People say, "Well you know, we are seated with Christ in heavenly places." And it becomes just a positional doctrine. What is that if I am not understanding and having revealed in my heart what it means to sit in heavenly places and walk from that place - live from that place - function from that place? What good does it do to say, "Hey, I'm seated in heavenly places" just because I read that in my Bible and now I am claiming that as a positional truth?
2:08:05 - It's the reality I experience - No, it's a real truth. I'm in Him and He is in me. I'm in the world and not of it. I'm looking through His eye and living through His heart. The kingdom is here. It's given. It's my everyday experience then - seated with Him in heavenly places. I'm living, then, from heaven towards the earth. And it's not just a spiritual cliche because that is what the church is saying and singing right now. You don't want to just follow the language.
2:08:45 - It's not just spiritual language - Spiritual songs - We are contagious with spiritual phrases and language. It's the "in" phrase in the church. Man, that will sell you short. I'm so thankful for the intimate songs out there. But we are running the risk personally that if we don't enter into communion with God to what we are singing becomes our reality or we will just keep singing more deep and intimate stuff without the expression of it in our lives. And it dull something. It can make you religious. The songs are great. Don't stop singing them. What I am saying is the deeper we go and the more grace is revealed and the deeper and more intimate God is, if we fail to enter in and get face to face with Him through communion and union and let it become our reality... So now we are just singing all of these songs and they become the songs of the church instead of the reality and the life (they should be).
2:09:50 - Papa - The phrases are very intimate. People are getting into the habit of calling God, "Papa". It's just the "right" thing to say. There is a big difference between saying that because it is cool and "in" versus the intimacy of calling Him "Papa".
2:10:15 - Jesus' name - It's the same with in Jesus' name. You can get rhetorical with a lot of things that we say. Or you can speak His name with power.
2:10:30 - Don't follow trends but miss revelation and reality - For some of us the name "Papa" might be reserved for certain times - intimate times, where it becomes your reality and not just your Christian slang or lingo. Let's not follow the trend and miss revelation and reality. It's so easy. And feel like because you are saying all of the right things that you are the "in" Christian. There is no magazine called, "In Christian". There is an "In Fisherman." You are in Him. You want thing to be real. Don't sell yourself cheap. (Don't settle for less than the reality that is possible through union and communion.)

Meditate on the Life of Jesus - Enter in Personally

2:11:10 - So I wanted you to see the word "logos". So the word became flesh. So it's obvious that the life of Jesus is what love looks like. And we need to follow Him.
2:11:20 - Think about the life of Jesus and see love revealed - Pharisees mocking - I am going to wrap this session up with this. When you look in your Bible at the life of Jesus, and you see the Pharisees ridiculing Him, and see that they have no mercy. They were so glad to get rid of this guy. He was such a threat to their kingdom. And He was beaten, disfigured. His mother is laying at the foot of His cross, crying her eyes out and they are heckling and mocking Him. Imagine the coldness.
2:11:50 - You could weigh that in human standard and define the position of their hearts and see them for what they were doing. And yet Jesus is still hanging there seeing them for their value and staying on that cross, shedding His blood for their redemption. Is that incredible or what?
2:12:20 - Respond personally when you are reminded of Jesus - So when you are sitting at home reading your Bible or praying or listening to a CD and those thoughts come to your mind, respond to them personally. Respond to Him personally. Jesus, to look at your accusers... they seem to be your accusers. They seem to be so not on your side and yet you didn't lose sight of their value. I've had countless conversations with God on this stuff. I'll sit on my bed and talk to Him, just like I am talking here, teaching right now. That's why I talk so much. I'll just sit there and say, Lord, this is amazing. You saw past all of that. You saw through all of that. You know that every one of them has a value. Every one of them... You said, "Father, forgive them. They know not what they do." In my mind I think they knew exactly what they were doing. But they didn't. Take me deeper. Take me deeper into your heart. I only want to see men the way that you see men. Then I will slip down onto my knees. God I want to move in your wisdom. Your wisdom is the only true wisdom. I don't want the wisdom of this world. I sure don't want the wisdom of man. I want the wisdom of God. And you, Jesus are the wisdom of God to me. That's intimacy. That's union and communion.
2:13:45 - Pursue God reality through communion - I can't say this strongly enough. You will never have God reality without that place (union and communion) flowing in your life. God doesn't just wake up in you one day. I think some of us have been waiting for that - for God to just appear. He is realized and recognized as we release faith and grace touches that place.
2:14:15 - Thinking about the life of Jesus - The last supper - And you are looking through the life of Jesus - you are thinking of the disciples - of Judas. You are thinking about the breaking of the bread and Judas is right at the table. Jesus didn't even cut him off. He just let roll. But Jesus never changed. Jesus stayed the same. If we had that knowledge of Judas, we wouldn't even let him in our meeting. Somebody would sidetrack him. But Jesus is such the profuse expression of love that I want that in my life in every situation.
2:15:00 - [Hypothetical scenario demonstrating love despite a perceived wrong] I don't want to act weird until we talk and not see him for what I think may have happened. I want to see him for who he is in Christ Jesus. A lot of us haven't understood that. We see things for the way they seem - face value - judging the book by the cover.
2:16:00 - Jesus loved the disciples to the end - Here is Jesus treating all of the disciples like they are worth the kingdom - knowing that they are going to run and flee and fear the Jews. Knowing that Peter will deny Him 3 times. He still pour His whole life into him knowing that he is going to do that. Believing that the seeds that he sows are going to grow and bear fruit. Taking all the conditions off of Peter because there are no conditions on love. Jesus knew all of this stuff. We might not be able to handle what we hear and see.
2:16:50 - God can tell love anything.
2:17:00 - God showing things - Do you know why I am showing you these things? Yes, so I can pray. No, because I can. He meant, "It's like telling my own heart. It's like telling myself. You are going to respond just like I would. And I've created you in my image on the earth to subdue it. The reason that I am telling you this kind of info is because I can trust it to your heart. Your heart has become one with mine.
2:18:25 - God praying through us - It's actually like God praying back. It's God working with Himself in us. It would be like the heart of God praying back it's total truth. The response is love. Because we are in His image.
2:18:45 - So some of us want to hear more and I am not saying that we are not hearing more because of this. What I am saying is - let's just pursue love and then desire spiritual gifts. If we pursue love He can entrust us with any spiritual gift. I mean serious stuff.
2:19:05 - See people through Him - A place where you're not shocked - I've been in some serious situations where I had foreknowledge and understanding and the only reason God gave it to me is so that in my natural I wasn't going to be shocked, "Oh, you're kidding me." We do that with our friends. If you do that with your friends, that's exactly why God won't be telling you that stuff. If you get a phone call and it is a shocker to you, "Oh my God, you're kidding me..." Then all of the sudden you can't even handle it. And you have to take the rest of the night to just get a grip on your emotions and feelings because of what you were just told about somebody. You don't want that in your life. I don't want "blown away" and "shocked" from that realm. I want to see people through Him.
2:19:55 - Jesus understands our weakness - That's how He had to have seen His disciples. They are debating as they are walking down the road. They are talking about who is going to be the greatest. But Jesus is not trying to love these guys. He understands the weakness of man. He became a man. He is not unable to sympathize with us in our weakness. He was tempted at all points. He knows what we are going through. He wore flesh.
2:20:45 - NEXT WEEK - We are going to keep going with this (love and what love looks like). There are a lot of places we are going.
2:21:00 - THIS WEEK RECAP - Greater love has no man than this that He lay down His life for His friends. Some translations say, "for another." The whole goal of our instruction is love. Jesus is the living epistle of love. We wouldn't know love unless He came. We'd only read about love. But now we see love through His life. And we follow Him.
2:21:35 - God's purpose in sending Jesus - To get us back to love - So the whole purpose of of the cross, the finished work of Jesus, is when a man's nature is restored back to love. That's the highest payoff and dividend back to God the Father from the blood that He invested into the earth. He deposited the blood of Jesus into the earth as an investment. And the greatest dividend and increase that He can receive is the glory of the inheritance in the saints - the glory of God. It's men becoming transformed and reproduced. And His sowing of one man's blood becomes the reproduction of many sons in His image. It's a big pay back. That's the intention of God.
2:22:20 - We have not preached why we are really saved - I talk about it all of the time because we have preached less than that in our preaching of why we are saved. We are not saved just for God to meet our physical needs all the time like we think. I mean He gives us what we need.
2:22:40 - We're not saved for Him to just meet our "needs" - Contentment - Godliness with contentment is great gain. We really need to get past the thing about, "Yeah, but God wants to meet all of my needs," because your "list" might not even be things that are pertinent to fulfilling His will and manifesting His image. They might just be "needs" of comfort and convenience. And godliness with contentment is great gain. I've learned to be content in whatever situation I am in. Why? Because of knowing Him.
2:23:00 - Am I against blessing? Absolutely not but I don't preach blessing in a way where you start to covet blessing at the cost of freedom and truth - to where you can't have a good day because you didn't get things your way. That's just to resurrect the "old man." So you are not saved for that.
2:23:20 - The real reason that we are saved shakes people - It shakes people when you travel and say that stuff. They think what heretic did they bring into this place? When you say, "You did not pray a prayer to go to heaven. That should not even be your goal."... Your goal is putting off the old and putting on the new and getting restored back to His image. And heaven is just a payoff and a reward.
2:23:40 - We're alive forever because we're already one with the eternal One - I'm just going to live forever because I am one with the eternal one. He never dies and I'm alive with Him forever. Adam was created that way. The day you eat from the tree is the day you surely die - Gen. 2:17. Which means that he was created to live forever because there is no death in God. God is alive forever and God created Adam in His image. So his destiny is to live forever because he is in the likeness of God. Eternal life had to be in his DNA.
2:24:15 - The fall brought death - But the day that you step out of your identity in me and being one with me and living by my word, my truth - because I'm the truth - is the day you die. That the day you're on your own. You weren't created to be on your own - to be a god unto yourself. You were created to express Me and reveal Me and be found in my image. The day that you step out of that is the day that you are dead.
2:24:35 - Jesus came to redeem us back to His image - Jesus came and redeemed us back to this truth - breathed life back into us and we live forever. We've turned it into the motivation of going to heaven. It's being restored back to His nature and back to His image and back to sonship so that you can leave a legacy on the earth and bear a bunch of fruit - not pray a prayer as an escape or an insurance policy and sign the dotted line in your heart. And at least I prayed the prayer and one day I'll be in the book because I prayed the prayer. That is not our emphasis. That's a given actually. We're kept till that day by His power. But go and bear what? Much fruit.
2:25:20 - Closing prayer - Father I just thank you for the access that we have to You - that we can come boldly... - Seeing then that we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our profession. For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. - Heb. 4:14-16. So Father, we just thank you that we have absolute access to you. Every one in this room is loved by you. You did it once, for all - as many as would believe and receive Him would be the children of God. What manner of love is this, that You would bestow such a grace on us, that we could be the sons of God. And that we are. So bless, Father, that revelation and bless the understanding of every person here. And thank you for the good thing You are working in and through our lives. Thank you for true peace with You - true godly contentment - just a settling of the soul in every person in this place. And from that place of strength, God, what you've built through truth, let us live an effective life that leaves a legacy and brings you glory. In Jesus' name. Amen.