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Day 13

0:00 - 9:40 - [Microphone not on.]

The Sacrament of Communion

0:00 -  Amazing price that was paid for the redemption of mankind.

1:00 - Jesus was beaten beyond recognition to get back our rightful appearance.

2:00 - The blood - the remission of sin - as if sin was never happened.

2:20 - The body - given to remove the effects of sin in our being. The body paid the price of the effects of that sin in our bodies.

2:40 - 1 Peter 2:24 - Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed. - Dead to sin - sin consciousness - sin identity - sin mentality. He pulls out Isaiah 55 right on the heels of righteousness. That’s not by accident.

3:40 - Not just an ordinance - You believe and receive everything it accomplished. This is where you are going: the redemption of man. This is where we are growing to. Not something to be frustrated over or draw back in but growing up into Him.

5:10 - Death for life. He became what we were so that we could become what He is.

Faith for Healing

5:30 - Syrophoenician woman. I believe you are the Christ. I believe you love everybody. Crumbs that fall from the table. Faith can make you whole. It releases the power of God to a daughter that was nowhere near.

7:00 - Centurion -

9:00 - Todd - man with stroke - David Hogan - Don’t see the stroke. See Jesus.

9:40 - [Microphone on]

9:40 - Don’t see the condition of the sick person - Wife’s seizure - on life support. I had been hearing weird thoughts for two or three months. It was all demonic strategy. The strategy was exposed. And all of the sudden I couldn’t see her condition any more. It doesn’t mean we are in denial. It just means greater is He. So we want Him to get way bigger than what seems to be life because He is Life.

Meditating in the Life of Jesus -

Lazarus & The Importance of What You See

10:40 - Blindness at Lazarus’ tomb - What happened at Lazarus’ tomb? Jesus is the author and giver of life. He’s the resurrection and the life. And He is standing there and all that they could see was death. What you see is huge. All they could see was death.

11:05 - All Martha saw was death. If you had been here my brother would not have died. Do you hear the bite? “Why did you let Him die? God where were you?” I am the resurrection and the life.

12:00 - Meditate in the life of Jesus - Let this not just be an exciting message, let it be my reality. God, it has to be my reality. Take this scripture personally. Get alone and meditate on it.

12:30 - Realize the the baton has been handed to us of the new covenant - NT church. He has handed us the baton. We have a whole lot of things trying to quench the flame that wants to burn on the inside of every man - quench a fire that wants to burn.

13:00 - Victims of what they didn't see - It’s a matter of what you see - You have to go back to Jesus. Go back to Lazarus’ tomb and realize that they were victims of what they were and weren’t seeing. Jesus is standing right in their midst. He is truth Himself. He is truth in the flesh. And they couldn’t hear Him because they were consumed by lies. The Bible says, They received Him not. He came to His own and they knew Him not - John 1:10-11. Their minds had been so trained outside of God that when God stood in front of them they said, “Who are you?” That’s why we have to be renewed.

13:45 - No other believers at the tomb - At Lazarus’ tomb there was not one believer - in the sense of what was about to happen. The only reason the disciples were there was to die with Him. [Retelling of the Lazarus’ tomb.] The disciples were deaf and blind to what was going to happen. The best they could do was, in integrity say, “Let’s go die with Him there.” But they weren’t going thinking that this was going to be amazing. No one except Jesus was expecting Lazarus to get up because death is so powerful and it still is if we are not careful. It tries to motivate us in a wrong way - fear. Death has such a voice.

15:25 - Mary and the Jews don’t get it - If you had been here my brother would not have died. The Jews were weeping.

15:40 - Jesus groaned - A lot of people think that Jesus felt sad for them and He is crying with compassion because they are sad. No, He groans in His Spirit. The word means vexed, to murmur against, to be indignant toward. It sounds like He is sinning. He is not sinning. He is face to face with the fall of man. People made in the similitude of God that have succumbed to the fall. He has come to redeem them and He is face to face with what they look like in the fall. And He is standing there - nothing that was created that was not created through Him - and they could not see Him. And He groaned. And He is hearing Mary and Martha - I am the resurrection and the life. It’s alright. Cheer up. I'm here.

16:40 - Fix on Jesus and see when others don’t - Where have you laid him? - I can’t take this any more let’s just do this. Let’s reveal the truth. They don’t see. But there is a place for every one of us to see, even if no man is seeing, because we follow Him. But if we don’t get fixed on Him and lock in foundational yes and amen beliefs, we won’t go there. This thing (our minds) will derail us and we will live out of our minds and never cultivate our hearts. We’ll back off instead of press in.

17:25 - Settle on what you believe - You have to settle on the will of God. You have to settle that the accomplishment of the work of Jesus is enough. You have to believe that it is always a yes - that God isn’t administratively changing His mind. That He has handed us the baton and we are to run the race worthy of a prize.

17:45 - A lot of people can’t lock in and believe it is just yes. They have a lot of other components that enter in. But if you look at this thing clear scripturally - eat of His flesh, drink of His blood, forgives all of your sin, heals all of your diseases, redeems your soul from destruction…

The Sacrament of Communion (cont.)

18:10 - Receiving the body and blood.

19:00 - Prayer of Communion - Intercession - Communion on behalf of another

25:00 - Participants enter into personal prayer

25:45 - Some things can almost seem like works and you have to be careful how you teach them. Just start to be conscious of thanking God for His love - thanking God for every good thing.

Feelings are Fun but Walk by Faith

26:15 - God reality - Home group - God is so real. They weren’t getting it because it was my revelation.

27:35 - God reality during service - Vibration in arms - Four months after being saved. An experience that didn’t stop being an experience - it lived through my life. In other words, it became my reality - an encounter that became my reality. He gave me an assignment to do something. And when I did it, it was like, “What did I just do?” I got really scared. “We need to stop the music. God wants to come and do this… and that…” I’m thinking, “I don’t even know what I am doing.” “Lord, I did it. I hope it was right but I did what I thought you said. But if he stops that music you have got to come.” Pastor stops the music. Vibration starts in my arms into my hands. My hands feel like they are 100 pounds. They feel like they are in a paint shaker but not moving at all. It almost hurt. God was so real.

31:10 - God reality at salvation - spinning and twirling. At work. About 10 minutes. I lost my unrenewed mind that day. Never looked for it since. God became real.

32:00 - Vibrating arms (continued) - God, you are really, really real. Once that happens there is a boldness. Not arrogance, boldness.

32:30 - You’ve got to be careful that you don’t need that feeling. That was a boost. That was God’s pat on the hiny to encourage me - “You can do this.”

33:00 - That got me out of the nest. I went up there - give me the mic - I am ready to fly. And it was amazing how God moved.

33:00 - Living by the feeling - I got into a trap after a while with that. I started living by the feeling. I heard preachers preach, “Wait on the anointing.” And if I didn’t feel that vibration, I didn’t have confidence. God said, “You know that feeling is grace. Just to get you to do things that you have never done before. To show you it’s possible. Just to boost you. The work is finished. My Spirit is upon you. I live in you. Never forget you live by faith.” Went on for about a year.

33:50 - Vibrations stop - Conference on believing God - At the end I asked everybody who wanted to live this way - I was going to pray for them at the altar - impartation. I actually used to do that. Lay hands on people - you’ll be more of a believer than you have ever been. For 3 days I preached. Huge response at altar call - everybody. God was already on them. They were sitting ducks. I didn’t feel anything - nothing. I thought, “God, you’ve got to come.” I just preached for three days and told these people that if they came up here, you would come. “Hey Dan, What do you believe?” Prayed for all of the people and God moved and did cool things.

36:00 - Ministering unlimited - Two weeks later, I notice that I am not getting this manifestation any more. And I saw people healed. People felt the presence of God. But I asked Him, “Lord, why don’t I feel you like I always did?” “Dan, you have been caught living by feelings. It was a grace to move you into things I am asking you to do. But it is time to believe me. I've removed the feelings so that you minister unlimited. The feelings are becoming a hindrance. You are waiting on them instead of knowing me.”

37:00 - Ministering unlimited - We think that if we are not feeling the anointing we ARE limited. And that’s what makes us limited. That’s the very belief that makes you limited. When isn’t He in you? When doesn’t He love people? When isn't the work finished? It probably has a lot to do with our faith - these signs following the believer. Probably everything is in place. Everything is a go. Even how we have taught ourselves…

37:50 - Don’t wait on a feeling of anointing - During my early years of being a Christian, we would have speakers come into church that would say “Wait on the anointing.” What if you perceive that YOU ARE anointed? Believing that you are supposed to wait on the anointing opens up the door for all kinds of doubt and questioning, “I wonder why I am not perceiving the anointing? I wonder if there is anything standing in the way?” Now, you need to be in faith and see the love of God for the cancer patient. And you want to pray for them and give them the kingdom. And you are standing there wondering if there is a reason that God can’t anoint you. Knowing who you are is a big deal and that you are loved by God - accepted - and that He has anointed you.

38:40 - You are anointed because the Bible says you are. Not because you feel it.

38:45 - Feelings and manifestations - Feelings are cool. You don’t hear me talk about them a lot because people chase them. People run to manifestations in a wrong way.

Ministering with Manifestations

39:00 - Ministering with manifestations - I used to minister pretty aggressively. I wasn’t training anyone (equipping the body). I was just manifesting. It gained a lot of attention. People run to that. I used to believe that if I left a church and everybody wasn’t on the floor that God didn’t move. I had seen ministers minister that way, so I wanted to minister that way. And it’s amazing how if you want to minister that way you can.

39:40 - It got weird in me - But it got weird with me. It drew attention… I remember going into a church. And people were stroking me, not just appreciating me. I wore suits. Ken doll. I felt like I looked nice. Man of God. Yeah, I felt like God was using me. But I didn’t realize what was happening inside of me. I had 2 encounters with this subtle form of pride that was creeping into my life.

40:46 - #1 - Pride creeps in -  One time I was at the altar with my wife, praying for the sick. There were 3 other teams. There was nobody coming up to the other people but our line was long. It wasn’t good. But instead of me thinking, “Man, this isn’t good.” I’m thinking in my mind, “Wow, people know that God is on me and realize that I am anointed.” I was thinking that it was a good thing. People are coming because they know it’s God. Man if I were to see something like that today, because of where I have grown, that would break my heart. Back then it was no big deal. But when I left the church, driving home, Holy Spirit said, “Why do you feel that way? I did everything.” I bawled and bawled because I don’t want that stuff in my heart. He was fathering me. I cried so hard I couldn’t drive. It was a subtle little, “I am somebody, in a wrong way.”

42:00 - I am someone because of His mercy and grace - To God I am somebody. I am worth the blood. I am a son. But it is by grace. It is by His mercy. And if you get that so big in your heart that it makes you love Him and honor Him and give Him all the glory. There is not one self made Christian. We have an amazing Father that made us in His image and He has grace and mercy to get us back to that truth.

42:30 - #2 - Pride again - There was another time, a second time - and I didn’t ever want a third time - strike three. I went to the church. See, when you are the only one manifesting and you are pursuing to manifest - when your goal is to manifest, you lose sight of things. It’s to love people. You want people to receive the highest finished accomplishment of Christ - and if it flows through you great. But your goal is not manifesting, it’s giving them what Jesus paid the price for - it’s seeing them restored and healed. It has very little to do with you and what you look like in that equation.

43:30 - The anointing is for the equipping of the body - Not just the centerpiece for a conference - In the church we haven’t understood that. Instead of the anointing being positioned to train and equip for the work of the ministry, we’ve have centered the anointing in the middle of a conference to be ministered to by. That’s what we have done. So we hold huge conferences to be ministered to by the anointing that is on man instead of be reproduced in that truth for the work of the ministry and multiplied.

44:00 - #2 - Pride again (continued) - I was in that for about 6 years. Traveling to churches mostly in the area. I was pretty aggressive and ministered in a lot of manifestations and feelings. And I was in this church and pride was in my heart. I was FEELING like someone, apart from mercy. “Boy, I have arrived. God is using me. I have grown up in this gospel.” I was feeling this stuff in a wrong way.

God will Father You

44:35 - He will father you - I see where I am going with this. Do you remember how we talked about meditating in the word and communing with God? Your communion life with God is so huge. If you get into a Father/son or Father/daughter relationship, He will viably father you.

44:55 - Ask God to father you - Have you ever wondered why some people get warned and saved from terrible mistakes? And other people just walk into those mistakes? I’m talking about tragic stuff - ministers in adultery, scandals in ministry - stuff like that? This is a strong statement but I am promising you something, if you get alone with God and ask Him to father you and whatever it takes to keep you in the straight and narrow and keep you in the light where you bring glory to His name and nothing less, He will always intervene in your life and never let you take a hard turn. He will always give you opportunity to stay straight and narrow. You won’t be just blind and deceived and wake up one day and say, “How did I get here?” - if you are in fellowship with God saying, Father me. Keep me in your perfect will. I don’t want to miss you in any way. I am not fearing missing you. I am rejoicing in your ability to keep me. And I am letting you know that I want you to father me. I want your wisdom. I want your guidance.

46:15 - Be teachable - We are baby Christians growing into adulthood. You have to be careful that you don’t go through a teenage stage where you know everything and can't be taught. Not every teenager, but where you see more independence, your own identity, your own mind - it doesn’t have to be a bad thing - confidence in who you are, learning, maturing, growing. When it gets bad is when that teenager begins to know more than people who have lived life. And all of the sudden the teenager is unteachable because they are matured. And a Christian can become a Christian teenager (in the sense that they become unteachable). That happened to me.

47:25 - Remembering being a teenager - Would never challenge mother but then began to challenge her. Once I crossed that line it was almost like I knew more than my mom. My mom couldn’t speak into my life, “What does she know.”

47:45 - Ask Him to father you and He will - So you don’t want to become wise in your own opinion. And we shouldn’t consider ourselves higher than we ought. If you remain in fellowship with God and continue to ask Him to father you, Holy Spirit, thank you for leading me and guiding me. Thank you for being my teacher. If there is any blindness encroaching, thanks for shining the light. If I am doing anything in ignorance, thanks for making me aware. If we will pray that way and commune that way, I promise you, you won’t wake up one day and go, “How did I get here?” I can tell you story after story of how God has intervened and fathered me. If He wouldn’t have, I would be way off base. That’s why I am passionate and why I love Him. Because I see His love for me. I’ve given Him the open door to father me.

49:00 - Freedom that we have - You have the right to do anything you want today. You could do an off the wall thing and God wouldn’t even intervene or stop you. That’s the freedom you have. But I don’t want that kind of freedom. I want love and relationship.

49:20 - God has dismantled the possibility of rebellion. Because God is not controlling us. For example, I could leave school today and grab a six pack and stop at a video shop and sit and watch it all day and drink the six pack. And God is not going to break my arm on the way or flatten my tires so I can’t get there. I could do that if I wanted. The gospel has taken that “want” out of me of course. What I am saying is, that's the kind of freedom we have in that sense.

49:50 - Voluntarily submitting to God in the midst of great freedom - But we have surrendered that freedom, that we might know Him because He is so wonderful and amazing. He’s not constantly telling me that I can’t do stuff. It’s not like that. It’s a love relationship so there is no place for rebellion. But you have to be careful that you are teachable, that you are always giving Him the opportunity to father you.  Holy Spirit is your best friend. He will lead you and guide you into all truth.


50:35 - Weirdness over Prophecy -  We are to honor the prophet but we should not over do it. There was a season in my life that I didn’t even want to prophesy because of the way it affected people. People would say things like, “I am not going to tell you. You should know because you are walking with God. I just want you to pray for me because I know that God will tell you what I need.” And I am like “Ask and it will be given. How about just talking to me.” We can get weird with stuff. There was a season when I didn’t even want to prophesy because of the weird reaction in the body.

51:25 - Undercover prophecy - Prophecy in prayer form - When I do it now, I do it undercover all the time when I just pray. Someone said to me, “I think you are prophesying while you are praying. You are putting prophesy into prayer form.” I’ve been doing that for years. I don’t do it in prophetic form. I do that on purpose.

52:15 - When you are praying to the Father for them and you are seeing things for their life, a lot of times we are so excited that we are seeing that we do it in prophecy form. “Wow, I see right now that God is showing me…” And all the people that hear are impressed. It draws people like bugs to a light.

52:20 - You don’t know how YOU will respond to the “wow” reaction to your prophecy - You don’t have to undercover it. I have chosen to do that. I do that because of this experience that I am about to tell you. Because you don’t know how you will respond to people responding to you until it happens.

53:00 - Pursue love desire gifts - You could be hungering for and pursuing spiritual gifts but the Bible says pursue love and desire spiritual gifts - 1 Cor. 14:1. Love is the pure foundation that everything should flow from. If you are desiring gifts just to be spiritual, just to manifest, you don’t even know, until you are given that opportunity, how you will respond when people dote over your gift.

53:20 - Dealing with excessive praise - Every week of my life I have to handle this. “You are so amazing.” It feels weird to me every time and I am trying to learn how to hear it and not feel weird. Sometimes it is too much.

53:45 - Receiving honor and monetary gifts - Receiving honor. Receiving monetary gifts. I need to grow in that area. I am so not thinking that. It’s still weird to me. I want to be able to look them in the eye and say, “Man, God bless you for your heart. Thank you.” I have yet to do that. “Thank you so much for your heart.”

54:40 - But I have had some experiences that have made me a little gun shy in some areas.

55:00 - Overreaction to a class on word of knowledge -  There was a night when I taught on the gift of  word of knowledge at our church. And I said let’s show you what this looks like. So I lined up seven people and said to them, “Don't tell me anything about why you are here.” Like a prayer that they had had before the Lord for a while. I just went down the line and revealed what everybody’s priority prayer was. And to people that’s like, “Oh, my God.” After that class you wouldn’t believe how people responded. All I was trying to do was teach the validity of the gift and how we could walk in that gift. Then everybody was calling like I was a fortune teller. It just got weird. I didn’t handle that well. Are we even ready as a people to receive your giftings?

56:25 - No ability to speak -  I went to this church and got a word of knowledge for this lady.

56:35 - Calling people out - I ministered a whole lot different back then. I would call people out all the time - out into the aisle - speak their life and pray. But it wasn’t reproducing anything. It would just get me invitations to a bigger conference. So if I want to do that in my personal life with people, I have a total green light. But I have no desire to do that in a church service.

57:30 - Praying years ago for a class participant who could not get pregnant. And she was pregnant not long after that.

57:45 - Calling people out (example) - Excuse me, sir, you in the striped shirt. You have a degenerated heart and you came here for your heart to be healed. You are a visitor from out of town. And his wife is holding his arm bawling. I could tell you hundreds of stories like that.

58:20 - I do that on airplanes.

58:35 - Taking care with the gifts - We have to be careful what we do with these giftings. This is why you hear me preach so passionately on identity. Because people think, “Wow, He moves through you that way. But He won’t move through me that way.”  Or we have issues why He can’t use us. There is not a single reason why He can’t use you.

59:00 - No ability to speak (continued) - So I went to this church and zeroed in on this lady. The worship is incredible. These people are hungry. They are expecting God to move. I was worshipping and my eyes fix on a lady and her whole life unfolds. And I thought, “Things are right on target. We are ready to rock again.” I didn’t realize what I was letting happen in my heart. The pastor was on his face worshipping. There was a holiness in the room. The music guy was the only one left. And I just can’t wait to manifest. I can’t wait to reveal this word of knowledge and start things rolling. I got up in the pulpit and opened my mouth and I had no ability to speak.

1:00:45 - He fathered me - Wow, what a Father. Because the last thing that I want is to be deceived. The last thing I want is to reproach the gospel. The last thing I need is attention from man. And yet I am pulled subtly and slowly into this place. This experience was huge.

1:01:15 - No ability to speak (continued) - I had no ability to talk. And the Lord said, “See Dan, you couldn’t even speak if I didn’t let you.” And I bawled and bawled. I cried my heart out and confessed sin to that church - the sin of pride. The word that I had heard was right on. But God in the midst of that wanted to adjust His little boy. And I tell you what, it shook me.

1:02:20 - Keep me - What if I hadn’t been asking Him to keep me on the straight and narrow - kick me in the butt if you have to but don’t let me get off course. Father me. Not that I am afraid of failing. I don’t want to fail. It’s more I am releasing my faith in your ability to keep me.

1:02:40 - What if I was just ministry minded. What if I was just reading my Bible to just to minister.

1:02:50 - Example of old approach to ministering - I had so much fun with it that it was making me messed up. I feel more healthy… I so have no need to manifest… and yet I don’t feel like I am handcuffing God. People say, “That’s powerful. That’s awesome.” No, not if it is at the cost of the minister.

1:03:40 - Could I minister that way again? Is there a place for me to get past the concern of ministering that way? If He wants me to minister that way, I would. And there are times when I travel that He gives me a little liberty. When I am at my home church, I am not even thinking ministering. I am thinking, “You guys are the amazing body of Christ.” That’s all I see anymore. I have no need to prophesy. I preach a gospel of identity that releases the prophetic voice to His people because we see that we are His - that releases the anointing.

➡ 1:04:20 - I think we have had plenty of models in our lives. I think we have had plenty of teaching in our lives. I think what we have lacked is the identity that the gospel brings to every one of us personally. I think what we have lacked is the confidence of His finished work and His “I love you” through His Son. I think what we have lacked is that we are so qualified and equipped already because He came. Like we are His favorite. Every one of you is His favorite. How does that work? I think that is what we have lacked.

1:04:50 - That’s why the whole first 2 weeks of this school - all we talked about was identity and pursuing Him and knowing Him.

1:05:00 - Find healthy balance - That was my journey and it so freaked me out that I shut down for about a year. All I did was teach. And I didn’t even think about praying for anybody, even in my personal life, even when I pastored and counseled behind the scenes. I wasn’t praying for anybody. I didn’t want to open the door to something. He let a whole year go by for my soul’s sake - so that I could grow and mature. I was still preaching a clear gospel. But I was insecure in where that could lead me. I was afraid of crossing  back into that. I didn’t want to go there again. And I was in the church early one day praying and it was like Holy Spirit came up and sat beside me and put His arm around me and He said, “Hey Dan, I just asked you to find a healthy balance in this, not to turn off. I never wanted you to turn off.” And I bawled. And I feel like from that point on He brought me into a healthy place.

1:06:55 - Fathering talk - Don't just impress - Reproduce - A week later He had a father talk with me about this whole ministering thing. “You are just impressing people with the Christ you know, not multiplying people in the Christ you know. Your whole grace is to reproduce what you see (how you see because of the gospel) in other people. It’s not about you ministering. It’s about you reproducing ministers.” And I have been purposing to know what that means. And this school is an opportunity to do that further.

1:07:40 - Weighing ministries for their manifestations instead of the gospel preached - There is a lot of stuff out there right now - gold dust - I’m not saying anything bad. If you are not careful you will make them the markers of the move of God. And you will weigh ministries based on manifestations instead of the gospel preached. So be careful.

1:08:10 - Unresolved questions - There was a time in my life where it was very important for God to manifest through my life like that. It caused a lot of freaky questions with me that have never been answered. I don’t open them up too much because they cause controversy. But I start questioning - Was God allowing me to get into that? What doors do you open? Sometimes you get a door so wide that anything can come through. That kind of questioning scares people. I don’t go there. But don’t think I haven’t had those conversations in my heart. Is God enabling all of that? To get out of balance. Strange fire?

1:08:55 - Personal interaction - You are a gem to me -  Here is the deal - the pure in heart shall see God - Mt 5:8. So I have resolved, if God manifests, He manifests. Gems. A gem appeared the day we meditated in Ephesians. That’s just sweet to me. That is prophetic. That is God saying, “I value you. You are a gem to me.” That’s how I see it. But now we are not going on a gem hunt. We can take things to a weird place. They are personal things like that.

A Personal Love Relationship

1:09:55 - God wants personal communion. Talking to Him. How many of you guys are talking to Him through every circumstance and situation? Even taking walks in the woods? Asking Him questions? It’s how you get to know Him.

1:10:15 - Growing in God reality - The snake house - abandoned house filled with black snakes. Attic where heat rises. Snake skins. Lord, I have never seen a baby snake, a juvenile snake, if there are big ones there have to be babies. This stuff doesn’t change the world. It doesn’t heal the sick (directly). But it is all about God reality. It’s all about intimacy. It’s all about relationship. So here I am having this conversation with the Lord. Lord, I would love to see a baby snake just to see one. I didn’t think much about it. A couple of days later we went back. And on the trail was a juvenile snake. Now that doesn’t change the world but it touched my heart. That was Papa saying, “I hear you when you talk. If it means something to you, it means something to me. I love you. You’re my boy. And I love watching you grow.” I picked that thing up and cried. Explained to my son why I was crying. He hears you when you talk. He is so real and here and with me. It’s the greatest thing we can grow in.

1:15:15 - God reality through communion - Who has been a Christian and felt alone? Felt like He is far away? Felt like it is all faith and no knowing. But it (God reality) is not going to happen unless we enter into communion even if it is by faith. Just trusting.

1:15:40 - Root Beer - now people have it for me everywhere I go.

1:16:15 - BREAK

Prophecy (cont.)

1:16:50 - Stay away from giving words for the decisions of others - Participant had someone ask them for a word to know if they should move. That is a very dangerous place. You are not someone else's faith (substitute for their faith). You don't get words for people for those things. Those people need to know and have a confidence in God that what they are doing is God. If I give them a word it should confirm what is already being built in their heart. Don't be in a hurry to give such a word. If they go ahead and do it it won't be based on their own faith and revelation. They are thinking that you told them to do that and they respect the Christ in you. I stay a million miles away from that kind of counsel. It has to be in their own heart. Because...
1:18:00 - If they move and get one trial - one challenge - one little poke - one little negative experience and all of the sudden their mind spins, "Man, I wonder if I should have even done this. I wonder if they were hearing God." And now it's a matter of the mistake I made rather than faith to go through. Because they are moving based on your faith, not their own.
1:18:35 - He is their Counselor. Don't have a need to be right in anyone's life. You don't need to tell anyone what to do. We love one another. I get plenty of those phone calls.

A Personal Love Relationship (cont.)

1:18:55 - His intimate, practical, personal love for us - Phone calls - Hunting for four days last week - 3 phone calls all week. Jesus' love. People feel like if you pray it is their answer. People don't understand.
1:20:50 - Talking to God while hunting - Could you pray for my husband to get a deer this year? God blesses me - the hunting thing. Everything I do is fellowship and relationship. I don't do anything outside of knowing him. 4 point bucks. Talking to God. I believe He helps me. Sneaking up.
1:23:40 - Sneaking up on fox - Fox looking for mice. Gotcha!
1:25:45 - Talking to God while hunting (cont.) - 4 deer in 4 days. It's a covenant thing. It's relationship. "You better stand up now." He will hunt with you.
1:27:00 - Turkey hunting - 7 mi. from car. At nine o'clock call. He was taking me to the gobblers. It's all intimate. It's relationship. He's with me. Holy Spirit interrupted my plan.
1:30:05 - Angels - Intimate communion - Participant's airplane story - "God I'd like to see an angel." "You wanted to see angels." Bright white beings hovering. They were everywhere. God answers even our thoughts. What are they doing? Hovering and waiting for assignment.
1:32:20 - He hears your thoughts - Isn't that neat how He hears your thoughts? That fascinates me. That's the thing about personal intimacy and growing in relationship. Bible knowledge is one thing, but knowing Him is what it is all about.
1:32:35 - He knows you personally - From among billions - When He is answering your thoughts - I'm not saying that you have to do this - I think of all of the billions of people on the earth and all of the stuff going on right now - and He hears my thoughts. Sometimes that makes me want to stop and just slow down and just go, "Woah!" You can't even grasp that. That's what makes Him God.
1:33:15 - Story of God speaking to participant through a marker in her Bible set months ago. I think about all of these people and He had that orchestrated for her from months ago to impact one other person. Oh, how He loves us.
1:34:00 - Participant's comment on God hearing all of our prayers at the same time.
1:34:25 - I used to think about that. Do you know how many people are going to be praying today? And You by the power of your Holy Spirit are going to be moving and doing more things than man can keep track of but You are aware of EVERYTHING. Think about what you see from an airplane - all the people, all the cars - and that is one little area and He knows everybody right now. You are absolutely astounding. That's why He is unsearchable, immeasurable. How do wrap your mind around that?
135:20 - Striving and struggling - So slow down and take your time. Sometimes we are so busy seeing where we are not that it drives us to try to get to somewhere else. It's not about where we are not. It's about where we are going and He is awesome and not striving and struggling. Man, enjoy the ride.
135:45 - This fellowship and communion thing - and I know that it may seem like we are taking a long time on this one topic - it's THE topic.
135:55 - Participant's story of piano tuning - Participant's story - piano tuner. Heating up the keys. Ivory hit the tool case instead of hurting the carpet.
137:00 - Take little miracles personally as a reminder of His love - We don't want to just live our life and wait for these things to phenomenally happen, they'll happen through relationship, through knowing Him. And they can just happen. But God forbid that they just become an experience and a story 10 years down the road. I believe God wants to do this stuff to draw you closer to Him. He is just saying, "I love you. I've got you covered. In your weakness, I'll make you strong." Then you take that personally.
1:37:40 - Missing piece of a vacuum - Vital piece of vacuum. God you know where it is. After praying piece is laying right on table top. No way. His love for her.
1:39:55 - Participant's story of driving a school bus - A the deer panteth for the water... Doe comes up out of the water.
1:41:00 - Participant's story of a lost check - Preparing for trip to Africa. Check for support. "Look in the bush."
➡ 1:42:00 - His intimate, personal, real, practical love relationship with us - Let's look at a couple of scriptures on this topic (His intimate, personal, real, practical love relationship with us)... Let's go to 1 John 1... Hear how intimate this is and the heart of John when he writes this. Sometimes I think we jump ahead of the beauty of our Christianity. It's fellowship with God. It's union with deity. It's oneness with Almighty God. Think about that.
1:43:25 - We're called to know Him - To be His kids - Sometimes we get so caught up in the supernatural - the ministrations of the Holy Spirit - so caught up in the dictates of Christian life - that we miss what we are actually called to. We are called to knowing Him. We are called to being His children. We're called to be intimate with Him. We're called to be family. It's so intimate. This is one of my favorite paragraphs and it never gets old.
1:44:05 - The disciple who Jesus loved - This is the Apostle John, who had the awareness to say "the disciple who Jesus loved." We are taught that that is vanity or presumption or pride. Let's get over that. He loves us because He came. John is making it personal. He does that in his writings - the disciple that Jesus loved. We should all just write a book (saying) the one that He loved.
1:44:35 - 1 John 1 - v.1 - That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life; - ...from the beginning... - You were there with Him in the beginning. ...which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled... - very intimate. 
1:44:55 - v.2-3 - (For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;) That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ 
John calls us into the same fellowship that he enjoys - Fellowship with the Father & Son - The whole reason that he is writing is so that you can have union with what we have union with. So that you can know what we know and be in face to face communion with what we have communion with - and it's Him.
1:46:40 - "That was for the aposles" doctrine - You know how there is this doctrine out there that says, "That was for the apostles. That was for the disciples." Right here is one of the disciples saying, "Look, we've seen Him. We've heard Him. We are declaring Him to you. And the reason that we are doing this is so that you have fellowship with us - that same communion with us (fellowship with God just like we have). So is there any exclusion? Can we know Him? 
1:47:20 - v.4And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full. - 
The joy of the gospel - There is such a joy in our salvation when it is realized through communion with Him. It's good tidings of great joy - Luke 2:10. I'm convinced that the only thing lacking in most of our lives in the church is a deeper place of knowing Him - where God reality is revealed - to where He is right here with me - to where I am not alone - to where I'm not crying out to God. I understand that there is a heart cry to God. But I am not crying OUT to God as if He is somewhere (else). 
1:48:10 - Pursue a personal love relationship - Simple communion - He becomes more real - I can't encourage you enough in this: Developing a relationship in the simple ways of just - God, you are amazing. You love me so much. Thanks for loving me. Sometimes we think it's just our love towards Him. One of the greatest things that you can do is assure His love for you. Because when you see He first loves you... I'm talking driving in the car and it doesn't get redundant and it's not a method or a principle. It becomes your joy and reality. This is what happens to me... Every time I say, "Thanks for loving me"... I might say it a whole lot in a day. I'm just driving and God, you are amazing. Thanks for loving me. Father, I so appreciate you. ...His presence comes over me and I feel this sense of knowing inside my heart. I can't even explain what happens - every time. It's just knowing. There is a bearing witness - His Spirit in your spirit. There is a bearing witness that you are a child of God.
1:49:00 - Having your heart established in a love relationship with God exposes the lies of the enemy - Now watch this, if that is what is being established in our lives and that is what we are pursuing, how will we give place to condemnation - identity crisis - shame - guilt, when we know that we know that we know that He's ours and we're His? Father, thanks for loving me. Ahhhh! And it just grows. Not that if you are saying that and not feeling that... that's the risk of talking those manifestations. But it just becomes the way He expresses to me because I already know that (He loves me whether I feel Him or not) - because I already believe that. But now He's given me a stewardship of that realization just even in a tangible way.
1:50:05 - I'm in love - I'm not striving - How is it possible, as I am active in that union and that communion - how is it possible for me to think anything less now than truth? So I am not (biting my lip) trying to be a Christian. I'm not trying to get today right. I'm in love. I'm in the Father and He is in me. The strangers voice, in that place, is so exposed by the light and is so strange - John 10:5.
1:51:00 - Participant's comment on relationship - being adopted in.
1:51:10 - Head knowledge becomes heart knowledge through communion - That got you didn't it? That's alive in you. You are predestined to be His girl. He adopted you in. He said, "Come into my house and be my girl. I'll give of myself to father you. I'll give of my provision - of my grace to care for you." And when she is reading in Ephesians 1:5 that is coming alive in her. And you are meditating there. And all of the sudden that is becoming your heart reality not your head knowledge.
1:51:35 - Head knowledge - We've got so much head knowledge in the church that it has puffed us up. We think that to know is to grow. No, to know Him is to be transformed. To know isn't to grow. So more books, more... In this school you've probably figured out that it's not going to be a 1, 2, 3 kind of school book kind of thing. It's relationship.
1:52:25 - Look at reading the word apart from relationship and then look at reading from that place (of relationship) - the difference that there has to be. With one you are just stimulating Bible knowledge. With the other there is union and communion - stopping, meditating.
1:52:50 - The importance of a personal, intimate, love relationship - Look at what John is saying. Do you hear any exclusion or do you hear that what John is saying that he has, he's writing for us to all have. Why is he writing? That our joy may be full. And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God. - Eph. 3:19 That word "fullness" means a house with no empty rooms, a town with no empty houses.
1:53:40 - I want to share a couple of scriptures just to show you how important this (personal, intimate relationship) is.
153:40 - John 17 - v.1 - These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee: -
This prayer reveals Jesus' heart - We can have a heart like His - There is so much in this passage. This is such a good prayer because the heart is so right. It's Jesus. But your heart and my heart can be the same. It's not glorify your Son so that I can be manifest and move mountains and destroy the kingdoms of darkness and deep down in actually feel better about my spirituality because you are using me and moving through me. That's what happens a lot of times.
1:55:45 - I want you to manifest yourself to me and through me and upon me and through me so that men know who you are because of my life. That's what He is saying. I am so one with you. Glorify me. Let the glory of who You are rest so heavily upon my life that men see... It sounds like this: Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. - Mt. 5:16. Where does the light come from? God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. - 1 John 1:5. So the light comes from God. You can't escape the fact that God wants to manifest Himself through the people of God. It's your birthright. Until the glory of the Lord covers the earth - Num. 14:21, Hab. 2:14, - the knowledge of His glory through the people of God.

Pure Motives

1:56:40 - The importance of pure motives - Examine your motives - glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee - This is motive. This is heart motive. You are the steward of your own heart. You are the one who knows what makes you tick. And you are not always in touch with what makes you tick but if you would stop and just search your heart - not just introspect in a negative way under the law - but if you would look at your motivation - check in with your motivation, in a short time you will know what is motivating you. You will know the "why" behind your life - why am I doing this. Why does this seem so important? Why do I have a need right now to get up and do this? Why do you have a need to get in front of people? You just need to know the "why". You don't need attention. You don't need to be right in people's lives. You know that you don't need to be affirmed because you already are affirmed. And you feel like what you have is from the Lord. That's a quick assessment. If your motive is not clear you can violate your conscience and cross things up.
1:58:00 - Pure motives bring clear understanding of God's will - John 7:17 - If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself. - Do you see the power of a pure heart? If I am reading my Bible to be right, I've got a wrong screen on the lens of my understanding. If I'm reading my Bible to prove something - if I'm reading for a way out - for any other reason than to do His will, I'll misinterpret what I'm reading because I'll read it through the screen of my motive. If I read the Bible for any other reason than knowing Him, I'll come away with some other knowledge than knowing Him.
1:59:00 - Other motives will muddy up your understanding of God's will - Some people read their Bibles to find a way out of relationships. Others read to find a way into relationships. They've already got an idea of something or a desire motivating them or an ambition driving them. So it seems good, "I just want to read to see what the Bible says about this situation." But they already have an agenda in their heart. That's their motivation. Then when they read, they are going to read or hear through that motivation, not the truth. That's why there is a lot of muddy stuff (understandings of God's will).
1:59:50 - Example of reading the Bible with wrong motives - This is a powerful promise - if I will to do His will... What does that look like? Say you are disagreeing with church leadership on some issue, be careful not to take all of those emotions and passions into your Bible reading. Then all of the sudden you will find the word "against" whatever the issue is. And you are going to, "Now I have heard the Lord." You can make anything sound like God. You can make anything sound prophetic. And all of the sudden the moth flying across the room is "speaking." People get on an agenda and they have 14 scriptures to confirm it. But the motive in reading all of that muddies the eye.
2:01:00 - Examine your motives - So you have to get yourself into a position to be steward of your heart. Get alone in a room and seek God and make sure your heart is in a good place and what you are seeking is truth and the restoration of all and the reconciliation of the family and the body. Remember the pastor's meeting I told you about 2 weeks ago?
2:01:25 - Pastors' meeting - I got in the room and was going to pray about those pastors and the Holy Spirit went, "Shhhhhh, that has nothing to do with you. You are only praying because you are seeing what is wrong with them. And if you are praying because of what is wrong, it won't be long until something is wrong with you." I bawled.
2:02:00 - I'm so happy because I have spent a lot of time bawling... That's intimacy. That's relationship. That's God fathering me. It's overwhelming. It's good cries. A lot of them are liberating cries. A lot of them are humble cries. A lot of them are "Oh my goodness, if you weren't my Father I would be lost" cries. The more He does that to me the more I appreciate Him. The more He fathers me like that, the more wise I am, the more my ears are open to hear.
2:02:30 - Revelation of God's will comes through pure motives - Just remember John 7:17 - if I will to do His will... If my life is surrendered and submitted to reveal the glory of God and fulfill the reason He created me, and I go into my bedroom to seek Him and to read the word to know Him and fulfill His will, He is promising me He will give me a stewardship of truth an revelation. He's actually promising me that I will KNOW whether what I am interpreting is God or man.
2:02:55 - Be discerning in correcting others' interpretations - It helps too when you are hearing a lot of different interpretations because a lot of people are saying a lot of stuff and it gets confusing. It's hard. You have to be careful that you are not nit picking, finger pointing or judging. But there are times where you don't have to say anything. You just have to know down in your heart. You just don't hear it as truth. And it doesn't mean that you always have to correct it all of the time. There are things that God will adjust over time. Now if it is gross outside of spiritual principle I usually take the initiative if I feel like it is damaging people. Sometime what is taught is just not the whole truth. It's not that it is grossly wrong. It's that it's not the whole truth. And God is bringing us into greater understanding and He can tweak and touch His teachers and His people. So I don't have to jump into every situation because you risk something there too. You're like a know-it-all. You are always correcting people. You've always got the rest of the story. And the next thing you know people are saying, "He thinks he is always right. He thinks he is so much closer to God." So you have to be careful there too. Some of this stuff you just have to let work out in the Lord and let us all grow up. You don't have to address everything you don't agree with all of the time. You really don't. But there are certain things you see bringing damage or harm or that are grossly out of bounds - those things, behind the scenes, I still address myself.
2:04:25 - A lot of time we cross lines just trying to get everybody to agree with what we see. And you have to be careful with that. The key is that you see. That you get alone with God and that there is peace in your heart, freedom in your soul and that you are walking in relationship with God. And that is going to produce fruit.

Eternal Life - Eternal Perspective

2:04:40 - So John 17... v.2 - As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him. -
Eternal life - One with the one who is eternal - When we hear that we think of living forever. But eternal life is being in fellowship with the eternal One - being in union and communion. Why won't we ever die? Because we are alive in the One that is eternal. Where does everlasting life come from? Union and communion with One that is eternal. Sometimes we see eternal life as a separate package - a perk of being in the kingdom. The reason we have everlasting life is because we're in Him who is eternal - who never dies. So we are alive in Him forever - Him who will never die.
2:05:55 - It's not someplace waiting for you in heaven. It's not a mansion with your name sitting there on the mail box. If you get those kind of ideas through religion, you will never grow close in intimacy. Everything is impersonal. It's just a gift.
206:20 - Eternal life is through Jesus - Why is Jesus the one that's giving eternal life? Because He is the redemption of man. When He shed His blood He is removing the sin that has separated us (from the Eternal One - God) and brought death. The day you eat from the tree is the day you surely die. (But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. - Gen. 2:17) That means that man was never created to die. Why? He was created to be one in the Father - one with the Father through the Son. So he was IN the Eternal One. So he was going to live forever because the Eternal One never dies. Man is created to live with Him forever.
2:06:45 - So the day you eat from the tree, the day you separate yourself from Me is the day you die... because I am eternal. I am the source... Do you know what "God" means? It means: the source of life. The definition of "father" is: to come forth from. I came forth from Him. That means that you are His will. You are His "Yes and amen!" God - source of life - without Him there would be no life. Why do we have everlasting life? Because Jesus gave eternal life to men. Why? Because He removed their sin and grafted them back through adoption to the Father who never ceased to be a father, who knows we're His kids. And all of the sudden we inherit life again. We're born again to live forever.
2:08:05 - The day you eat of the tree is the day you surely die... The tree has been removed and the power of sin has been made null and void. Sin shall have no dominion over you - Rom. 6:14. So automatically we will live forever because we are back in Him. It's simple but you've got to see it in a personal way.
2:08:20 - Eternal life is found in a genuine love relationship with God - Knowing God - v.3 - And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. - It's not a prayer to go to heaven. This is eternal life, that they man KNOW You. Without knowing Him there is no life. You can know a lot about God and never experience the joy and benefit and blessing of true life and peace and soulical soundness and fullness of heart. Who has found that quoting scripture doesn't change your life. Just knowing what the Bible says doesn't make your day flow in grace and peace. And that frustrates us because we think, "Man, I know the Bible. I know what it says." And then you start thinking, "I know what it should be like. I know what I should be experiencing." But everything is contrary to what you know. And then it starts diminishing the honor of what you know because "It's not working for me." It's not a principle. It's a relationship.
2:09:30 - Fellowship with the Father and the Son - Jesus, himself, said, "I'm giving you eternal life. And eternal life is know my Father." That's personal. He's saying, "I'm giving you that gift by giving my life so that you can live. And when I die, you'll be resurrected. When I rise from the dead you'll have the justification of life. And the reason for you to live will be restored and re-established because you've been one with the Father from the beginning. And John has this revelation and he writes, That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life; (For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;) That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ - 1 John 1:1-3. That means our fellowship is with the God too.
2:10:25 - We've reduced the gospel to a prayer to go to heaven - This country has turned the gospel into a prayer for where we might go one day. We have so reduced this thing doctrinally - positionally to where almost to think we are somebody (in the sight of God) is blasphemous. We sing songs that indicate that we are perplexed as to why You would love us. We preach sermons like that. "Really? I'll never know why You love me. But, well, thank you." If you are confessing that you'll never know why He loves you, you are actually declaring that you will never be able to receive His love. No, I know why He loves me. Because He created me in His image. And everything else about me was a lie. And He redeemed the truth about me and He loves who He made me to be. So yay! Let's get on with it and just be His boy. That's simple. But if I don't understand that, I have a doctrine that saves me one day. And I am waiting for heaven and everlasting life is my motivation, "Well, I never want to die and go to hell." No, what Jesus is trying to tell us is: "I just made the way for you to be raised from the dead and find new life - where old things are passed away and you are going to be tucked back into the Father." Do you hear how intimate that is?
2:12:20 - Eternal life - Knowing God - Eternal life - That stuff is powerful when you meditate in the word. So I am sitting here reading something like that in my bedroom years ago and I am realizing, Eternal life is not a prayer to go to heaven. It's knowing You. Because You are eternal. You'll never die. And when I am in You I'll never die. I'm living in You forever because You never change. You redeemed me once for all. The blood speaks on my behalf. I can never, ever die. That freaked me out when it hit me. I can never, ever die. Never can. Never will.
2:13:35 - That's truth making me free. What does that look like? Full of expression, emotion because you see it. It's the day the fear of the bondage of death left my life. It will never touch me again, ever. I could be feeling weak in my body and a doctor could say, "You have cancer all through your body. There is no way that you can live." I could even go, "What?" There is no way I couldn't live. I'm alive forever. I'll never die.
2:14:40 - Eternal perspective in a temporal world - I remember praying and asking God: Lord, I need a revelation of everlasting life - of a bigger picture - an eternal view. I need to live from an eternal perspective on the earth. I was praying that for weeks because I saw that... temporal. Don't fix your eyes on things that are temporal because they are subject to change. Fix your eyes on the things that are unseen - because they are of God. While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal. - 2 Cor. 4:18. I started meditating on scripture like that. I started seeing that these are brief moments of light affliction - For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; - 2 Cor. 4:17.
2:15:25 - Eternal perspective in times of affliction - Paul was preaching out of his life - how we are persecuted and struck down but not destroyed, hard pressed but not forsaken - 2 Cor. 4:8. That's a man who knows who he is. He's not questioning God through the hardship and trial and saying, "Where are You God? If You loved me..." It's a selfless man. He's living for the glory of God. And come hell or high water Jesus is Lord and he is not afraid because you can't kill him. He understands that he is in a twisted and perverse generation and he is shining as a light. He doesn't carry their mentality or their perspective. He's been through things we've never been through - beaten and stoned - and he says that they are brief moments of light affliction compared to the eternal weight of glory to be revealed. We've got to get that stuff.
2:16:25 - So I was praying: I need an eternal revelation. God, I need a picture of the big view where the temporal and the fear of the temporal and the feeling of the temporal and the shock of the temporal... the impact of the natural reality of things - where we go, "Oh my God" and then we pray. We look with our eyes, think with our mind and then this becomes the method we are applying, hoping that this circumstance changes because this is bad. And we are driven by what we see. It happens all of the time.
2:17:10 - And I was praying: God, I don't want to see that way. I want to see through eternity. I can't even explain it but as I was driving and I saw things for the big picture. I was able to see past the things that seemed (to be real). And I remember being so overwhelmed at the reality of everlasting life, eternal life - the realm in which God sits and rules and reigns.
2:18:00 - Eternal perspective in times of discouragement - He is sitting watching everything right now. How is it that He is not depressed? I was discouraged one time and He said, "Why are you discouraged when I am the God of all hope? I see everything all at once. And I am not discouraged." And He started to show me how He sees things, through His word - how He sees things through the big picture - from the beginning to the end and how He is working all things together for the good, if we will stay on page and keep our love sincere and realize that we are called.
2:18:35 - When we get in crisis our love gets severed because we blame Him - charge Him. And then we lose sight of our calling and destiny because we disassociate ourselves from Him.

Conditional Promises

218:50 - We don't preach that side of that scripture (loving God): And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. - Rom. 8:28.
2:19:05 - Loving God in the God kind of way - Believe the best about Him - agape. When Jesus asks, "What is the first and greatest commandment?" He answers using the word "agape." Love the Lord you God with all of your... You are to love the Lord in the God kind of way that believes the best. Love God the way that He loves you. Meaning this: When we've done wrong He never changes His love. When we think He's missed something - when we feel like He could have done something different, more timely... all of these accusations that come. We need to love God and believe the best and know that He is God and love Him the God kind of way. That's a selfless love. Love does not seek it's own. So...
2:20:25 - All things work together for the good - Conditional promise - That's not just something God's doing. For those - That means that it is something that can be realized and received or something that can be realized and not received. It's for those who love God. They won't shift gears and change their mind. They won't judge God or run Him into the court of their minds and find Him guilty. They won't have a beef with God because they love God. They don't take account of a suffered wrong. They take a gift of God at the cost of God. They just love God with their whole life. They are called according to His purpose. And they never separate their identity and existence from who He is. That's a Romans 8:28 person. That's the fulfillment of that promise.
2:21:15 - It's not just quoting that and putting it on the fridge and every time something goes really bad just holding onto that like a charm or trinket of good luck. "Well, all things work together..." and the whole time you are shaking wondering where God is and wondering if He even loves us and wondering if He loves us, why did He let this happen to my child. Your mind is all over the place. And all of the sudden you are disassociated with the fact that you are even called with a purpose. And now you are just existing in a trial. That's a whole different person than what Romans 8:28 is talking about. And you might never have heard that part taught out in your whole Christian life. We stay near the surface on these scriptures.
2:22:00 - It's a phenomenal scripture but you have a major part to play in the receiving of that promise. It's your position being selfless and not changing who God is because He changes not and not losing the identity of your calling and destiny in the face of hardship.
2:22:35 - Conditional promises - Color code for Bible. Promises - orange. But everywhere there is a condition where I have to be aligned to receive that promise I have it in purple. Almost everywhere there is orange, there is purple all around it because you are in position to receive. These things don't fall into your lap church. It's all about integrity and a selfless life - an honorable life. It's all about you being the steward of your heart and through knowing Him, surrendering completely and never changing your mind. Once you know Him there is no looking back.

Heart Cry - To Know Him

2:23:30 - Paul's heart cry - To know Him - Our biggest heart cry is to know Him. What was Paul's heart cry even in the midst of ministering, planting churches, moving in God's power and even raising the dead - the kid who fell asleep during his preaching? That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death; - Phil. 3:10. That I man KNOW Him. Paul didn't hold back. He had the heart of a bond servant - knowing no price for surrender. Just sold out and wholly given - being conformable even to Your death - dying in places I don't deserve to die - suffering in ways I don't deserve to suffer - making the spiritual statement that I don't live for me. And I heap coals upon the head of my enemy. And God moves through my surrender through mercy.
2:24:50 - Stephen - The heart cry of God reproduced in a man - Please don't hold this against them Lord. They don't see and know what they are doing. The same words the Lord spoke Stephen says as at the rocks are pounding his head. Think about it. And Paul is watching the garments of the men leading it. Not a long time later Saul is knocked off his horse and transformed forever. I wonder if that grace came from a Stephen that said forgive him? And if you forgive the sins of any, they shall be forgiven. Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained. - John 20:23. Stephen was an innocent man replaying the cross all over again. But the same mercy, the same unchangeable God, rebuilt and reproduced in a man, crying out the heart of God back to heaven on behalf of another man. And that man gets transformed and God uses that man to help establish His church and write 2/3's of the NT. I wonder if that experience would have ever happened if Stephen had retained that sin.
2:26:30 - I just know one thing getting in agreement with God's heart and becoming one with Him is where it's at.
2:26:55 - Closing prayer - Thank you for our ability to enter into Your presence by Your grace. It was all Your choice, Your idea and You are the One that adopted us. You are the One that called us Your children. So Father, thank you that we have open unveiled face communion with You. And we are thanking You for the Grace to KNOW You like never before in intimate ways. In Jesus name. Amen.