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Dan Mohler - Weapons / Armor of God

“The faith of the gospel” - that’s the finished work of Christ - your identity - who you are. Whenever you see “the faith of the gospel” - it’s walking in the finished work of Christ. Even the “weapons of your warfare” that aren’t carnal but mighty, all flow through that truth. Watch this. The armor of God - Eph. 6 - I’m not saying this to make light of it, is nothing more - I’m not making it weak - the armor of God is nothing more than - it’s not specific articles - it’s the finished, accomplish work of Christ. It’s the righteousness that you wear through the blood of Jesus that was revealed in truth. You know? So you’re saved through that truth. So the armor of God is the finished, accomplished work of Jesus and you being armed with that revelation through relationship always. You don’t have to wake up and put each piece on per se. Like, I never think of the armor of God per se as Eph 6 like a Sunday school lesson. And they’re cute lessons - the shield, the helmet and the… You’re just armed because you’re in Christ, you’re forgiven - you’re righteous - righteousness protects you - salvation protects you. It’s the reality you walk in.1

1. Dan Mohler - 2010 Kingdom Living School W4S14A [15:10]

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