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Dan Mohler - Squeezed by Adversity

If you squeezed an orange and got apple juice would that be weird? Why isn’t it weird when you squeeze a Christian and get everything but Christ? That ought to be so weird. Wonder if the devil has come to learn and believe that no man really loves God, he just needs God. And wonder if all his adversity is to prove our motives that we do really love our own lives unto death instead of overcoming by not loving them unto death. And wonder if every agitation and every poke and every accusation and assault before our God daily is to prove that we are only in this for what He can do for us instead of how He can make us more like Him. If the only reason we are Christians is for what we can get from God we are in for a long hard, disappointing ride. The reason we’re Christians is for how we can become more like Him and manifest His glory through the face of it all. And you decide that you are going to pick up your cross because you’ve denied yourself. And now you have one thing left and that’s just follow Him.1

Squeezed by adversity - manifest Jesus through adversity - Dan Mohler (1:06)
Squeezed by adversity - let Jesus come out all over - (1:20)
Squeezed by adversity - adversity brings the opportunity to manifest Him - (1:35)

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