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Dan Mohler - It's a Truth Issue not a Ministry Issue

Dan Mohler on truth vs. ministry issue:

Truth - I’m not against altar ministry. And I’m not against praying for each other. But I promise you it doesn’t say that ministry and prayer makes you free. Truth makes you free. Ministry and prayer can open the door to some things and pave the way for some things but if you don’t replace lies with truth you will never walk free… Truth makes you free. Truth is your best friend. And it’s not letters on a page. It’s a person and His name is Jesus. And the Spirit of truth is Holy Spirit and He lives inside you and you are to commune with Him.1

1. It's a truth issue, not a ministry issue - replace lies with truth to be free - (:30)
2. It's a truth issue, not a prayer issue - walking in faith vs. feelings - (2:05)
3. It's a truth issue, not a ministry issue - resist the devil? - submit to God! - (:46)
4. It's a truth issue - change the way you think about your identity - (2:01)

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