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Dan Mohler - In the Fire

Dan Mohler on "in the fire":

“…even though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials…” [1 Peter 1:6] If necessary… Why? Because the trails are a great privilege to work kinks out - to solidify and work in you truth. And if it wasn’t for the trial you’d never really know. Come on. Daniel and the lion’s den is just a philosophy until you have been in there. All you can do is rejoice over Daniels revelation - but wonder if you get one? We’re so afraid of the lion’s den, we’re so self-centered and self-serving - we’re so freaked out about the lion’s den - we’re trying to stay out of it. Get in there and find out He’s God! We’re so afraid of fire - put out the fires… [putting out fire] We’re living for circumstance free living. The fire is where you find Him. He is in the fire church. He’s in the fire. So, we tell children’s church stories - Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego - and we all get excited. Wonder if you are entitled to that revelation? Wonder if you are entitled to that courage? Wonder if you are entitled to the same favor? Wonder if you’re even in a covenant with greater glory and greater promise. But it takes the integrity that they had for you to get there. And if you’re just worried about the fire your eyes aren’t on Him. And then the only reason you call on Him is because of the fire. So, it’s not even your love for God. It’s the fear of the fire. But it sounds like prayer and it sounds like faith. But it’s motivated by fear and flesh.1

1. Adversity - the fire is where you find He is God - a chance for greater revelation - Dan Mohler (1:52)
2. Adversity - He is LORD of the fire you're going through - Living discouraged by adversity? - (3:55)


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